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[official] Kim Shin Young And Shin Sung Rok Couple

Guest lovemelody.

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Guest lovemelody.

We Got Married New Year Special




Name: 신성록 / Shin Sung Rok

Profession: Actor and singer

Birthdate: 1982-Nov-23

Height: 185cm

Weight: 78kg

Star sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: A


Name: 김신영 / Kim Shin Young

Birthday: 1984-Jan-30

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Guest lampz_gal

Thanks for making the thread for them! I haven't watched WGM again since Joongbo couple left (I miss the original couples!) But hen when I checked the WGM thread, there are so many positive feedback about the new couples (esp Junjin-LSY and Shin Young and Sung Rok)so I decided to give ita shot again.... and I'm totallty in love with this couple. Shin Young is too adorable and Sung Rok is so kind to her. He seems like a really nice guy and Shin Young who usually is sooo funny shows a more 'girly' side of her which I really like.

Despite the obvious height difference, I hope they can be a regular on the show.... the chemistry was there ( At least I think so) and I think they are sweet yet funny at the same time (not overly trying to be funny). They are my top list favorite couple now, and hope to see more of them!

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Guest superstar`kiss

I think this is going to be really sweet.

He's so nice and she's so funny. I think she'd be the one breaking the 'awkward' silences. haha!


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I have yet to see this new couple. But I don't doubt their chemistry. LOL. I know they're be very.. entertaining together. Haha. I kind of wanted a more realistic partner for Shin SungRok, but I think this will do for now. Haha. We'll see. Shin SungRok is adorable. I loved him in Thank You. I love Kim ShinYoung, but.. LOL. The pairing is just so hilarious!
I'm looking forward to seeing this couple.

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Guest bitter SOOweet

i love shin sun rok ;p

this was such an odd pairing yet it worked some how

i like them together in an odd way ;p

i like how kim shin young was able to show the more feminine side to her through this program

and shes like the open, talkative one which is good 'cause shin sun rok seems pretty quite (or so he seemed in the variety show family outing)

they kind of remind me of like an old married couple. HAHA

k well can't wait to see more of them

just as i was about to stop watching, these new couples pull me back in haha

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Guest emjizzle

i'm loving this pairing!! So far I think they're better than the other two.... I hope they become the next couple!! Thanks for the pics ;)

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FINALLY! Somebody made a thread. I am so inlove with this couple. They look so adorable together. I love how Sung Rok treated Shinyoung.

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I hope she becomes nice to him and

cut down on the food.

I also hope she makes good food, because

that's what he wanted. and I guess he has

to shave for her.

O by the way, He's such a sweet guy

Shinyoung like most girls, want to

be felt like she has a man ^^

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Guest rain_drops

omg i love this couple! they're so cute together! i loved the part where they're eating breakfast(?) and she was sucking her fingers and started tearing those gogi and she went under the table to bite her gogi lolllllllllllll oh mannn shes sooo funny and cute at the same time! :lol:

and i especially loved the ending when they had to decide if they should continue...especially when he was like what happened to your eyelashes and she was like they got off work and went home lol so cute.

i hope they become the next couple!

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I watched ep 42 without subs and they are so cute!!

I wanna know what they're talking about

Shin Sung Rok looks so sincere

AHH they're pretty cool

I'll support them if they continue

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