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Angel Diary Aka Destination Heaven Chronicles


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Angel Diary ; Destination Heaven Chronicles

Manhwa written by Lee Yunhee and drawn by Kara

I couldn't find a topic for this so I decided to create one, can you please delete this topic if there is already a topic for this manhwa


Name: Angel Diary aka Destination Heaven Chronicles

Creator: written by Lee Yunhee and drawn by Kara

Publisher: Sigongsa Co., Ltd

Volumes: 13 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1579

English Publisher: Yen Press (previously Ice Kunion)

Summary: The Princess of Heaven, Chun-yoo, runs away from her betrothed finance, the King of Hell, and finds refuge on Earth disguised as a high school boy, Dong-young. "He" has a perverted best friend Bi-wal who likes to grope "him" in front of everyone. The Four Guardians of Heaven are sent to find her in the mortal world. But on Earth, there is also hidden dangers and evil beings trying to capture the now vulnerable princess. (courtesy of wikipedia sweatingbullets.gif )

Anyone else read this manhwa?




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Guest .c.a.n.d.i.3

I've read it (:

I realized that the author of this book was the same as Demon Diary.

So far...I think it's pretty good.

And of course the drawings are faaanntastic <3

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This manhwa is actually really good. :) i love the plot and the whole demon king.

The story is very interesting,...that's why i love manhwa's. haha. This is a must read.

I've stopped on vol. 4 or so i think. i really need to catch up.. :)

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yeh mangafox has up to and including chapter 8

still waiting on someone to upload chapter 9 :D

from what i have heard it has already finished in korea but gonna take a long time for yen press to translate and publish and english :tears:

so hopefully someone can scanlate soon

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