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♥ Joondi aka MinSun Couple ♥ ★ Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun ☺Official Thread


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when and where they make scratch in their relation,we don't know ;Now it is broken and separated.see AJH who is as old as LMH and SUZY who is talended as GHS,I think they are trying to prove themselves that they are happy with their new pairs.THOUGH MINSUN had a chemistry,they differ in thoughts.GHS wanted to get married around 30yrs and have children(5).AJH also has the same felling.

''A Strong woman will automatically stop trying if she feels unwanted.She won't fix it or beg,she'll just walkaway.''but I love minsun forever.

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Although it's not looking good for minsunners . I still thank GHS for releasing her album which is full of old songs related to LMH ( Marry Me.. released in 2012 meant for LMH . His response the song " Say yes" ) I especially like the lyric of the song " When I think about it, i think 'm stupid ". I don't know how to post here so if one of you can post the lyrics -- it will be awesome..  

" I thought I will get over you if I fall In love and I fell in love ... I can't forget you ... I can't forget you ...I can't forget you . 

This song seems odd for someone who is about to get happily married in 3 weeks . Why release this song now? The whole album is practically songs written during Minsun days .

GHS - thank you for this gift .this album could be a dedication to an old love or a good bye album to an old love . Either way - we thank you . I thought you have forgotten about minsunners but you haven't . 

 I wish you are still with LMH but even if you are not - be happy always 

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I find it interesting the two couple who is broken up and each have their own public relationship have so many coincidences 

1) LMH had his relationship scandal in March 2015

2) GHS had her relationship scandal in March 2016

3) GHS released an album full of songs related to Minsun ( song  she wrote about LMH . It even included Samsung Galaxy cf which is also about LMH . His voice is in the background of the song .Why would a new man settle to take this to be meant for him when LMH's voice was part of the background music .  True and faithful minsunners know this but whatever .The song stupid is about cannot forgetting  someone . This too was written during Minsun days. The majority of the songs if not all is Minsun related . Whether it's a good bye  or dedication to LMH - it's all good . 

4) In March - LMH  left starhaus and joined agency partly owned by his sister - . The name of the agency is like the lyrics in his song ... me and you ... You and I 

5)His adopted sister 's name Gangnam movie is Kang Seon -Hye ( similar to Hye Seon ) 

6) it's also interesting - LMH suit in one of the Bounty hunters still - sunflower design ( although it's in black and white - it's still a sunflower design ) Sunflower is GHS flower ( sunnies) 


Yes - I know I'm delusional but these coincidences are too hard to pass on esp with the delusional me . These may be subtle coincidences but it's better than bad edited photos I have seen of GHS 

All in all - it's  a March madness for sure . Good luck LMH and good luck GHS to each of your relationship . I love you both  and I hope you find your way back to each other . 6 years is a long time . You can't wipe away and throw away love that quickly . I hope you both find happiness together or separately .

For those non minsunners who lurks - pls don't post here with your 2 cents - we already  know the drill .No need to be repetitious . You would be annoyed if we post on your page with Minsun thoughts so why would you do it here . 

we respect your page so respect  this page unless you have no manners .At least we haven't lost our identity .We are minsunners til the end . 

Please stay on Sunnies- Ahngoo  page. 


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I agree to you all - Minsun is broken but I'm a minsunner  til this thread finally close its doors .Im not a fly by night shipper .


i wish  them both succes whether business or love  ventures 


i dont know about you but I would rather get a proposal with a nice dinner at home with candle light than sitting in a parked car sitting in the trunk with a wasabi and my bf videotaping the wonderful event . She is such a classy lady . She deserves better but I'm a minsunner and this is just my opinion and I'm not GHS who is in love. Cheap and lacks imagination.  


Lmh - I know you could have done better ...  The songs you have dedicated to her were the top of my list . It's immortal . No matter where is , whom she is with, it will stay with her forever . For such a romantic guy - why did you let her walk away ?  You said if your family don't approve - you will elope . Where is the strong man who said that ? Money can't buy you happiness . 

  Kudos to your boyfriend for knowing how to manipulate the Internet  and the female emotions . He knows exactly what women wants to see and read . 

LMH is the opposite - he doesn't manipulate the public 's emotions . The fans reactions comes from his hard work thru his movies, dramas and contributions thru his personal cause like promiz and UNICEF and not his personal life . 




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