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[drama 2005] Wedding 웨딩


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[KBS] Jang Nara, Ryu ShiWon, Myung SeBin, Lee HyunWoo

updated Oct 25 2005


Main Cast

wedch010zh6du.jpgJang NaRa::Lee Se Na / Ryu Shi Won::Han Seung Woo / Myung Sae Bin::Shin Yoon Su / Lee Hyun Woo::Suh Jin Hui

Clips 1. 2. EXTRAS 1. NG segments + partial OST: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/ja1g3 2. NGs (Show Power Video 9-24-2005): http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/116c3 3. NGs (Show Power Video 9-3-2005): http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/2dky2 4. Japan Welcome + Behind the Scenes + Interviews (Yunyega 9-3-2005): http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/mcty2 5. NGs (Show Power Video 10-15-2005) http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/yvhq3 Making Of 1. mms:// 2. mms:// 3. mms:// 4. mms:// 5. mms:// 6. mms:// 7. mms:// 8. mms:// 9. mms:// 10. mms:// 11. mms:// PREVIEW EPISODE SUMMARIES EP 03-12: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...indpost&p=91506 EP 13: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...indpost&p=96771 EP 14: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...ndpost&p=103065 EPISODE DOWNLOADS EP 01 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/e8as2 [350mb avi] EP 02 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/i9ov2 [350mb avi] EP 03 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/cqm03 [350mb avi] EP 04 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/x6q03 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/puc13 [350mb avi] EP 05 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/jxr43 [350mb avi] EP 06 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/y3i53 [350mb avi] EP 07 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/rke83 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/kmx83 [350mb avi] EP 08 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/oo393 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/3gx93 [350mb avi] EP 09 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/d4jd3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/752e3 [350mb avi] EP 10 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/wn1e3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/47fe3 [350mb avi] EP 11 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/qs0i3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/x7qi3 [350mb avi] EP 12 http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/uspi3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/kkdj3 [350mb avi] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/hibn3 [700mb avi] EP 13: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/sppm3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/8u7n3 [350mb avi] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/9tvm3 [700mb avi] EP 14: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/gxbn3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/y3tn3 [350mb avi] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/n6fn3 [700mb avi] EP 15: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/1b3r3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/m7lu3 [350mb avi] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/bn6r3 [700mb avi] EP 16: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/ioqr3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/qrnu3 [350mb avi] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/l9yr3 [700mb avi] EP 17: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/1r4w3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/u7bw3 [700mb avi] EP 18: http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/6how3 [wmv, low quality] http://down.clubbox.co.kr/creidesca/yysw3 [700mb avi] ----- ENG SUBS HERE: http://d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21423

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Guest jinhee

wow, what happened to soompi?! well, whatever did happen, it's cool to see the Wedding thread up :) i never really came in the old wedding thread but i guess this is a good chance to start.

whatd you guys think about today's episode?

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Guest sparklinghugs

okay i have a questoin. i really want to watch episode 12, where the links that i can copy onto edonkey??? i'm so excited for the next episode after what happened in episode 11. if u know nething, please email me or respond?!?

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Guest chocoredroses

hi :) this series is currently being shown at KBS World (Episode 1 started last night) and i liked the story... i wonder how is it doing in Korea..

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Guest miyawoks


thanks creidesca for starting this thread again...

i was waiting for you :)

some pics i posted before the "soompi blackout"





credits to someone who posted these in angeljjangnara forum

p.s. i like lewy and sena... they both look really cute!!! :)

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Guest xiaomao123
Guest cynkawahara

thanks for the pictures Miyawoks!

Are these from an upcoming episode or did I miss something?

Sena actually looks very happy considering she has been pretty sad lately. Really feeling so bad for her.

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Guest jinhee

nice pictures :) :) did they cut out those scenes with lewy and sena? they only showed the scene with the two of them walking with the bags... hm..

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Guest miyawoks

^ hmmm i actually dunno when they'll air this part cos i haven't seen the last two eps... but i'm thinking maybe it's for next week's eps? they filmed it just last sunday....

and yes cyn these are new pix :)

hmmm..... i wonder whose birthday it is?

and aren't you guys amazed that sena and lewy are actually doing something together??!!!

hahahaha can't wait to watch this part... :)

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Guest miyawoks

and i forgot to post this...

haha ratings!!! from recent ep down...


seoul 12.6%

nationwide 11.9

ep11 seoul 12

nationwide 11.7


seoul 11.2

nationwide 10.6


seoul 10.8


seoul n 11

nationwide 11


nationwide 11


nationwide 11.2

seoul 11.8


nationwide 10.4

seoul 10.8


nationwide 11

seoul 10.7


nationwide 10.1

seoul 10.5


nationwide 11.9

seoul 12.52


nationwide 14.2

seoul 14.8

correct me if i'm wrong... i don't have korean font in my pc so i had a hard time finding these...

and some ep links...

Wedding Ep1-12, MQ 350MB, in http link

credits to naravod

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