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[official] Lee Si Young And Junjin Couple

Guest lovemelody.

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Guest lovemelody.

youtube links available (english subbed)








Episode 42 (new links)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

c: hwanyobiwgmfan (thanks pluie!)






c: lovemelody.@soompi, naver, dramawiki

pictures taken of Junjin and Siyoung filming in a toy store



c: Junjin Baidubar, absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com, incarnadine@wgm thread, pluie for posting

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Guest killjadeskye

Whoa! Go JunJin!!

Not familiar with this girl though..

I wish it's DongWan..

Wannie should make a very cute and childish husband...hihi

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Guest superduperr

Yay! That's great to hear :D I can't wait to watch them on the show.

But I was wondering... Then what happens to TaeYeon's and HyungDon's

couple? Are they still going to be on the show???

Thanks for sharingg<3

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Guest shinhwa_xoxo1003

Such a good looking couple~

I really like Lee Si Young! lol.

What are the odds that the girl who is chasing after the heir to Shinhwa Group is going to get married to an actual Shinhwa member. :D

Haha. I see how secrets work now-a-days. :P

haha, that was the 1st thing pop up in my head when i heard this news too.

haha, that was really funny coincidence^___^

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Guest pockyminnie

wow this will be interesting

the image of her in my head is MEAN at the moment because i'm not familiar with her so i can't help it hehe

junjin is funny so i'll probably enjoy this!

it is funny how she failed to snag goo joonpyo from Shinhwa Co. but she's getting married to a Shinhwa member


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Guest krn_lover

oh wow!! she's pretty cute, better match for junjin

than taeyeon & hyung don. but anyways, it's kinda

sad they'll only be on one episode. hopefully PD's

change their mind if all else goes well [ratings] etc. LOL! ^^

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I love Lee Si Yuung, she's so pretty and even though she only had a small part in Kottnam, she was really good.

I just started watching WGM yesterday and I;m now addicted to the show.

I'm only watching Jongbo cuts though.

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