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[MANGA] Black Bird

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Oooooo!! I started reading Black Bird about a month or two ago =) It's really cute!

I don't usually like these types of manga, or only read once they're finished... but this one makes me blush like CRAZY haha! I haven't caught up recently since it takes so long for chapters to get scanlated =(

I wish I could read Japanese so I can just read all the 90234734 chapters released >_<



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This manga pisses me off! I'm sorry I just had to say that. Reading my previous posts here, it's quite obvious how much I used to like it back then. I stopped reading manga online since I didn't have enough time, so I would only buy books then read them later when I have time. I currently on 16 books of these, and I read them over the summer. I cringed at every page I turned. Seriously, it just totally went down the drain. Whatever happened to the strong Misao I used to like? She's somehow reminded me of Kiyo now from Love Monster, and I detested that manga because of how weak Kiyo was. siiiiiiigh. I swear all ever Misao did in every page was to weep weep weep and get freaking bitten.
I guess, it's ok not to put it in spoiler anymore since it's already been published, but in any case SPOILERS AHEAD! darn man, Misao got pregnant, Kyo wanted to get rid of the baby, and towards the end of Vol 16, Misao was kind of like swaying into agreeing with Kyo. I know it's just manga, but abortion is a very sensitive topic for me. They knew once they slept together, there would become a possibility of pregnancy but darn, how could they easily talk about abortion as easy as breathing air! Take responsibility for goodness' sake. 

I can't believe I would stack 18 books of this series on my shelf. And I never sell any of my manga, so I'm forever stuck keeping this ridiculous series.
end of rant.

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