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After School (애프터스쿨) - The Official Thread

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2013.06.13 Korea Comeback with THE 6th MAXI SINGLE



After School is an 8-member female group from South Korea managed by Pledis Entertainment.
Debuting initially as a 5-member group (Kahi, Jung-Ah, Soyoung, Jooyeon, Bekah)
with their debut single "AH" in January 2009, they were labeled as the Korean Pussycat Dolls
for the matured and sexy concept they had taken on.
In April 2009, After School released a digital single titled "DIVA" and introduced a new member "U-ie" into the group,
as part of After School’s admission and graduation concept. Later in October 2009,
member "Yoo So Young" announced her withdrawal from the group citing health and studies reasons.
At the end of the same month, After School admitted two new members "Raina" & "Nana" into the group
November 25th, 2009 they made a comeback with 2nd Single Album "Because of You"
March 25th, 2010 After School released 3rd Single Album "BANG!" together with the addition of new member "Lizzy"
made After School an 8-member group throughout 2010.
April 29th, 2011 After School comeback with their 1st Full-Length Album "VIRGIN"
a new member who is the 4th generation of After School "E-Young" also debuts in this album,
made After School a 9-member group.
July 11th, 2011 Bekah is the first member who officially graduated from the group to persue her dream as a designer.
Before leaving, Bekah released her graduation song titled "Take Me To The Place".
July 21st, 2011 After School 8 members were divided into two sub-units
and released the 4th single album "A.S. Red & A.S. Blue".
April, 2012 Pledis officially announced that 17-year-old trainee "Ga Eun" was added to After School.
June 17th, 2012 leader Kahi officially announced her graduation from the group to focus on solo career.
The 8-member group will make Korea comeback on June 21st, 2012 with the 5th single album "FLASHBACK".

Group Name : After School (애프터스쿨)
Member :
Current Students - Park Kahi, Kim Jung-Ah, Lee Joo Yeon, U-ie, Raina, Nana, Lizzy, E-Young and Gaeun
Graduated Students - Yoo Soyoung & Bekah
Special Appearances : [081229] SBS Gayo Daejun Festival ‘S’ 2008 || [081230] KBS Gayo Daejun Song Festival
Debut Performance : 17th January 2009 on MBC Show! Music Core
Management Company : Pledis Entertainment
Official Website : www.a-school.co.kr || www.orangecaramel.co.kr
Japan Official Website : After School Japan by AVEX
Official Fanclub Name : Playgirlz
Official Daum Cafe : PlaygirlzAS
Official Facebook : PledisAS
Official Google+ : After School Google+
Official Youtube Channel : PLEDIS OFFICIAL CHANNEL
Award :
- Rookie of The Month Award at Cyworld Digital Music Awards 34th for 'Diva' in 2009 (After School)
- Best Style Icon Award at 2009 Korea Lifestyle Awards (After School)
- Mutizen Awards at SBS Inkigayo Episode 558, 559 & 562 for 'Because of You' (After School)
- K-pop New Artist of the Year 2009 at Billboard Japan Music Awards 2009 (After School)
- Rookie Award at 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards (After School)
- Photogenic Award at the 11th Korea Visual Arts Festival (Orange Caramel)
- Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award at Cultural Minister of Finance Award in 2011 (After School)
- Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award at Korea Entertainment News Award in 2011 (After School)
- Best Album at Golden Disk Awards 2011 for 1st Album 'Virgin' (After School)
- Most Popular Artist at Golden Disk Awards 2011 (After School)
- Best Collaboration MV for 'Make it Happen' MV at MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2012 (After School collaborated with Namie Amuro)

Official Thread for International Fans : After School Thread @ soompi.com || After School Thread @ 6theory.com
Korean Fans Forum : AS-Fan.com || After School @ gall.dcinside.com
International Fans Forum/Blog/Tumblr : AS-AfterParty || PlaygirlzWorld || AfterSchoolDaze || FY! After School
Chinese Fans Forum : After School China
Thai Fans Forum : After School Thailand || What's up! Playgirlz
Singapore Fans Forum : AfterSchool Singapore
Philippines Fans Forum : After School Philippines
Brazilian Fans Forum/Blog : After School Brazil || playgirlzbr.wordpress.com
French Fans Forum : New Diva
Hong Kong Fans Forum : After School HongKong
Indonesia Fans Forum : After School Indo
Vietnam Fans Forum : ASPVN

Name : Park Kahi (박가희)
Real Name : Park Ji Young (박지영)
Position in Group : Leader, Vocalist, Rapper, Lyrics Composer & Co-Choreographer
Birth Date : 25th December 1980
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 50 kg
Blood Type : O
Star Sign : Capricorn
Award : Best Newcomer Award at SBS Entertainment Awards 2010
Twitter : @misskahi
Cyworld Mini Hompage : http://www.cyworld.com/kahipark
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/misskahi
Daum Fan Cafe : Dancer Kahi
Misc. Information :
- Was a famous backup dancer for BoA, JinuSean, 1TYM, Lexy, DJ DOC, Chaeyeon, Eun Ji Won, etc. since 2000-2006.
- Starring in m:rope MP3-Player CF
- Previously in the Korean-American girl group, “S.Blush” whose digital single "It's My Life" peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard-
Hot Dance Chart in 2007.
- Did a featuring on Son Dambi’s “Bad Boy” single as a rapper in 2008.
- Featured in E.Bul’s "I Want to Buy It" MV and Performance in 2009.
- Featured in One Two’s "Starry Night" MV in 2009.
- Recently being popular among Korean TV programs because of her various talents especially professional dancing skill in MJ's Dangerous Beyonce's Sweet Dreams, Ego, Video Phone & Diva.
- Endorsing for Vivaldi Park Ocean World 2010 together with U-ie.
- Endorsing for Fat Down product.
- Wrote rap lyrics and featuring in Suki's first mini album-title track 'One Love'
- Being member of SBS Good Sunday "Heroes"
- Made a debut as a solo singer with her 1st Album "Comeback You Bad Person" in 2011. (She still be After School member.)
- Made a debut as an actress in KBS Drama "Dream High Season 2" as Kirin Arts High School's dance teacher 'Hyun Ji Soo" in 2012.

Real Name : Kim Jung Ah (김정아)
Position in Group : Main Vocalist
Birth Date : 2nd August 1983
Height : 167 cm
Weight : 49 kg
Blood Type : O
Star Sign : Leo
Cyworld Mini Homepage : http://www.cyworld.com/jaloveja
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/83rlawjddk
Misc. Information :
- Had an album "SZ 1st Album" in 2000.
- Used to be a member of "Kiss Five" in 2005. [

- Participated in Son Dambi's
as a dancer as part of her training in 2008.
- Participated in Snow Village project with K.Will, Tei, Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo, Kan Mi Yeon & Suki.
- Took part in MBC Drama "Pasta" OST album in 2010 with the title track "You're Cute".

Name : Yoo So Young (유소영)*
Real Name : Joo So Young (주소영)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 29th March 1986
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 44 kg
Blood Type : AB
Star Sign : Aries
Cyworld Mini Homepage : http://www.cyworld.com/1004329
Daum Fan Cafe : HaPpyNess
*She withdrew from After School on October 29th, 2009

Real Name : Lee Joo Yeon (이주연)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 19th March 1987
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Blood Type : AB
Star Sign : Pisces
Twitter : @ASJuPal
Cyworld Mini Homepage : http://www.cyworld.com/juyeon319
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/wndus319
Daum Fan Cafe : zzangjueyoen
Misc. Information :
- Was a famous Internet Ulzzang.
- Starring in Skool Looks CF
- Featuring in
in 2006
- Had a small role in Movie
in 2007.
- Appeared on MBC "Introduce Star’s Friend" as Son Dambi’s best friend in 2008.
- Featuring in E.Bul’s "I Want to Buy It" MV in 2009.
- Featuring in Taegoon’s "Betrayed" MV in 2009.
- Was a member of KBS Invincible Youth (G7) season 2
- Starring in the highest rating drama of 2011, KBS "Smile, Dong-Hae" as Yoon Sae Young.

Name : Bekah (베카)**
Real Name : Rebekah Kim (레베카 김)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist, Rapper
Birth Date : 11th August 1989
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 52 kg
Blood Type : AB
Star Sign : Leo
Twitter : @__BEKAH
Cyworld Mini Homepage : http://www.cyworld.com/bekahhh
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/AS-bek
Misc. Information :
- Born and raised in Hawaii.
- Graduated from Moanalua High School.
- Featuring in Tei's
track from his mini-album 'The Shine 2009'.
- Featuring in Lee Hyori's "Bring It Back" track 05 from her 4th album 'H-Logic' along with 4Minute Jiyoon.
- Featuring in Seo In Guk's
track 06 from his first mini album 'Just Beginning'.
**She graduated from After School on July 11th, 2011

Name : U-ie (유이)
Real Name : Kim Yoo Jin (김유진)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 9th April 1988
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 50 kg
Blood Type : AB
Star Sign : Aries
Award : Best Newcomer at MBC Entertainment Awards 2009 || Best New Actress at KBS Drama Awards 2012 (Drama "Ojakgyo Brothers") || Best New Actress at 48th Baeksang Arts Awards 2012 (Drama "Ojakgyo Brothers")
Twitter : @uuuei
Cyworld Mini Homepage : http://www.cyworld.com/dldkdbwls
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/dldkdbwls
Misc. Information :
- Used to be a trainee in Good Entertainment.
- Was set to debut in a group with "Yoobin" of the Wonder Girls before moving to Pledis Entertainment.
- Starred in a documentary called "Diary of Five Girls"
- Appeared on MBC "Introduce Star’s Friend" as Wonder Girls' Yoobin's best friend in 2008.
- Got lots of popularity when danced to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" on SBS Star King Show with Nickhun (2PM) and MC Boom
- Had a small role in MBC's Drama "Queen Seon Duk" playing a young Mishil Saeju, a character in the drama.
- Featuring in Mighty Mouth's "Love Class" MV and performances along with 4minute Hyun Ah.
- Starring in MBC's variety show We Got Married on MBC's Sunday Night along with Park Jae Jung.
- Endorsing for Anycall Magic Hole cell phone together with Lee Min Ho & Kim Hyun Joong
[CF : Ver.1 (with Min Ho) || Ver.2 (with Hyun Joong) || Ver.3 (Agent M)]
- Endorsing for Korean alcohol Chueum Churum Soju "Cool". [CF :
- Featuring in
MV together with Yoo Seung Ho.
- Did a duet with
, also featuring Suk Hee.
- Starring in SBS Drama "You're Beautiful" as Yoo Hae Yi
- Endorsing for Anycall - 4Tomorrow group project together with Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) , Han Seung Yeon (KARA) & Hyun Ah (4Minute).
- Endorsing for Vivaldi Park Ocean World 2010 together with Kahi.
- Endorsing for Landrover Shoes together with After Schoool members.
- Endorsing for Le Coq Sportif Golf Collection.
- Staring in tvN Drama "Birdie Buddy" as Sung Mi Soo in 2011.
- Staring in KBS Drama "Ojakgyo Brothers" as Baek Ja Eun in 2011.
- Endorsing for BDlab Beauty and Diet Products.
- Endorsing for Cantata Coffee together with Ojakgyo Brothers' co-star "Joo Won".

Name : Raina (레이나)
Real Name : Oh Hye Rin (오혜린)
Position in Group : Main Vocalist
Birth Date :7th May 1989
Height : 166 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Blood Type : B
Star Sign : Taurus
Twitter : @raina57
Cyworld Mini Homepage : http://www.cyworld.com/AS_Raina
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/hyerin0507
Misc. Information :
- Previously auditioned for Mnet’s SuperstarK.
- Intro Clip from Pledis : Raina -

- Being member of After School's sub-unit group "Orange Caramel" together with Nana & Lizzy

Name : Nana (나나)
Real Name : Im Jin Ah (임진아)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Year : 14th September 1991
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Blood Type : A
Star Sign : Virgo
School : Jeongju Ochang High School
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/sanmiy7
Misc. Information :
- Participated in the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest
- Starring in Honey Dew’s debut track Like A Fool MV
- Starring in Eru’s

- Being member of After School's sub-unit group "Orange Caramel" together with Raina & Lizzy

Name : Lizzy (리지)
Real Name : Park Soo Young (박수영)
Position in Group : Sub Vocalist
Birth Date : 31st July 1992
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 46 kg
Blood Type : A
Star Sign : Leo
Hobbies : Enjoying Music, playing NDS games, Art & Crafts, Eating snacks
Specialty : Swimming, Piano
Favorite music : Dance Style, Ballad
Favorite singer : Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Park Jung-hyun
Favorite artist : Josh Hartnett, Kang Boo-ja
Twitter : @Lizzy_sy
Cyworld Mini Hompage: http://www.cyworld.com/As_Lizzy
Me2Day : http://me2day.net/zaromi
Misc. Information:
- Intro Clip from Pledis : Lizzy -

- Made a first featuring performance with rapper DefCon in "How to Leave the Rapper" on SBS Inkigayo.
- Starring in Teen Top's debut track

- Being member of After School's sub-unit group "Orange Caramel" together with Raina & Nana
- Being fixed host-member in SBS Good Sunday 'Running Man'
- Starring in MBC Daily Sitcom 'All My Love' as a Busan girl "Soon Duk"

After School 1st Single Album - New Schoolgirl
Produced by : Brave Entertainment
Distributed by : LOEN Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date : 2009.01.15
Tracklists :
01 - Playgirlz
02 - Ah
03 - Bad Guy (나쁜놈)
04 - Ah (Inst.)
Reviews :
01 - Playgirlz
This is definitely one of the most upbeat songs that served as a great introduction track for the After School ladies. I really liked how they rapped about themselves as "five people who know how to play" and "remember us, we’re a new logo". The choreography was something unique, especially a certain routine between two members which aroused curiosity when it was first showcased in last year’s SBS Gayo. A pity that the song is not the usual 3 minutes long.
02 – Ah
The only full song that is found in this single. This dance track seems to be different from the usual melody that the Brave Brothers would usually produce. Together with their powerful choreography, this creates the unique ‘AS style’ that one has never seen before. After all, we have never seen any group that is able to pull off the sexy vibe just by wearing their ‘in school’ training outfits. This song definitely brings out the charismatic charms of After School, which makes you wanna go “Ah” in admiration like how they would do it in their MV.
03 - Bad Guy
This is a bad-a** track about girls turning nasty towards the guy they had once loved. In fact, it seems like they’re in this resentful mode right from the beginning of the song till the end. Personally, I feel that it’s quite an appropriate song to listen to, especially when you’re mad at someone. After all, we shouldn’t resort to physical means. Instead, we should shift our bitterness and start singing "I’m gonna break your neck so run." Definitely, I would have hoped that this song wasn’t banned as I was looking forward to see if they would incorporate their anger into their dance routine.

After School 1st Digital Single - Diva
Release Date : 2009.04.09
Tracklists :
01 - Diva
02 - Diva (MR)
Review :
The Brave Brothers are at it again, this time creating another catchy dance song entitled Diva. Now, the ladies are back, singing a song about professing their love, and claiming that they’re the only "Divas" in the eyes of their man. The melody of the song is sure to be stuck in your minds in the first play, especially the chorus (where it goes "ohneul bam nehil bam…"). Of course, the rhythm changes during Kahi and Beka’s raps, and not forgetting Jungah’s (ballad-styled) bridge. All in all, this song is definitely one of those that you’ll never get tired of, and you might even find yourself screaming, "Diva diva d-d-d-diva" along with them as how Beka would do during their performances.

Digital single – Dream Girl
Artist : After School
Album : 대 동경소녀 OST
Genre : Dance Pop
Release Date : 2009.05.22
Tracklists :
01 - Dream Girl
02 - Dream Girl (Inst.)
Review :
Dream Girl is a remake of Morning Musume "Love Machine" song. Besides the Korean lyrics, which talks about realizing your dreams and becoming the star that you’ve always wished to be, there is the "AS touch" to it. This was done so by adding the rap which Beka did towards the end of the song. The MV on the other hand, showcased them in their casual outfits and the things that they did during the recording. In general, it was interesting to see them doing j-pop styled song for a change and this song really helps to brighten one’s day.

Song Title : Spring Chicken Soup (영계백숙)
Artists : Aftershaving (Jung Joon Ha feat. After School)
Album : Infinity Challenge Olympicroad Duet Song Festival
Genre : Dance Pop
Release Date : 2009.07.11

Song Title : AMOLED (아몰레드)
Artists : Son Dambi & After School
Genre : Dance Pop
Release Date : 2009.07.23
Track list :
01 아몰레드 (AMOLED)
02 아몰레드 (AMOLED) (MR)
Reviews :
This was like one of the most anticipated collaborations by fans of both (or either of the) the Pledis artistes. Both the song and the dance had a futuristic feel to it, yet exuding sexy at the same time. Not forgetting the cool move that Kahi did during her part, which definitely "wow-ed" many of us. Apart from the song (which talks about the features of the phone), one would subconsciously start mumbling "Amoled amoled a-a-a-amoled" along with them. Like Diva, this song also had this addictive and repetitive sentence. Heck, even my non kpop friends could remember that sentence after listening to it once. Now that proved the effectiveness of this CF song! In fact, I always forget that it’s just a CF song!

Song Title : 아프죠
Artist : Sunny Side feat. After School (Jung-Ah, Soyoung & Joyeon)
Album : "You (너에게)"
Release Date : 2009.08.06

Song Title : Half (반쪽)
Artist : After School feat Sunny Side
Album : Tempted Again OST (탐나는 도다 OST)
Release Date : 2009.08.21

Song Title : Mr. Lonely (Rap Ver.)
Artist : Tei feat. After School Bekah
Mini Album : The Shine 2009
Release date : 2009.09.09

Song Title : His & Her Situation (그 남자 그 여자의 사정)
Artist : JunJin (전진), UEE (유이), Suk He (숙희)
Single : Fate, Love, Farewell (연•애•별)
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2009.09.24

Song Title : Tomorrow (두근두근)
Artist : 4Tomorrow (Group consist of : Seung Yeon (Kara), Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls), Hyun Ah (4Minute) and UEE (After School))
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2009.10.07

After School 2nd Single Album - 너 때문에 (Because of You)
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2009.11.25
Tracklists :
01. 너 때문에 (Because of You)
02. When I Fall
03. Diva
04. 너 때문에 (Inst.)
Album Lyrics : Page 268
Review :
With the admission of the two new secretive members Raina and Nana, After School is set to change the standards of girl groups. The group revealed their concept of the nation’s first admissions and graduation style that freely rotates and changes their members, attracting great interest through the admission of Uee last April.

Raina (21) and Nana (20) were revealed through their teaser site as individuals that had trained long and hard with "a strong base" that also hold the mysterious image of charm and humor. With the unveiling of the new 7 membered image, many have been showing explosive interest and attraction.

The title song of the new album is "Because of You" It’s said to be a shibuya-kei style song with an electropop feel. After School will be revealing their intensive performance that is said to never been seen before amongst the nation’s girl groups. It begins with the sad melody of a piano and violin that folds into an addictive chrous. A rap that utilizes the members’ individuality finishes the song off in style.

"When I Fall" is a song that member Kahi actually participated in producing. It has a clear melody that fits perfectly into the title of slow R&B. The song is about a girl that begins love by herself and perfectly showcases the charm of After School’s newest member, Raina.

Song Title : Snow Village (눈 내리는 마을)
Artist : After School (Jung Ah), Brown Eyed Girls (Miryo), Kan Miyoun, K. Will, Tei, Suki, Ahn Young Min
Genre : Pop
Release Date : 2009.12.21

Song Title : You're Cute (귀여운 넌)
Artist : After School's Kim Jung-Ah
Album : Pasta OST Part 2
Genre : Pop/Ballad
Release Date : 2010.01.18

Song Title : Because of You (너 때문에) (Remix Version)
Artist : After School
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2010.01.22

After School 3nd Single Album - 뱅! (Bang!)
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2010.03.25
Tracklists :
01. Let’s Do It
02. 뱅! (Bang!)
03. With U
04. 뱅! (Bang!) (Inst.)
Review : Track listing translated by AfterSchoolCraze

Track 01 - Let’s Do It
Kahi and Jung Ah were directly involved in the drum session which starts with a fast beat and strong drum that will quickly capture your ears with an intense feeling.

Track 02 - 뱅! (Bang!)
Written by the best producers (Lyrics by Kim Tae-hyun, composed by Kim Hee-sun), the title song "Bang!" was supposed to be included in the 2nd single album. To make the song more complete, more time was needed to make it into a more elaborate track. Doing away with formalities, this is an experimental song which has the latest trends. After School’s unique colors can be felt through this song.

In this song, the drum sound will form the song’s frame. Also, After School’s powerful vocals and the dynamic beat and rhythm will create endless enthusiasm while listening to the song.

With the best upgrade, After School’s performances and Bang!’s music and stage are expected to create a new sensation and impact.

Track 03 - With U
After School’s Kahi, who had written "When I Fall", will participate for the second time as the lyricist to the Sweden song "With U", which will soothe the heart with its calm medium rhythm and beautiful piano melody, on top of After School’s fantastic harmonized vocals.

Song Title : Bring It Back
Artist : Lee Hyori feat. After School Bekah & 4Minute Jiyoon
Album : Lee Hyori 4th Album - H-Logic
Genre : Hip-Hop/Dance
Release Date : 2010.04.13

Song Title : 첫눈에 (At First Sight)
Artist : Seo In Guk (서인국) feat. After School Bekah
Album : Seo In Guk 1st Mini Album - 미니앨범 : Just Beginning
Genre : Pop/Ballad
Release Date : 2010.05.06

Song Title : Dream Again!
Artist : After School
Album : Red Devil's 4th Album: The Shouts of Red, United Korea (for World Cup 2010)
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2010.05.18

Song Title : One Love
Artist : Suki (숙희) feat. After School Kahi
Album : Suki - 1st Mini Album 'The First Experience'
Genre : Pop/R&B
Release Date : 2010.06.03

Artist : Orange Caramel (After School Raina, Nana & Lizzy)
Album : Orange Caramel - 1st Mini Album
Genre : Pop Dance/Ballad
Release Date : 2010.06.17
Tracklist :
01. Magic Girl (마법소녀/魔法少女)
02. Can You Not Push Love (사랑을 미룰 순 없나요)
03. Magic Girl (Inst.)
04. Can You Not Push Love (Inst.)
*Special Track for Taiwanese Album
05. The Day You Went Away (Chinese Version)

Artist : Orange Caramel (After School Raina, Nana & Lizzy)
Album : Orange Caramel - 2nd Mini Album
Genre : Pop Dance/Ballad
Release Date : 2010.11.18
Tracklist :
01. A~ing♡ (아잉♡)
02. One Love
03. Still... (아직…) *lyrics by Raina
04. Standing in This Place (이곳에 서서) *lyrics by Raina || **The Day You Went Away (Korean Version)
05. A~ing♡ (Inst.)

Artist : After School (Kahi, Jung-Ah, Jooyeon, UEE, Raina, Nana & Lizzy)
Album : Happy Pledis The First Single
Genre : Pop Dance/Ballad
Release Date : 2010.12.07
Tracklist :
01. Love Love Love *Lyrics by Raina
02. Someone Is You *Lyrics by Kahi
03. Love Love Love (Inst.)
04. Someone Is You (Inst.)
Album Lyrics : Page 641
Review :
Pledis Entertainment releases their project album with Son Dam Bi and After School. The album is a thank you gift to the fans that have supported them. After School members have participated in writing the lyrics. The title song "Love Love Love" is a dance pop song about love that will warm up the cold winter for the listeners. "Someone Is You" is a mid-tempo ballad penned by After School's member Kahi, whom wrote about precious and beautiful memories into the song. You will be able to hear the rich harmony of the After School members in this emotional ballad. A portion of the proceeds from the album sales will be donated to the 'Save the Children' organization which helps children in need. (Credit : soompi)

Artist : After School Kahi
Album : KAHI The First Mini Album 돌아와 나쁜 너
Genre : Pop Dance/Ballad
Release Date : 2011.02.14
Tracklist :
01. 돌아와 나쁜 너 (Come Back You Bad Person)
02. One Love
03. 선물 (Gift)
04. 롤러코스터 (Roller Coaster)
Review :
After School leader Kahi makes her solo debut in style with her first mini-album. Known for her fierceness, the dance goddess presents a softer, elegant image this time. Kahi, who has participated in songwriting for After School releases in the past, wrote the lyrics for the title track "Come Back You Bad Person". The song begins as a lyrical melody, and becomes increasingly strong and dramatic with the addition of electro dance beats. The mini-album also features the Kahi-penned "Roller Coaster" and "One Love", which highlights her sweet vocals. (credit : YESASIA)

Artist : Orange Caramel (After School Raina, Nana & Lizzy)
Album : 'One of Asia' Project - The 1st Single "Bangkok City"
Genre : Electronic Dance
Release Date : 2011.03.31
Tracklist :
01. Bangkok City (방콕시티)
02. Bangkok City (방콕시티) inst.
Review :
Orange Caramel’s latest single follows the global 'One of Asia' project's theme of Asian cities. In 'Bangkok City', the girls leave their former sugary cute image for a more sexy and funky look. In addition, the song takes a turn from their usual bubblegum pop sound to a funky club and electronic beat. (credit : allkpop.com)

Artist : After School (as 9-member group)
Album : After School The 1st Album 'VIRGIN'
Genre : Pop/Dance
Release Date : 2011.04.29
Tracklist :
01. Let's Step Up
02. Shampoo
03. Virgin
04. 뱅(Bang)! (2011 New Recordings)
05. Play Ur Love
06. Dream
07. 너 때문에 (Because of You) (2011 New Recordings)
08. 시간에 기대어 (Leaning Against Time) (*Raina's Solo)
09. 잘 지내고 있죠 (Are You Doing Okay?)
10. Funky Man
11. My Bell (*Jung Ah's Solo)
12. When I Fall (2011 New Recordings)
13. Shampoo (Radio Edit)
Review :
After School has been busy over the past year with unit and solo releases and overseas activities, and now the entire group is back in action with the album 'VIRGIN'. The fierce girl group sports chic and feminine spring looks for their first full-length album, which is also the first Korean release with fourth generation member E-Young. After School's exciting new title song 'Shampoo' is composed by Japanese DJ/producer Daishi Dance, with lyrics by poet Won Tae Yeon. The album also features the Jung Ah and Raina solos 'My Bell' and 'Leaning Against Time', the R&B song 'Play ur Love' (from Kahi, Jung Ah, Raina, and Nana), and 2011 newly recorded versions of their hits Bang!, "Because of You", and When I Fall. A "Pre-school Girl", believed to be a new upcoming member, features in the song 'Funky Man'. (credit : yesasia.com)

Song Title : Beautiful Girl
Artist : After School Lizzy
Album : All My Love OST
Genre : Pop
Release Date : 2011.05.09

Song Title : Sok Sok Sok (쏙쏙쏙)
Artist : After School U-ie ft. JongHyun of After School Boys
Album : Le Coq Golf Collaboration
Genre : Pop
Release Date : 2011.06.21

Song Title : Even After A Day (하루가지나도)
Artist : After School Raina & Kan Jong Wook
Album : Even After A Day (하루가지나도) Digital Single
Genre : Pop
Release Date : 2011.06.29

Song Title : Take Me To The Place (Lyrics written by Bekah)
Artist : After School Bekah
Album : Bekah's Graduation Song : Take Me To The Place
Genre : Ballad
Release Date : 2011.07.11

Artist : After School RED (A.S. RED) : Kahi, Jung Ah, U-ie and Nana
Album : After School The 4th Single Album - After School RED
Genre : Pop Dance
Release Date : 2011.07.20
Tracklist :
01 밤 하늘에

Artist : After School BLUE (A.S. BLUE) : Juyeon, Raina, Lizzy and E-Young
Album : After School The 4th Single Album - After School BLUE
Genre : Pop Dance, Ballad
Release Date : 2011.07.20
Tracklist :
01 원더보이 (Wonder boy)
02 Lady

Artist : Orange Caramel
Album : 'One of Asia' Project - The 2nd Single "Shanghai Romance"
Genre : Pop Dance, Ballad
Release Date : 2011.10.13
Tracklist :
01 샹하이 로맨스 (上海之戀) (Shanghai Romance)
02 눈을 감아 (Close Your Eyes) (Nana Solo)
03 The Day You Went Away (第一次爱的人)

Artist : After School, Son Dambi, Pledis Boys, Pledis Trainees/Pre-School Girls
Album : HAPPY PLEDIS 2012
Genre : Pop/ Ballad
Release Date : 2011.12.01
Tracklist :
01 LOVE LETTER - Son Dambi & After School (Feat. Ara, Hyelim, Minhyun, Dongho)
02 겨울 이야기 (Winter’s Tale) - Son Dambi, Kahi & Jungah
03 어떤가요 - Orange Caramel
04 LOVE LOVE LOVE Remix - After School

Credits & Special Thanks : pledis.co.kr, a-school.co.kr, AfterSchoolCraze.com,
en.wikipedia.org, AfterSchoolCraze@youtube, oOAyuXJunsuOo@youtube & all the K-POP uploaders
Edited : mihyejung@soompi and sleepysa@soompi

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Guest k-all

boa's dancer park gahee?? and uhlzzang lee jooyeon??

cool ^^

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Guest Badboyz

2nd girl to the left looks like Son Dambi ...

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

wasn't son dambi gonna be in this group or something?

anyways, modeled like pussycat dolls? so they're gonna be the sexy sexy girl group :D which is great, coz i don't really like all the cutesy stuff going around... goodluck to them!

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Guest gouka_odoriko

wow famous people in the group

and ga hee is now a singer...

I don't get it is son dambi not in the group??


so ga hee looks like Son Dambi LOL

so my doubts are banished wahaha

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Guest i.said.hi

what happened to son dambi?

I'll watch out for them :)

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Guest e`PSY

I was waiting for them! Can't wait to hear what they've got!!

Yoochun's EX? Park Ga Hee?...Even more excited now!

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Son Dam Bi isn't in this group because she cannot be promoting with them while she's filming Hype Nation. I think her being in After School was just a stunt to get After School known.

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Guest superjihyeee!

the second girl from the left looks like son dambi.

but she's not in this group because of the movie she's filming, right?

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Guest gyarustyle

yay!!! finally!!! i cant wait til they debut i mean , if in the SBS gayo wasnt something serious imagine what they can seriously do......KICK AS.S ^.^

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Guest lets_rockie_it

im actually really excited to see and hear more from these girls!!!!

really liked park ga hee in 'bad boy' loved her rapping there....and so im happy to see her doing something more now!

and yes son dambi promoting them was a way to get 'after school' a hype

and since dambi gave them a hype now lets see how far they can go on with out her promoting them.....

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even though they're modeled from the same concept as PCD, i'm actually excited to see them debut

i wasn't into the whole cutsey thing anyway.

now we get to see real dancing instead of puppy paws and girly jumping

(yes im talking about snsd. not saying they can't dance..i understand that they have a certain concept they must adhere to)

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Guest KuYA II

wow i like that photoshoot and their outfits, and their performance in gayo was pretty hot.

i'll look forward for their song and debut performance. :D

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Guest nhimoshi

oh haha. When I watched this performance with Son Dambi and when I saw the After school pop up I was wondering why I haven't heard of them.

But now I know why! (: I'm pretty excited. After pussycat dolls? awesome.

True true, there are alot of cutesy girl groups now, something completely different is going to be mindblowing! :D

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Guest tohoblaq

OMG... Park Ga Hee??? Yoochunnie's ex??? >.<

OMG... it really is her!!! She's 27, probably turning 28 this year, and she's 6 years older than Yoochun! O.O Okay I didn't know she would debut as a singer.

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The girl from the left corner she is really pretty i have to admit

actually she is the only pretty one in my opinion im actually going

to look forward to there debut they look pretty interesting

Also which girl is Lee Joo Yeon?

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Guest gyarustyle

OMG... Park Ga Hee??? Yoochunnie's ex??? >.<

omg cant belive she went out with this guy >.<

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Guest two hearts collide

yay another girl group! cant wait to see their debut!

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Guest mr.pokie

its offical Lee Joo Yeon is mine!!!!!!!!!<333

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