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Casshern Sins

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Guest NO NAME?

Remake of the classic Shinzo Ningen Casshern (キャシャーン Sins)

Genres: action, drama, science fiction

Plot Summary:

......After decades since the original anime series, the cybernetic warrior returns in this franchise reboot, Casshern Sins. In a world where the powerful robot leader known as Braiking Boss rule over humanity with an iron fist, a mysterious girl named Luna is summoned by the people for salvation. To retaliate against this potential threat, Braiking sends 3 of his most powerful cyborgs, Casshern, Dio and Reda to dispose of her. Casshern manages to kill Luna, plunging the world into a slow descent of annhilation. Hundreds of years later, humanity is almost extinct. Robots constantly replace their body parts, fearing the corrosion of rust: their only form of death. In this wretched time and place, Casshern returns after a lengthy disappearance since his murder of Luna. Having lost his memory, Casshern now defends the humans from the robots, and find out his true identity and purpose.

......Casshern, a subordinate of Braiking Boss, was sent to assassinate Luna after she appeared as a savior to the human race. After the assassination, Casshern disappears with his memory lost. Years later, he resurfaces to fight off anti-human robots in a post-apocalyptic Earth where humans and robots are dying due to "The Ruin", an unknown phenomenon which kills off robots by rotting their bodies while forcing humans to survive by hiding.

Anime Episdes: 24



2008-10-08 (Singapore, Arts Central)

Opening Theme:

"Aoi Hana (青い花)" by Color Bottle

Ending Theme:

"Reason" by K∧N∧

#2: "Aoi Kage 「蒼い影」" by Otoyakichiemon'Ju (ep 13)

#2: "Happy?" by Shinji Kuno

#3: "Hikari to Kage「光と影」" by Shinji Kuno

Official website: CASSHERN Sins (Japanese)


Source: Anime News Network




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Guest knockblock

I watched the video of the trailer. It's got my attention to want to see it. But I want to wait to hear some more about it before seeing it.

So what is this show like?

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