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[drama 2009] Job Well Done 잘했군 잘했어


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[MBC] Chae Rim, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim Seung Soo, Kim Jung Hwa

Title : Job Well Done 잘했군 잘했어

Episodes : 50

Broadcast Company : MBC

Cast : Chae Rim, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim Seung Soo, Kim Jung Hwa, Suh Hyo Rim, Choi Daniel, Jeon Min Seo (child actress), Son Ho Yeong, Kang Boo Ja, Jung Ae Ri

Airing Date & time: Starting 14 March 2009, 7.55pm Korea time, Saturdays & Sundays

PD : Kim Nam Won, Son Hyung Seok

Scriptwriter : Park Jin Hyun

Production Company :

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bravo/cast/index.html

- Photo Sketches : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bravo/sketch/index.html

- Video Sketches : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bravo/s..._vod/index.html

- Wallpapers : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bravo/w...aper/index.html

- Previews : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bravo/preview/index.html

- BBS Board : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bravo/board/index.html

- Mini Toon : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bravo/minitoon/index.html

Storyline/Synopsis :

Lee Kang Joo is a single mother who was abandoned by her previous boyfriend, Yoo Ho Nam. Ho Nam forgot that Kang Joo was pregnant with his child and went abroad to study. When Ho Nam returns to Korea, he wants to pick up where he left off his relationship with Kang Joo. However, Kang Joo, is not as willing to start over with Ho Nam. Choi Seung Hun is the son of Jung Soo Hee who is Kang Joo's mentor and boss. He has been pursuing Kang Joo for a while and hits a roadblock when Kang Joo's ex returns.

Ratings : TNS Media d-addicts

Nationwide (Rank) / Seoul (Rank)

  1. 03-14: 7.4 (#-) / 8.4 (#19)
  2. 03-15: 7.2 (#-) / 8.3 (#-)
  3. 03-21: 6.9 (#-)
  4. 03-22: 8.1 (#-)
  5. 03-28: 13.0 (#8) / 13.5 (#8)
  6. 03-29: <10.1 (#-) / <10.7 (#-)
  7. 04-04: <8.3 (#-) / <8.9 (#-)
  8. 04-11: 8.3 (#17) / 9.3 (#14)
  9. 04-12: 9.4 (#16) / 9.9 (16)
  10. 04-18: 8.9 (#13) / 9.1 (#12)
  11. 04-19: 9.9 (#16) / 11.3 (#9)
  12. 04-25: 11.3 (#10) / 12.2 (#9)
  13. 04-26: 11.3 (#9) / 13.0 (#8)
  14. 05-02: 9.8 (#13) / 10.4 (#11)
  15. 05-03: 10.0 (#13) / 10.5 (#11)
  16. 05-09: 10.4 (#14) / 11.0 (#13)
  17. 05-10: 10.7 (#10) / 11.8 (#8)
  18. 05-16: 10.6 (#12) / 11.5 (#8)
  19. 05-17: 10.2 (#19) / 11.1 (#15)
  20. 05-24: <8.5 (#-) / <8.4 (#-)
  21. 05-30: 8.9 (#19) / 9.5 (#19)
  22. 05-31: <9.4 (#-) / 10.0 (#16)
  23. 06-06: <8.0 (#-) / 8.3 (#18)
  24. 06-07: 9.4 (#15) / 9.5 (##20)
  25. 06-13: 8.6 (#16) / 9.1 (#12)
  26. 06-14: 10.2 (#14) / 10.7 (#13)
  27. 06-20: 10.2 (#14) / 11.1 (#12)
  28. 06-21: <9.1 (#-) / 9.6 (#20)
  29. 06-27: 8.7 (#16) / 9.3 (#16)
  30. 06-28: 9.5 (#17) / 9.7 (#18)
  31. 07-04: <8.3 (#-) / <8.1 (#-)
  32. 07-05: 9.6 (#17) / 10.0 (#14)
  33. 07-11: 10.5 (#12) / 11.2 (#10)
  34. 07-12: 10.9 (#16) / 11.5 (#15)
  35. 07-18:
  36. 07-19:

Episode Downloads :

HQ Raw EP on MegaUpload : Aja Aja

Chinese subbed Ep on Sendspace : Cococrust Repository

Cast Intro:


Chae Rim - Lee Kang Joo (Yi Gang Ju)

The secretary of Su Hee and a ceramist

That's true....I might not know that I'm already in love with you....but I'm not competent for love and to be loved. The man that I'm qualified to love is someone else. Please let me go, please, Seung Hun.

A cute woman who has a candid and spirited personality.

Always rides a scooter and delivers Korean black bean paste noodles to customers after work.

She believes it's a sacred mission of her to guide bad students and lead them back to the right way.

So is her attitude towards love.

She believes duties and promises in love.

Making cermic ware is her profession.

During the classes, teacher Su Hee spotted her potential and she works for Su Hee since then.

Kang Joo admires the way Su Hee's for being honest in front of love.

She supports Su Hee's love all the time.

Under the request of Su Hee, Kang Joo becomes Seung Hun's tutor.

That's the exact moment that guy, Seung Hun, starts to cling to Kang Joo as a result.

Even when Kang Joo lost her contact to everyone,

that guy can still look her up and get in touch with her, even make his confession to her.

Thinkging of the situation, Kang Joo chooses to neglect the love from Seung Hun.

But his sincere and constant love finally melt the ice.

When Kang Joo is about to accept Seung Hun's affection.

Kang Joo's first love, Yoo Ho Nam, the man engraved on her bones and heart appears....

Kang Joo has something in her eyes when she looks at the youngest sister after seeing Ho Nam.....


Uhm Ki Joon - Choi Seung Hyun

Owner of a fitness club

Hey, Lee Gang Goo, come and give your love to me.

You only tutored me in senior high a couple of times, that shouldn't be the excuse of rejecting me.

You yelled out "Once I am in love with someone, I won't change a bit for the rest of my life."

But you aren't the gangster in Hong Kong films in which one is willing die for their righteousness.

Despite all these little shortcomings, I like you just the way you are, which is like the way I am.

So, how about give your heart to me, um?!


Kim Seung Soo - Yoo Ho Nam (Yu Ho Nam)


"If I knew that, I wouldn't had left you.

I'm not irresponsible or selfish.

Just I don't have enough courage to keep loving you,

I'm was only 20.

I'd never thought it'll hurt you so greatly...

Lee Gang Joo, come back to me. I love you."


Kim Jung Hwa - Na Mi Ra

Ho Nam's fiancee & daughter of Suhee's friend

"If it' s me, even if he's the professor, I will say it,

"It's my time with my fiance."

I'll just say it unreservedly."

Jeon Min Seo - Lee Byul

Gang Joo's youngest sisiter

"Ho, how I envy you. Your mother and father are so young. It would be great if my elder sisiter Gang Joo was my mom."

Lee Byul, Gang Joo's youngest sisiter, is a little girl who shines like a star.

Lee Byul is beautiful and smart, just like Gang Joo is.

To top things off, she is talented,too.

She is completely like a mini-Gang Joo.

Byul is discontent with the fact that her mother is much older than her friends'.

She is jealous of Ho for having young parents.

Sister Gang Joo is the one she loves the most in the world.

Kim Hae Sook - Wang Young Soon

Owner of a Chinese restaurant & Gang Joo's mother

"Does that woman go to men' s bathhouse or women's bathouse all the time?!

Love? Woman? Stop joking!!

Those nonsense belongs to the woman who is happy and fortunate. Let her try raising up the children on her own........

Alas, I am just misfortunate........"

Daniel Choi - Lee Eun Hyuk

Father of Lee Ho

"Mom, it's my bottomline.

Just let me get married. I don't wanna study, I just wanna keep my Ho.......

Oh, mom, don't yell out loud. Ho is crying!

Oh no, Ho, don't cry, you're a good boy. Daddy is here, don't cry....


Kim Joon Hyuk - Lee Ho

Son of Eun Hyuk and Eun Bi

Lee Ho is precious to his partents. But to Young Son, the existence of the baby boy is like a unexploded bomb that she has no reason to like.

:: character summaries by DjTb with minor edits by Rebby ::


English subs - WithS2

Chinese subs - Sunnyys TSKS

Viet subs - Iuphimhan

Promotional Posters

58975763.th.jpg 10522319.th.jpg 26014857.th.jpg


Teaser #1 : [sS] [MU1] [MU2] [YT]

Teaser #2 : [sS] [MU1] [MU2] [YT]

Teaser #3 (from official site) : [FLV] [MU]

Filming Interview : [MU] [sS] [YT]

Photoshoot BTS: [MU] [sS]

Press Conference: MBC [MU] MBC [sS] Naver [MU] MyDaily [MU] Full Clip [MU]

090313 Section TV : [MU] [sS]

Opening Song : [MU] [sS]

090322 Happy Time : [MU] [sS]

090323 Making of : [MU] [sS]

090329 Happy Time NGs : [MU] [sS]

090331 JWD Making : [MU] [sS]

090405 Happy Time NGs : [MU] [sS]

090406 JWD Making : [MU] [sS]

090408 JWD Making : [MU] [sS]


Official Pictures : 1 2 3

Teaser Snapshots : 1 2

Photoshoot BTS : 1 2

Chinese version of JWD poster

Lee Gang Joo's workplace

Kim Jung Hwa poses for Yonhap

Press Conference : 1 2 3 4 5

On Location BTS : 1


HQ - http://clubbox.co.kr/codndwh

Youtube Links

Showbiz Extra (CR in new drama)

JWD Teaser

Other Links

Check your local time (for live streaming)

Create an MBC Account

Information jointly compiled by Huangsy, ovette, DjTb, pruedish, thanks to all contributors.

Please PM new updates and links to Rebby if they are missing.

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Myung Se Bin and Uhm Ki Joon have given their verbal agreement to be the leads of MBC new weekend drama "Thumbs up for a good job" '잘했군 잘했어’.

Myung Se Bin will be acting as a unmarried thirty something mom.

so either MSB is divorced with a child or she had a child out of wedlock? and isn't MSB also going to be in Queen Seon Duk as the Queen's mother? so she's going to be doing both dramas at the same time? since this is a weekend drama probably about 50 episodes right?

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welldonecastom2.jpg danielchwelldonetr8.jpg

Seo Hyo Rin and Daniel Choi have been cast in this drama along side Uhm Ki Joon and Myung Se Bin. Seo Hyo Rin and Daniel Choi will pair up in this drama while MSB and UKJ are lovers.

I wish SHR was paired up with UKJ again. They were lovers in Worlds Within!!!

link to blog: Dramabeans

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im really happy for CR! but anyway.. what happened to Myung Sebin? what happened to her health condition?



News Articles

Compiled News on Casting Call

Press Conference on March 10th (Tuesday), 13:40

A New Family Drama (A Job Well Done)

“Commanding Women” Come Out in Dramas Aired in March

Press Conference [March 10, 2009 : 1340 KST]

Job Well Done cast gives a pose..


Preparations before the actual event



the cast finally comes out.

Chae Rim



Uhm Ki Joon



Kim Seung Soo



Uhm Jung Hwa



Daniel Choi



Seo Hyo Rim



Main cast poses before the camera



Time for interview. . .


PD Kim Nam-Won and writer Park Ji-Hyun


Uhm Ki Joon and Chae Rim


Chae Rim speaks through her mic.


Chae Rim's lovely laugh probably as a result of a question asked.



Kim Seung Soo and Kim Jung Hwa


Daniel Choi


another lovely laugh from Seo Hyo Rim.

funny interruptions during the interview..


Hyo Rim scratching her wrist and Daniel looking concerned about it.

and one last gossip..


Chae Rim and Kim Seung Soo talks quietly. Seung Soo tells her some juicy stuff which sends Chae Rim to obvious shock. (really love her expression here!)


as a result, she passes the juicy gossip to Ki Joon.

wrapping up the press conference.



CR : "We're Job Well Done!"


UKJ sports a "what-a-look" expression.


and sends Chae Rim laughing to tears.


everyone points at Daniel. what could this be about?



**most captions are made just for fun LOL.

more press conference pictures at page 9 and 10

more Chae Rim press conference pictures HERE.

more Kim Jung Hwa press conference pictures HERE.

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Guest lucky_moon

It seems interesting specially with CR but unfortunatelly weekend drama doesn't have subtitlese,

It'd be nice to see all these actors in the drama.. so CR & UKJ will be lover?

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I'm loving the cast. There are a few casts who I knew from WW, and some other dramas that I really liked and their characters there left a deep impression on me. So even this is going to be quite long, I'm going to be patiently downloading.

It's been a while since there was news of CR. Good thing that she is included in here.

I'm looking forward to this more.

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Guest startedago

Will Chae Rim be partnered to Uhm Ki Joon or Kim Seung Soo??? I wish it will be Uhm Ki Joon they will make a good pairing.

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Guest adikkeluangman

From Soompi Mainsite.

Chae Rim, Kim Seung Soo, and Uhm Ki Joon lead the MBC drama “Job Well Done (잘했군 잘했어)”

2/8/09 – Chae Rim, Kim Seung Soo, and Uhm Ki Joon (채림, 김승수, 엄기준) will lead the weekend drama “Job Well Done (잘했군 잘했어)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on 3/14, following the final episode of “The Golden Age of My Life”.

CR will play the role Lee Gang Joo (이강주). Originally, Myung Se Bin (명세빈) was selected to play this role. However, she decided to withdraw from this drama due to her bad health condition. Lee Gang Joo is a lively and healthy unmarried mother who is candid and brave about her affections.

Kim Seung Soo plays the role Yoo Ho Nam (유호남) who was Gang Joo’s old lover. He forgot about the fact that Gang Joo was pregnant with his child and went abroad to study. After he returns to Korea, incidents happen around him. Gang Joo, Ho Nam, and the character played by Uhm Ki Joon form triangle love relationships.

Actress Suh Hyo Rim (서효림) plays the role Ha Eun Bi (하은비) who was adopted overseas when she was a child. To play this role, SHR has been studying and practicing English. Eun Bi and the character played by actor Daniel Choi build love relationships. Actor Son Ho Young (손호영) plays a superintendant of a private English school where Eun Bi works as a trainee. SHY once stayed abroad for quite some time and therefore he has good command of English. He was one of the members of the musical group GOD.

The script writer is Park Ji Hyun (박지현) who collaborated with Chae Rim in the popular dramas “All About Eve” and “Still Loving You”.

The representative of the production team states, “Both Chae Rim and Myung Se Bin are good actresses the script writer would like to collaborate with. We thank Miss Chae Rim for her making difficult decision to accept this role in a few days. Her role is a lively and healthy unmarried mother who is candid and brave about her affections.”

Chae Rim states, “I am attracted by the character Lee Gang Joo and the production team, and therefore I make my final decision.”


Yeay, so Son Ho Young will be in this drama. Looking forward for that. :)

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