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Guest TY_KSW

emperor??? oh, he can be your emperor if you want, but just remember that he is married to me.... ;)

more pix....











Did he married ur first? Ruffluv109 okie, if so, me Cocubine again lah...

me am so late to every wed ... :(:(:(

Moi the queen of empire Kwon now u r of empire Jang ...

poor meeee ....

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His Wife's (GoSo Young) posting this on her IG's feed. It seems their celebrate Jang Dong Gun bday    Happy Birthday Jang Dong Gun ssi!!  

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Guest TY_KSW


I don't mind sitting between these two sexy hunks..and twirling their hair.. ;)

Just inserting between them? inez....

me want to lay on his lap lah .... like i did with Sangwoo ... B)B)B)

Me want to be like this lady .....




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Guest TY_KSW

Wow, you can tell they're hammering down on piracy. Even Chen Hong and Chen Kaige need to be checked. :blink:

But prince Jang haven't been .... :P:P:P


Who's this gal????


Reading but missing me ... cocubine . :P:P


When me am not arroundddd :(:(


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Guest minami

Gosh, this thread has barely started and it's already bursting with to-die-for pictures of our man. ROFL! That's the spirit, keep it up JDG babes! B)

inez dear, I hope you're doing alright now. Sorry to hear about your personal sadness. Keep your head up, neh? *hugs*

i see familiar names! hi minami (u're minus the 37 too! that wasn't ur age, was it? )

Wrong jisung. Try again. I'd think any die-hard JDG fan worth her salt will know what 37 signifies in an instant ( Ruffluv? You should know everything related to your hubby ;))

i know what you mean nami... i was surprised and a bit disappointed...

if any of you have a clubbox...

i found this...

i still can't download this (obviously) because it's HQ (about 700MB each)

it's the Korean All Star Summit in Japan

(i think this is the one last Sept 24...)

Part 1


Part 2


Thanks for the link, zarb. :) Is it worth downloading though? Quite a big file....if the segments with JDG are no more than what we've seen from the other JDG sites (his short Q&A session on stage, backstage fooling around for a bit with KWS)...then I'll pass.

hi gals, mrs. jang is here..... ...great to see so many familiar names around (tho i still hope i know who Tango is.. )

okay everybody...new thread new spirit!!! let us all hold our hands together and give our utmost support to this marvelous actor!!! ...and i hope those silent visitors will not be so silent anymore... :)

Nami...great to see you around...for a moment there i tot you've ditch mr. jang away... :unsure:

Zarbiey!!!!! i'm here...phewww...can't believe you miss me.... :lol:

Hi Mrs. Jang!

What is this thread going to be like without you? Like bees without honey, or the sea without water! :lol:

It's alright to have silent visitors....not everyone is, or wants to be a chatterbox. Those who adore and appreciate JDG can show their support for him in a myriad of ways, with action and not just with words. I'm sure he appreciate his fans support by using our wallets to buy all his related merchandise and going to see his movies in cinema too.

Me ditch Mr. Jang? Never! I'm in for the long haul. :) Actually my loyalty to JDG surprises even me. lol. I never thought I'd like this korean actor for so long...4 years plus already....hmmm. But liking an actor is somewhat like a romantic relationship. In the beginning, it's all exciting and new. You're passionate about your object of affection....then as time goes by, you settle into a more stable and committed relationship, although the feelings are more muted and it takes a lot more to get you excited. Know what I mean? ;) What I'm saying is, I'm way past the curve of being an excitable fan of JDG, but he'll always have a place in my heart like a fossil buried there (line stolen from Samshikkie...lol). If this was 4 years ago, there'll be a lot of Singaporean and Malaysian fans on JDG's thread probably as AAE had just aired on our local channels then. Four years later fans have moved on to other new hunks, but the diehards remain. Now the enthusiastic fans are those who've seen AAE recently, ie. our pinoy friends. It's part of the cycle. Which is why, I am really touched by your passion for your hubby, Mrs. Jang. :)

yay! lots of pics!!!

btw, I missed you all!!! been very busy with my studies...darn school particularly geometry

hi Jisung hahahah my big sis in the local thread, azura, minami, zarb and of course....ruff!!!! :D

Study hard, our lil friend polabola! :)

Thanh you Jisung for posting ...

Congrat to Mr Jang for occuping the top ...

Nice to me that my 3 momjjang are in together ...

Kwon Dong Jun?? ROFL!

pheww...they don't call me mrs. jang for nothing!!!! :P:P ....

Whoa.....thanks for the treat, Mrs. Jang! U, Azura and jisung are doing great keeping this thread alive and kicking. Your nickname is well earned. :D

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Nami..*hugs back*..Jisung..thanks for all your kind words too..

Yeah babes..we all learned from the sad things in live..still we have to go on..

So..drooling over Jang Dong Gun makes me smile....

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Guest polabola

hi sis! and i see u started an aae thread while u were at it, eh! thanks baby! :) gotta set priorities pola, i should be saying that to myself especially...how do i expect to graduate from training in january when i spend all my days sipsiowing (drooling over) this man? :rolleyes: i am in the wrong career...it seems all i was meant for really was to be with this man! B) (have the gumption to say these things since ruff who fancies herself a wife to this hot man is not around...thank u Lord for such blessings! :lol: )! study hard, my dear lil sis (ruff calls me this too so in return, have to banish prurient thoughts of her hubby :rolleyes: )...and i'll try to do the same! :P

hahah I can have a spot in your profession! lol. I can practically browse the 4 pages of this thread for days and I aint complaining! :lol:...and thanks for the advice sis Jisung heeeee! hope we pass our studies with flying colors (and maybe flying JDK's lol) B)

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Guest zarbiey

hi zarb, nice to see u back! i see u a lot at hyun bin's and MNIKSS! obviously, i'm there a lot too! :P and i'm using the present (tense)...does feel like old times despite the paucity of materials to sipsiow (drool upon)! :lol:

i guess the other gals are over at his english forum board...has been quite a chore accessing this site for some time! :huh: but we're back so no need to fret anymore!

btw inez maman, those pics are quite a sight! seen them before but they leave a different impression every time! they leave me breathless is what i mean!

zarb, who's hand is that in ur avie and what do those writings mean? :blink: it is a hand, isn't it? i was never good at anatomy...took it twice in fact!

hi jis!

yes, that's a hand...

my hand...:lol:

that pic was taken last May after i came back from the beautiful island of boracay...

had my hand henna-tattooed.. :P

(didn't have the courage to get a real tattoo :unsure:-_- ) ...

besides i don't wanna get fired for that ^_^

OT: yeah i was hung up on hb after watching mnikss...

he was soo adorable there

and those dimples are simply to die for! :D

but just like nami i'll never give up jdg!!

hi there ruff!!

thank you for posting up all of his pix again ...

you're really living up to being "mrs. jang" eh?

hi to all jdg angels!!

Thanks for the link, zarb. :) Is it worth downloading though? Quite a big file....if the segments with JDG are no more than what we've seen from the other JDG sites (his short Q&A session on stage, backstage fooling around for a bit with KWS)...then I'll pass.

wish i know nami...

but i haven't downloaded them yet...

like you said, they're too big :(

but i think it's no different from what you've seen so far...


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