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I made it in!

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1000. Thank you <3 I was waiting for this, thanks for waiting for me~

This is my last post, haha I'm kinda sad Im going to miss this thread.

I was really surprised when I checked and saw 999. That was really surprising to me.

To go on my thread and post as 1000~ thank you guys so much. For all the support,

encouraging words, everything. I owe alot to you guys and I will. I will work hard for you

guys, thank you for everything. This makes me feel really sad because this is my last

post. Once again thanks alot soompi.

Aww....already?? T_T

It makes me sad too.

But remember we'll still support you unni~~!! ^-^

But you'll still keep in touch with your f4 right??? ^_^

Take care~~~ <3333

Stella <3333

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