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The Luckiest Man - 大四喜 (2008)

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Mr. Ho, "King Of Gambling", makes himself rich by gambling and is the leader of the Hong Kong Mah Jong industry in the 1950's. He has wives, two sons and one daughter. Though it appears that the 3 wives are living in harmony, they actually compete against each other for the family's wealth. Since the 3 wives learned a bit of Kung Fu, they use food, bowls and chopsticks as weapons to attack each other during dinner. Their fighting intensifies when Mr. Ho Brings his love child, Ah Fai, back home. Mr. Ho likes him very much, but the 3 wives and 2 sons want to kick him out.

Mr. Hom knows he is getting old, so he suggests his 3 sons to manage each "Mah Jong" club for a period of thime. Anyone with the best result will be his heir. To hider Ah Fai, the other sons hired 3 experienced "Mah Jong" Cheating Masters: The Ghost, The Look, & The Vengeance. Since the 3 "Mah Jong" masters of 1950's whom Mr. Ho requests to help Ah Fai are getting old and are retired, Ah Fei is left powerless. he then changes the "Mah Jong" club to Gambling Rehabilitation Centre in order to compete with their "Mah Jong" clubs.

Directors: Lam Chi Chung

Cast Overview

• Nat Chan

• Bosco Wong

• Yuen Qiu

• Pinky Cheung

• Monica Chan

• Vincent Kok

• Timmy Hung






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