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Shin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear

Guest nuwera

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Guest nuwera

Manga and AnimeShin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear


Japanese Title: 新白雪姫伝説 プリーティア
Translation: New Legend of Snow White Pretear
Genre: Fantasy Romance Shoujo
High school freshman Himeno has begun a new life with her father and new stepmother, but her world is more of a nightmare than a fairytale.
That is, until she is crowned the Prétear by a group of handsome knights. But this is not a story of a damsel in distress! This princess is strong,
stubborn, and she has a world to save!

Volumes: 4 (complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=2664Anime Episodes: 13



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Sources: Google Image Search + Tinypic + MangaUpdates


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Guest ~fantasygurl~

omg! i remember this from a long time ago!!!! ages ago!!! i use to like this show but never bothered to finish it cause i dunno

i also like it when there is harem in these stories because its more worth to read hehehe

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