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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee


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I found on the net old ITW dating from 2013 (French magazine Cinema Teaser), while browsing the articles of the forum I saw that these Interviews had not been translated into English at the time (posted by Rubis p.1423), so even if it’s no longer relevant, here they are in English:





Interview with Lee Byung-hun

30-03-2013 - 11:38 - By Cinemateaser


On the occasion of the release of G.I. JOE: CONSPIRACY, Cinemateaser met the excellent South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun, performer of Storm Shadow. He talks about his American career, his friends Kim Jee-woon (with whom he recently toured I MET THE DEVIL) and Park Chan-wook, his opportunities and ambitions. 


Q&A with Henry Arnaud/ Photo: Gilles Toucas.


Did you have a desire to pursue a career in the United States?

In Korea, I have dealt with all genres. But most of the time, these are rather complex and black stories. I’ve never made such cartoon films. When I got the script of G.I. JOE (at the time of the first opus), I consulted my friends Park Chan-wook, Kim Jee-woon and my manager too. Some people thought the project was great, others thought it was a lot less. Finally, I thought about it and I thought: it’s really a big movie. A big budget, a blockbuster. Its scope will be international. It was a great opportunity for people to know me more about the world. This could open doors for me to other good Hollywood projects. Those I could choose myself. And for me, it was a real challenge. I really never made that kind of fantastic action film.

How do your Korean fans see your American career?
Do you know The Good, the Bad, the Weird? After the last day of shooting, I had to go to the airport right away to take off for Los Angeles, without even having time to go through my home. As soon as I got off the plane, G.I. JOE’s costume department called me for a fitting. As soon as I arrived, I tried the white Storm Shadow costume. I looked in the mirror, through the mask. And I thought, ‘What did I do? Maybe I’m wrong?’ My Korean fans were going to be so disappointed. ‘Tomorrow, I’m going to see Lorenzo (di Bonaventura, producer of G.I. JOE, editor’s note) and I tell him that it’s over. That I won’t make the film.’ I asked my American manager to call them. I went home to the apartment I had rented in Los Angeles and I didn’t sleep all night. I really thought I made the wrong decision. But when I got up in the morning, I said to myself, “Even if it’s a bad decision, it’s still your decision.” I knew that if I did my best to serve this role, no one could say I was stupid.

Do you feel that your role in G.I. JOE is an obstacle to finding other interesting American projects?
When I have meetings with American directors or producers, I always take my Korean films with me. They can see what I’m capable of. I’m not saying I’m a great actor, but through these films, they can see what I am. If it suits them, they can give me a script that suits me perfectly.

Besides RED 2, do you have projects in the United States? Smaller films?
I was sent scripts that I’m very happy with. One was a romantic comedy. Another was a real drama. I turned them down. But that was a very good sign. They understood that they could give me other genres to play. It’s true, I was very worried about being put in a box.

Do you have the freedom of proposal in the USA? Can you talk to the director about your character? Or are you crushed by the Hollywood machine?
Culturally, it’s actually easier here. Whoever you are, if you give an idea, they listen. And they accept it if it’s good. The Americans are not so rigid on the hierarchy. In Korea it’s a little more conservative. But on the other hand, I can speak more in Korea because I’ve been in this business for a long time. I have experience. Maybe a beginner couldn’t express himself that much.

Your action hero image, it suits you?
It amuses me. It’s another aspect of me that I can exploit.

How do you live this double career? One in Asia where you are a huge star and the other in the United States, where you are only an actor...
That’s good. The Americans don’t recognize me on the street for the most part. I’m free, I enjoy that freedom, and then I have work. In Korea, my status is sometimes uncomfortable because I am very famous. But both careers have their charm.

You still live in Korea?
Yes, I wouldn’t want to live abroad. I only come to Los Angeles for work. And to visit, for pleasure, from time to time.

You already have a long career behind you as an actor. Do you ever plan to move on to production or directing?
Producer or director, it’s attractive. I’d like to stage one day, yes. But not now. I try to focus on my acting job and sometimes I try to be more than an actor on stage. To be a force of proposition. But my status as an actor suits me most of the time.

Source : http://www.cinemateaser.com/2013/03/55592-g-i-joe-conspiration-interview-de-lee-byung-hun


RED2 Short extract from the Interview of producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura



You’re a producer of RED 2, just like you were in the first episode. We’re guessing you hired Lee Byung-hun in RED 2, after your joint experiments on G.I. JOE?

Hiring is too strong a word. Let’s say I’ve maybe pushed a little. What I like about him is that he’s a real movie star. He also speaks very good English today. He has grace, he’s a great actor. He’s devilishly handsome. He’s eclectic. Look at her body language, there’s drama in the way she moves. Humor too… I love movie stars and that’s one of them.


Source : https://www.cinemateaser.com/2013/03/55602-g-i-joe-conspiration-interview-du-producteur-lorenzo-di-bonaventura


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Busan International Film Festival Master Talk   “Bittersweet Life” 
Lee Byung-hun "I had trouble eating elegantly during the shooting of 'Sweet Life'"



Listen to the backstage stories of "Master Talk" with director Kim Ji-woon . Director

Kim « There are many scenes in Busan » Byung-hun Lee « Greetings on the opening stage of the Busan Theatre »


Hear Lee Byung-hun’s sweet voice and watch a movie with him.  It’s a pleasure to hear the behind-the-scenes story of the film ‘Bittersweet Life’ ( 2005 ) while listening to the commentary of director Kim Ji-woon.  An event where you can have such a special experience was held at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).


On October 9, at Lotte Cinema Daeyeong 1, Jung-gu, Busan, the program "Master Talk" with actors Lee Byung-hun and director Kim Ji-woon took place.  The audience listened to the story of Lee Byung-hun and director Kim via the wireless transceiver, watched the film together and told them what they wanted to say while chatting.


Director Kim said: « I only found out after my arrival in Busan that I could watch movies while still commenting.  Isn’t this type of screening method new? » he wonders.

Director Cho Won-hee, who was in charge of the event, said: « This is a method developed by the Busan International Film Festival.  Now I do it a lot at other film festivals. »


Director Kim and Lee Byung-hun gave clear explanations about small parts such as mukbang and lighting in the film.  Lee Byung-hun said, « I struggled to eat gracefully while shooting this movie. »


Director Kim said: « The scene where the trees tremble and the wind blows like that means that Seon-woo is upset. I think », he said.


We didn’t forget to mention the location.  Regarding the opening scene, director Kim explained, « The Sky Lounge Hotel scene was filmed in four locations, including the Crown Hotel in Beomil-dong, Busan and a hotel in Seoul. »  The so-called «Jang Young-ja Building» in front of the Crown Hotel in Dong-gu was also included on the screen.  It was left in the film as a landscape of an abandoned building when construction was stopped.


Director Kim said: « There are many shooting scenes in Busan.  I love Busan, and there are historic buildings and the unique aura of Busan, so the atmosphere improves when it’s captured on the screen. »


Lee Byung - hun said: «I remember saying hello to the stage of the Busan theatre 17 years ago, when this film was released.»


When asked how President Kang (Kim Young-cheol) knew that Seon-woo (Lee Byung-hun) had turned a blind eye to the fact that Hee-soo (Shin Min-ah) was dating a man, director Kim replied, « No matter how you know. »  He said : « Originally there was a parameter that Kim Roe-ha, a competitor, would follow Lee Byung-hun, but if you set such a parameter, the surprise effect is reduced. Is that not happening? » he added.


The Seonwoo character has been defined as a "narcissist".  Director Kim explained, « Even in scenes where he talks coldly and trains a reckless driver, rather than taking off his shirt, he puts the button on. »


Lee Byung-hun also agreed.  He said, « It’s a narcissistic framework in itself for Sunwoo to do shadow boxing and be satisfied with his reflection in the window.” »


The film depicts such a destructive image of Seon-woo.  It is hard hit, buried in the ground and even suspended from the ceiling.  Lee Byung-hun said, « Shooting ‘Bittersweet Life’ was more difficult than any other film. »


Director Kim said, « At the time, it was the Renaissance when Korean films grew up with films of incredible energy, » he recalls, in response Lee Byung-hun shuddered and said, « I almost died because of the director’s youth. »


Director Kim said that this film is a growth film in a sense.  He said, « Sun-woo matures by looking coldly at her moody and shy self. »


Lee Byung-hun continued: « I saw him again after ten years, and even though it’s an old movie, it’s not out of date at all thanks to the director’s direction.  It was nice to see a refined direction that could be reissued, a film that doesn’t miss a single music and a proud work with all of you today, » he said. The audience responded with applause.


Finally, when asked about his current situation, Lee Byung-hun said, « I took a break from the shooting of the drama 'Our Blues'. Nothing was decided except to enter season 2 of 'Squid Game' next year. »


Director Kim said, « The film I shot with Song Kang-ho, Im Soo-jung, Oh Jeong-se and Jeon Yeo-bin was recently edited. »


His next film is "The Spider’s House", a black comedy that depicts a funny situation that occurs while a director trying to change the end of the movie is shooting in various unfavorable conditions, such as interference by censorship authorities and the ignorance of actors.


Reporter Lee Ja-young (2young@busan.com)

Google Translation from: https://n.news.naver.com/article/082/0001178137? sid=103








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November  3, 2022


Lee Byung Hun  at the Academy Museum's Second Anniversary Gala




Lee Byung Hun attended the Academy Museum's Second Anniversary Gala on October 18 in Los Angeles.  Miky Lee (Lee Min Kyung) Vice Chairman of CJENM, the South Korean film, television and music mogul who is instrumental for the rise of South Korea in the international cultural landscape was one of the honourees.  


Photo credit : Vogue Magazine


Photo credit : The Hollywood Reporter


Photo credit : IG of lee Byung Hun 




 With Yuh Jung Youn

 Photo credit : Getty Image 







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November 6, 2022


LACMA Art + Film Gala 2022

The starry annual event — always a fashionable stop on L.A.'s social calendar thanks to title sponsor Gucci — this year honors 'Decision to Leave' director Park Chan-wook and artist Helen Pashgian.


Lee Byung Hun attends the LACMA Art + Film Gala 2022 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles on Nov. 5, 2022.




Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for LACMA

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November 6, 2022


Lee Byung Hun at LACMA Art + Film Gala 2022





With Yoshiki




With LACMA Gala's Co -Chair Eva Chow and Yoshiki


Photo credit :  getty images

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November 10, 2022


Congratulations to Lee Byung Hun for being selected as Actor of the Year by Marie Claire at the Busan International Film Festival.  






“The movie "Emergency Declaration"  was completed with the director and many staff and actors in a pandemic situation.


As a filmmaker, I am very happy that the film industry and the Busan International Film Festival are reviving.

I hope to meet many filmmakers at the Busan International Film Festival and Asia Star Awards every year.”






"Actor Lee Byung-hun took  the "Actor of the Year Award," which is awarded to the actor who made the hottest movie of the year. This year, he was on and off the screen with the movie "The Emergency Declaration" and the tvN weekend drama "Our Blues."  


We are looking forward to seeing what else he will do in the movie "The Match"   which is scheduled to be released this year.


Source:  //www.marieclairekorea.com/?p=278068&utm_source=url&utm_medium=share


* Special thanks to @Annelyse Courtfor sharing this article.   Merci infiniment Anne!  



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November 18,  2022


The 2022 Arena Awards - Congratulations to lee Byung Hun! 










The 17th AWARDS presents trophies to five actors who made us laugh and cry this year under the concept of 'protagonists of the K-series'.


<Our Blues> Lee Byung-hun 10p


<Big Mouth> Lee Jong-suk 10p


<Little Women> Uhm Ji-won 8p


<Company Match> Ahn Hyo-seop 8p


<The Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo> Joo Jong-hyeok 8p


Source:  IG of arena korea

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November 21, 2022


[Blue Dragon Film Awards] "Unpredictable competition"... A great battle for luxury actors heading for the Blue Dragon Starring Award




The 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards, which will be held on the 25th, is filled with young stars who have rapidly emerged from 10 million actors to the mainstream. Best Actor: Park Hae-il (45) for 'Decision to Break Up', Seol Gyeong-gu (55) for 'The Kingmaker', Song Kang-ho (55) for 'Broker', Lee Byung-hun (52) for 'Emergency Declaration', Jung Woo-sung (49) for 'The Hunt' ) competed for the Best Actress Award, Park So-dam (31) from 'Special Song', Yum Jung-ah (50) from 'Life is Beautiful', Lim Yoon-ah (32) from 'Cooperation 2: International', Chun Woo-hee (35) from 'Anchor', Even Tang Wei (43) of 'Decision to Break Up' was competing for the best actor award.It is a truly unpredictable and sparkly contest, with no disagreement no matter who receives it. Luxury actors who have been recognized for their acting skills not only in Korea but also in Asia and even around the world will compete for the Blue Dragon Leading Actor Award.




Lee Byung-hun, who completes the character of life with unlimited hot acting in each work, is aiming for the second best actor award in 6 years after winning the 37th Blue Dragon Best Actor Award. Lee Byung-hun, who presented 'Emergency Declaration', the second disaster in filmography history after 'Baekdu Mountain'. In 'Emergency Declaration', he transformed into Jae-hyeok, a passenger who got on the plane after overcoming his phobia to treat his daughter, revealing his presence as a petit bourgeois hero. Lee Byung-hun, who plays a character who falls into doubt and anxiety when he learns that Jin-seok (Im Si-wan), a mysterious passenger who has been reluctantly hovering around him before boarding, is on the same plane as him. And as a character struggling between a sense of duty to rescue passengers, it aroused sympathy from viewers.


Source:  https://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=202211220100154340020021&servicedate=20221121

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November 23, 2022


Lee Byung Hun's latest CF 



#제작지원 The last protagonist of the 17th <Arena> 'A-Awards' with the Jeongsu of Swiss watchmaking IWC is Lee Byung Hyuk from Impression section. In the drama <Our Blues>, he transformed into a truck-man award, and has been praised by many for his deep acting, ranging from life acting to intense tear scenes. He met IWC's iconic watch 'Perfectual Calendar', and came back with a strong look. The overwhelming charisma of Lee Byung Hyuk that I couldn't miss for a moment. See it now through video.

digital editor 차종현 
videographer Nam Ho Hyung, Song Jae Ho, Kim Jong Hyuk
stylist Lee Hyeyoung
Hair Kim Tae Hyun
make-up 김정남 
@byunghun0712 @iwcwatches @giorgioarmani#arena_cover #이병헌 #LEEBYUNGHUN#17th_A_Awards #아레나옴므플러스 #A어워즈#AAwardsIWC #IWC #IWCwatches #조르지오아르마니#GiorgioArmani #아레나코리아 #ARENAKOREA
Source:  IG of arenakorea


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November 24, 2022

On the occasion of Song Kang Ho receiving the Order of Cultural Heritage, Lee Byung Hun praised Song Kang Ho:




Actor Lee Byung-hun said of Song Kang-ho through an interview video, "I think he is a person who always surprises junior filmmakers and actors with his delicacy, sensitivity, and sharpness that make you feel so many emotions even in small lines or situations that are nothing." said. He also said, "(Song Kang-ho) receiving the Best Actor Award at Cannes is a new path, and it must have the same meaning as a whipping to become better for many juniors. He looks ordinary and doesn't have anything special, but he is a monster wearing a mask of ordinary." praised it.


Source:  https://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2022112419285484565

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