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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

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Source: tvN // OSEN


Ep07: Eugene got himself injured.. :o




mrs.jpg EUGENE GIFS (episodes 1 / 5 / 6)









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July 30, 2018.


Writer Kim Eun Sook  finally completed the final episode of 'Mr. Sunshine'.  Will it be a tragedy or a comedy?  (A translation)



To tell the truth ... there is no way to guess the correct answer. To talk about it now is way too early.  XDDD.   Although tvN’s  “Mr. Sunshine”  is not a pre-produced drama, however, because of the large capital  investment to create a huge background story, preparation was done and shooting started as early as the end of last year.  Kim Eun Sook finally completed the script of the last episode ( Episode 24 ).  Whether the ending will be happy or sad, the audience are invited to confirm this themselves by watching the broadcast. The cast and crew will no doubt worked very hard until the end. 



*Extended reading: The reason for Kim Eun Sook’s absence from “Mr. Sunshine’s" press conference was actually... The script was not yet completed.  


After “Descendants of the Sun” and ”Goblin’s” this is the third time that writer Kim Eun Sook and Director Lee Eung Bok collaborated.  The drama depicted the period of five years before the Japanese colonial rule in Korea and Shinmiyangyo when a young boy  who went to the United States on board a US warship and returned to his motherland which abandoned him as a US soldier.  He met by chance a noblemen’s daughter and the two fell in love. 



In episode 7,   the three male protagonists (Lee Byung Hun , Yoo Yeon Seok and Byun Yo Han) confronted each other in a tense atmosphere and discussed the topic of Miss Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri )


Source:  https://www.koreastardaily.com/sc/news/107879

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July 30, 2018


Two shots of Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo.  Is it possible?  (A translation) 




According to the film industry, Lee Byung Hun  is currently receiving an invitation from the film 'Baekdusan"  and is actively discussing it. After ending the filming of the tvN TV series "Mr. Sunshine", Lee Byung-hun will film a new work by 'Mr. Nanshan' directed by Woo Min Ho  in October.


"Baekdusan" will be directed by Kim Jong Hwa who also directed "Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds" 


 "Baekdusan"  aims to shoot in the first half of next year.  Ha Jung Woo confirmed his appearance. 


Source:  LBH Baidu. 

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July 29, 2018


KCON LA 2018:

Screening of THE FORTRESS at Hammer Museum on August 9


Source: KCON USA via HanCinema.net


Ailee, Roy Kim, and Echae Kang to perform at KCON pre-event at the Hammer Museum on August 8
KCON WEST to Include Free Special Kick-Off Concert Leading up to the World's Largest K-pop Fan Convention and Music Festival the Following Weekend - KCON LA 2018
KCON and the Hammer Museum announced today a special K-pop fan concert to be held on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018, at 8pm, two days before the commencement of KCON 2018 LA. The show will feature several artists on the KCON line-up including Ailee, Roy Kim, and Echae Kang and will give fans a sneak peek at what's in store for the weekend. The show is free of charge and open to all ages.


The event was created to celebrate Korean pop art and the diversity of the culture and fandom that KCON brings to Los Angeles. KCON has traditionally taken place in downtown LA. KCON West is bringing some of that excitement to the Westside of Los Angeles.


The night after, Thursday, August 9th, at 6pm, the Hammer will also host a screening of The Fortress, the epic story of when the Chinese Qing Dynasty invaded Korea with 150,000 troops in 1936 and stars Lee Byung-hun (Magnificent Seven). A Q&A with director Hwang Dong-hyuk follows the screening.




The Hammer's acclaimed biennial Made in L.A. 2018 is now on view, showcasing artists from the greater Los Angeles area. Galleries stay open late until 10pm on the night of the concert.


KCON is the largest, annual celebration of Korean culture including beauty, music and more. KCON Los Angeles will take place August 10th-12th at The Staples Center. KCON offers fans countless panels and workshops, all leading up to two star-studded concerts. Please visit www.kconusa.com for more information on the event and how to get tickets.
The Hammer Museum at UCLA offers exhibitions and collections that span classic to contemporary art, as well as programs-film screenings, lectures, symposia, readings, music performances, and workshops for families-that spark meaningful encounters with art and ideas. 


Admission to all exhibitions and programs at the Hammer Museum is free. Visit hammer.ucla.edu for details or call 310-443-7000.



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July 30, 2018


Assault on 'Mr. Sunshine' 

By Andrew Salmon The Korea Times

Some locals, according to recent articles in this newspaper, are dissatisfied with the high-profile tvN drama "Mr. Sunshine."


The series, starring Lee Byung-hun, arguably Korea's most famous thespian, is fictitious. However, it is set in a real historical period: The twilight of the "Hermit Kingdom," during which a reluctant Joseon was leveraged into the wider world and eventually devoured by Imperial Japan.


The criticisms are multiple.


Some are unhappy with the depiction of Joseon as a politically weak and technologically backward kingdom, reliant upon foreigners to introduce modern innovations (as, indeed, was the case). Others complain that a pro-Japanese character is given credible reason for his actions (as if all Koreans who eased Japan's takeover were simply evil and/or lacking rational motivations).


Most remarkably, 20,000 people are petitioning the Blue House to introduce historical censorship.


"Mr. Sunshine" does not claim to be historically accurate (if it were, the lead character could not exist). It is entertainment. And the critiques are ridiculous from a historical standpoint. So what is going on?


I sense a double standard. Many dramas and films set during the 1910-45 colonial period are out-and-out fiction, but because they take a nationalistic stance, they are tolerated ― or lauded.


Last year's hit thriller "The Battleship Island," depicted a heroic revolt among Korean laborers and miners at a Japanese island. No revolt actually took place at the island (which is a real place). Elderly Japanese who had been there were bewildered by the film, telling journalists that relations with Koreans at the location had been amicable.


No Korean critics demanded this ahistorical film be censored. And fair enough. The filmmakers never claimed their film was historically accurate (whether viewers got that message is another issue, but entertainers are not required to be educators).


I suggest critics of "Mr Sunshine" are not demanding historical accuracy. What they are demanding is one-sided, nationalistic portrayals of historical events. 


Even if "historical accuracy" were to be enforced over dramas ― who would do it? What would the standard be? History ― in a democracy, at least ― is not a "right/wrong" science: it is open to analysis.


Given that Korea was, in the recent past, ruled by authoritarian leaders who controlled information flows, I am dismayed by these calls for censorship. Censorship over art is, speaking generally, a loss to art.


If costume dramas were required to be historically accurate, we would lose some of the great films of all time: "Gladiator," "Braveheart," "The Sound of Music," "Gone with the Wind," etc.


And let us not suggest that Korean auteurs cannot make very intelligent historical dramas. They can.


"The Fortress," a thoughtful film about the Manchu invasion of Korea, appeared in the same year as the melodramatic "Battleship Island," and I cannot speak of its historical accuracy ― it was based on a novel ― but the film sensitively addresses the human condition.


"The Fortress" contrasts the privileges of the rulers with the degradations of the ruled, and its central theme is universal: Is it the duty of a leader to resist an enemy ― or to spare his people by bowing to that enemy? Both sides of the debate, and related repercussions, are treated sympathetically and powerfully. It is a nuanced film, not a simplistic one.


But the Manchu invasions took place in the 17th century; Japanese colonialism ended in 1945.


Could such an even-handed and intelligent filmic treatment of the Japanese colonial period be produced in Korea today? Or must all Korean art dealing with the Japanese colonial period be restricted to simplistic, flag-waving victimhood?

Andrew Salmon (andrewcsalmon@yahoo.co.uk) is a Seoul-based reporter and author.

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July 30, 2018.


Lee Byung Hun posted at his Weibo account on Sunday, July 29.



"See you tonight Mr. Sunshine" 






Source:  LeeByungHun0712 @Weibo

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July 30, 2018


“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Returns To No. 1 On Most Buzzworthy Dramas List


Source: Soompi by J. K

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” regained No. 1 on the Most Buzzworthy Dramas list during the week of its finale!


On July 30, the Most Buzzworthy lists for dramas and actors were released for the fourth week in July.


“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” had taken the No. 1 spot on the Most Buzzworthy Dramas list throughout its run, except for last week when “Mr. Sunshine” had come in first. In this week’s list, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” returns to number one, now in its seventh week at the top overall.


See the full list of dramas below:


1. tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” (14.27 percent)
2. tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” (13.94 percent)
3. JTBC’s “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” (9.67 percent)
4. JTBC’s “Life” (8.18 percent)
5. SBS’s “30 But 17” (7.71 percent)
6. OCN’s “Life on Mars” (6.72 percent)
7. SBS’s “Your Honor” (5.81 percent)
8. MBC’s “Time” (4.47 percent)
9. KBS2’s “Are You Human, Too?” (4.1 percent)
10. tvN’s “Let’s Eat 3” (3.6 percent)


Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” also take the first and second place positions on the Most Buzzworthy Actors list, switching their ranks once again while maintaining the top two spots.


See the full list of actors below:


1. Park Min Young (“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”)
2. Park Seo Joon (“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”)
3. Kim Tae Ri (“Mr. Sunshine”)
4. Lee Byung Hun (“Mr. Sunshine”)

5. Im Soo Hyang (“My ID Is Gangnam Beauty”)
6. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo (“My ID Is Gangnam Beauty”)
7. Shin Hye Sun (“30 But 17”)
8. Lee Tae Hwan (“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”)
9. Yang Se Jong (“30 But 17”)
10. Lee Dong Wook (“Life”)


This week’s rankings from Good Data Corporation are based on the response to 25 upcoming or currently airing dramas, with the reaction gauged through online articles, blog posts, online communities, social media, and video comments. It is for the week of July 23 to July 29.

Source (1)



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Mr.Sunshine ep.7


Code name: Blackbird







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Eugene needs a personal tutor. If Ae Shin can't, Do Mi can! :lol:






Not in the script: FAN Service :P



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Hi all!


Honestly, I didn't know Lee Byun Hun until Mr. Sunshine. And because of many rumors before, I just have more curiousity of him. Watched his 2 movies today: Inside men and A Single Rider. Two way different characters! And I was really impressed by his acting skill! No wonder he could play in some Hollywood movies. He played many different kind of roles. And this Mr. Sunshine, gosh... He's really charming! He seems not acting, like naturally. Well, I'm his new fans!!!


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Hello @skinnyjeans, welcome to Lee Byung Hun thread. Saw your name at MR.SUNSHINE thread and now you're here. We're very happy to make your acquaintance and @Susie Derkins, too! th_welcome.gif


You've seen INSIDE MEN and A SINGLE RIDER back to back? Awesome! Totally agree that those two are completely different from each other. Just before MR.SUNSHINE, he had a comedic role in family movie, KEYS TO THE HEART.. hard to imagine that's Eugene Choi. :lol:


If you like to find out more about Lee Byung Hun, please check out EverythingLBH.com, it's our spin-off website for fans that's much easier to search and read too, compared to the 1700+ pages here. But it's up to you. We can't be happier meeting more fans of LBH!


Found this EuShin LEGO :blush:


Photos: scully75752


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@rubie Thank you for the warm welcome dear. I have been a silent lurker here. I will be honest that LBH was not the first reason I started watching Mr Sunshine but now he is the one I am rooting for the most. I just can't get enough of his acting skills and how HOT he looks. 

I have watched almost all his movies and love it. Masquerade, Master, inside men and Joint Security area being my favorites. I have been looking to watch his once in summer and keys to heart but I guess they are not available online. If you have a link, I would appreciate it very much. And Thank you once again. :wub:

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@skinnyjeans @Susie Derkins


Welcome to the LBH thread.  It is great to meet fans who appreciate Lee Byung Hun's acting.   If you have time and patience, I would like to recommend 2 dramas:     "Beautiful Days" and "All In".  


For Beautiful Days, the first few episodes were not great but thereafter, the episodes are wonderful.   I know many fans of Lee Byung Hun got ADDICTED to him because of this drama!


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