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July 17, 2018.


《陽光先生》收視率再創新高,李秉憲演繹.  (A translation)

“Mr. Sunshine”  has reached a new high in ratings, and Lee Byung Hun performed.


According to the data provided by the rating company 'Nielsen Korea' on July 16, 2018, the average audience rating of the tvN new drama 'Mr. Sunshine' broadcast on the 15th reached 10.6, the highest audience rating reached 12.2, setting a new record for its own ratings.




In the fourth episode that aired on the 15th, Lee Byung Hun returned from the United States.  He found his enemies, the family that enslaved him.  He showed his identity to his enemies and pointed a gun at them, showing a very angry face.


Kim Tae Ri saw Yoo Yeon Seok again.  He was bullied as a child because he was poor.  At that time. Kim Tae Ri helped him.   When they met again, Yoo Yeon Seok asked if she still regarded him as a lowly butcher.   Kim Tae Ri responded:  “To Me, you’re not a butcher.  You’re one of the people. I don’t know wht kind of look I gave you but I gave you that look not because you’re a butcher.  It’s because you’re a traitor.”



“Mr. Sunshine” starring Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok and Byun Yo Han,  with the backdrop of the 1900s,  tells the story about the man Eugene who returned to to his motherland as a US soldier (Lee Byung Hun) and the Korean aristocrat Miss Ko Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri). The drama is produced by the company that made “Goblin”.  This is a multi-million-dollar investment and big production, and the highest cost Korean drama.


Source: People's Daily Online - Korea Channel  via LBH Baidu

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January 3, 2019   Source:   Lee Byung Hun's Instagram   Congratulations Byung Hun-ssi.  You now have more than 100, 000 followers on Instagram.  

Source: Lee Byung Hun IG / thanks to mistymorning for the translation   January 17, 2019   Actress Kim Hye Soo sends a coffee truck to CHIEFS OF NAMSAN   BH's caption: 

hello chingus   freshly finished from watching Keys to the Heart  I laughed and cried a lot.  I missed BH doing understated film like this, transporting me back on sentimental old school style. A

@luwali 196 @peonie @p.v.wong @rori0711 Looks like this thread is taking a little break as we focus a little bit more on the drama thread, huh. :lol: It's been awhile having this great feeling watching MR.SUNSHINE as the drama picks up a positive feedback and steady ratings pace each episode. Despite some controversies popping up, the drama is doing well and defying all the negative vibes surrounding it before this. Feeling happy and grateful to be able to watch the episodes with good subs without much problem, the initial concern with the Netflix airing have all disappear. After MR.SUNSHINE, Lee Min Jung will be back on tv with her new drama and after a short break, as always.. Lee Byung Hun will return to the big screen.


In the meantime, all the best to Eugene Choi & MR.SUNSHINE! mrs.jpg


Clip: Arirang World


July 14, 2018


Lee Byung Hun joined by Lee Sung Min and Kwak Do Won in 'Heads of Namsan'






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Despite the heavy theme and serious mood of the drama, the actors were having fun & getting along well together. Lee Byung Hun and Jo Woo Jin played enemies in Inside Men (the one who did that horrible thing to BH's Ahn Sang Gu :vicx:) but as Im Gwan Soo the interpreter, both of them have the best & funny bromance. :lol:Their continuous laughter will surely make everyone feel happy at the set.




Undeniably, the wonderful chemistry between Eugene and Ae Shin works well on and off screen. ^_^

Published on July 20, 2018 by tvN DRAMA


MR.SUNSHINE Behind-the-scene with a smile!



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July 21, 2018


“Mr. Sunshine” Achieves Its Highest Viewership Ratings Yet


Source: Soompi by  L. Kim




tvN’s weekend drama “Mr. Sunshine” has once again broken its own viewership record!


For cable, satellite, and IPTV combined across paid platforms, episode five garnered an average of 10.8 percent and at the highest 12.6 percent. “Mr. Sunshine” took No. 1 in its time slot, including shows on public broadcasting stations.


The program’s previous record was 10.567 percent for episode four. The drama has increased in ratings with every episode so far, beginning with a record-breaking premiere on July 7.


Starring Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, and Yoo Yeon Seok, “Mr. Sunshine” is written by Kim Eun Sook, known for several hits including “Goblin,” “Descendants of the Sun,” and “Heirs.”


The drama airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.


Source (1)




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July 23, 2018 mrs.jpg


“Mr. Sunshine” Tops List of Most Buzzworthy Dramas For 1st Time


Source: Soompi by J. Lim 




“Mr. Sunshine” has topped the list of Most Buzzworthy Dramas of the week for the first time!


The list was revealed on July 23 and showed that “Mr. Sunshine” had broken the six-week streak set by “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” to be on top this week. There is only a one percent gap between the two dramas. A lot of buzz was created around “Mr. Sunshine” this week, with many people discussing the petition that was created addressing the historical inaccuracies in the drama.


In third place came tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Let’s Eat 3.” The fate of Seo Hyun Jin, the lead character from season two, in the second episode of the show became a hot topic amongst viewers.


Check out the full list below:


1. tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” (16.18 percent)
2. tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” (15.18 percent)
3. tvN’s “Let’s Eat 3: Begins” (7.41 percent)
4. OCN’s “Life on Mars” (6.86 percent)
5. KBS2’s “Are You Human, Too?” (4.52 percent)
6. MBC’s “Come and Hug Me” (4.3 percent)
7. JTBC’s “Miss Hammurabi” (3.72 percent)
8. SBS’s “Wok of Love” (3.61 percent)
9. KBS2’s “Marry Me Now” (3.37 percent)
10. MBC’s “Partners for Justice” (3.29 percent)


Top 10 nine most buzzworthy actors:


1. Park Seo Joon  

2. Park Min Young

3. Kim Tae Ri 

4. Lee Byung Hun 

5. Yoon Doojoon

6. Yoo Yeon Seok 

7. Lee Tae Hwan

8. Baek Jin Hee

9. Byun Yo Han  

10. Jung Kyung Ho 


tvN has been enjoying a strong showing, with the top three most buzzworthy dramas being tvN dramas. Not only this, but the top nine most buzzworthy actors were also from tvN productions. From “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young maintained their first and second place positions, while Lee Tae Hwan dropped slightly to sixth place. Kim Tae Ri (third), Lee Byung Hun (fourth), Yoo Yeon Seok (sixth), and Byun Yo Han (ninth) made it on the list from “Mr. Sunshine.” Fifth and eighth place went to Yoon Doojoon and Baek Jin Hee from “Let’s Eat 3,” and tenth place went to Jung Kyung Ho from “Life on Mars.”


Good Data Corporation collected data from 31 dramas that are airing or are set to air. They analyzed responses from online news articles, blog posts, online communities, social media, and video comments, with data being collected from July 16 to July 22.


Source (1)

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