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January 3, 2019   Source:   Lee Byung Hun's Instagram   Congratulations Byung Hun-ssi.  You now have more than 100, 000 followers on Instagram.  

January 1, 2019   New Year Greetings from Lee Byung Hun-ssi     Source:  Lee Byung Hun's instagram

hello chingus   freshly finished from watching Keys to the Heart  I laughed and cried a lot.  I missed BH doing understated film like this, transporting me back on sentimental old school style. A

July 12, 2018.


H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y  B Y U N G  H U N -  S S I








The above card and message were hand delivered to representatives of BH Entertainment in Seoul!  

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July 11, 2018


'Mr. Sunshine' impresses audiences, debuts at No. 3 on TV chart

By Woo Jae-yeon


SEOUL, July 11 (Yonhap) -- "Mr. Sunshine," one of the most eagerly anticipated television series of this year, got off to a strong start by ranking on No. 3 on the weekly TV chart, data showed Wednesday.


The epic drama, which depicts the lives of unsung heroes of the national independence movement in the early 1900s Joseon Dynasty, recorded a score of 235.4 on the weekly Content Power Index (CPI) for July 2-8.


Written by Kim Eun-sook of two hugely successful television series, "Descendants of the Sun" and "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God," the series created a buzz in the Korean entertainment industry from the early stage of production for its big budget, interesting plot and A-list actor Lee Byung-hun's first TV appearance in nine years. No less importantly, producer Lee Eung-bok, who made the aforementioned two dramas, directs Kim's latest scenario.


The first two episodes, aired last weekend, showed how the two protagonists have become who they are now -- Choi Yoo-jin, a son of a servant family who flees Joseon following the death of his parents and returns as American Captain Eugene Choi of the U.S. Marine Corps (played by Lee), and Ko Ae-shin, a daughter of a nobleman fighting against Japanese invaders, as her parents did.


The first episode garnered 8.9 percent in viewership ratings and the second one 9.7 percent, higher than those of "Guardian," whose first two episodes drew 6.3 and 7.9 percent, respectively, airing on the same cable channel, tvN, from Dec. 2, 2016 to Jan. 21, 2017.


In a press event held prior to its July 7 premiere, the director said, "There are many dramas set in the 1930s when the Japanese occupation of Korea was in full swing. But there weren't many dramas -- or historical documents for that matter -- about the early 1900s when people struggled to protect the country from an impending invasion by Japan." Japan occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945.


"We want to talk about the people of that period ... Most nations have their own story about modernization and invasions by outside forces. So the story has universal appeal," he said when asked if overseas audiences, who can watch it on Netflix, could connect with the Korean period drama.


The CPI, created by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea, measures the level of popularity, social media trending and influence on consumer behavior of entertainment TV programs aired on three major terrestrial networks -- MBC, SBS and KBS -- and seven cable channels owned by CJ E&M, including tvN, Mnet and OCN, during prime time. JTBC, another cable network that airs some highly popular entertainment shows and dramas, is not included in the measurement.




MR.SUNSHINE PPL.. by Eugene Choi th_coffee1.gif




Photos: odense.official





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July 12, 2018


Big-budget drama has great ambitions :

‘Mr. Sunshine’ from Kim Eun-sook debuted with massive ratings


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


A scene from the latest drama from writer Kim Eun-sook, “Mr. Sunshine,” which premiered last weekend with an almost 10 percent viewership rate. [JOONGANG ILBO]


The magic of writer Kim Eun-sook is working again as her latest drama “Mr. Sunshine” on tvN is expected to be another huge hit after its first two episodes had viewership ratings of almost 10 percent last weekend according to Nielson Korea. 


Kim is one of Korea’s most influential drama writers, whose recent hits include “Descendants of the Sun” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” and often feature top local stars. 


Lee Byung-hun, of Hollywood film “G.I. Joe,” plays a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy, who moved to the U.S. when he was young after being discriminated against for his family’s social status. He comes back to Korea when the country first gets electric power and when people from Japan, China, the U.S. and Russia start to come. 


The series is set in Hanseong (the former name of Seoul) in early 1900s, an uncommon setting for a period drama, as most historical dramas and movies deal with stories from the Japanese colonial period from 1910 to 1945. 

Kim Eun-sook


The drama’s director Lee Eung-bok said that he wanted to shed light on those who inspired many people to become activists to fight for Korea’s independence. 


“There aren’t many memories of those who fought hard to stop Korea from being ruled by Japan [around] 1905 while there are many pieces that focus on fighting against the Japanese authority.”


“[The struggle] also has some universal elements as many countries are attacked by foreign influences as they go through the process of modernization.”


The show’s unique setting required a budget of 43 billion won ($38.3 million) to create. Since the show’s background isn’t often used in shows, the production staff needed to make a whole new set as well as research historical artifacts to make the scenes as accurate as possible. The production staff built a nearly 20,000 square-meter (4.94 acre) outdoor film set in Nonsan, South Chungcheong and a 6,600 square-meter indoor set in Daejeon, and filming began in September. 


“Period dramas offer a good frame where some philosophical subjects can be discussed as the story uses certain historical background [already] known by many,” said Korean literature professor Yun Seok-jin of Chungnam National University. “Countries in Northeast Asia are going through some [changes] now and if Kim brings up a [meaningful] message through this work, the writer will become recognized as a master [in the global community.]”


Although many worry that the drama has invested too much money into its production, it doesn’t seem too hard for the production team to at least break even. 


The show’s production company Studio Dragon made an announcement that it had signed a broadcast license deal with Netflix last month. The company did not reveal the exact amount but the deal is expected to be worth at least 28 billion won, as the companies are required to make a public announcement when they make a deal that’s worth more than 10 percent of its annual sale from the year before. The company’s annual sale last year was about 286.8 billion won. 


The show airs on Netflix one hour after the original show on tvN ends in Korea and English-speaking countries, and a day after in Japan. The show will become available in other regions on July 19. 


BY MIN KYUNG-WON [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]

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Caricature by TA-TA @32ta_at (on twitter)




July 12, 2018


Kakao M Enters the Korean Entertainment Market
Plans to Enter Global Content Market by Securing Korean Wave Stars


by SONG Soon-jin KoBiz


A subsidiary of KakaoTalk (www.kakaocorp.com), company that evolved from being an instant messenger application to a complete IT firm, Kakao M (www.kakao-m.com) has seen its influence grow by creating partnerships with major management agencies in Korea. “In order to enter the K Content Global Market, we signed contracts with three agencies, BH Entertainment, J,Wide-Company, and MANAGEMENT SOOP, as well as Korea’s leading model agency, Ready Entertainment, to build a cooperative network of strategic investment and partnership.” Kakao M said in a press release on June 27th.  


Established in 2006 and co-directed by CEOs SON Seok-woo, KIM Seon-yong and PARK Jae-soon, BH Entertainment (http://www.bhent.co.kr/?page_id=25) is well known for being actor LEE Byung-hun’s agency. The company currently represents actors and actresses like HAN Ji-min, HAN Hyo-joo, HAN Ga-in, JANG Young-nam, KIM Go-eun, CHU Ja-hyeon, KO Soo, Sean Richard, LEE Hee-jun and JIN Goo. On the other hand, J,Wide-Company (www.jwide.co.kr) is home to actors LEE Sang-yun and CHOI Daniel as well as actress KIM Tae-ri, Seen in The Handmaiden (2016), while MANAGEMENT SOOP (www.soopent.com) represents GONG Yoo, KONG Hyo-jin, JEON Do-yeon and more. 

“Kakao M is expected to play an influential role by forming a value chain in all fields of the video industry.” said the company after securing its “army” of Korean Wave stars.




Moreover, through advertisement model casting agency Ready Entertainment’s Chinese subsidiary and its international network, Kakao M plans on seeking different ways to expand its influence globally. At the same time, the company will complete its production system that implements the Intellectual Property Rights owned by Kakao (https://www.kakaocorp.com/?lang=en), as well as hire new famous writers and directors. 


Kakao M also established a mobile video production company named Krispy Studio last January, and in May, Mega Monster, a joint drama production company with the studio behind Goblins, Studio Dragon (http://www.studiodragon.net/front/en/main/main), thus steadily expanding its influence in the video production business. Kakao M’s CEO, LEE Jae Wook, said: "We will maximize profits by completing a value chain that includes actors, producers, and advertisers, and I believe we will lead the market of K-Contents in a short period of time”



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Belated Happy Birthday to the drop dead gorgeous Mr. Sunshine, the one & only Lee Byunghun :wub::wub::wub:

Congratulations to the premiere of your long awaited drama, Mr. Sunshine :D 

My kdrama experience is not the same without you. So glad to meet you again in small screen :) 


You were born to be a thespian and every film/ drama i've seen of you are testament.

I wish you all the best in life and may you have many more birthdays to come :blush:


Related image

cr: owner


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@rori0711, where have you been! :w00t: We're on the second week of MR.SUNSHINE now.. and you're not at the drama thread! :P But as long as you've been watching. Can't believe it's the 3rd episode tonight, hope the show will be all-around even better this weekend. Hopefully the unnecessary character controversy (regarding the 2nd male lead) will not affect the drama too much, although we won't really know unless it makes glaring no-sense scenes in the plot.


Some great fan-art highlighted at the drama thread, really happy to see these fun comic-strips for MR. SUNSHINE. :lol:


Credit @ahpheng8


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July 14, 2018.


Source:   NewShowBiz完全娛樂


"陽光先生" 收視爆衝 首爾獨家專訪李秉憲。金泰梨


“Mr. Sunshine’s”  ratings are explosive.  Exclusive interview with Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri in Seoul.   (A translation)


 韓劇陽光先生請來韓國影帝李秉憲和最強新人金泰演出首集播出全國平均收視就達到8.8% 甚至打破鬼怪的首播最高收視紀錄 完全娛樂 NewShowBiz) 有獨家前

進首爾專訪 才一䦕埸就被演員可愛的反應給吸引住啦


Commentator  (C):   Korean drama  “Mr. Sunshine”  featured Korean Actor Lee Byung Hun and the strongest Best New Actress Kim Tae Ri in the first episode.  The national average rating reached  8.8%  and even broke the highest viewing record of Goblin’s premiere.  (NewShowBiz) has an exclusive interview in Seoul.  From the start, we are attracted by the cute reaction from the actors.


KTR:  椅子有點沙沙的聲音

LBH:  對椅子一直有聲音 發出聲音。


KTR:   The chair has a bit of rustling noise.

LBH:   The chair ia always making noices.


磅礡畫面媲美電影 金泰梨、李秉憲也驚呼

The majestic cinematography is comparable to that of a movie.   Even Kim Tae Ri and Lee Byung Hun exclaimed their surprise.


KTR:  讓我覺得驚人的是有很多戰爭畫面我被他的規模和影像的美深深感動了 看了那些編輯完的影片怎麼看都覺得導演這個人確實具有這樣的能力啊 這種感覺原來是能拍出這些唯美場面的人

KTR:   I am amazed by the war scenes.  I was deeply touched by the scale and the beauty of the images.  After watching the edited films, I thought the Director has great talent.  I am touched by his ability to shoot such beautiful scenes.


LBH: 看到預告片後會對作品感到自豪 大家會再重新打起精神並且同時會想著到最後也要盡力完成作品的決心。

LBH: After watching the trailer, I am proud of this drama.   We should all re-energize and try our best to complete this drama till the end.


C: 媲美電影的磅礡場景不只演員驚呼更是緊抓着觀眾目光而對於睽違9年重回小螢幕的47歲李秉憲搭檔28歲的金泰梨也從原本的不看好到如今好評不斷。

C:  The majestic cinematography not only amazed the actors but attracted the audience as well,  Originally, the pairing of the 47 year old Lee Byung Hun, who retuned to the small screen after  9 years with the 28-year-old Kim Tae Ri was not favourably perceived.  Now, praises are pouring in.


睽違9年回歸小蛍幕 李秉憲全因為 ""

Returniing to the small screen after a hiatus of 9 years,  Lee Byung Hun:   “because of her”


LBH:  我的經歷其實是從電視劇開始的雖然有一段時期只拍了電影但中間也有拍過 All In 真愛賭注 特務情人 IRIS 只是電視劇間隔時間稍微長一點 這次與以前沒有不同有一陣子專注拍電影這次來了好幾回所以就拍了電視劇.  金銀淑是著名的電視編劇期待能更寫出好作品的編劇合作會引起怎麼樣的後果 而且與我之前看到的劇本地起來 他的編劇風格非常有個性所以這一點讓我選擇此作品。


LBH: My background began in television, even though I have been making movies for a while.  In between, I did make “All In” and “Iris”.  The interval is just a bit longer than it used to be.    This time, it's not any different.  There is a great opportunity so I decided to this drama.  Kim Eun Sook is a well known drama writer.   I look forward to what this cooperation can bring.  Compared to other scripts that I have seen before, her style of scriptwriting has quite a personality.  For this reason, I have chosen this work.


首次擔綱電視劇女主角 金泰梨直呼壓力大

Being the main actress for a TV drama for the first time, KIm Tae Ri feels the pressure.


KTR: 不緊張是騙人的 但我努力讓自己面對每一刻 盡到最大最好的態度 尤其導演 作家原本在韓國電視劇界具有影響力的兩位加上李秉憲前輩和一起拍攝的前輩們都很好又完美 所以我能相信且依靠他們拍戲。

KTR: I would be lying if I tell you that I am not nervous.   I tried hard to face the situation and adopted the best attitude,  especially since the scriptwriter and the director are two very influential people in the Korean TV drama industry.  Lee Byung Hun sunbae’s  and other sunbaes’ acting are very good and perfect.   So I believe I can rely upon them while filming.


金泰梨大爆料 李秉憲拍戲小習慣

Kim Tae Ri  exposed Lee Byung Hun’s small habits while filming


KTR: 前輩有一個摳手指的習慣 拍戲前他會一面發呆一面摳手指 我心想他在準備一下一場戲他有很多想法 給導演很多好意見 這個如何 那個如何 他會想出很多想法 我覺得這是瞬間的專注力 不是事先準備計劃好的 他不會錯過 當天瞬間的想法而把它變得具體化對於這方面覺得非常驚人是要學習的部份.

KTR:   Sunbae has a habit of picking his fingers.   Before filming, he was in a daze and picked his fingers. I thought he was preparing to shoot the next scene.  He has a lot of ideas to suggest to the director.  How about this? How about that?   I think this is instantaneous,  not planned in advance.  He would not miss any opportunity to make this concrete.  I think this is amazing and I should learn this.


LBH:  當我専注時不知不覺的手指會 有時演戲是也會這樣

LBH:  When I concentrate,  my fingers would unconsciously act like this.  This happens when I am acting too.


C:  Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri used their acting skills to overcome their 20 years age difference.  Kim Eun Sook and Lee Eung Bok who successfully developed “The Descendants of the Sun”  and “Goblin” used a depressing era in Korean history to create a famous scene.

李秉憲 金泰梨 用演技克服20歲的年齡差加上成功打造太陽的後裔啊我鬼怪的王牌編劇金銀淑導演李應福加持沉悶的時代歷史劇成了一部浪漫史詩更締造出名場面。


屋頂舉槍蒙面對峙 李秉憲. 金泰梨締造名場面

Wearing masks and using guns to confront  each other on the roof, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri created a famous scene.


LBH:  跟愛信初次在屋頂上彼此蒙着臉見面的畫面對我來說很獨特的認識 男女主角在屋頂上並且全副武裝持槍對峙的畫面覺得很有趣而且印象深刻。

LBH:  The image of first meeting Ae Shin face to face with masks is very unique to me.  The male and female protagonists fully armed with guns on the roof created a very interesting image and left a deep impression.


KTR:  對我來說印象深刻的不是畫面而是跟宥鎮或其他演員對戲的部份跟他們對戲的時候 我在演出的這瞬間 這讓我印象深刻 並且想維持這瞬間。

KTR:  What impressed me was not the image but acting with Eugene and other actors. When I was acting against them, it left me a deep impression and I want to keep this moment.


KTR:  "正如那火花 我雖然畏懼死亡 但我還是選擇了這一條路"

KTR:   ‘“Like the spark of fire, although I fear death, but I still chose this path”   (A line from the Drama)


C: 演員精湛演技加上絕美畫面陽光先生能否延續開播的這股熱潮 成為2018年最強韓劇備受關注。

C:  With superb acting and captivating cinematography,  people are playing close attention to see if “Mr. Sunshine”  can sustain the mass fervour  and become the strongest Korean drama in 2018?


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@peonie, wonderful translation Barbara! Thanks so much for the fabulous sharing. :)


Choi Yu Jin x Eugene Choi 


Photo: kanghoon.juwon




BH seldom takes pics with his co-stars, especially child actors. Maybe this time (KimKangHoon) reminded him of little JoonHoo. Because of the ongoing filming, our poor Appa, must not have seen his sunshine for quite awhile.

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July 15, 2018.



Lee Byung Hun discusses Choi Yoo Jin (Eugene Choi)  (a translation) 




Q. 自我介紹.

    我是在陽光先生中扮演尤金寉的李秉憲.  年幼在辛未洋擾時乘座美國的軍艦逃亡           去了美國. 作為美國人生活了30年又重新回到了韓國,雖然外表是韓國人但是某一程度上內在是美國人是這樣的一個人物.


     Q. Introduce yourself.

 LBH:  I am Lee Byung Hun who played Eugene Choi in “Mr. Sunshine.”   When I was young, I     fled to the United States on a US Warship during Shinmiyangyo.   After living as an American for 30 years, I returned to Korea.  Although my appearance is that of a Korean, but to some extent, I am American.  Eugene is such a person.


   Q. 對尤金來說朝鮮是?

        朝鮮這個國家是我想要復仇的一個地方同時也是我的祖國, 是這樣的一個角色.


   Q. What is Korea to Eugene?

LBH: The country of Korea is a place where I want revenge and it is also my motherland. This is such a role.


Q. 尤金的魅力點?

非常的誠實因為誠實 有時候又有种不謙逊的感覺 看起來非常的冷漠 雖然會給人非常沉悶的初印象 但是該負責的時候也會負責 冷靜的同事又很有自信 、我認為這正是宥鎮的魅力 。英語也很好 因為在美國的時候有日本朋友所以日語也很好 因為韓語是母語所以也很好 。是英語韓語日語沒有不會的那樣一個角色的故事。


    Q. What is Eugene’s charm?

LBH:  Very honest.   Because of my honesty, sometimes there is feeling that I am not humble.  I come across as being very cold.  Although I give people a very dull first impression, but when I need to be responsible, I am responsible.  I am calm and have a lot of self confidence.  I think this is exactly Eugene’s charm.  My English is very good. As I have Japanese friends in the United Startes, My Japanese is also good.  Since Korean is my mother tongue, my Korean is also very good.  I am a character that can speak English, Japanese and Korean.



我們的劇是在電影和電視劇中不常討論的1900年前後的故事。在視覺方面非常的新鮮也有新的嘗試。尤金崔這個角色又是在獨特的時代的人物  在那個時代要怎樣表演要怎樣創造這個角色對我來說感覺是一個作業,也有在進行新鮮由有趣的創作 因此大家也能夠津津有味的觀看。特別這部劇的時代背景是在1900年前後這樣一個時代背景。視覺方面還有那個時代的情感等方面 我認為能給大家帶來全新的感受。請多多期待。


   Q.  Why did you choose “Mr. Sunshine” ?

LBH: Our drama is based upon the period before and after 1900, an era not often discussed in movies and drama series.  Visually, it is refreshing, and it is a new attempt.  Eugene Choi is a character in an unique era.  How to act in that era; how  to create this role is a homework for me and to produce a fresh and interesting creation so everyone can enjoy watching.  In particular, the background of this drama is the era before and after 1900. The visual aspect and the emotions of that era can bring a brand-new feeling to everyone. Please look forward to it.



Source:    LBHfan @ weibo


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On 7/13/2018 at 10:05 PM, rubie said:

@rori0711, where have you been! :w00t: We're on the second week of MR.SUNSHINE now.. and you're not at the drama thread! :P But as long as you've been watching. Can't believe it's the 3rd episode tonight, hope the show will be all-around even better this weekend. Hopefully the unnecessary character controversy (regarding the 2nd male lead) will not affect the drama too much, although we won't really know unless it makes glaring no-sense scenes in the plot.


Some great fan-art highlighted at the drama thread, really happy to see these fun comic-strips for MR. SUNSHINE. :lol:


Credit @ahpheng8





Good morning chingus @rubie, @peonie, @p.v.wong, @luwali 196 :) 

Mianhe for being MIA over at drama thread :( I know right....I'm missing a lot of fun like Apheng's comic strips and PPLs.

Im at Berlin with the Grandpas (kidding), mostly at twitterland and just glancing at soompi/ dramabeans sometimes


Actually, I have only watched snippets and read recaps of Mr. Sunshine :blink: Need to see the entire avail episodes to witness it myself and relate with you guys. Kim Eunsook writes lovely characters so I'm sure each one has interesting story to tell but I'm most looking forward to tale of our very own Choi Eugene. 


Thank you for all the news and tidbits you all shared here...even for dropping by...i feel happy and energized.


Have a wonderful day ahead lovelies!





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July 15, 2018


“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” And “Mr. Sunshine” Top List Of Most Buzzworthy Dramas


Source: Soompi by J. Lim 




tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” continues to be a drama that attracts high interest!


This list of Most Buzzworthy Dramas of the week was released on July 16, showing “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” on top for the sixth consecutive week. “Mr. Sunshine” is right behind its heels, coming in at second place with just a one percent difference.


Check out the full list of Moss Buzzworthy Dramas below!


1. tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” (17.48 percent)
2. tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” (16.27 percent)
3. OCN’s “Life on Mars” (7.2 percent)
4. JTBC’s “Miss Hammurabi” (5.15 percent)
5. KBS2’s “Are You Human, Too?” (4.59 percent)
6. MBC’s “Come and Hug Me” (4.11 percent)
7. tvN’s “Let’s Eat 3: Begins” (3.79 percent)
8. SBS’s “Wok of Love” (3.47 percent)
9. SBS’s “Let Me Introduce Her” (3.26 percent)
10. KBS2’s “to. Jenny” (3.23 percent)


tvN drama actors took over the top ten list of Most Buzzworthy Actors, taking nine out of the ten slots. Park Seo Joon topped the list, joined by “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” co-stars Park Min Young in second place and Lee Tae Hwan in fifth place. “Mr. Sunshine” stars Kim Tae Ri, Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Byun Yo Han took third, fourth, sixth, and seventh place respectively. They were joined by “Let’s Eat 3” leads Yoo Doojoon and Baek Jin Hee in eighth and ninth place. The only non-tvN drama actor was Jung Kyung Ho in tenth place from OCN’s “Life on Mars.”


Most Buzzworthy Actors


1. Park Seo Joon

2. Park Min Young

3. Kim Tae Ri

4. Lee Byung Hun

5. Lee Tae Hwan 

6. Yoo Yeon Seok

7. Byun Yo Han

8. Yoo Doojoon

9. Baek Jin Hee

10. Jung Kyung Ho


Good Data Corporation’s “Most Buzzworthy” lists analyzed 32 dramas that are airing or are set to air. They research responses from online news articles, blog posts, online communities, social media, and video comments. The data was collected between July 9 and July 15.

Source (1)


Photo: 1991_0525



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  • rubie changed the title to Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee :: THE MAN STANDING NEXT ::

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