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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

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April 20, 2018


"The Fortress" Starring Lee Byung-hun Releases on Amazon, Google Play And iTunes May 1, 2018


Credit: CJ Entertainment via HanCinema.net




"The Fortress" Starring Lee Byung-hun Releases on Amazon, Google Play And iTunes May 1, 2018
From "Miss Granny" Director, Hwang Dong-hyuk
CJ Entertainment is releasing "The Fortress", a period drama featuring popular South Korean actor, Lee Byung-hun, best known for "Magnificent Seven" and "Terminator Genisys" on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes on May 1, 2018. This title played in 18 cities across the U.S. and Canada last Fall. It was the main feature of Korean Film Days at the Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles, and also opened at the London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) in London last year. The cost is $14.99 to purchase High Definition (HD), $9.99 to purchase Standard Definition (SD), $4.99 to rent High Definition (HD), and $3.99 to rent Standard Definition (SD).
"The Fortress" is set in 1636, when the Chinese Qing Dynasty has invaded Korea with 150,000 troops. The Korean court flees the capital to take shelter in the Namhan Fortress, located in treacherous mountains outside the city. The Qing army, led by General Yong Gol Dae, quickly surrounds the fortress, leaving the king and the court stranded in a prolonged standoff. For a truce, the Qing general makes a humiliating proposal that they send the Crown Prince out as hostage. Unable to move forward or fight the enemy they are outnumbered by, the people of the fortress start dying from cold and hunger. The king now faces an impossible choice between protecting his people and standing up to those looking to destroy them.
This film is directed by esteemed director Hwang Dong-hyuk ("Miss Granny", "Silenced", "My Father"). His 2014 hit Korean comedy, "Miss Granny" (Chinese version) reached $55M in the box office and has been remade for Japan, Vietnam, and several other countries. It was remade in English with Tyler Perry's 34th Street Films and in Spanish with Eugenio Derbez's 3pas Studios.
Hwang's new period drama also stars Kim Yun-seok ("Will You Be There", "The Priests", "Haemoo"), Park Hae-il ("The Last Princess", "A Muse", "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon") and Go Soo ("The Royal Tailor", "Way Back Home", "The Front Line").


Source: CJ Entertainment USA @CJENT_USA


THE FORTRESS will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play soon! Are you excited to watch this epic movie at home? Check out the link below to learn more about THE FORTRESS!



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4/22 Finally some good photos to share ~ BHMJ having funtime with their buddy and his daughter. A glimpse of JH with his Appa & Omma would be awesome, right! 


Photos: Hyunseok Choi @hyunseokch th_tq.gif









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Let's vote for MR.SUNSHINE mrs.jpg please refer soompi news link ~



April 24, 2018


22 Dramas To Look Forward To In Spring And Summer 2018


Source: Soompi by J. K




Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Byun Yo Han, Kim Min Jung, and more


In this historical drama, a Korean man (Lee Byung Hun) returns to his homeland as an American soldier after having boarded a warship to the United States in 1871.


“Mr. Sunshine” is the third drama that writer Kim Eun Sook and director Lee Eung Bok have worked on together, following “Descendants of the Sun” and “Goblin.” It is due to premiere in July on tvN.



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April 27, 2018


“The Empress Dowager”  screen writer Kim Eun Sook will soon have a new drama.   Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri will interpret love on the battlefield.   (A Translation)


"Following “Goblin” and “Descendants of the Sun” Kim Eun Sook’s new drama is “Mr. Sunshine.”  Having left the drama world for the past eight years, Lee Byung Hun will act along with Kim Tae Ri and compose a love story in the flames of war."




Based on Hong Kong media, Sina Entertainment News reported that since “Goblin” completed its broadcast last year, there has yet to be a drama to create a mass fervour.  The new drama “Mr.Sunshine” by Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri  is a new piece  written by gold medal screenwriter Kim Eun Sook following “Descendants of the Sun” and “Goblin”.  It will be released in July and is expected to continue the myth of  high TV ratings, reversing the recent downturn in Korean TV dramas.


The 47-Year-old Lee Byung Hun who collaborated with actress Kim Tae Hee in the Korean drama “IRIS” in 2009, had not done a TV drama for the past 8 years.  In the tvN, new drama “Mr. Sunshine”, which will be aired in July, he along with Kim Tae Ri, who is 19 years younger than him, will create a spectrum of love songs over the flames of war.   Kim Eun Sook will collaborate with Lee Eung Bok, the director of “Descendants of the Sun” and “Goblin” for the third time.  Using 19th Century Korea as a stage, the plan is to shoot 24 episodes.  


Lee Byung hun was born into a slave family.  His parents were killed when he was 9 years old. He then sailed across the sea to become a U.S. soldier. He was appointed as a U.S. Navy Captain  and awarded the U.S. Warrior Medal. Under the pretext of protecting its own nationals, The United States sent troops to Korea and Lee Byung Hun was ordered to go to war.  Unexpectedly, he met and fell in love with Kim Tae Ri, the daughter of a doctor who wanted to save Korea.


The reappearance of Korea’s 19th Century


Byon Yo Han played the role of Kim Tae Ri’s fiancé.   Unwilling to accept the arranged marriage by his family, he went to study in Japan.  After 10 years, he returned and found that the heart of his fiancée belonged to someone else and he regretted.  As for Yoo Yeon Seok who played the son of the butcher; after fleeing from his motherland, he became the leader of the local gang organization has been secretly in love with Kim Tae Ri.


In the first released trailer; Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri , each representing his own principal, pointed guns and looked sharply at each other;  heralding a moving epic battlefield love song. The film set in Nonsan  will reproduce a 19th Century Korea.


Source: http://ent.sina.com.cn/v/j/2018-04-26/doc-ifztkpin2972170.shtml


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If not mistaken, it was BH's buddy, Hyunseok Choi who sent the snack truck to Mr. Sunshine filming set in Daejeon this week. It seems that he's a self-proclaimed LBH fan as well. :lol: Not sure if he actually manages BH considering the close ties they share. Lee Byung Hun's long-time manager, Mr. Son (BH Ent. CEO) tends to supervise actress HHJ more these days. While CP, despite being family.. doesn't update his IG since Mag7, not that he does it regularly anyways. Be it the FB, twitter and now IG... all turning into little white elephants. :mellow:


Photos: Hyunseok Choi

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April 27, 2018


April Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed


Source: Soompi by E. Kang





The Korean Business Research Institute has released the brand reputation rankings of male advertisement models for April 2018.


The rankings for this month were determined by analyzing 11,438,074 pieces of big data for 50 male brand advertisement models. The data was collected from March 26 to April 27 and was analyzed for participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness. This analysis is conducted in order to study consumer habits.


The amount of data analyzed saw a significant decrease of 35.25 percent in comparison to the 17,665,502 pieces of data used for the February 2018 rankings.


Gong Yoo rose back to first place for the month of April with a total score of 1,585,421 points. He saw an increase of 87.78 percent in points, as he previously saw a score of 844,296 for February rankings.


Wanna One’s Kang Daniel took second place with a total score of 1,438,090, after previous coming in first place in February. This was a 40.28 percent decrease from his February point score of 2,408,201.


Daniel Henney was third place with a total score of 603,067, an impressive 500.2 percent increase from his 100,478 point score in February 2018 brand reputation rankings for male advertisement models.


Goo Chang Hwan, the chief of the Korean Business Research Institute, explained how based on their analysis, the phrases, “He’s cool,” “He shines,” and “He’s handsome,” as well as Maxim’s Kanu coffee, SK Broadband, and Coway — all which Gong Yoo currently is the advertisement model for — were associated often with the actor.


The top 30 for April are as follows:


1. Gong Yoo
2. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel
3. Daniel Henney
4. Jo Jung Suk
5. Park Seo Joon
6. Park Bo Gum
7. Baek Jong Won
8. Lee Sang Min
9. Yoo Jae Suk
10. Shinhwa’s Eric
11. Kim Jong Kook
12. Jung Woo Sung
13. So Ji Sub
14. Jun Hyun Moo
15. Kim Soo Hyun
16. Song Joong Ki
17. Lee Byung Hun
18. Shin Dong Yup
19. Lee Jung Jae
20. Ryu Jun Yeol
21. Kim Young Chul
22. Ma Dong Seok
23. Jo In Sung
24. Jo Jin Woong
25. Lee Sun Gyun
26. Ha Jung Woo
27. Lee Seo Jin
28. Hwang Chi Yeol
29. Yoo Hae Jin
30. Lee Min Ho


Source (1)

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May 3, 2018 


Lee Byung Hun nominated  as  Best Actor by the Chunsa Film Awards







Lee Byung Hun was nominated as Best Actor for his role in "The Fortress" by Chunsa Film Awards.  Hwang Dong Hyuk who directed "The Fortress" was nominated as Best Director.  In addition, "The Fortress" also received nomination for Best Artistic Award for its Cinematography.  


The ceremony will take place on May 18, 2018.


Source:  LBHBaidu & LBHWeibo

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@peonie thanks so much Barbara, for the latest update during this news drought. Maybe we'll see a 'BSL throwback-moment' in the upcoming 23rd Chunsa Awards. ^_^ Lee Byung Hun missed out on a Best Actor nomination (for A Bittersweet Life) in 2005 Baeksang, quite the upset at the time but he went on to win Best Actor Award in both the Chunsa and Critics Awards later in the year. So, who knows.. we'll hope for the best as always! :)


Nonetheless, THE FORTRESS had won Best Film at the Baeksang Awards held last night. LBH's co-star Kim Yun Seok won Best Actor for his movie, 1987 which also won the Grand Prize for movie section. Congratulations to THE FORTRESS, the Soompi news HERE.


Film categories:

Grand Prize: “1987”
Best Film: “The Fortress”
Best Director: Kim Yong Hwa (“Along with the Gods: the Two Worlds”)
Best Actor: Kim Yoon Suk (“1987”)
Best Actress: Na Moon Hee (“I Can Speak”)
Best Supporting Actor: Park Hee Soon (“1987”)
Best Supporting Actress: Lee Soo Kyung (“Heart Blackened”)
Best New Actor: Ku Gyo Hwan (“Jane”)
Best New Actress: Choi Hee Seo (“Anarchist from Colony”)
Best New Director: Kang Yoon Sung (“The Outlaws”)
Best Script: Kim Kyung Chan (“1987”)
Art Award: Jin Jong Hyun (“Along with the Gods: the Two Worlds”)


May 2, 2018

[Upcoming DVD Release] Korean Movie "The Fortress"


Source: HanCinema.net


Korean movie "The Fortress" is available to preorder on DVD with English subtitles from YESASIA.


Source: CJ Entertainment USA @cjent_usa

Finally, THE FORTRESS is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play!




Check it out this week!



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May 4, 2018


It looks like BH is getting a little break & family time yesterday, thanks to his buddy ~ really wonder if he's actually the manager right now. ^_^


Today, MR.SUNSHINE will start filming intensely in Nonsan City. (article)


Photos: Hyunseok Choi @hyunseokch


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May 3, 2018


MR.SUNSHINE Starts Filming at Nonsan City


Source: dtnews24.com


Kim Eun-sook, who wrote the TVN drama "Mr. Shaun Shine," aired on Saturday and Sunday from July this year, visited Nonsan City on the afternoon of March 3. (Photo: Nonsan City)


Writer Kim Eun Sook and tvN producers visited Nonsan City on May 3 to convey their gratitude for the support extended by the Administration of Nonsan City Hall in the filming of MR.SUNSHINE .




November 9, 2017 (a belated but related article)


South Korea's largest army experience theme park opens




A ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrates the opening of Sunshine Land on Wednesday. / Courtesy of Hankook Ilbo

By Chyung Eun-ju The Korea Times


If you want a taste of military life, Sunshine Land theme park is loaded with opportunities. South Korea's premier army experience center opened in Nonsan City in South Chungcheong Province on Wednesday.


Visitors can take part in dynamic combat action at the 32,497-square-meter center that took three years to build and cost 10 billion won ($9 million).


Sunshine Land shows what it is like to be in the nation's military through leisure sports. They can be experienced in the combat zone, the virtual reality experience center, the screen shooting range, the multi-purpose stadium and the survival experience center.


Sudden Attack Studio inside the theme park borrowed the concept from the nation's popular first-person online shooting game "Sudden Attack."




Visitors to Sunshine Land play a survival shooting game. / Courtesy of Hankook Ilbo

Facilities at Sunshine Land were inspired by structures from the 1950s and the film sets of TV dramas and movies that highlighted historical or cultural features.


South Korean TV drama "Mr. Sunshine" on tvN, scheduled for release next year and starring Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri, will film at the center.


"South Korea's biggest army experience center Sunshine Land will potentially increase tourism demand and fuel the growth of Nonsan in the future," Mayor Hwang Myung-seon said. The city attracts over 1.3 million tourists a year.


"To make the center a tourist attraction that represents the Korean wave, we will develop unique Nonsan tourism merchandise," Hwang said.


Sunshine Land opens in Nonsan City, South Chungcheong Province, Wednesday. / Courtesy of Hankook Ilbo



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This review comes 3 years later but it doesn't change what a hot mess MOTS was.. still, we will share .. good or bad.. and gems if there may be..


May 5, 2018


[HanCinema's Film Review] "Memories of the Sword"

By William Schwartz HanCinema.net




Hong-i (played by Kim Go-eun) is a talented young martial artist living in the Goryeo era. Hong-i is so jazzed about being able to achieve an obviously impossible acrobatic feat over a sunflower that she celebrates by running off into town and impulsively entering a martial arts tournament. But before we get to know Hong-i too well, her mother Wol-so (played by Jeon Do-yeon) and archenemy Yoo-baek (played by Lee Byung-hun) take over the movie, with Hong-i only making fleeting appearances.


On the business end I can sympathize with this creative decision. After all, if you hire Jeon Do-yeon and Lee Byung-hun to be in your movie, it's a bit of a waste to just shove them off into supporting roles. But on the creative end, the disproportionate emphasis on Wol-so and Yoo-baek completely kills the momentum of Hong-i's character growth. Indeed, Wol-so and Yoo-baek effectively kill Hong-i's sense of agency too, as the young woman increasingly comes off as a puppet intended to settle old scores rather than a character in her own right.




Yool (played by Junho) is similarly shafted. His role is among the more potentially interesting as Hong-i's similarly aged opposite sex rival with a position of some importance in Yoo-baek's sinister organization. Alas, he barely even gets a personality. Which is especially weird, because Yool definitely does a lot more than Yoo-baek in the present day. It's just, we really do spend that much time stuck in flashback mode with Wol-so and Yoo-baek.


What makes this screenwriting decision especially frustrating is that Hong-i has no way of knowing what actually happened between Wol-so and Yoo-baek back in the day. "Memories of the Sword" could have gotten a lot more dramatic tension by making the backstory deliberately ambiguous, which in turn would have opened Wol-so and Yoo-baek's actions up to multiple interpretations. Yoo-baek in particular suffers from this, because the man's so consistently reluctantly evil he never ends up feeling like much of a threat.


The real shame of all this is that "Memories of the Sword" looks absolutely gorgeous. Director Park Heung-sik combines vibrant colors with unimpeachably well-flowing action. Every minor taunt or feint takes on larger than life dimensions. The choreography is so exquisitely orchestrated that we really learn more about the characters from their martial arts moves than their role in the actual story. Hong-i the impulsive, Wol-so the calculating, and Yoo-baek the painstakingly defensive.


Of course none of these archetypes are all that deep, and "Memories of the Sword" suffers from its two hour runtime as much as anything else. The movie is just plain exhausting, and can't even spare a moment for comic relief. Though the base outline of the plot is just a fairy tale metaphor for growing up, there's also a lot of weighty material about death and politics and freedom tossed in there and I was just, geez, why does this story have to be so complicated? After a certain point excessive explanation just calls to attention a lack of confidence in the universal nature of the story's underlying themes.


Review by William Schwartz



av-4239.gifAnyway, sharing a Baeksang throwback moment from 2016. Lee Byung Hun is usually a Baeksang regular, either as a nominee or a presenter but he's neither this year. Of course, MR.SUNSHINE filming is taking him away from Seoul. He may be absent from the ceremony this year, hopefully he will be back next year with MR.SUNSHINE nominations, of course.


The MOTS star-trio at the 52nd Baeksang 2 years ago, each awarded for a different movie instead. Notably nice to see BH telling JDY to stand beside the Daesang winner, Dir. Lee Joon Ik during the group photo session.


Clip: alatus_deus

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Hyunseok Choi had deleted the original photo from his IG but there're already been a lot of re-posts and Korea media highlighting it today. Sad to read a lot of hate and abusive holier than thou comments (on LBH) for still being friends in spite of the well-known recent controversy of others. 



May 7, 2018


BIGBANG’s T.O.P And Lee Byung Hun Enjoy A Reunion Meal


Source: Soompi by L. Kim




Actor Lee Byung Hun and BIGBANG’s T.O.P were seen having a meal together.


On May 8, it was revealed that the two stars ate together at a famous Pyeongyang noodles restaurant in Cheongdam, Seoul. A photo of them was uploaded on the social media of their mutual friend. T.O.P is gazing comfortably at the camera while Lee Byung Hun is smiling amiably in the same direction.


Both Lee Byung Hun and T.O.P starred in the drama “IRIS” in 2009. T.O.P is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service as a public service worker.


Source (1)


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Source: BH Entertainment @bhent_official


#Mother'sDay # Thankyou. A message from BH entertainers with gratitude to all parents.  th_flower_10-1.gif


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May 14, 2018


'Hallyu Silk Road' under construction

KMA leader lays groundwork for East-West fashion, beauty platform


By Kang Hyun-kyung The Korea Times


Self-serving hallyu will inevitably lose steam, an expert warns. 


From Koreans' perspective, the craze in Korean dramas and pop music overseas is encouraging. 


Yet, the same phenomenon could be interpreted differently by people around the world, depending on how they view foreign pop culture. Some may consider it a cultural invasion and if their belief is cemented, some could harbor discontent about hallyu. 

Korea Model Association President Yang Eui-sig


If this continues, Yang Eui-sig, president of Korea Model Association, warns hallyu could backfire. 


He says taking advantage of hallyu only to maximize personal gains for those involved in the industry is myopic at best. He puts forth the "long-sighted" vision that can benefit Korea and foreign countries. 


"Unilateral hallyu can't last long," he said in a recent Korea Times interview. "We need to think about how we can facilitate mutually beneficial cultural exchanges, not ones that can only feed the needs of Koreans or Korean companies."


Yang took the hallyu initiative in 2006 when Korean TV series were popular all across Asia. He says he felt the need to set up "a platform" in which all people involved in Asia's culture industry, including fashion designers and makeup artists, could team up to create a "hallyu spillover effect" on other parts of Asia. 


He conceived of holding the Asia Beauty Festival featuring fashion and beauty, and with the help of Asian experts, its first edition was launched in 2006. Asian fashion designers and makeup artists showcase their works through runway projects. Singers appear on the stage, too. The annual beauty festival showcases Asian designers' collections and makeup and cosmetics shows. This year's Asia Beauty Festival took place on May 4 at Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul. 


Encouraged by the success of the fashion-beauty festival, Yang teamed up with Asian experts to launch two other annual events ― the Face of Asia, which showcases models representing over 27 Asian countries, and Asia Model Awards, where pop stars and models are awarded prizes, to expand cultural exchanges. 


"I believe what we've done is something comparable to what the Silk Road did to facilitate trade and cultural exchanges between the East and the West," Yang says. 


Just like the ancient trade route, which connected China and Europe and later evolved into the main route for cultural exchanges between East and West, Yang says he hopes the annual events can eventually serve as a platform through which Asia and Europe can increase cultural exchanges. 


"During the Asia festivals, South Korea presents its hallyu products, and other Asian countries are invited to make the most of the platforms to showcase their cultures and products, so it's a win-win for the two sides," Yang says.


Korean fashion and cosmetics, among others, have enjoyed an unprecedented boom after Korean dramas and pop music became popular outside the country, he says. 


In the fashion industry, he mentions fast fashion as the winner of hallyu.


Fast fashion focuses on the timely, low-cost delivery of new collections inspired by runway looks or celebrity styles. 


Wise corporate marketing helped companies gain more, according to him.


"One thing I regret about hallyu is that we have no world-class stars," Yang says. "Actor Lee Byung-hun is popular in Japan, but he is almost obscure in China and vice versa. Korean celebrities who have a wide fan base in China are lesser-known in Japan."


Despite the limitation, Yang says Korean companies executed successful region-specific marketing strategies. For example, cosmetic companies, which sought to have a stronger presence in China, hired celebrities popular in the country to advertise their products.



Instead of constantly trying to increase their profits, Yang said, those who are involved in the hallyu industry need to think about how they can work together with Asian partners to help them also benefit from hallyu.


Otherwise, he says hallyu can't last. 


The term hallyu is believed to be first used in China following the success of Korean dramas and music in the late 1990s. Park Jang-soon, author of the 2014 book "Hallyu Overview," says South Korean music duo Clon's successful two-day concerts in Beijing in November 1999 had caused mixed reactions from the Chinese. 


The South Korean male duo, who were disbanded in the early 2000s after one of its members had a traffic accident which left both his legs paralyzed, had fascinated younger Chinese fans with their catchy music and dance. 


While watching the young Chinese who were thrilled about Korean pop music, meanwhile, some older, conservative people began to worry about South Korea's cultural invasion, according to Park. The naming of the phenomenon reflects such worries. Early on, Park said Chinese used the Chinese character "han-lyu" meaning "cold wave" to refer the popularity of Korean pop culture and it indicates they were wary of the influence of foreign culture on their younger citizens. 


The Chinese character "han" is a homonym having two meanings ― one means "cold," the other "Korea." Later they used the Chinese character meaning Korea to refer to the phenomenal success of Korean dramas and music in China. 




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