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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee

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March 1, 2018


Lee Byung Hun sang at the 10th anniversary concert commemorating Lee Young Hoon in the Sejong Performing Arts Center.




Lee Byung Hun sang '기억이란사랑보다'.   He commented:  “ In fact, I spent my student days with this song and it is a very influential song to me.  With outstanding singers in same place, there is no other alternative besides feeling the burden.  For me , this is also an honorable moment.

Source:  a LBH fan @weibo  




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March 2, 2018 


Lee Byung Hun “Do not be overly sensible if you want to act well” (a translation) 




Again, it is Lee Byung Hun.  Although he has become more prolific all of a sudden, Lee Byung Hun is still very much an anticipated actor whose audience find him novel.  In “Single Rider”, he played a middle-aged man who was alone and remorseful.  He will again appear in “The Fortress.”  He became the top personnel affairs official to King Injo during a period when Korea experienced one of the most shameful period of its history. In an era where the emphasis is on the pursuit of righteousness, he who focused on actual benefits was ignored.  The loyal adviser who has stuck to his own positions, how will Lee Byung Hun interpret this role? 


Q: In “Gwanghae: The Man who became King” you played Gwanghae and Ha Seon who tried to improve the lives of the people.   Whether it is fate or pure coincidence, in “The Fortress” you played Choi Myung Gil who proposed to make peace with the Qing Army.  
A: It really is. It is really a coincidence that the historical trend from Gwanghae (from 1608 to 1623) to Injo(1623 to1649) will continue. 


Q: Is this an innovative look for Lee Byung Hun? 
A: Well, as far as my position is concerned, I can understand both Choi Ming Gil who was anti-war and Kim Sang Hun who was pro-war.  That was what made the movie interesting and fascinating.  No matter what movie, it is better not to follow the director’s guidance on the protagonist ’s point of view.  However in “The Fortress” it is very difficult to only have affection for one protagonist.  After listening to Choi Myung Gil’s story, I felt he was suitable; after listening to Kim Sang Hun’s story , I found him to be also appropriate. This is exactly 50 facing 50, without bias to either side.  The script is also very good.   


Q: Even though the filming of the movie has now been completed, have you not decided on your position?
A: Because I played Choi Myung Gil, it’s 51% in favour of Choi.   Both Choi Myung Gil and and Kim Sang Hu are product of a particular era and have all become heroes.  It is not a question of right or wrong.  Let’s say their voices are needed at that time.  Even if you are to criticize that period of time, the outcome is just two people living in a chaotic era. 

Q: Choi Myung Gil  is the person  who says 'no' when everyone says yes.
 A: At that time, I was criticized by others but I did not yield and adhered to my principles until the very end.  From from this point of view, Choi is a very brave person. Contrary to Kim Sang Hun’s impulsive and irritable character, Choi Myung Gil is the kind of person who is calm and quietly speaks out his point of view.  “If you are the real king, endure the humiliation and yield for the sake of your people.”  This is the source of Choi Myung Gil’s power.  He was the sort of person who traveled many times to convey his ideas despite the hail of bullets from the enemy's forces.


Q: The relationship between Choi Myung Gil and Kim Sang Hun is very interesting.

 A: When they faced the King, they were always fighting with each other.  But outside, their encounters are courteous.  Choi Myung Gil would have said this to King Injo:  “When the time comes to return to the Palace, you must bring back Kim Sang Hun, such a loyal official.”  Truly graceful.  No matter the circumstances, there is respect for each other.  If there isn’t a war, these two people could have been good friends.  


Q: When shooting the argument scene facing King Injo between the two reached its climax,  Park Hae Il said, “Sunbae Kim Yun Seok is full of fire while Sunbae Lee Byung Hun is like throwing ice.”  
A: This expression seems appropriate. Perhaps it is because of this that determined the role selections.  Sunbae Kim Yun Seok’s acting, needless to say,  is very powerful; his performance is also very passionate. If you get rid of lines and just look at the NG, it was like  being angry at yourself. (laughs) In fact, when shooting, it was very tough for Park Hae Il.   When the camera shot me and Kim Yun Seok,  Park (outside the camera’s range ) notwithstanding from saying the lines, had to worry about being influenced by us thereby he became tense and his emotions displaced. 


Q: There seems to be a lot of disputes among the actors.
A: I basically did not think there was quarreling when I was acting.  I think it is very dangerous to maintain a tense atmosphere, change the tone of acting and deliberately start a quarrel.  The outcome of the debate was already in the script.  In some situations,  I beat Kim Yun Seok, however, in other situations he beat me;  it was very interesting.  If the actor wanted more attention and acted against the director’s intentions, it would distort the  movie’s original meaning. 


Q: On the movie screen, there is a feeling that as long as Lee Byung Hun is present, he will upstage everyone.  There is such a question.   
A: It may be that I have recently starred on a number of  intense movies with tough action scenes.  It can also be called a preconceived notion.  Therefore I performed in PSYs “I LUV IT ” music video and found it very interesting.  (Lee Byung Hun performed with comic dance moves. ) Fundamentally, each person has his own aura or artistic mood.  That is normal.  The impression accumulated over time will also be part of it. 


Q: This is the first collaboration with director Huang Dong Hyuk, did you adjust well?
 A: Extremely good.  My first impression of him is someone who concentrates on learning and I am completely different.   But I discovered that he is very straight forward and much sharper than an average person.  He is the kind pf person who knows exactly what he wants. In the course of filming, he is very familiar with shooting and edits very well.  I am the kind of person who is worried about being too rigid when I am acting and prefers to act freely without looking at the camera.  More than 50% of the directors would say let’s try this and let’s try that. Some would go so far as to accept my directing. Therefore, I would have to be alert on one hand and be self reliant on the other.    (Laughs)  But director Huang Dong Hyuk is not that type of director at all.  He gives people the feeling of steadiness. 


Q: Recently, reviews on good acting for movies were endless.  If a hoobae were to ask you:  “Sunbae,  what do I need to do to improve my acting?”  How would you reply?
A:  To be honest,  I have been asked this same question many times.  But not once was I able to provide a good and satisfactory answer.  I joined KBS in their open recruitment and debuted as an actor.  Ten years ago, a PD requested me to meet with Hoobaes. At that time, I always said “Do not  be overly sensible”.  Everyone has a childlike feature in their hearts.  If you are to abandon that too eagerly to become an adult, that will hinder freedom  development. 


Q: Are you a perfectionist? 
 A: No, I am not.  I am impudent and often forgetful.  The problem of being careless seems to be more  serious.  When I am  alone, I do not pay attention to time.   However, work is completely different. 


Q: Do you only focus when you act?  
A:  Also when I chat with someone close to me. Man, if you use your brain in a place beyond the boundary of your capability, whatever remains is s fool.  (laughs)


Q: The next movie is very close to reality: “KEY TO THE HEART”’  You will also partipate in Kim Eun Sook’s TV series.  You have been an actor for 27 years,  I am still curious about your next project.
A: I'm curious too.  From ten years ago I have heard the question about what the next project was.  I have never once given a specific answer.  There is no answer precisely.  There is no way to know the future.  On the contrary, plans may hinder the freedom of choice. If  “ You must shoot two movies this year “ can be called a plan, then accepting to do a drama may seem incompatible.  It’s like anticipating everything,  with a bit of anxiety,  to go step by step on the right track.  It is like having the feeling of travel.  

Source:  October 2017 issue of M Magazine translated into Chinese by a LBH fan@weibo.



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March 3, 2018


TV series “Mr. Sunshine" Character introduction - Choi Yoo Jin (a translation) 




Both his mother and father are slaves, from the moment of their birth to the slave status.  He is an American with dark hair. In any case, a man with a stranger’s composure, an  aggressor’s arrogance, and an onlooker’s sexy charm.

At the age of 9, his master, Kim, a Government Official, killed his parents, confirming how powerful the Kim family was.  Although the reduction of property is a regrettable, it set an example to other male servants and cannot be cosidered a loss.  This is Choi Yoo Jin’s last memory of Korea. 


Choi Yoo Jin kept on fleeing to be furthest away from Korea. He went on board the US warship “Colorado”   He was a confused youth at that time.  He did not know what country to call his motherland.  Even though it meant crossing the ocean to another land, starting to live at the bottom did not make any difference. He must fight to win.  If he were to lose, he would continue to fight. 


It seemed that his name is often linked to "first". The first Oriental to enroll in New York University; the first among Orientals to be named Senior Captain of the Navy; the first to be awarded the Medal of Honor within in the Oriental community.

When "최 유진" became "Eugene Choi",  he chose the United States of America to become his own motherland.

Waiting for Eugene Choi to return from the US Spanish War was a Medal of Honour and an assignment to be stationed in Korea.


In order to contain Japan and Russia whose forces are expanding day by day, the United States used the pretext of protecting its own nationals and dispatched troops to Korea.  Eugene Choi, proficient in English and Korean, quickly adapted to the new environment.  In his report, he wrote that for his country's independence, even today,  Korea has suffered countless lives. But he did not know where Korea's sovereignty was.  For him,  Korea is only the country that allowed his parents to be killed and a country that he escape from.   The so-called "two classes" apparently pretended to be liberalized by reform and in fact they were vying for the glory of selling their country.

From the age of nine when he escaped from Korea, Eugene Choi never looked backwards, often recalling only nightmarish scenes.

So he is determined to return to Korea not to go backwards and fall. Korea is just a piece of land that he must go through, just a stepping stone. 


He was determined to march through Korea, cross Korea and return to his US motherland again.

But he could not possibly know that his fate was waiting for him in Korea, shook him unscrupulously and meeting Go Ae Shin, a woman who wanted to save Korea, her motherland ...


Source:  a LBH fan @weibo

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@peonie Thank you so much for sharing these awesome articles! What an insightful (movie-related) interview and the especially informative MR.SUNSHINE description. Been waiting to read the description and thanks to a LBH fan@weibo, we can now be in the loop as well. :lol:Truly grateful for the English translation Barbara, we so loved to be spoiled by you! Thanks so much for posting Eugene Choi's description at the drama thread as well. Finally we have all the four main character's description posted and shared the way it should be. :)


March 3, 2018


ETERNAL Photobook: Lee Byung Hun's words of emotion in pictures


Source: JISIN Jp 1 / 2 / 3 (ELBH Google-translate)




The photobook from Lee Byung Hun's feature film ETERNAL (SINGLE RIDER) is now on sale. Currently, the 47-year old Korean actor is working on a new project "Mr. Sunshine" which will be his comeback drama in Korea after nine years.


When he was first shown the official photo book of the movie "Eternal", Lee Byung Hun stated that he was deeply impressed with the compilation.


It's been a long time since he had released photo albums in Japan, saying that "ETERNAL is a movie that stays for me in my life as I have been able to look back on my family and my life that I have been walking forward with. All of my memories are packed into this photo album. "


"It's as perfect as a picture, it's as beautiful as a painting, a photo collection you can decorate at home." In the photobook, we can discover a cosmopolitan side of the movie as well as his surprisingly unfamiliar side. Even if one is not a fan it is still worth a look.


The photo collection entitled "Lee Byung Hun ETERNAL, 30 days of memory in Australia" (publisher: Kobunsha, price: 3,500 yen + tax). In addition to 122 photos, 8 pages of exclusive interview and 3 presents from Byung Hun. Currently being sold at bookstores nationwide or online. (Amazon jp)









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Still about SINGLE RIDER ~


March 3, 2018


Ahn So Hee Talks About The Scene She’s Proudest Of As An Actress + Working With Lee Byung Hun


Source: Soompi by S. Park




Actress and former Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee talked about her on-set experiences on the March 3 broadcast of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything.”


During the show’s signature introductory game, in which the cast members try to guess fun facts about the guest, Ahn So Hee asked the members to guess which scene she was proudest of as an actress. After many incorrect answers from the cast, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul finally guessed correctly, “Acting as a dead body.”


Ahn So Hee explained, “Most corpse scenes are filmed using dummies, but because we shot the film ‘Single Rider’ in Australia and there wasn’t a lot of time, I personally acted as the dead body.”


After briefly summarizing the film, she showed the cast a photo of her acting as a partially-buried corpse after an accident. Kang Ho Dong looked at the photo and exclaimed, “That’s not CGI?”





Ahn So Hee also shared what it was like to work with Lee Byung Hun. She reported that after monitoring her acting as a dead body, the star personally came over to her and advised her using his own acting experience. Ahn So Hee thanked Lee Byung Hun for his help and also described him as the “mood maker” on set.


“He was more talkative than I expected,” said the singer-turned-actress, describing him as different from what she had envisioned. “He says that his humor is so high-quality that we can’t understand it, but he really isn’t funny. There’s a generational gap in our sense of humor.”


Source (1) (2) (3)

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February 28, 2018


Korean Comedy Film “Keys To The Heart” – In Singapore Cinemas 15 March


Source: HallyuSG




A heartwarming film is about to unfold in the cinemas this March! Starring Korean actors Lee Byung-hun, Park Jung-min, as well as veteran actress Youn Yuh-jung, this upcoming film “Keys To The Heart” is about a washed-up boxer reconnecting with his younger brother who is a gifted pianist with savant syndrome. The two brothers develop a stronger relationship and work out their differences.


Film Synopsis:


A welterweight WBC Asian champion in his heyday, Jo-ha (Lee Byung-hun) is down on his luck and has nowhere to go. He makes ends meet by sparring other boxers and distributing flyers on the streets.


One day, he accidentally reunites with his mother In-sook (Youn Yuh-jung) for the first time in 17 years and moves in with her. There, he meets his half-brother Jin-tae (Park Jung-min), whom he didn’t know existed.
Although he has autism, Jin-tae cooks ramen incredibly well, plays video games like no other, and is a savant when it comes to playing the piano. Jo-ha isn’t too fond of his new brother, who always responds to his questions with a simple ‘yup’. But in order to put together some money to move abroad, he has to help out around the house and get to know Jin-tae… Two unlikely brothers must unite to find the right tunes for brotherhood!


Title: Keys To The Heart (그것만이 내 세상)
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family
Cast: Lee Byung-hun, Park Jung-min, Youn Yuh-jung, Han Ji-min
Directed by: Choi Sung-hyun
Run Time: 121 mins
Singapore Release Date: 15 March 2018



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March 5, 2018


THE FORTRESS to be released in Japan on June 22


Official Website // thanks to fans' highlight on twitter



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I've just seen KEYS TO THE HEART albeit without English subs. Well.. have to say this is probably the simplest storyline for Lee Byung Hun to act in and the most unglamorous, uncool and uncomplicated character he played. 


So, does a simple plot make it unforgettable? Nope.

So, does uncool make it uninteresting? Nope.

So, does uncomplicated make it unrelated? Nope. 


The director of this movie had it so easy. No headache for him. Simple plot with simply excellent actors. th_animated-notes.gif


I don't know the dialogues, just guessing from the body-language. JoHa is JoHa is JoHa.. not LBH the action-star, not the secret-agent, not the King, not the minister, not even the backstreet gangster. 


No one would give LBH as JoHa a second look, it showed how they filmed the giving-out-flyer scenes were done with secret cameras. But he was someone, a boxer, a son, a brother, a person.. bringing a warm feeling despite a seemingly less than ordinary role.


I was wondering how the movie fills up its 2-hr duration. Luckily it doesn't go in circles.. and  doesn't linger on unnecessary scenes too long. Sure, it has no plot twists, no big surprises but it has elements that makes a charming funny movie with touching moments. The sad scenes were subtle but strong enough to make tears fell like waterfall. 


Despite his frustrations (towards his mom), glad to see that JoHa could still hold it in. Instead he went to get beaten up 'professionally' to release his anger, and he came back to his family because, without realizing it, he understood his mom. Memorable scene, when Omma came back from work to see the brothers sprawling in the messy living room (boys will be boys).. finally her sons are connected as siblings.


LOL JoHa moment: :lol:

When he suddenly woke up from the 'coma' (he was just sleeping?).. LBH too funny.

Playing video game and losing to JinTae, he bosses the little brother around. :tongue:


Undoubtedly, LBH has great chemistry with PJM, like real brothers. With good roles and better scripts, the young actor will certainly go very very far.


Once I'm able to watch and understand the dialogues with English subs, I may have different thoughts later but KEYS TO THE HEART is a simple yet sensible life story. With family, you just have to tune to each other and create the right notes.


They had the 'fake' flyers that JoHa & JinTae distributed in the movie, as well as a 'media background' for Kim Jo Ha and Han Ji Min's pianist role. th_animated-notes.gif



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Source: BH Entertainment FB


Update 2/27: 10 actors 10 actresses


Image may contain: 20 people, people smiling


L - R

Top: Go Soo, Park Sung Hun, Park Hae Soo, Sean Richard Dulake, Lee Byung Hun, Lee Ji A , Han Ga In

Middle: Yoo Ji Tae, Kim Yong Ji, Kim Go Eun, xxx, Byeon Woo Seok, Yu Xiaoguang, Erika Karata

Bottom: Lee Hee Jun, Han Ji Min, Jin Goo, Chu Ja Hyun, Han Hyo Joo, Jang Yeong Nam


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March 7, 2018


Here's why Mr Sunshine could be Korea's first global TV hit
Unpacking a new trend in international television.




Over the past few years, Korean television has been going from strength to strength. While the stars and shows may not be household names in Britain, with a growing US following and fans across the globe, this summer any Korean drama fan's watercooler topic of discussion has already been decided: it's called Mr Sunshine. (Not to be confused with the short-lived 2011 Matthew Perry sitcom, by the way…)


Korean dramas or "Kdrama" is more popular than you might think. Behind Hollywood and Bollywood, Seoul has become in the last few years a major player in the field of entertainment. Thanks to PSY, Kpop is an international phenomenon and South Korea is now exporting television globally, too.


A brief catch-up for those new to Kdrama: director Lee Eung-bok and screenwriter Kim Eun-sook released Descendants of the Sun in 2016. It was a romantic series set in a modern-day conflict zone, made with a large $10.8 million budget and an international setting.



Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Descendants of the Sun

©  KBS (Descendants of the Sun)


The show became a huge sensation and made instant stars of leads Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. Such was the demand for the cast after the show aired that daily news stories appeared even in the foreign press about the pair's real-life relationship.


The difference between Korean and American drama is once the drama is done, it's done – the story is wrapped up, characters finish their arcs and the world moves on, no matter how much of a ratings winner it becomes.


Without further seasons to obsess over, the hot topic of discussion is the writer's next work – especially as Korean television is written by a single person, with no group efforts or creators taking a backseat after the pilot.



Goblin, tv series



After Descendants came Goblin. Set in the modern day, it was a sci-fi story about a supernatural being falling in love with an ordinary woman. With a shockingly high level of pre-release hype, Goblin too became a success and made leading man Gong Yoo (known to British audiences for the instant zombie classic Train to Busan – watch it free on Amazon Prime today) television's go-to star.


So that's where we are today: the writer-director team of Kim Eun-sook and Lee Eung-bok have got two huge hits under their belt, and now they've created Mr Sunshine, a series with the Hollywood-friendly Lee Byung-hun (GI Joe) as its star and – crucially for that breakout appeal – a strongly American theme.


The production has been kept under wraps, but we know it involves another love story, this time set during the 1871 Shinmiyango (US expedition to Korea). It's the story of a boy who travels to the United States during the Shinmiyango and returns to his homeland later as an American soldier. (It's a politically charged issue, as an armed conflict broke out between the two countries resulting in the death of hundreds.)




©  TVN


Anticipation for the series is high enough among international audiences that the teaser trailer has already been viewed more than 1 million times on social media with little to no promotion upon its release.

With its lavish, widescreen panoramas, tall ships, epic battles and even a Wild-West motif, the spectacular teaser suggests no expense has been spared.


For Korean television shows, the soundtrack is much more important than for western releases and with Mr Sunshine, the current hot topic is who will appear in the OST. With an average of five to eight separate single releases before the full soundtrack, there is a lot of money in Korean soundtracks and a high possibility that Kim Tae-yeon of Girls' Generation will be sought after to sing at least one featured song.






For those new to Kpop, this now-solo singer is one of the most successful Korean singers of all time. With 69 solo award nominations, 23 wins including for Best Song for a Drama and Outstanding Korean Drama OST plus 121 wins and 224 nominations as part of Girls' Generation, everyone loves Tae-yeon both at home and overseas, with her solo albums reaching number one in multiple countries.


Descendants of the Sun and Goblin are strangely unavailable on UK Netflix, but are available to stream free (with English subtitles) via VIKI.com and via the VIKI app (you can watch DOTS here and Goblin here). International distribution for Mr Sunshine is yet to be announced, but Netflix, we're looking at you...

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March 8, 2018 mrs.jpg


"Little Forest" The Healing Movie That Viewers Love

Source: Sports Donga via HanCinema.net





The movie "Little Forest" reached its break-even point a week after its release.


"Little Forest" is being called the greatest healing movie of 2018 and by the second week, it was best ticket selling movie. On the 7th of March the movie accumulated up to 825,027 viewers and managed to break through the break-even point of 800,000.


The movie was a fast seller since before its release. "Little Forest" depicts the wonderful four seasons of the Republic of Korea and delivers a healing message to its viewers.


The results are even more meaningful as "Little Forest" competed against major Hollywood blockbusters and fellow Korean movies. Other than "Keys to the Heart" starring Lee Byung-hun, Youn Yuh-jung and Park Jung-min, "Little Forest" is the only other movie that broke even early this year. The 1.5 billion won movie was released in low peak season, but word of mouth spread the news of the excellent film and it ended up maintaining a steady record. Unlike violent and stimulating movies these days, "Little Forest" has none of that; instead, it brings peace to the viewers.


Meanwhile, "Little Forest" is about a woman named Hye-won (Kim Tae-ri) who is tired of tests, love and employment, returning home to spend four seasons with her friends Jae-ja (Ryu Jun-yeol) and Eun-sook (Jin Gi-joo).

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Related excerpt only -


March 6, 2018


Universal Storytelling
A Look at Foreign Remakes of Korean Films


by Christopher Weatherspoon / KoBiz




The Korean film industry has grown enormously. According to Korean Film Council (KOFIC)’s 2017 Korean Film Industry Report, last year, local theaters sold nearly 220 million tickets, once again making South Korea one of the countries with the highest per capita theater attendance in the world. Unfortunately, this also means that the Korean market has reached a saturation point where further growth could prove difficult. This conundrum has forced the Korean industry to set their sights on international expansion as they search for more audiences to consume their content. 


These days, in addition to the export of completed Korean films, the licensing of Korean intellectual property for foreign remakes has also become popular. Of course foreign remakes are nothing new for the Korean film industry. Since the turn of the millennium, international producers have attempted to remake popular Korean films for local audiences, with varying degrees of success. However, over the past 20 years things have changed. The Korean film industry has now grown to become one of the world’s most creative and profitable, and now carries the capital, marketing know-how and most importantly soft-power, to produce localized remakes of Korean films that can compete at the international level. 

The modernization of the Korean film industry in the late 1990s coincided with a time when Hollywood began to adapt Asian genre films for American audiences. The success of the American remakes of Ju-on: The Grudge (2002) and The Ring (1998) encouraged Hollywood producers to seek out more international intellectual properties to exploit for American audiences. However, early adaptations of South Korean films saw limited success in the United States. In 2008, the American remake of KIM Sung-ho’s 2003 horror film Into the Mirror went on to earn a respectable USD 77.5 million worldwide against a reported budget of USD 35 million. Helmed by French horror director Alexandre Aja, the film, which starred Kiefer Sutherland, deviated in plot from the original Korean version and received less than stellar reviews.


Roy LEE, one of the Hollywood producers responsible for introducing The Ring to American audiences, would try his hand at several American remakes of Korean films. First was the romantic drama The Lakehouse (2006), which was a remake of LEE Hyeon-seung’s classic time-hop love story Il Mare (2000). The film, which reunited Speed (1994) co-stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, earned a healthy USD 115 million at the international box office. Next, Roy LEE and his team produced a western remake of KWAK Jae-yong’s 2001 hit romantic comedy My Sassy Girl. However, the American version failed to acquire theatrical distribution and was released direct-to-DVD. LEE made three more attempts at releasing western remakes of Korean films which included Possession (2008), a remake of PARK Young-hoon’s Addicted (2002), The Uninvited (2009), a remake of KIM Jee-woon’s A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) and Old Boy (2003), Spike Lee’s remake of PARK Chan-wook’s classic neo-noir film of the same name. Though The Uninvited saw some financial success, none of the films achieved critical acclaim. 


Full article HERE 





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March 12, 2018


MA$TER Free Screening at KCCLA


Source: Korean Cultural Center LA @kccla


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