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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee #TheManStandingNext

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On 10/23/2017 at 11:21 AM, rubie said:

October 23, 2017


Lee Byung Hun, Park So Dam, Park Jung Min, Kim Tae Ri to attend the Blue Dragon Film Handprinting


Source: OSEN


Former 2016 winners such as actors Lee Byung-Hun, Park Sang-dam, Park Jung-min and Kim Tae-ri will attend the 38th Blue Dragon Film Handprinting event.






October 31, 2017


According to the media report today (via TV Daily), the Blue Dragon Hand Printing event that was to be held on November 1 have been canceled following the death of fellow movie actor Kim Joo Hyuk on Monday in a car accident. Due to the sudden and tragic situation, the Korean entertainment industry have halted a number of entertainment events including VIP screenings and press previews for movies opening this week as a sign of respect at the passing of the actor.


Events Canceled Out Of Respect Following Kim Joo Hyuk’s Passing


The Blue Dragon Film Awards representative had apologized for the sudden cancellation of the event, while actors who were scheduled to attend the hand-printing also expressed their deepest sympathies.


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logo_20160119.jpg Official website // Wikipedia


October 30, 2017


THE FORTRESS Dominates 37th Korean Film Critics Association Awards
SUL Kyung-gu and NA Moon-hee Take Top Acting Honors


by Pierce Conran / KoBiz


The Korean Film Critics Association announced the winners for its upcoming 37th awards, and it will be the period siege drama The Fortress that walks away with the biggest and most prizes when the show takes place next month. HWANG Dong-hyuk’s austere film earned the awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Music (by famed Japanese composer SAKAMOTO Ryuichi) and Best Cinematography for KIM Jee-yong.


The main acting prizes went to actor SUL Kyung-gu for The Merciless while actress NA Moon-hee triumphed for her part in I Can Speak. YOO Hae-jin took Best Supporting Actor for A Taxi Driver and Best Supporting Actress went to The Merciless’ JEON Hye-jin. Best New Actor and Actress went to PARK Seo-jun of Midnight Runners and CHOI Hee-seo of Anarchist from Colony. 


The Best New Director Prize went to KANG Yun-sung of the still in theaters THE OUTLAWS and Anarchist from Colony also picked up the Best Screenplay award for HWANG Seong-gu. The Battleship Island earned the Technical Award for art director LEE Hoo-kyoung.


The Awards for Independent Film went to documentary filmmaker LEE Young (Troublers) and Jane director CHO Hyunhoon. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award will be bestowed upon cinematographer JEON Jo-myung, who was active for almost 50 years and worked frequently with Korean masters such as KIM Soo-yong and IM Kwon-taek. The FIPRESCI prize went to BONG Joon-ho’s Okja while CHOI Tae-hoon and NAM Yoo-rang earned the Best New Critics prizes.


The Association also announced its ten best films of the year, which included A Taxi Driver, The Fortress, Anarchist from Colony, I Can Speak, The Battleship Island, THE OUTLAWS, On the Beach at Night Alone, The Merciless, Missing and Midnight Runners.


The ceremony for the 37th Korean Film Critics Association Awards will take place next month on the 9th at the Seoul Press Center.

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Yesterday, when this photo appeared on IG, many were surprised as we've not seen this capture before. Was it an old behind-the-scene image or.. a new one? Is Lee Byung Hun re-endorsing ChaseCult like he did in 2000-2004?


Photo: eunju__69




A link to GSGM Family led to this




And today on IG, a short clip feat. Lee Won Geun (the current ChaseCult model) and Lee Byung Hun, an earlier CC model, of course. Interestingly, LWG was under BH Entertainment when he debuted and now has moved on to another agency. It's good to see that LBH maintains good relationship with former BH Artistes such as So Hee (appeared together in Single Rider) and Go Soo (The Fortress), who actually returned to BHEnt.


Clip: GSGMCORP @gsgm_family

Yes, back for the Winter Catalogue 2017
2017 Winter


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Almost a minute clip of the CF (full version) :)

Published on October 31, 2017 by Family GSGM

ChaseCult 2017 Winter: Lee Byung Hun Meets Lee Won Geun



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October 31, 2017


37th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards 2017 Winners


Source: HanCinema.net




Winners of the 37th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards 2017. The ceremony will held on November 9 and presented by Seo Kang-joon and Lee Sun-bin.


Best Film

"The Fortress"


Best Director

"The Fortress" - Hwang Dong-hyeok


Best Screenplay

"Anarchist from Colony" - Hwang Seong-goo


Best Actress

"I Can Speak" - Nah Moon-hee


Best Actor

"The Merciless" - Sul Kyung-gu


Best Cinematography

"The Fortress" - Kim Jee-yong


Best Music

"The Fortress" - Ryuichi Sakamoto


Technical Award

"The Battleship Island" - Lee Hoo-kyoung


Best New Director

"The Outlaws" - Kang Yoon-Sung


Best New Actress

"Anarchist from Colony" - Choi Hui-seo


Best New Actor

"Midnight Runners" - Park Seo-joon


FIPRESCI Award (International Federation of Film Critics, Korean branch)

"Okja" - Bong Joon-ho


10 Films Award

"A Taxi Driver"
"The Fortress"
"Anarchist from Colony"
"I Can Speak"
"The Battleship Island"
"The Outlaws"
"On the Beach at Night Alone"
"The Merciless"
"Missing Woman"
"Midnight Runners"


Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeon Jo-myung


Best New Critic

Choi Jae-hoon and Nam Yoo-rang


Best Independent Film

"Troublers" - Lee Young

"Jane" - Cho Hyun-hoon

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November 2, 2017


Lee Byung Hun re-emerge as Chase Cult exclusive model

Source: Apparel News (ELBH Google-translate)




GSGM (CEO Lee Geun Seung) has chosen once again actor Lee Byung Hun as the exclusive model for the season's leading casual brand 'Chase Cult'. 
Top actor Lee Byung Hun has been the exclusive 'Chase Cult' model from 2001-2004 will re-appear as a model for this winter season from November 2017 to January 2018. 


Currently, the exclusive model of the 'Chase Cult' is new actor Lee Won Geun, who is able to accommodate the 10 to 20-year old consumers as well as the 30 to 40s. 


'Chase Cult' is planning to actively promote national actor Lee Byung Hun alongside Lee Won  Geun, as full - time model for this winter season with the aim of sharing memories and retro trends to mature generations. 


Meanwhile, the 'Chase Cult' will be highlighting on its homepage, promos gifts through the video release of Lee Byung Hun X Lee Won Geun from the 1st to the 30th. 

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Saw this on IG, someone sharing her K-Bank card she just got after watching the CF. Let's compare the cute bank card's design & color with the one LBH has, which showed another funny feature. :lol:


Photo: 12.comet




user posted image  K-Bank: New online-banking CF feat. Lee Byung Hun 


user posted image


Now, doesn't it look quite a bit like this guy - - - - - - - > user posted image

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November 2, 2017


Arena Homme October 2017 issue interview ( a translation) 

Part 1 



This is called Lee Byung Hun's  character

If one asks who is South Korea's most awesome actor, the answer is Lee Byung Hun. 

In the twenties he was an active young person speeding ahead nonstop. In the 30s, he was a maturing man with more sophistication. Now a man of more than 40 years old, he once again heads toward a different stage of development.

This is a story of Lee Byung Hun that every person may discover from within. Timeless, his works are considered unusual and amazing, making his presence delightfully refreshing. For this reason, the selection of Lee Byung Hun as “the most awesome actor in the Republic of Korea” is not entirely unfounded.


Q: Spring and summer of 2017 have passed during the filming of “The Fortress”  wearing Hanbok and “It’s Only My World” clad in local casual clothes. How does filming in Hanbok again feel like after such a long period of work in casual wear?


A: Over the years, filming has been as such; however, now it does feel slightly unfamiliar. Why? It has only been just a few months, ha ha.

Q: While we are on this subject, it has certainly been a long while since you have worn costumes for historical dramas right?


A: The most comforting aspect of being casted in a historical drama is
not having to worry about outfits. After that production, playing the part of the ubiquitously present local bully required mostly athletic wear and T-shirts. In a period of eight months, I remained very insensitive to apparel; for this reason, my private life has also been affected. Originally, I would pay some attention to my appearance even for a visit to the local supermarket. But on one occasion, I actually showed up for work in flip flops! Ha ha, I even surprised myself. 


Q: Although Lee BH is not categorized as a high volume production actor, the last two years have been marked by nonstop filming activity.


A: Rather than having planned to do so, the reason is that Korean movies have been gradually improving. It is not something noticeable within Korea, but suddenly one can feel it overseas.  In the past, one would wow with envy upon learning that someone will appear in a production by Wong Kar Wai,  Zhang Yimou and other famous directors. But now, if there is an opportunity to appear in a production by Park Chan Wook, Kim Jee Woon,  Bong Joon Ho and other Korean directors, even overseas actors would cheer with admiration. Therefore, it is evident than the status of Korean film has risen; diversity of material and completion of script have also improved.
Q: Have you vigorously become more active in order not to miss good productions?


A: That is the case. In such a period marked with large volumes of good productions, I would regret if I hadn’t done so. Certainly, this highlights the importance of the power of movie scripts and directors. It would be even better if we can learn more about aspects in addition to the prediction of ticket sales and audience attendance.


Q: From our perspective, it would be ideal if we can see you appear on the screen. However, do you not feel physically drained in fact?


A: It’s very taxing physically. But in “The Fortress”  I actually found much leisure time while working with other actors playing major characters, since work simply entails completing one’s own portion. Thus, spending three days and two nights filming at Gangwon Province felt like a regular nine to five work day. Moreover, that became the usual situation since having a child.


Q: Do you find that as a father, you would just like to spend more time your your child?


A: After work every day, my son is already asleep. When I leave in the morning, I can spend some time with him  and that brings me the joy that sustains me while filming.


Source:  a LBHFan @weibo


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November 2, 2017


Arena Homme October 2017 issue interview ( a translation) 

Part 2



Q: Kim Hoon’s writing style is very concise and highly attractive.

A: That’s true. The lines are cool; upon savoring the essence, one would feel that they are famous lines.


Q: In fact, it is director Hwang Dong Hyuck  who raised this question. Regardless, “Namhansanseong” (The Fortress)  remained a best seller for ten years throughout several editions. At the same time, it was challenging for the work of Kim Hoon, to be interpreted in the big screen. 

A: Ha ha, that’s interesting. The representative of the production company is author Kim Hoon’s daughter. This film was not handled by another production company, since they [the company] are actually the producers. In this respect, it was easy for our team to establish contact with Kim Hoon. Kim Hoon has also visited our set. After the director’s reinterpretation, Kim Hoon took part in the discussions and later gave a comment of “excellent”. 


Q: Although I wonder if it’s just me, I believe that you, Lee Byung, prefer ‘film noir’ over other genres.

A: Most male fans say so too, ha ha.


Q: Action films, comedies, romance, historicals and films noir, etc. can all be duly savored. Certainly we do not want to place a limit on stories. Even so, do you feel that there is a particular genre especially suited for you?

A: Every genre has its unique allure. This must be said. I especially like reality films. Producing film noir requires exceptional acting skills. I haven’t actually witnessed a homicide or anyone being brutally beated. However, “It’s Only My World”, for instance, is really a story about our everyday life. Don’t we all have tears and laughter in real life?


Q: Now I seem to understand. But it would be wonderful if your can offer further clarification.

A: The part I play is that of a local middle-aged man wearing shorts, dragging slippers and smoking a cigarette. Presenting such an image does not entail extreme emotional changes. On the contrary, paying attention to details would add a lot of depth and the audience can then savor the film through the delicate essences.


Q: Let us examine the actor Lee Byung Hun.  In the 1990s you were an actor beeming with youthful energy; prior to 2010, we saw a Lee Byung Hun filled with the urge to continue developing. An example would be the gravitation towards foolish desires.  Even in your current stage of stability, you still engage in production activities actively. Of course, that is the Lee Byung Hun now.

A: Although this is a generalization, this is very close to the real me. I do have leisure time now, but I would never feel content. While it doesn’t appear to be so on the surface, I am still contemplating ways to improve. If I were a technician, I would definitely reach the level of master. However, I’m not a technician but an actor. Each time I face a new production, my worries are no different from when I was a novice.


Q: Every time you start a new production, you will still feel the pressure,  is that what you mean? 

A: Of course. Because the inner desire is greater. Because of the greater desire, the level of satisfaction is also higher.  Compared to when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, the pressure I feel is stronger.   I am concerned that I need to continue constantly to cross over mountains to fulfill my acting aspirations.  This is a problem difficult to solve.  

Q: I am curious as to how you can eliminate the built up pressure. 

A:  Often times, having a glass of wine,  watching a movie and sorting out your thoughts are good times to get rid of the pressure.  Furthermore, I naturally learned a lot after watching movies from around the world.  

Source:  a LBHfan@weibo

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November 2, 2017


Arena Homme October 2017 issue interview ( a translation) 

Part 3




Q: For men, it is very meaningful to have their own space.  Very envious.  

A: When I was living with my mother, I built a home theater system.  After getting married, I left home.  When my child was born, this space disappeared.  We set up a TV in the living room with a projector.  If I were to add large loud speakers, it would be difficult.  Because of my child, ha ha.


Q: So how do you spend your time?  
A:  We have recently moved. I requested a space from my wife. Even though the space is not big.   But nonetheless, it is my own space. In the evening, I often spend time in there.  


Q:  I started to be curious about this issue for a long long time.  Lots of your photos depicted your left face, no matter whether they are magazine photos or movie posters.  It seems many actors are well aware of their good sides. Do you also like your left face?

A: This is especially true when taking pictures. In the past, when shooting and in order to be cool, I often used my left face.  But filming is not the same. The left face feels softer. So the right side of the face feels more rigid.


Q: After “All In”, you took a long time to shoot “Iris”.  Now, after about nine years, you are returning to TV drama through “Mr. Sunshine”.  You are cooperating with Kim Eun Sook, the writer who wrote the unprecedented popular series “Decendants of the Son” and “Goblin”.     When do you start shooting?

A: Not yet determined.  My understanding is that shooting will start in early December. 


Q:  Shooting starts in winter and it is a period piece.  It will be hard for sure.  It will be better if the drama can be pre-produced.  

A: Approximately half of it will be pre-produced.  The other half will be shot while it is being aired.


Source: A LBHfan@weibo

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November 2, 2017


Arena Homme October 2017 issue interview ( a translation)

Part 4



Q: You have to be psychologically prepared.  People who only make movies may find drama strenuous.  

A: I'm a little scared too. Can I withstand it? I keep thinking about it. 


Q:  I am curious whether you have met the writer Kim Eun Sook?  

A:  I saw her about three times. Seemingly a very interesting person. 


Q: I have never met writer Kim Eun Sook, so I am curious. So I want to ask what kind of person she is, to be able to write such lines.  

A: I do not know much about that person either.  I have hardly seen any of Kim Eun Sook’s  works.  I do not watch TV dramas.  However, I often hear from people around me praising her.  She is a great writer who is able to produce such exquisite lines.  I also hope through my interpretation of her lines, I would not fail to live up to her mission.


Q: As an actor, one must again tackle the challenge squarely. 

A: Eight years after “All In” I starred in “Iris” and after 9 years, I am acting in a drama again.  After this show, and in about 8 years time,  I think I can appear as the protagonist’s father, ha ha.


Q: The fans will be looking forward to this drama.  When celebrity writer Kim Eun Sook and actor Lee Byung Hun work together, they may become Korean stars of the Hallyu.  Expectations are high.

A: Although it does not feel like this, if it can become like this, it will be a good thing.  My company is also looking forward to this.


Q:   Before the shooting of “Mr. Sunshine”, you can rest between two to three months.  Apart from watching movies, what else do you want most to do?  

A:  That’s the best time to travel with the family.  In fact, we often travel  together.  We do it once every two months.  Not long ago, we made a trip to Vietnam. 


Q:  Your face is well known in the US and Asia.  When you travel with your family, do you feel the inconvenience?  

A:  Staying somewhere for work and traveling with your family is not the same.  If fans see me holding my child, they will show respect and be polite.  Perhaps because fans can understand the fact that “it is hard being a dad”.  


Source: a LBHfan@weibo

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@peonie Barbara, thank you so much for a wonderful English translation and sharing of LBH's Arena Interview. It must have taken you a lot of hours translating a great article to read. Finally, we get to know a bit more about 'The Fortress', 'It's Only My World', 'Mr. Sunshine' and some work related thoughts & activities plus some heart-warming mention about his lovely little boy, who's definitely his Appa's little sunshine.


Must say that we are especially grateful to the LBHfan @weibo for the Korean-Chinese translation and yourself for this excellent sharing, we truly & really appreciate it!


Now that Lee Byung Hun is once again featured in a ChaseCult CF, fans everywhere are practically digging out their CC compilation from 2000-2004 catalogues which is a good thing indeed. Although at ELBH we had some pics compiled and posted (from what we can save from the 2005 soompi crash), there's always more pics missing. And with the current situation with Photobucket, it's harder to maintain so many images. Nonetheless, it's a ChaseCult fest at PlanetBH as fans are posting again CC pics, some of which I personally have forgotten about.. well, sort of.. :lol: 


Good time to re-stock.. I mean.. re-compile, LOL.

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Thanks to the highlight at PlanetBH0712, article at Naver.com & info from LotteCinema


November 1, 2017


YOU'R Romance: Lotte Cinema reminisces Korean romance movies


Source: Naver.com (ELBH Google-translate)



This autumn, Lotte Cinema invites the audience who wants to fall in love and feel the romance. 


From November 2nd to the 15th, Lotte Cinema will be presenting a Korean romance film exhibition entitled "YOU'R Romance."  The two-week event will be divided into two themes showcasing six representative Korean romance films. 




The first theme is 'What was your love in those days?' featuring 'Bungee Jumping of Our Own' in 2001, 'Classic' in 2003, and 'A Moment to Remember' in 2004. Through the selection from the early 2000s, strong feeling of romance reminded us of the memories of that time. All three movies are rated highly, and being quoted by many audiences who love romance movies since the time of its opening. In addition, lead actor Lee Byung Hun, has grown into a recognized actor not only in Korea but also in the world, as well as other best actors such as Son Ye Jin, Jung Woo Sung, Cho Seung Woo and Jo In Sung.


The second theme is "What is your love nowadays?" featuring "Introduction to Architecture" (2012), When A Man Loves A Woman" (2014) and "Beauty Inside" (2015). These are the current romance movies that goes well with autumn and will give a warm feeling to the hearts of the audience. 





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