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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan

Guest aatu

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aka Flunk Punk Rumbleimage00-insert2.jpg~original
Yankee-Kun to Megane-chan

From Mahou-X: The story starts with a seemingly unassuming class rep Adachi Hana who has taken an interest in the school's known delinquent, Shinagawa Daichi. Just what is her reason for following Daichi and wanting him to go on the class field trip?

Wiki: Daichi Shinagawa was just a Yankee (Japanese term for delinquent) who wanted nothing to do with his high school life. Hana Adachi, the dedicated class representative, however would not allow it and constantly bothers him to be involve in school life. Shinagawa is first confused on why does she keep pestering him until he discovers her secret.
While she may look like a typical class representative stereotype, Adachi is actually not very smart and lacks common sense, and Shinagawa eventually learns that Adachi is a former delinquent. Regretting being a yankee during her middle school years, Adachi decides to change her ways to achieve her dream of becoming the best class representative. She decides to help Shinagawa so he will not continue to make the same mistake that she did. Thus begins the adventures of these two unlikely friends and their classmates.

Volumes: 23 (Complete) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=10829*This series has also live action drama released



The storyline is pretty slow but... HILARIOUS. XDXDI really want to buy this manga but no American publishers have taken it... T___T however in Singapore Chuangyi took it up~ but they named it Flunk Punk Rumble http://www.chuangyi.com.sg/new/ecatalogtit...unk+Punk+Rumble

I'd say if anyone liked Yostuba&! where its mostly for laughs at funny situations and characters, you'll like Yankee-kun to Megane-chan too~

edit: i found out too that the mangaka was the assistant to the mangaka of fairy tail~




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It's soo funny~~~

The first volume had me laughing like crazy. The random moments reminded me of Power! (Girl Got Game). Some people complain that the series has not plot but I think it is awesome and that there is some development. I don't think it ever gets bland. Every situation is funny and I never know how it's going to end up. It's good for a laugh! Megane and Yankee later meet more people and they are also very awesome. Anyways, I really recommend it as well.

You can read up to Chapter 33 on http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/series/...to_megane_chan/

If you want to download it try mangatraders.com or http://the-evil-empire.net/index.php?

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yay~~ someone reads it too > <

thanks for the links but I should have made my question clearer~

do you know where i can buy the books?????

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haha i love this manga! the girl is soo funny and ditsy~ xD i can't wait for the guy and girl to have some romantic moment.. ;) but i doubt there wont have it that much.. =( anyway, the beginning was lololol, but the latest manga, it got a little boring.. :/

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

theres really no point to this manga but its as funny and better than hell

im always laughing my but off on this manga so funny every chapter its too much!

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Guest hixanniex

oh gosh this manga is hilarious lol

the main guy is kind of delusional lol he doesnt realize that he is the one

that is head of heals for megane lol

well same for megane she really is thick head lol

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Guest tomodachi-

Just thought I'd bump this thread up.

This manga doesn't seem to be getting as much attention ?

I absolutely love this manga! It's hilarious! The first volume really got me addicted to continue reading.

This surprisingly turned out to become one of my favourite mangas.

Definitely a recommended read for some good comedy.

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Yankee-kun To Megane-chan is still as funny as EVER!!!

I can't believe it's by Chapter 50 already. I love how fast it's being translated. :D

The whole student council thing going on now is so very interesting.

I love how Shinagawa is turning into this cool 'good' student. I think the story is really developing in the sense that he's changing.

Anyways, wonder what's up with Izumi at the end of Chapter 50.

And you know, I was re-reading the whole series the other day and they haven't addressed anything about Adachi's family. Because in one chapter she called out some guys in black suits and they followed her orders as if she was the daughter of someone important and so far we have only met her granny...

Wonder what's gonna happen!

Anyways Yankee-kun and Megane-chan is lots of LOVE LOVE! :D

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Guest Justalilodreamer

I love this, its the funniest manga ever. I can always depend on this manga to make my day :lol: The story seems kind of pointless at first but theres actually very good character development as you read further on. I think theres a pretty nice moral type thing behind it.

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^aww... it's been couples months now so i guess... they did drop it?

I wish an american company would license this, i wouldn't mind buying this series....

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