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[drama 2004] More Beautiful Than A Flower 꽃보다 아름다워

Guest kdramafanusa

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Guest piano_lady

So you have watched IYSS :) I am still contemplating which one to watch after MBTAF (will take a break first :blush: ) ;

IYSS or Capital Scandal with HGE & Ryu Jin (KMM's best friend) & Kang Ji Hwan (IC's best friend aka MS's eldest brother) ;)

Maybe I should check with Piano Lady which one is better since she has both link in her siggy :)

Hi Janie...already contemplating on what to watch next? :D

I still haven't finished watching IYSS yet but it's in my siggy for another purpose... :P

I only watched the first 5 episodes and I admit that it is quite addicting and given that it's more than a 100 episodes, I'd recommend that you watch Capital Scandal first! :D

Let's watch IYSS together with the rest of the KMM gang :D

I also wanna watch MBTAF before I start watching IYSS :lol::D

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Guest aaadramavr

I haven't had a chance to watch the show lately. I really like it. So if KBS World does repeat it with english subs would someone please please capture it and post it somewhere. The quality doesn't matter because I already have HQ raws from this topic.

It is refreshing to see a devoted couple and their baby. With His surgery outfit on KMM looked ready for his role as Dr. Jang in White Tower. Nowhere as relaxed though.

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Guest Janie Simply

Alright, PL, thanks for the recommendation, will watch Capital Scandal next since KJH is in it; poor guy barely showed up on the screen for less than 30 seconds and been knocked down :sweatingbullets: But he sure is doing well these days B)

KBS World should repeat this series on weekdays.

This is such a wholesome and tender drama so hopefully they will repeat the series esp now that KMM is so popular B)

I think KBS loves KMM -- I think they did the before & after delivery documentary of KMM's son in between MBTAF filming; I think they also like IC &MS a lot 'cos in their MBTAF photo gallery, they posted mainly the couple pictures :sweatingbullets:

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Guest Janie Simply

A friend (CS)'s thought on the drama Part 1...

More Beautiful Than a Flower is a really good drama!! Although long, the drama didn’t feel very long.


The drama does not drag like many Korean dramas; there is something developing all the time

There is conflict and adversity in the lives of the characters, but each person is learning and growing from their experiences

The story is modern – it addresses current day difficult issues such as divorce, mixed marriange, social status differences, financial struggles in families

I am really touched by the mother’s authenticity and struggles. She is hurt and angry by the circumstances, but she tries to be and to do good.

There are fights in the family, but there is eventual acceptance and forgiveness… I like this theme.

This story also depicts importance of extended family.

This story depicts differences in how people deal with tragedies in their lives. Some come out strong, some wallow in their misery. Case in point: IC's friends were jailed, but one person turned out good (struggled and opened his own restaurant), while the other two turned out bad (getting money from IC)

I can understand how the actress playing the mom, and the actor playing the youngest son, got awards – they did a good job acting. We really feel the mother’s loneliness and yearnings.

The emotions are portrayed realistically … I don’t like melodrama so much …so I appreciate this change.

You see the following through the story:

-No one is perfect

-Compatibility is important

-Acceptance, tolerance, love, forgiveness, biting your tongue, patience are important qualities for family harmony


Here's Part 2:

The mother is the main character – as she is referred to as “more beautiful than a flower” – she kept the family together. She is not super-woman, because the drama also portrayed her flaws. Her Alzheimer’s disease may be a blessing in disquise. I think if she found out who is responsible for her first son’s death, it would be too difficult to bear.

Both IC and MS will not be able to truly love each other if they don’t “Let Go” of Jae-Shik (first brother who died). Their relationship is kind of open-ended. What do you think will happen? Would the girl be too attached to the mother and family and therefore not pursue IC? Would IC be waiting forever in a foreign country for the girl to come to him? I think what will only work is if IC changes, and let go of his “baggage” and comes back to Korea and the family.

I think the pillar or anchor in the family is the first sister’s husband – he is not good looking; but he seems to be the only one that is “put together” and stable. In fact, he is the type of husband you would want – kind, stable, considerate, even-keel. His character throughout the drama has been consistent – consistently good.

The eldest sister is the toughest – she has sacrificed quite a bit for the family, too. She is emotional and has explosive temper, but her heart is good.

KMM character is the most fragile … very weak emotionally. But this is as a result of his tragedy… he has demonstrated strong loyalty to his best friend, to his first wife, and to his mom. It will be very difficult for him to let go. So it is good for him to “go away” and grow up first.

This drama is worth watching again because of the good values the story imparts, close family, healing, forgiveness, love, letting go, ..

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Guest Janie Simply

It is refreshing to see a devoted couple and their baby.

Agreed :)

Talking about a newborn, a friend of mine just had a son a few days ago but the firstborn barely survived for a couple of hours & passed away due to failure of lungs and airway. RIP AJ :) As they are walking out of a season of mourning and restoration, this is what the couple wrote on their facebook "The Lord gives and the Lord takes...His name shall be praised"; the couple are donating the baby's heart, the only usable organ, to a baby who is in need of the organ in FL.


Oh, this is the parting scene at the airport of IC & MS; before the MBTAF camera rolls in, KMM and HGE were chatting a storm... he is sharing about his fatherhood experience in the hospital with her. cap143.jpg



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Guest Janie Simply

Last but not the least... :)


I underlined the things I want to do with the person I love...

Going on a picnic

Grilling a fish we caught

Riding on a subway

Going grocery shopping

Brushing teeth together

Buying his underwears

Being silly

Talking up a storm

Calling his name for no reason

Realizing sometimes lies are better after telling him a truth

Taking out the trash

Asking her over and over again if she loves me...

AND there's one more thing I like to add...

after a fight always make up no matter how mad we are at each other and don't rashly say let's break up...



A few things Kim MiSoo wants to do with her love Jang In Chul...

Go on a picnic.

Grill a fish we caught

Ride a subway

Go grocery shopping

Have a barbecue

Brush our teeth together

Buy him underwears

Be silly

Chat up a storm

Complain she is bored

Be fickle

Cheat when playing a game

Sing in the rain

Get drunk

Realize lies can be better after telling a lie

Take out the trash

Ask him over and over again if he loves me...

AND one more thing I want to do with you...

Hope and believe we can meet again

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I first saw a piece of this drama beginning of this year 2010 when I visited my family in Vietnam. Unfortunately it was shown just shortly before "Lee San - Chosun" and as my family was fond of the latter, I was only allowed to watch MBTAF half an hour before "Lee San" started.

Nevertheless, I fell in love immediately with the couple In Chul - Mi Soo. His loneliness and depression, the tragedy of the death of his close friend, her devoted love to him, they portrayed it so beautifully.

I was "hunger" to see whole drama and was really "frustrated" to see the RAW files without understanding (but thanks very much for the RAW posted), so I decided to "squeeze" myself to get it from KBSworld, where I found the price cheapest - about 63usd including shipping cost. And I finished 30 episodes in 2 days. Couldn't stop myself from watching.

However, I wish they had more air time. I watched again and again their scenes. The kissing at the swimming pool, she revealed her love to him, her disappointment when he didn't want to say "I love you" to her, when he found out that Jae-Sik was her brother and ran away from her, how they met again after that at his summer house and he said "I miss you", and so on

From this movie, I started to find out other movies of them - KMM and HGE. But of course, the first impression of them are still the best. KMM is the most handsome and sexy (hehe, whenever he showed his body) in this drama, and in my opinion, HGE showed the best chemistry with KMM. Her love in other dramas (Lawyers, Bodyguard, Capital scandal) were not as deep and as strong.

And by the way, although I don't understand Korean, her voice is not so clear/distinguised, right? Not in this MBTAF but in other dramas, her voice is a bit funny to me. She's quite beautiful and tall (wow, I love tall people hehehe) but so far she is never be able to be the main and sole actress in any drama, what a pity!

Beatiful drama - worth watching several times! I love it.

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Guest joynara

I came across MBTAF a few days ago (a

did the trick), finished it last weekend, and I'm in love, in love, in love. I'm so smitten, I've made/uploaded clips to YouTube which I haven't done forever. Clips from the earliest eps. are available on YT (which is how I got reeled in) but I wanted to focus more on the angst-ridden eps. towards the end. I've also included translations (wish I could turn them into subtitles but sadly I don't have time for that).

Hoping to do the same with InCheol and Misu's scenes at the summer house but we'll see...

YouTube Clip: The family picture (MBTAF ep. 23)




Mom: Maybe you made a mistake. You said you were drunk last night. Maybe you were so out, you made a mistake...

InCheol: How could I mistake JaeShik's face for someone else's. I see him in my dreams almost every night.

Mom: So what did you tell MiSu before you left?

IC: Told her something came up at the office. ... Mom, what do I do now?

Mom: Your affairs here... settle the big deals and leave. I don't see any other way.

IC: (nods) ... Mom... I'm really happy when I'm with MiSu.

YouTube Clip: I'm not going to run (MBTAF ep. 25)



Mom: What are you doing?! How far do you want to go?! MiSu's here all the time, you're hanging out with her brother, are you out of your mind?! ... InCheol, don't be like this, just leave. I'm settling your affairs, so just leave. Book a ticket tomorrow and leave.

InCheol: Mom... I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here.

Mom: You stay here, MiSu finds out, then what? I've come to realize... there are no secrets in this world. Misu finding out is just a matter of time...

IC: I'm not going to wait till MiSu finds out. I'm going to tell her. And if MiSu... if her family blames me, I'm going to listen, I'm going to do everything they want... If they want me dead like JaeShik, I'll do it, if not, then nothing... I'll do everything they want! ... Yesterday, I wanted to run with MiSu to anywhere... But I can't bear to deceive her... I've always been honest with her, she's the only one... Mom, I love MiSu so much...

Mom: ... When she finds out, she won't be able to forgive you.

IC: I'm ready. It can't be forgiven, I don't expect forgiveness. I just want to tell her the truth. What happens next... I don't think about it. (Mom sobbing in earnest) It's strange, Mom, this feels better, I don't know why...

Mom: What do I do about you now... what do I do...

YouTube Clip: Defend yourself! (MBTAF ep. 26)







InCheol: Drink this. Drink this, MiSu. ... I missed you...

MiSu: Who hit first? My brother or you? Answer me.

IC: I don't know. I don't remember.

MS: Remember. If they're too faint to remember, grit your teeth and remember. I have to hear it.

IC: That's important?

MS: It's important to me. Don't look away and look me in the eyes! I'll start again. Why did you fight with my brother? You said you were close. Then why did you have such a big fight? Answer me!

IC: The first time I met JaeShik was on the first day of high school. Everybody envied us, we became such good friends... We smoked together, drank together, got reprimanded together.... Then I went to college and he didn't... But we still met every now and then... We weren't as close as before, but I still liked JaeShik... The night club where he was killed... it used to be my father's... JaeShik used to work in the area at the time... One day I was having a HS reunion at the club and he came to see me... He wanted to work at the club... But I said no... Because I didn't want a good friend making a living with his fists... I said no... and that's how the fight broke out...

MS: Who hit first?

IC: I did. I did, probably.

MS: Who was hurt the most?

IC: JaeShik, he took the most hit.

MS: Then how come your friends went to jail and you got out free?

IC: My fath... that's an excuse, I was a coward.

MS: I don't want to hear that! Just tell the facts! That your father spent money to get you free, I know that from the testimony, I can even guess... Your insomnia, the reason you separated from your wife, that's all my brother's fault, isn't it? ANSWER ME!

IC: MiSu... I beg you... please let's stop this...

MS: You still get harassed by your friends because of my brother, don't you? That man I saw in front of the house... he's related to this affair, isn't he?

IC: MiSu...

MS: DEFEND YOURSELF!! For me, not for you, FOR ME, MAKE EXCUSES! My brother wasn't the only one who got hit, you got hit too! You didn't deliver the fatal blow, it was just an accident when you pushed back! You've suffered enough the last seven years, haven't you?! YOU WERE HURT SO MUCH, WHY DON'T YOU SAY ANYTHING, WHY?! Please... please, say it was an accident. Please, Jang InCheol, say it was an accident... Say you've suffered enough! As much as my mother, as much as my sister, JaeSu, as much as I did, SAY IT WAS JUST AS HARD FOR YOU!! I know you... I know who you are... It's not because I'm blinded by love... Please, Jang InCheol, please defend yourself, PLEASE SAY IT WASN'T TRUE!! Say it once, once, for me, please! Defend yourself...

YouTube Clip: Why am I hitting you?! (MBTAF ep. 26)




JaeSu: You know why I'm here, don't you? Follow me.


JS: WHY AM I HITTING YOU?! I called you my brother only yesterday, WHY AM I HITTING YOU?! Why am I hitting you, SAY SOMETHING! You're the man my sister loves so much, my sister I'm so crazy about... WHY AM I HITTING YOU?! Say something, SAY SOMETHING! SAY SOMETHING! SAY SOMETHING! ...


JS: I prayed it wasn't you. I was going to find you, and pummel you as much as you did to my brother... I hoped and hoped it'd make me feel better... Just leave my sister alone...

InCheol: JaeSu... get your act together... and be careful on your way home...

YouTube Clip: Let's only think about MiSu. (MBTAF ep. 27)



MiOk: JaeSu, pull yourself together. Look at your sister, look at me.

JaeSu: Noona, it hurts so much...

MO: Don't cry, JaeSu, don't cry...

JS: You don't know, do you, what a shock I had when I found out it was Jang InCheol. When hyoung died, I bet my life to get that bastard. Didn't go to college, didn't get a job... you don't know how much I wanted to get him.

MO: I don't care about that, JaeSu. I wouldn't trade ten JaeShiks for you or your sister.

JS: I loved him so much...

MO: I love you. I can't bear to look at you like this because of him. Let's forget JaeShik... he's probably in a good place. So let's forget. Have MiSu leave InCheol... and we'll just think about JaeShik every now and then...

JS: I don't trust myself...

MO: JaeSu, if you ask me to go down on my knees and beg, I will. You can't lose yourself like you did when he was killed. You have to think about Mom. You're too young to remember... but when we lost JaeShik and you were out in the streets... she crawled and sobbed in her bedroom for over a month... JaeSu, she was young then but she's too old now, she can't handle this. She hears about this, it's going to kill her. Please JaeSu, let's collect ourselves... don't tell MiSu, it's just you and me... I'll beg if you want, I really will.

JS: It hurts, it hurts so much...

MO: I know, I know... But JaeSu... don't tell MiSu... you know what's she like... she's only strong on the outside, she's a weakling... of course you know... let's only think about MiSu... only about MiSu... please, I beg you... please...

YouTube Clip: Do you know how much he loves me? (MBTAF ep. 27)




MiOk: I took a call from a travel agency. Did you apply for a long-term visa? ... Both of you or just you? ... Both of you? (slaps MiSu)

MiSu: Unni... I can forgive him... Whatever you say... I'm not going to leave Jang InCheol... I can't leave him... He paid a price for oppa... You won't believe it... but I know him... He's suffered enough... I know... so I can forgive him... I won't ask you or the rest of the family to forgive him... But...

MO: I know you love him very much.

MS: You don't...

MO: I don't know everything, I can't say I know everything... but I can guess. Watching someone like you fall apart like this... I can guess.

MS: Then do you know how much he loves me? He's grateful when I ask him if he's eaten or slept well... He didn't know how to laugh or cry before he met me, did you know that? Do you know what he dreams about living together? Having our three meals together... Did you meet someone like that? Everyone knows oppa was killed in an accident... he won't defend himself, says he's a coward, he doesn't even ask for forgiveness and just cries... When JaeSu went to beat him... he wouldn't say he was hurting, just that it felt good... Unni, how do I leave someone like him? Could you? Could you leave someone like him? Tell me, tell me, tell me! Please, unni... pretend as if you don't have a sister any more, tell JaeSu he has one less sister, and tell Mom... tell Mom that I'm really sorry... really, really, really sorry but she has one less daughter... Please, unni... do it for me... Please, unni... let me forgive him and you, and JaeSu, and Mom just can give up on me... Please, unni... I beg you...

MO: MiSu, calm down... calm down... you're scaring me, calm down...

MS: Unni, I beg you... I'm sorry for everything I did to you when I was young... But please help me... help me... help me...

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Guest piano_lady

I was "hunger" to see whole drama and was really "frustrated" to see the RAW files without understanding (but thanks very much for the RAW posted), so I decided to "squeeze" myself to get it from KBSworld, where I found the price cheapest - about 63usd including shipping cost. And I finished 30 episodes in 2 days. Couldn't stop myself from watching.

oh...it's available in KBSworld? - DVD?? oohhh!!!!!!!!!

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Guest ...TLT...

this was such an underrated drama

it's a good storyline with promising actors and actresses

HGE and KKM were the best!

such great performances!

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