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[drama 2004] More Beautiful Than A Flower 꽃보다 아름다워

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Guest kdramafanusa

[KBS] Go Doo-Shim, Bae Jong-Ok, Kim Myung-Min, Han Go-Eun

~ More Beautiful Than A Flower 꽃보다 아름다워 ~

~ Beauty Beyond Expression ~


PD: Kim Cheol-Gyu 김철규

Writer: Noh Hee-Kyung 노희경

Broadcast Date: 2004-01-01 ~ 2004-04-14

Broadcast Time: Wed~Thu 9:50pm on KBS 2TV

Episodes: 30

Official Homepage: http://bravomom.kbs.co.kr/

<Beauty Beyond Expression> bears the mission of presenting the true meaning of love. Within the boundaries of family, which can function as both a protective wall and a hinderance at the same time, we hurt and comfort each other. <Beauty Beyond Expression> attempts to rouse the true meaning of love through the affectionate relationship shared between a simple-natured mother, who desperately attempts to keep her dysfunctional family together, and her children.

In this heartless society, <Beauty Beyond Expression> will allow us to look back on our lives and family and arouse compassion thereof. Conflicts and misunderstandings are often portrayed as the theme in today's drama. Thus, reconciliation becomes only part of the story. <Beauty Beyond Expression> has the purpose of arousing deep, sincere emotion that all stories should strive for.

~ Cast ~

cast1b46ce41fw7.jpgLee Young-Ja (Go Doo-Shim)

Young-ja is an ignorant woman who barely knows her numbers. Those who meet her for the first time may think that she is a bit slow. But those who know her well say Young-ja makes them smile through her innocence. Having lost her parents at an early age, she had met her husband through her brother in hopes to reduce loneliness and lighten financial burden on her family.

cast3b489344gt1.jpgKim Mi-Ok (Bae Jong-Ok)

She works in the seafood section of a supermarket. There is not a single soul she likes in this world and nothing seems to be working for her. On the third year of their separation, Mi-ok divorces her husband and goes back to live with her mother. Taking after her father, Mi-ok has a hot temperament. Despite her denial, there is also an innocent side of her which was taken after her own mother. If she had not met Park Young-min, she may never have discovered the innocent side of her personality.

cast4b49a0falf3.jpgKim Mi-Soo (Han Go-Eun)

Mi-soo is currently employed at an investment company as an investment analyst. She is a rational and objective woman. She had paid for college through scholarship and had gone abroad to study in spite of Mi-ok's objection. She was also recognized for her capabilities from one of the renowned companies in Chicago. Mi-soo is an ambitious and capable woman. She lives alone at a studio apartment near her office in Gangnam.

cast2b4a2057dk0.jpgKim Doo-Chul (Joo Hyun)

With the help from Jae-soo, Doo-chul sells spicy, broiled rice cake in Kang-nam for a living. At one point in his life, Doo-chul was an egotistical man. Older he gets, however, Doo-chul begins to blame himself for living a wretched life. But what can he do about it now? He might as well die this way some day. When he is away from his wife, he begins to feel bad for her but when he is with her, he finds himself frustrated.

cast5b4a9622ir6.jpgKim Jae-Soo (Kim Heung-Soo)

Having barely graduated from high school, Jae-soo is now working for a pleasure quarter in Gang-nam as a touter. Life is so much fun for him. Jae-soo loves his mother and is the only one in the family talking to his dad. He also loves both of his sisters. He is the only one bringing laughter into his house.

cast6b4b1adbeh4.jpgPark Young-Min (Park Sang-Myun)

cast7b4cd209gt5.jpgJang In-Chul (Kim Myung-Min)

cast9b5116d5bn8.jpgGrandmother Woo-Shik (Kim Young-Ok)

cast10b51f293qm6.jpg(Maeng Sang-Hoon)

cast11b52b601br7.jpg(Park Sung-Mi)

cast12b535d28yq7.jpg(Bang Eun-Hee)

cast8b542170wh6.jpgKang Jinny (Choo So-Young)


~ Awards ~

2004 BaekSang Arts Awards: Best Drama

2004 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Go Doo-Shim)

2004 KBS Drama Awards: Writer Award (Noh Hee-Kyung)

2004 KBS Drama Awards: Supporting Actor Award (Kim Heung-Soo)


~ Rating ~

Average: 15.4% (AGB Nielsen Media Research)

Peak: 29.5% (TNS)

~ Wallpapers ~

11528644qd0.th.jpg 10247684bj2.th.jpg 111528647kr2.th.jpg 110247687mb4.th.jpg 11528645mp8.th.jpg 10247685ss9.th.jpg

11528642nk5.th.jpg 10247682mb1.th.jpg 11528643uh8.th.jpg 10247683br7.th.jpg 11528641af9.th.jpg 10247681ms5.th.jpg

11528646zb9.th.jpg 10247686yx5.th.jpg 11528648at1.th.jpg 10247688eu1.th.jpg

~ Related Sites ~

Official: [Photos | Wallpapers | VOD | Cast ]


Daum Cafe

KBS Spotlight * KBS America store * Korean Wiz

~ Index ~

Still Editing...

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Go Doo-Shim (Lee Young-Ja)


Joo Hyun (Kim Doo-Chul)


Bae Jong-Ok (Kim Mi-Ok)


Han Go-Eun (Kim Mi-Soo)


Kim Heung-Soo (Kim Jae-Soo)


Kim Myung-Min (Jang In-Chul)





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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: http://twitchfilm.net/site/view/korean-tv-...l-than-flowers/

[KOREAN TV DRAMA REVIEWS] 꽃보다 아름다워 (More Beautiful Than Flowers)

Posted by X at 12:48am on JAN 06, 2006


꽃보다 아름다워

More Beautiful Than Flowers

(a.k.a Prettier Than Flowers/Beauty Beyond Expression) - KBS TV 2004

32 Episodes - 60 Minutes p.e.

Aired from January 1 to April 14, 2004 on KBS2

Official Website


김철규 (Kim Cheol-Gyu)


노희경 (Noh Hee-Kyung)

[best Theater 세리와 수지 (Sallie and Suzie) - MBC 1996, 세상에서 가장 아름다운 이별 (The Most Beautiful Breakup in the World) - MBC 1996, 내가 사는 이유 (The Reason I Live) - MBC 1997, 아직은 사랑할 시간 (It’s Still Time To Love) - KBS 1997, 거짓말 (Lie) - KBS 1998, 우리가 정말 사랑했을까? (Did We Really Love?) - MBC 1999, 슬픈유혹 (Sad Temptation) - KBS 1999, 바보같은 사랑 (Foolish Love) - KBS 2000, 빗물처럼 (Like Rain) - SBS 2000, 화려한 시절 (Wonderful Days) - SBS 2001, 고독 (Solitude) - KBS 2002]


고두심 (Go Doo-Shim) as Lee Young-Ja, 배종옥 (Bae Jong-Ok) as Kim Mi-Ok, 주현 (Ju Hyeon) as Kim Du-Cheol, 김명민 (Kim Myung-Min) as Jang In-Cheol, 김흥수 (Kim Heung-Soo) as Kim Jae-Soo, 한고은 (Han Go-Eun) as Kim Mi-Soo, 박상면 (Park Sang-Myun) as Park Young-Min, 추소영 (Chu So-Young) as Kang Ji-Ni, 조은지 (Jo Eun-Ji) as Je-In, 김보연 (Kim Bo-Yeon), 방은희 (Bang Eun-Hee), 김영옥 (Kim Young-Ok), 맹상훈 (Maeng Sang-Hoon), 박성미 (Park Sung-Mi)


가족주의, (familism), one of the most popular subjects in Korean culture, has always been a staple of Korean TV Dramas and films ever since their inception. Sometimes this sense of family gets filtered through political ideology, and the family becomes something bigger, like the entire country. That sense of separated brotherhood which permeates most of the Korean films about the North/South divide is one of its consequences, and using the postwar tragedy to define the collapse of the prototypical Korean family was often used in 60s Cinema, like in Yoo Hyun-Mok’s 오발탄 (The Aimless Bullet) or Kang Dae-Jin’s 마부 (The Coachman).

Sometimes the various layers forming a family go through a complete deconstruction, like in Im Sang-Soo’s 바람난 가족 (A Good Lawyer’s Wife). And finally, sometimes this familism flows through the veins of people who would perfectly embody the opposite sentiment, just to return to their primal instincts once they find a way back into life, like in Ryu Seung-Wan’s incredibly poignant 주먹이 운다 (Crying Fist). But the story is a little different in TV Dramas, where the larger canvas gives you more space to develop the characters and convey the existing bond, but it’s also much easier to fall into the minefield which the tropes of familism can leave behind. Since it was born as a surrogate of Cinema and Theater, TV in Korea always tried to exploit this strong bond right from the beginning.

Most of the first few TV Dramas shown in the 60s, when TV was a source of entertainment for just a few people, and Korean Cinema was enjoying its most shining Golden Age to date, were shows centered around the concept of family. And when the format of the 일일연속극 (Daily Drama) took off a decade later, with shows like 1972’s 여로 (Journey) on KBS and 아씨 (Lady) on TBC, the field was ready for an all out war between the stations, trying to up the ante every time. But while many Family Dramas could be highlighted from the two decades preceding TV Dramas’ first real Golden Age in the 90s, one stands out at the top of the list, 전원일기 (Lifetime in the Country).

Starring Choi Buram and Kim Hye-Ja, who would become THE couple on TV for over two decades, the show would re-write all the rules about Family Dramas, taking more than 20 years [1980~2002] to develop its story through the ups and down of a Korean family. The show had such a strong impact that viewers sometimes call actors with their TV Drama name, like in Kim Ji-Young’s case, who is often nicknamed 복길이 (Bok-Gil, her name in the show) even though the show has been over for years. Family Dramas were perfect for TV consumption, since their structure allowed to cast the entire acting spectrum, from child actors to new stars and seasoned veterans. And, until the advent of the Korean Wave, it was always the most popular genre amongst Korean viewers.

Three writers in particular shaped this ‘Family Drama craze’ in the last twenty years: Kim Jung-Soo, Kim Soo-Hyun and Noh Hee-Kyung. The oldest and most respected of them all is certainly Kim Soo-Hyun, who started her career in the late 60s, writing some parts of the 미워도 다시 한번 (Love Me Once Again) series, which eventually became the most popular melodrama saga of the decade. She debuted as a TV Drama writer pretty late, considering she was already 44 when she wrote her first masterpiece, the 1986 MBC Drama 사랑과 야망 (Love & Ambition). Throughout the 90s, she developed a knack for creating glorious characters out of human tragedy, wrapped around the familiar (but never predictable) tropes of the genre.

사랑이 뭐길래 (What Is Love) in 1992, 목욕탕집 남자들 (Bath House Men) in 1996 and 청춘의 덫 (Trap of Youth) in 1999 were all major hits, confirming the writer as perhaps the most important in the country, with every new project gathering the attention of the whole media. Her last two shows 완전한 사랑 (Perfect Love) and 부모님 전상서 (My Precious Family) brought to the forefront the immense talent of veteran actress Kim Hee-Ae, who despite rarely ever acting in films has become one of the most respected actresses in the country. All of Kim’s Dramas show a certain sense of pride, that strength which makes her characters move with confidence even in the most desperate of situations.

Kim Jung-Soo is a little different. Her Dramas never had the gloomy and depressing mood of her other two colleagues, but she’s been rather uneven in her career. When she gets it right, her Dramas explode with energy, like the aforementioned ‘Lifetime in the Country’, and especially 그대 그리고 나 (You and I), my favorite Family Drama of all time. Drawing a portrait of Koreans from all walks of life during the IMF crisis, the show had the kind of poignancy and intelligence you rarely find even in films, with even the ‘poor vs rich’ dichotomy Korean TV Dramas love so much crumbling under the weight of the worst economic crisis the country had seen since the postwar.

Starring Choi Jin-Shil, Cha In-Pyo and Park Sang-Won, the 68 Episode Drama managed to show how Korean people survived through the painful period and used the theme of family love to highlight its characters and their development. And, even though they never reached the brilliant level of her past shows, her last three Family Dramas have been good, especially the 2001 MBC Drama 그 여자네 집 (Her House), with the Kim Nam-Joo/Cha In-Pyo couple going through a crisis after their sweet honeymoon period ended. Whereas Kim Soo-Hyun seems to favor the characters’ strength and willpower, Kim Jung-Soo’s Dramas are more about breaking the barriers between rich and poor, and exploring the dynamics of those ‘mixed marriages’, without all the obnoxious tendency to generalize which afflicts other writers.

But the most eclectic and original of them all is certainly Noh Hee-Kyung. Like most modern TV Drama writers, she started writing one-two episodes Dramas for the various ‘Best Theater’ series (which started as adaptations of popular best sellers, but have later turned into merely one-two episode shows) in the mid 90s. But it was with her 1996 4 Episode special 세상에서 가장 아름다운 이별 (The Most Beautiful Breakup in the World) that she first tasted the acclaim of her peers and critics alike. A year later, she started one of the many writer-producer collaborations—the most famous being Song Ji-Na and Kim Jong-Hak—with PD Pyo Min-Soo. The two worked on four Dramas: 거짓말 (Lie) in 1998, 슬픈 유혹 (Sad Temptation) in 1999, 바보같은 사랑 (Foolish Love) in 2000 and finally 고독 (Solitude) in 2002.

Still, despite writing some of the best TV Dramas of the last ten years, real success always escaped her. ‘Lie’ started the ‘Mania’ Drama trend in the late 90s, but it always struggled in the ratings. And, even though many people were nearly obsessed with the show—including Choi Min-Shik’s character in 해피엔드 (Happy End)!—1999’s 우리가 정말 사랑했을까 (Did We Really Love?) had a hard time emerging from the ‘Mania Drama’ label (which usually means it’s a good show, but in most cases it’s not popular with the general audience). Even if it was excellent, 바보같은 사랑 (Foolish Love) had to compete with a little Historical Drama called 허준 (Hur Joon), just about the best thing on Korean TV in the last 5 years. The result? While the fantastic MBC Drama about the rise of Joseon’s most famous doctor was flying around the 60% ratings, ‘Foolish Love’ touched the bottom of the barrel, with some episodes around the 1%.

Her only real hit was the 2001 KBS Drama 화려한 시절 (Wonderful Days), but she continued to write excellent Dramas mostly avoided by the big audiences, like Lee Mi-Sook’s return to TV Dramas in 2002’s ‘Solitude’, where she plays a married woman facing a mid-life crisis and falling in love with a man 15 years her junior (played by Ryu Seung-Beom). But what’s so off putting about Noh’s Dramas, what’s the reason the average viewer tends to avoid her shows? The fact she never walks the easy road, she doesn’t try to add layers of saccharine ‘cuteness’, nor loses herself in the safe cover of syrupy melodrama. The most important reason, though, is that she never lets that familism invade the realism she embeds her characters with. Because if you show reality, then it’s only inevitable that sense of family love will emerge, sooner or later.

The warmth of their personality comes from being true to life, not artificially good hearted, like so many inferior TV Dramas try to do. The beauty of her characters is the roughness, that often unpleasant feeling between family members which doesn’t emerge out of petty issues, but simply because it’s part of being a family. Ever spent a week without fighting at least once with your parents, or your sister/brother, to then act like nothing happened the day after? Ever resented some family members for a long time, knowing how easy it would have been to let bygones be bygones and reconcile, but also how hard making that first step was? That’s the world of Noh Hee-Kyung. Coldness hiding warmth, rage and resentment hiding love, bleak realism hiding the real nature of the family union. Describing why her characters act that way, Noh commented: “My father was mean and pretentious, my mother hypocritical and double-faced ... and I inherited some of those personality traits myself. I just want to accept characters the way they are.” Noh’s latest Drama 꽃보다 아름다워 (More Beautiful Than a Flower) was the same.

The ‘flower’ of the title is the mother of the family, played by veteran Go Doo-Shim. Naive like a kid and too nice for her own good, she keeps swallowing her pride whenever she has to confront her son and daughters. She can’t remember things like she used to, and often ends up in trouble because of that. Her husband (Ju Hyeon) abandoned her for a younger, prettier woman (Bang Eun-Hee) who ends up falling ill, and they rarely communicate, if not to reopen old wounds; her oldest daughter (Bae Jong-Ok) resents just about the whole family, for forcing her to drop out of college and support her younger sister’s (Han Go-Eun) studies. She was left alone with a daughter by her first husband, and now spends her days as a fish vendor.

Her sister deceptively seems to look down on the whole family and their sacrifices, living the life of a career woman, dining at expensive restaurants and driving imported cars. Their only brother (Kim Heung-Soo) is a good for nothing bum, who keeps fighting, going to bars and enjoying the presence of women. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of many apparent cliches populating this show. Then, how did Noh manage to make something interesting out of all that, and why is this show such a glorious and triumphant way of showing what families are all about? Because of a simple, often overlooked, thing… truth, sincerity. That feeling completely absent from the pretty star vehicles this show was competing with at the time, 천국의 계단 (Stairway To Heaven) at the very top.

If you watch TV Dramas to sympathize with characters, don’t watch this show; if you think of TV Dramas as an escape from reality, something to enjoy in your free time, without thinking too much about what you’re looking at, avoid this show like the plague; if you want your dose of pretty stars acting cute in front of the camera for no apparent reason other than making a fool of themselves, don’t touch this Drama with a ten foot pole. But, here’s the trick, if you’re willing to get past the initial cliched setup, you’ll find a mountain of elements to enjoy. For instance, not a single character is sympathetic in this show: from Go Doo-Shim’s ridiculous naivete, to Bae Jong-Ok’s stubbornness; from the utopist view Han Go-Eun has of life, to the womanizing of Kim Myung-Min. And then there’s someone even worse, Ju Hyeon’s character, who commits one despicable act after another. But I fell in love with all these characters, because they’re so realistic it almost hurts watching them. From embarrassing situations ringing true, to finding beauty in great little tragedies, this show throws just about everything at those characters, but they somehow make it out, they survive. And, pardon the cliche, it’s all because they’re family.

This is truly one of the best ensemble casts of recent memory, and I didn’t necessarily think so at the beginning of the show. Han Go-Eun had always showed very little in terms of acting skills, just like Kim Heung-Soo. But the acting here is so good, it changed their career. And when I say changed, I don’t mean a simple transformation in terms of characters they played, but a maturation itself. Kim Heung-Soo improved by leaps and bounds with this role, and Kim Myung-Min was cast in the superb 불멸의 이순신 (The Immortal Lee Soon-Shin) thanks to his top notch performance here. But besides the younger actors, the older cast is incredible: Ju Hyeon, a longtime veteran who never disappoints went the extra mile here, making a despicable character sympathetic by the end of the show; Go Doo-Shim, who’s the highest paid actress on TV for a reason, shows once again her limitless talent, and I don’t think I need to talk about people like Park Sang-Myun and Bae Jong-Ok, already well established in the film world.

I won’t lie, this is not a show for everybody. It’s very gloomy, depressing, and rarely ‘entertaining’ the way shows like 내 이름은 김삼순 (My Lovely Sam-Soon) are. But if you’re willing to look a little inside yourself, to possibly experience situations you can relate to, painful as they might be, watch this. It has the kind of intensity and humanism that’s hard to find today, with so much time wasted on vapid pretty stars and playing the same old tricks all the time. The acting is amazing, the characters feel like people you’ve always known, and despite the longer length, it rarely ever drags. And, if you ever thought Korean TV Dramas were too superficial, too concerned with hyper-unrealistic situations, this show will change everything for you. Because even when people might seem as hateful as possible, there might be a flower ready to blossom inside them. That’s the magic of Noh Hee-Kyung.


DVD - Korean Version (English Subtitles)

Not much to choose from, and quite an expensive purchase (at more than $100), but truly worth checking out. Hopefully YesAsia Entertainment will get around releasing it, so you’ll have more options. I can’t say it’ll work for everyone, but as far as Family Dramas go, this is the best of the last few years. And definitely one of my favorites.

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Guest thunderbolt

Thanks for this thread. This is the drama where I discovered Kim Myung Min, so it will always be special to me.

I wrote about MBTAF long ago, back in 2006. Here are some of my ramblings. :blush:

I'm still on More Beautiful Than A Flower; 15 more episodes to go. Discovered a new actor there that I like. 'New' in that I've never seen him before. His name is Kim Myung-min and he plays Jang In-chul in the drama. I was checking out misterx's K-blog today and omo! whose face should I see but KMM's!! There's something about his acting in the drama that's very appealing and attractive - restrained, understated... He can express a lot without speaking; he lets his his eyes and body do the talking.

More Beautiful Than A Flower... It wasn't "love at first sight" for me when I saw KMM there, maybe because his character wasn't very nice at first. I don't remember the moment when I started to like him or his character; it was a gradual process, very much like how he and Han Go Eun's character fell in love. MBTAF is the sort of drama where the characters just grow on you very slowly, kinda like peeling an onion layer by layer. Then before you know it, you've come to love the characters and to root fiercely for them. I do remember though that I loved KMM's voice the moment I heard it in MBTAF. In his sad scenes (not just MBTAF but all his other works) when he's crying and his voice is breaking, it always affects me deeply.

I agree with you that he is GOLD. My eyes just light up each time he appears in More Beautiful Than A Flower. Been racking my brain for a reason why he is so appealing and finally thought of this word: SINCERITY. There's something very sincere about him and his acting. I tried to think of another character that I've seen in a K-drama that is similar to his Jang In-chul character in MBTAF and I couldn't think of any. He's calm, sweet, dependable, sensible, classy, cool, confident, fun-loving... He listens, he has a wonderful smile that's not overly bright, a twinkle in his eyes... sigh, he's perfect. He didn't strike me immediately in MBTAF but grew on me with each episode. And now I really can't wait to watch him in Bad Family just to see another side of him - the "subtle and hilariously OTT" side that you described.

More Beautiful Than a Flower

(thoughts from Episodes 1-12)

Take a look at the following people:

~ A 60-year old man who deserts his family for a woman who's the same age as his eldest daughter.

~ A mother who takes whatever life throws at her like a wimp, who appears slow and even dim-witted.

~ A 35-year old divorcee and fish-monger who does not know the meaning of tact, who is blunt, loudmouthed and overbearing.

~ A deceased son who died doing what he was good at: getting into brawls.

~ A 27-year old venture capitalist who despises her father for breaking up their family yet herself falls for a married man.

~ The youngest son who comes out of prison and immediately goes back to touting for a livelihood, who is a mama's boy, who throws tantrums more frequently than the youngest character in the drama.

~ A professor who has brains but no money.

~ A middle-aged couple who has sex only when there's a full moon.

~ A senile old lady.

~ A 29-year old man who has wealth and position, but also a man-crazy mother and a wife who hates him, who can't sleep at night because of a crime he committed years ago.

What is there to like about these people?

But something strange and marvellous happens as I watch More Beautiful Than A Flower. Like roots of a sapling burrowing slowly and unseen into the soil, so this motley group of characters takes root in my heart unawares to me. Without realizing it until several episodes have passed, I begin to care for them; I care deeply what happens to each of them.

I hate that old man for being a scumbag but then I see how he is with his young mistress, so tender with her and so despairing when she falls ill yet again. The wife that he abandoned... I want to yell at her for being such a doormat. Then I see how she fights with the women who called her daughter names... and I realize there's immense strength and self-control beneath her placid and seemingly weak demeanor.

The mama's boy who is all mouth and limbs... how I love his character! I love how fiercely he protects his mom, and how silly he is in his possessiveness over her. I love his two older sisters and how the three siblings squabble constantly and yet are so united in one thing: their love for their mother.

The professor who falls in love with the older of the two sisters... he made me laugh and cry. I love how shy and sweet he is with her and how he can see all the contradictions in her: "You are lovely but also scary sometimes. You are quiet. You are loud..." And she, 35 years old and a divorcee to boot, to know that she is loved despite all her faults... finally she can dream again, be happy again. Yet what price that happiness? Should she fight for their love knowing she's hated so vehemently by his family?

Even as I write now, tears sting my eyes unexpectedly. It happened again and again as I was watching the drama. Out of the blue a lump rose in my throat and tears filled my eyes. Sometimes it wasn't even a sad scene. It could just be the son teasing the mother. Or the whole family sitting down for a meal. And little things made me smile and giggle. The old lady who is now like a child because of her dementia... the way she mixed people up and addressed them by the wrong names. She was clueless one moment and so wise the next.

I thought a lot about family - the family that I was watching on screen and my own family. When was the last time we came together for a meal? Two years ago? Three? It was near-impossible since we were all scattered in different countries. Could we make it happen if we tried? Last night, at around 1 a.m., I picked up the phone and called my sister. It was afternoon where she was and the phone rang and rang. I left a message on the answering machine: "It's me. I just wanted to say 'Hi.' I'll call again."

Twelve episodes down and 18 to go. I'm in no hurry. I remember when I was reading "A Suitable Boy" (by Vikram Seth). The book is almost 1500 pages long. Knowing I had so many, many pages to go before reaching the last page gave me a silly sense of happiness. It's the same with More Beautiful Than A Flower.

I love the writing. I'm awed by the acting. Go Doo-shim as the longsuffering mother, Joo-hyun as the father you want to hate but can't... Bae Jong-ok in her best role (for me so far) as their loudmouthed eldest daughter with all her insecurities... what amazing acting from them and the rest of the cast. I'm especially blown away by Joo-hyun's turn as the hated father of this dysfunctional family. I last saw him in Solitude/Godok and previously in HWRL, Hotelier. etc. Physically he looks the same yet physically he doesn't. That voice, that sneer, that walk... even his eyes have a coldness that I've never seen before. And there's Park Sang-myun as the professor. I've never seen a male character cry that way. Crying because of a broken heart... we have seen it done to death in K-dramas. But without theatrics, with few words, with just tears rolling down his face and hands clumsily wiping them away like a child, he made me feel his hurt, pain and bewilderment as if they were my own.

My thots on MFTAF after I had finished it. Beware major spoilers.

I've finished More Beautiful Than a Flower and am having major MBTAF hangover now.

Was watching What's Up, Fox today (Episodes 1 & 2) but couldn't really concentrate because my mind was so full of MBTAF. The last six episodes were especially painful and my eyes were puffy from crying. *sigh* It was like watching MiSa again and in some ways the feelings were the same. Just like how my heart hurt for Moo-hyuk and Eun-chae, so I was crying for In-chul (Kim Myung-min) and Mi-soo (Han Go-eun). I've added this couple to my list of most-loved K-couples.

I knew from the first few episodes that In-chul and Mi-soo's love would be hopeless but they were so happy together. And he was so loved by her family despite the initial opposition. Seeing how he could smile again in her presence, and how much he changed because of her love and encouragement, I forgot momentarily that an insurmountable barrier loomed ahead. And when finally he found out the awful truth as he stared disbelieving at the portrait of her family, and then stumbled out of the house in utter shock, I just cried for him. And then one by one when Mi-soo and her family realized the truth as well... I couldn't bear watching their pain and grief.

That breakup scene in the summer house ranks as one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever watched in a K-drama. I couldn't see clearly through the tears. The note from her listing all the things she wanted to do together with him, that long, long list of little daily things that a couple in love would do... now a broken dream. And before that, the way she tried to assure him that she understood him, that it was an accident... telling him that she had forgiven him but her memories still could not forgive... Knowing they had to part, that they could not be together in those circumstances... how could they when each time she saw him she also saw her dead brother's face? And he with those years of guilt, now paying the ultimate price because she was his life and he was losing her... The way he sobbed in her arms... their hearts breaking into a thousand pieces together...

What awesome acting from Kim Myung-min and Han Go-eun. And really, from the rest of the cast too. Her brother Jae-soo's pain because he too loved In-chul so much and looked up to him as a brother... it was almost as hard to watch as Mi-soo's grief. And later, as the focus of the story shifted back to the mother... and her children learnt she had advanced dementia, I can't praise the acting and script enough. Amazing Go Doo-shim, Bae Jong-ok, Park Sang-myun, Lee Heung-soo... There's no need to watch too many K-dramas when you can watch just a few gems like MBTAF.

This is a drama that will remain in my heart for a long, long time. I won't see my mom and siblings in the same way again. Things that I used to take for granted, things that I didn't bother too much about in the past... now they begin to matter. I'm re-examining my priorities. Tonight I spoke to my sister for nearly an hour on the phone. We had so much catching up to do. I really missed her. MBTAF reminded me that family is precious.

all quotes reposted from Jisubaddicts.com

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Guest ilovekangmae

Hi there KD and thunderbolt!

My friend recently got hold of a copy of this series for me. She knows that I'm crazy about KMM and when she saw a copy of MBTAF, she immediately purchased it for me. Now, I'm not so sure whether I'll watch this first or IYSS. :D

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Guest thunderbolt

My friend recently got hold of a copy of this series for me. She knows that I'm crazy about KMM and when she saw a copy of MBTAF, she immediately purchased it for me. Now, I'm not so sure whether I'll watch this first or IYSS. :D


Since MBTAF is much shorter than Immortal Yi Soon Shin (also super awesome), I would suggest watching the former first. But eventually watch both, of course. :)

Here's a wonderful review of MBTAF by one of my friends, eloise:

More Beautiful Than a Flower

What a beautiful piece of work! And such an outstanding cast! The drama touches me intensely in its portrayal of relationships, between the mom and her children, among the siblings and between the lovers. Cried a lot during watching, not so much because the drama was very sad, but more because a lot of the moments were so touching. There are many sub-plots, each bringing out the character of each person in the drama very vividly…and yet the subplots merged back seamlessly.

Go Doo Shim gave a stupendous performance as the docile, simple-minded, loving mom. To the world she may appear a bit dim-witted, but from her came many words of wisdom. The beauty about her character is that she is so human – she is forgiving, yet she holds grudges; she teaches her children to let go, and yet she clings onto her past relationship with her husband, who left her for a much younger woman. Whenever there is a crisis, she is always thinking, not of the crisis, but of how the people at the brunt of it would feel….even when it involves people who have wronged her. She is so loved by her children and yet also taken so much for granted. And she is such a giving person. The way she influences, dotes on, worries, loves, protects, exasperates and is taken for granted by, her children is so close to home!! Such a beautiful character!

Was very impressed (again!!) by the performance of Park Sang Myeon (the male lead of My Wife’s a Gangster). Don’t think it’s unfair to say that Park is really ugly looking …..long on the tummy, short on the hair type of middle aged man, with bulging eyes and funny lips. But, as his character unfolds, it’s difficult not to like him. He is a mixed bag of gentleness and toughness. He appears shy, but can be really garrulous on firm grounds. Underneath that soft speaking exterior is a determination that does not falter, and he wins his battles because of his quiet persistence and resilience. He is sensitivity and sensibility wrapped in one – a dependable anchor for the elder sister who had fended for the whole family for such a long time – someone who could share her burden, someone the whole family can depend on. He is absolutely adorable.

The casting of Bae Jong Ok in the role of the elder sister is such a good choice ….. she made the character come alive. Since her father’s departure for a much younger woman, she has assumed the patriarch role in the family. She is a direct, no nonsense person, has a fiery temper and a quick one at that. On the outside, she appears very decisive, and her way of handling her own relationship problem is to cut loose the problem. As the patriarch figure, she does not share her problems or pain, so she is thought to be strong. But we know she spent 3 years deliberating over divorce before we see her cut and dry behavior in front of the lawyer. When she was humiliated by Park’s father because of her divorce status, we see her go on the offensive with such stinging words to Park to end the relationship….but we know deep down she was so hurt. Only Park can see through her, and the way he gently took her hand and took over her problems was beautifully portrayed.

The really romantic love thread in the drama revolves around the younger sister Han Go Eun and her beau, Kim Myung min. She has the benefit of an overseas education and is a successful investment consultant. Despite living separately from the family, she visits frequently, is always there when needed, or when she worries about her mom or siblings with whom she has a very close relationship. In business, she is strong without being overpowering, and in relationships, despite her femininity in outlook and style, she is actually very direct and persistent. The beauty of the script is that the 2 sisters are such different characters and yet they actually have similar traits – just exhibited differently.

Kim Myung min plays one of Han’s investors. His mother married and divorced so often, in his own words, he couldn’t even remember his new father’s names. Because of this, he is determined to stick to one woman in his life. But he has the misfortune of being married to a woman who doesn’t love him, who is blatantly flirting around to force him to agree to a divorce. Against this backdrop, Hans enters his life… and as can be expected, the problems of his baggage and the stigma of being a divorcee (and then an even bigger hurdle to come) plague their relationship.

Despite what I said in an earlier posting that this guy’s nose reminds me of Pinnochio, he has a strange appeal. Like Shirley pointed out earlier, he is lonely…not sulky-lonely, not despairing-lonely, not alone-lonely, but you feel that distance he puts between himself and people around him. It is very subtle. And just as you see him beginning to be able to thaw out in the warmth of his girlfriend’s family, he was dealt with another blow. At times, I just want to wrap my arms around him and tell him it’s ok..

And then, there was the youngest brother. Gosh, is he cute! I used to think that Bi is the only hulk-size male actor who can pout without giving me the goose bumps. Well, I’m adding Kim Heung Soo to this very short list. None of the still pics I have so far seen of him does him justice. Here is another tall thin guy with lanky limbs….and in the drama, there was an apt description of his growing like a tree. He is very close to and very protective of his mom, and their dating game, and his feigned jealousy over his mom’s divided attention can be hilarious at times. Have not seen this guy b4 in other dramas, and if this is his debut, he is very very good as a quite brainless, fun loving, carefree 20+ young man, bent on one purpose in life.

I could go on and on about the cast of this drama, as even the support cast threw in such strong performances, the dad, the young aunt, the harimoni, the dad’s other woman …almost everyone.

Highly Recommended.

reposted from Hotelier2002 and Jisubaddicts.com

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Guest kdramafanusa


Source: KBS


Actress Ko Doo-sim, the mother of our age


Not long ago, people all over the world chose the word “mother” as the most beautiful word in English. But regardless of language, a mother is no doubt the warmest and most beautiful creature in the world. The word “mother” symbolizes safety and warmth to everyone. In Korea, there is a woman who has become the role model of the present-day mothers. It’s actress Ko Doo-sim. In 2004, she made the headlines by winning best actress awards from KBS and MBC for her role as a sacrificing mother in television dramas. Let’s find out her own perception of what a mother should be like.

q124a41bgl8.pngYour name is usually associated with the word “mother.” And you as an actress have represented Korean mothers for a long time. When did you start playing the role of a mother?

I debuted in 1972, and have been acting for 33 years. I don’t remember myself playing a single woman. I might have played the role of a single woman in a couple of dramas in the earlier days of my career. But since my first role as a mother with a child, I have been playing this role to this day. I wish I had more opportunities to play a single woman, especially when I wasn’t married yet in real life.

q2252a3bnc7.pngHow did you become an actress?

When I was very young, I wanted to become a movie star. Every time I watched movies in theaters, I dreamed of becoming a movie star, which seemed quite unrealistic to me back then. My older brother would often bring a cinematographer and show me movies at home. I still remember how he showed me silent movies starring Charley Chaplin. After graduating from high school, I came to Seoul at the pretext that I would cook for my brother, who was studying here. Later, I found a job at a small trade company in Seoul. As I was working there for about four years, I was in charge of multiple tasks, including accounting, contacting and secretarial job. I was so indispensable in the company it would not operate properly without me. But despite all that, I never forgot my dream of becoming an actress. So in 1972 I applied for an audition at MBC and passed it.

q3262eaefb7.pngIn your award acceptance speech in 2004, you said you wanted to thank all the mothers in the world. What kind of person was your mother?

My mother was a very ordinary woman; she was also illiterate. All her life, she worked on a farm. She had a larger-than-life and beautiful personality. Like other women in Jeju, who are known to be so independent that they prepare their own meals even when they have daughters-in-law, my mother always tried to avoid burdening her children. She was neither educated nor rich. But she lived her life happily and passed away beautifully. If I had a chance to be born again, I want to be born as the daughter of my mother again. I once told my mother, "If it is too hard for you to be my mother, then I will be reborn as your mother and take care of you in afterlife."

q426bad6wm6.pngWhat kind of mother are you?

I am not that kind of a mother who sacrifices everything for her children. I feel embarrassed when my children say jokingly that I am so different from my characters, who sacrifice their all for the sake of their children in dramas. When I was starring in “Bravo, Mother,” I truly admired my character because she always stayed in touch with her family. But in real life, I don’t talk to my family that much. I am somewhat brusque. When I was a student, I used to chat a lot with my friends and had an outgoing personality. But after I got married and had two children while continuing my acting career, I became less talkative in real life. That is why I didn’t have many opportunities to hold frank conversations with my children. But my roles in dramas have taught me that communicating with family members is very important.

q5277d88cp9.pngYou played the role of a strong-willed single mother with five or six children several times. What do you think is the ideal mother should be in our age?

If you are married and have children, you must take responsibility for your family. Even if a couple is divorced, the mother should continue to take care of her children. And if you are poor and have nowhere to live, you still have to keep the children with you, even if that means you will have to carry them on your belly. That's what a mother should be. She has to be proud of being a mother and confident about her role.

q6281f91ta8.pngIt would be too early to ask you this question. But how do you see yourself in 30 years?

In my twilight years, I would like to live in my hometown on Jeju Island, taking care of a farmland. If anyone who will still remember me as a former actress Ko Doo-sim visits me in the future, I will treat them to fresh homegrown vegetables. That’s how I envision my life when I become older. I want to spend my senior years living independently close to nature, just like novelists Park Kyung-li and Park Wan-seo.

q728bbb1gd4.pngAll Koreans seem to know that your hometown is on Jeju Island. Your love for your hometown seems to be extraordinary...

I love my mother. I love everyone who is loved by my mother and everyone who loves my mother. I also love Jeju because my mother loved it, and because it reminds me of her so much.

q82927farb3.pngYour recent letter to the Buddhist nun Jiyul, who was fasting to preserve the environment in Mt. Cheonseong, touched many people’s hearts after it was publicized. How did you feel when you were writing it?

We cannot exchange life for anything. Life and the environment are equally precious. Through fasting, Jiyul demonstrated that the environment and life do not exist separately, but are inextricably intertwined with each other. Life is a mother. If we embrace everything with maternity, we can solve any problem.

q929844czp7.pngYou are a co-head of the civic group "Ajummas (housewives) Are The Pillars Of The Nation." And you are also a co-chairwoman of the NGO "Righteous Lady & Grandmother Kim Man-deok." Do you plan to continue your social work in the future?

I wanted to support these organizations rather than be their co-heads. It is great to be able to do volunteering work, but it also costs money. I felt sorry that those groups had to raise money on their own to provide volunteering services. So I thought if I supported them, more people would join us in helping our society. It is better to live for others than solely for myself, isn’t it?

One television drama producer said about Ko Doo-sim that she is as strong-willed, generous and perseverant as women-divers on Jeju Island, who stop breathing underwater in order to sustain their families' livelihoods. The character of the mother portrayed by Ko Du-sim, a Jeju-born woman, is self-sacrificing and giving. When we think of the prototype of Korean mothers, who have endured numerous hardships for the sake of their children, we feel closer to the mother impersonated by Ko Doo-sim. She moves the hearts of viewers in today's era.


Born in Jeju

Graduated from Jeju Girls' High School

Made a debut through the 5th audition on MBC in 1972

Awards (to be done)

Best Supporting Actress at the 28th Asia Pacific Film Festival ("Envy")

Best Actress, KBS

Best Actress, MBC

Best Acting Award at Baeksang Arts Awards, 1993

Best Actress, SBS

Best Supporting Actress at the 3rd Korea Films Awards, 2004

Best Actress, MBC, 2004


"Seoljungmae," "The Bridle Of Love," "Dancing Gayatgo," "Deogi," "Bravo, Mother," "Hangangsu Taryeong"


"Envy," "Flagman Without A Flag," "My Mother Is A Mermaid," "Mother"


Thanks for this thread. This is the drama where I discovered Kim Myung Min, so it will always be special to me.

I wrote about MBTAF long ago, back in 2006. Here are some of my ramblings. :blush:

Thunder, thank you so much for reposting all these goodies here. Hugs~

Lots to enjoyable reads, not ramblings at all. :)

OT: You discovered Ha Jung-Woo too? :)

My friend recently got hold of a copy of this series for me. She knows that I'm crazy about KMM and when she saw a copy of MBTAF, she immediately purchased it for me. Now, I'm not so sure whether I'll watch this first or IYSS. :D

Ilovekangmae, congrats. :)

You were able to find IYSS DVDs? If you don't mind me asking, would you let me know you got it from? :)

Thunder, any chance of you giving up your IYSS set? :lol:

EDIT: Ilovekangmae, thanks for the info.

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Guest ilovekangmae

Ilovekangmae, congrats. :)

You were able to find IYSS DVDs? If you don't mind me asking, would you let me know you got it from? :)

Hi KD!

Thanks. It's very difficult to find a copy of this series (as well as IYSS). I got my IYSS copy from this site: www.goksdvd.com. However, my set is the abridged version, I think. I haven't checked it out yet. But you can have a look at the site.

Hi Thunder!

Thanks for the rec! And thank you too for posting such wonderful sharing of thoughts and insights.

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Guest kdramafanusa

~ 2004 KBS Drama Awards ~

Writer Award: Moon Young-Nam, Noh Hee-Kyung (right)


Grand Prize: Go Doo-Shim





Source: KBS

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Guest thunderbolt

Thunder, thank you so much for reposting all these goodies here. Hugs~

Lots to enjoyable reads, not ramblings at all. :)

OT: You discovered Ha Jung-Woo too? :)

Thunder, any chance of you giving up your IYSS set? :lol:

OT: Yes. :blush: Ha Jung Woo's another insanely talented actor like Kim Myung Min.

Give up my IYSS set? NEVER! :P


Here's a comment on MBTAF which I really love. It's so heartfelt and beautifully written.

By Anti Goorah:

I... saw More Beautiful Than a Flower... it was just glorious. I can’t say anything otherwise. Subtle and beautiful and endearing. The casting of MBTAF was perfect... When actors are given human roles with identifiable emotions, even the crappiest actors will somehow manage decently... Noh HeeKyung digs into your soul and heart without your permission and just implants a seed there, eventually growing into a tree of human sorrows and happiness. How average, right? Precisely. Isn’t that why its remarkable? Average people, average circumstances, but extraordinary revolutions within the most insignificant people.

Perhaps I am taking entertainment too seriously, but this drama really affected my life. I look at my mother differently after watching this. The concept of sacrifice, Love, and enduring family stays with me longer and more warmly though people like Noh HeeKyung and In JungOk.

reposted from Soompi and Jisubaddicts.com

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Guest kdramafanusa
Guest kdramafanusa

Source: KBS

Roh Hee-kyung: 'It Hurts to Hate Others'



Writer Roh Hee-kyung, who is famous for the TV dramas “Worlds Within” and “Her Beautiful Story,” recently talked on KBS TV1’s “Literature With A Voice” about her reconciliation with her father, who abandoned their family.

The show’s production team said on June 6 that Roh talked about her father, who left the family for another woman and never once sent him money for living. But after Roh learned that her father was terminally ill, she took care of him and reconciled with him. Roh said, "During those difficult moments, I realized how judgmental I was toward my father. I put away any hatred and looked at my father from an objective point of view, and for the first time in my life I felt thankful to him. It hurts to hate others. When you don’t love anyone, it’s you who is the victim,” reciting a line from her essay, “Those Who Don’t Love Are Guilty.”

During the taping of the show, Roh also recited Shin Dong-yep’s poem “Meager Coverings” and Park No-hae’s poem “The Future Comes With Light Steps.” The show also featured Monk Beobryun, who is close to Roh. Rev. Beobryun recited the chapters “Life,” “Maples Leaves” and “Measuring Stick” from his book “Questions & Answers.” Roh said, “I met Rev. Beobryun seven years ago when I participated in a meditation program because I was on the verge of despair. To me, he is like a reliable foundation that provides me with wisdom whenever I face difficulties."

Roh and Rev. Beobryun have been working hard to help starving children in North Korea and other third-world countries as well as protect the environment. They say they launched their social activities simply because they “wanted to be happy.”

The show will air June 9 at 11:30 p.m.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for this thread. This is the drama where I discovered Kim Myung Min, so it will always be special to me.

I wrote about MBTAF long ago, back in 2006. Here are some of my ramblings. :blush:

all quotes reposted from Jisubaddicts.com

ah reading these again bring back alot of memories .just only 2006 ~ lol i thought it was older .

i will always treasure More beautiful then flowers too .the first drama where i know who is kim myung min .yes there was such sincerity about him and his acting , that i keep being drawn to wonder who is this actor , why didnt i know of him before ^

and before i knew it , i was like totally in awe of him and in love ^

i still cant forget the loneliness of In chul , i keep telling others there this actor you got to watch , i can even feel his loneliness just by watching him standing there . .

.and i thought on hotelier site .there were some who share the same wish like me ...that he won't be too lonely for too long .he and Mi-Soo will be reuinted i held on strongly to that belief.

~ OST ~

i didnt know there was a thread ^ thanks

i think the old soompi did have one but it crashed together with it .^ i got the OST when i was in seoul ...i thought it went out of print but immediately grab it when i saw a copy . i love the opening theme .it get me so emotional .whenever i watched it

actually i was trying to look online for that conversation between In chul and mi soo , about the things they want to do together ^ maybe i will end up getting it from the copy i have .

lol okay now thanks to thunderbolt , i found it ! ke i forget it was in hotelier forum . it was great re-reading that thread about more beautiful then flowers again , it is a drama i hold dear to me as Damo ^ .

this is one dram which i insisted the women in my family to all watch .parents and children

it is a very beautiful drama to share with your loved one. there were so many times i choked back tears watching the mother and children in this drama ...one scene i remembered so vividly was when Young-Ja went into the hospital making the organ donation and how the son screamed at her , that her body is not hers alone to decide . ..it was with such raw emotion that i just broke down in tears .

there were so many memorable characters in this drama ...everyone came alive with their own tales . i can even rem that son in law with the old granny ..

the entire casting and writing was awesome ! I hope writer Noh Hee-Kyung continues to write beautiful dramas such as this .^

this was in 2005 . i think my respond to eloise review ^

thanks you for that review ... i enjoyed reading it ..it was a great drama in all aspect ..that is why i said that it remind me why i becoem a drama addict .it is such dramas ..that make it worthwhile .....the drama is still fresh in my memory .actually you finished it faster then i did ..i have maybe 2 esp left .i did not really want to end this drama so soon .so i deliberately slow it down ....and because it bring tears to my eyes every time i watch it .it stuck that chord in your heart..it is not like a sad drama as you said .but u just feel .that sense of ....emotions get to you ..

there is nothing more to add ..just to applaude the whole cast and the scriptwriter for such an honest and close to heart ..script .and performance

i wish i have a heart like the mother ..more beautiful then flower .simple heart yet content ..because she know the wisdom of life ..to be content ..and that is happiness ....and sharing that love with the people around you ...though she might forget those around her ..but they will never forget she loved them ..and that is how strong the family bond is ..that they can be strong enough to be forgetton by the one they loved because they know deep down ...they are the world to their mother ...

GOH has a new drama in SBS in Feb ..she is a pregnant 50 year old lady .hehehe i saw some photos .it look so so interesting but it will be a long drama again so i have to wait ..

and i wish i have a sisters like mee ok...as i am the elderest ........so watching the sisters ..make me envy them .even their quarrels ..they can share so much with each other ..and that is something truly precious ..

Bae Jong Ok and Han Go eun .they are both so good ..they make it so believable their characters and that is how sisters are too .the way they arugued . feel jealous but still always there when they are needed .you know who you can trust to lean on ...

and aH ....mee sook and in chul ....how my heart ached for them ....i see in chul walk back into that lonely world again and i .cried ..how desperate he resisted walking back into that world again ...how he want to hold on to her .regardless of anything but eventually he know he cannot lie to her ..and that is time he have to let go and let her choose .

because i worried for him and that is why i cried .....i worried if he will eat his meals on time ..if he can sleep .......... my friend said i was obessed but that is the truth ..it hurts to see him hurt...and he was crying so truly .......that she is the woman he loved most .in his whole life .oh .i think his mother look so elegant and that she really did love her son .another pair of mother and son that also moved my heart in a different way from Goh mother and her children ..

and mee sook ..i cried too with her ..because ..i know how much they loved each other ..that letter she wrote ..the things she want to do with him ....i want so much for that to happen to them ...but i understand her choice ..and also in chul acceptance of it ...if ..if .they have just tried to evade it ..it will just ome back and haunt them ..later which is more painful .they have to have time to abosrb this truth and learnt to live it ..first before coming together ..

...and i know in my heart .that she will go to him .so much .i feel it must be so ..when the time comes she will misses him ..and go ...and ..........they will be happy wont they ..they should be ..they must be ...in chul will be waiting ...

and the younger brother ..haha actually i did not like him in the first place .......he is so glued to his mother and how he always hurt his elder sister sometimes ....but slowly i get used to him .the ways he loved his mother ..is so childlike so processive and that it is rare .and he won the best supporting actor too for this drama ........

.like i said .as you watch the drama .you adopt this whole family .....their friends ..their relatives ....i was of course crying when that old granny went away and before how she ask mother goh to ironed those clothes for her .it was so .........

it is one great drama written with a heart ..and it was casted with a cast that bring that sincerity across so marvellously .you will feel it ...if you just give this drama a chance


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Oh my G! I love Han GoEun to death!
How is it that I've never even heard of this drama?
LOL. I guess I'm going to have to watch it whenever I have time.

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I too think that HGE & KMM character in the drama will reunite as well, both are so in love with eachother, especially Mi Soo( HGE). :lol:

Highly recommended drama to watch!

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This is no longer available at yesasia. Does anyone know if it is available for download somewhere?

i dun think there is any link for dl . even the kbs site no longer has the VOD i think .but i did see some chinese site upload some links recently aka bitorrent links . i see if i rem where it is .

Actually the ending was very open ended for Mi Soo and my interpretation was that they would reunite soon. Gahh so many memories and i bought this drama as soon as i came out because it was incredibly moving and the writer is one of my favorites to this day.

*hug* happy new year .!

yes , i suspect the ending if it go beyond ,it will be a reunion for them . but still i think my heart was so torn at the end . .i can understand the decision make but it just hurt to see them be separated

this drama is amazing

i used to remember how much i hated the father at the beginning , he make my blood boiled everytime when he came demanding .! i really curse and swear at the man . the way he treated his wife .who was so loyal .i cant believe there is a person who will asked for so much so shamelessly !

.and slowly towards the end , i think his actions were still unforgivable but somehow .....it was a choice he make which cruelly hurt other people especially his wife and children . but seeing him with that young woman and son , something just give way . it was just too tiring to keep on hating him .

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This is no longer available at yesasia. Does anyone know if it is available for download somewhere?

I downloaded it from a clubbox (can't remember which one), but now it looks like it's gone. It's 30 eps, right?

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