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[movie 2006] Bewitching Attraction 여교수의 은밀한 &#47588

Guest niena_rain

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Guest niena_rain

starring : Ji Jin Hee, Moon So Ri
Ji Jin Hee's new movie. quite tempting.... :blush:


Release Date: 11th May 2006

Details: G, Romance/Comedy

Starring: Ji Jin-Hee, Moon So-Ri, Park Won-Sang

Directed by: Lee Ha

Local Distributor: Encore Films

Directed by Lee Ha, Bewitching Attraction is a romantic comedy about a female professor of knockout beauty and her dynamic love affairs with five different men!

Eun-Sook, played by MOON So-Ri, is a professor with beauty, intelligence and an established social status. Naturally, men around her have tendency of falling madly for her and bet on the stealing of her heart with 'All-In'.

However, those men recklessly dashing into her to win her heart do not seem to have much of impact on this beauty. She is always in control, fully charged, to whip, snap, scold, and snarl, managing perfectly each of her doomed fans!

Find out what is in store for those five men madly attracted to Eun-Sook. Find out what makes this beauty so irresistible.

official website--> http://www.encorefilms.com/bewitching/

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Guest ys_jen

some still cuts from the movie: :)









and just as something extra... some reviews on the movie and JJH's acting (so..not really much about the other actors..sorry..), that I translated before for JJH's fans:

Critic from film 2.0: "I don't think there would be any other word than to describe this movie as "unique". The words that the characters say, the situations they are in, even each expression of all the actors is unique and "different". This black comedy makes the audience laugh when the situation is not funny, and enjoyment when the situation is frustrating. Moon So Ri and Ji Jin Hee's character and acting transformation (eg JJH's current gentleman image to a gangster character in the movie) is so natural that you can't even call it a transformation, and their interaction with the supporting actors are so good that it's hard to tell who are the main leads and who are the supporting characters. But the unfamiliarness that comes from the uniqueness of the movie can be both a good and bad point of this movie. "

critic from chosun: "You can also see that Ji Jin Hee, who created an aura of his own through various dramas, acted in a very natural manner in this movie. His "transformation" acting is so natural and good that I realised once again that a movie's charm is discovering new sides to an actor. It's enjoyable and funny just watching Ji Jin Hee act his gangster like character. (That is, the movie is funny even if you only watch JJH's portion)"

other reviews which I forgot to write the source: :sweatingbullets:

"The two main leads (JJH and MSR) perfectly portray the way of speech and the pain of those people who have to hide their inappropriate past just because they are now "intellectuals" in society, and this perfect acting is a big part of the comedy of the movie. "

"Moon So Ri's great acting adds to the quality of the movie, and Ji Jin Hee's acting transformation to a person who puts his puppy into a plastic bag and as well as swearing naturally is something that is definitely worth watching."

"Although the quality of the movie itself is a little questionable, the fact that you can see a new side to JJH is definitely a worthy discovery, and a definite gain from this movie".


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Guest liezle

hey jen! thanks for the synopsis, reviews and photos. jjh looks cute in all the photos. hope that i can get to see this soon. cant wait to see jjh natural acting :D

btw, i'm also kinda curious about moon sori. she'll be doing a drama soon with one of my favorite actor.

thanks again!

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Guest ys_jen

hi liezle! :)

yeah I heard that Moon So Ri will be doing a drama with BYJ.. her first ever drama appearance! I wonder how she'll be portrayed on tv.. Moon So Ri is definitely one of the BEST actresses in Korea, she's recognised both nationally and internationally...so I guess you don't need to worry about her acting! (since sometimes it's really frustrating when your favourite actor is paired up with a bad actress..) most of the reviews on her acting for this movie are good too. :D

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Release Date: March 27, 2006

Quality: 192 kbps

Filesize: 60 MB

Uploaded by: Philly - we love asian OST

01 . 은숙의 Waltz Overture

02 . 은숙의 Waltz

03 . 은숙의 비밀

04 . 시작(오프닝 테마)

05 . 은밀한 정사

06 . 여교수의 은밀한 매력(메인 테마)

07 . 양아치형제

08 . 대사 “야 이 뚱땡아” - 석규(지진희)

09 . 석규 Blues (석규 테마)

10 . 탈주

11 . 종두의 죽음

12 . 은밀한 키스

13 . 은밀한 키스 (harmonica 버전)

14 . 엉뚱한 석규

15 . 은숙의 love theme

16 . 데면 데면

17 . 재회

18 . 제발 돌아봐줘요

19 . 은숙씨 사랑합니다(유선생의 테마)

20 . 은숙의 love theme 2

21 . 유선생의 죽음

22 . 해피엔드

23 . 대사 “나의 몸은 붉은 꽃” - 은숙(문소리)

24 . 붉은꽃(dmstnrdml 탱고)

25 . 엔딩테마

26 . 여교수의 은밀한 매력 (엔딩버전)

27 . 은숙의 Waltz 기타버전(보너스트랙)


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It just opened in my country theaters ~ but haven't watched it yet ! ~

it'd be interesting to watch Ji JinHee in tis one hehe since i'm currently watching him in a different role in Dae JangGeum ~

but anyways , in a recent newspaper article in my country , in an interview wif JJH , he said tht he's closer to his character in DJG rather than in this movie hehe . when he was younger studying , he wasn't attracted to / interested in girls yet ~ he was more into his studies & all :P

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Guest Alxneeds2gopee

the dark comedy is good and what not but the movie itself is slow and seemed forever to finish. It's like half of the movie is good with the comedy the other half was just plain boring

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Hi!..i saw this movie and yeah Moon SoRi is one awesome actress. Took a while to realise what the whole story was about..and *coughs* the love scenes were hott hot..one question how did she get that 'limp'..? :)

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the dark comedy is good and what not but the movie itself is slow and seemed forever to finish. It's like half of the movie is good with the comedy the other half was just plain boring

I agree. Although I didn't really get the point of the movie if it even had one. Just got a few laughs out of it..

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I agree that it started out very funny, black humour but also VERY dry as well. So much of it is subtle that you really have to pay attention. Definitely not a film for everyone. It's definitely NOT your typical romantic comedy. Not at all. It's very slow moving, there's not really any slapstick or physical comedy, either. Most of it is in the dialogue and the situation. I found it got kind of dull at the half way point and never totally recovered.

Also, if it hasn't already been mentioned, the movie is rated for age 18+. Just a warning to anyone who might download or rent it, don't be all shocked when 10 minutes in there's a pretty raunchy (and hilarious!) sex scene. Lots of nudity in this one.

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I liked the black comedy bits too, and how the film strips the outwardly staid characters layer by layer till you see what hypocrites and pathetic human beings they really are. On the other hand, I've seen movies that handled similar themes in a more interesting and more entertaining manner. <_<

Anyway I really watched this for Moon Sori... and she didn't disappoint. That woman is an acting goddess.

But the rest of the movie: Meh.

Vogue article





Movieweek article



Film2.0 article



Premiere article






Cine21 article










Wallpaper 1024x768 | 800x600

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ahah! the Vogue photos are creative and hilarious at the same time!

I'm frequently frustrated by the marketing schemes of Korean films, though! You'd think from the promotions and the poster art that the two leads pictured would have a romantic relationship of some sort, but that's sooo far from the truth. Kind of annoying, really.

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Guest beauwhale

wow, the poster of this movie makes me curious. i wonder if it is comedy or not??? anybody knows where to dl it? please help.

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Guest renni72

mj07 - you are so right. The promotional posters are so deceiving....the posters seem to suggest that the 2 leads are romantically linked in the movie but it was not....

I found the movie too slow....and did not really quite catch the plot till the last part of the movie! Things make more sense then....

I am a fan of Ji Jin Hee but was disappointed because his screen time was much lesser than Moon So Ri's

I guess I just did not enjoy black comedies :(

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I found some of the comedy towards the beginning amusing, but about half way through I lost interest. It just kind of peetered out. Honestly, I don't think I even understood the ending, but I couldn't be bothered to put enough thought in to figure it out!

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Guest jade_empress

i didn't enjoy it....it was so....well....just read the comments above.

thanks by the way to the person who posted the vogue pix...:)

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

I just finish watching this movie last week, 4 me this movie quite boring & meaningless....I really regret 2 buy this movie dvd :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears: Wasting my money & time :tears: :tears: :tears: :tears:


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Guest angel2nyt

i watched this movie last week.. i stopped after 30 minutes

it became boring... however moon so ri and ji jin hee were really good here.. its just that the story was boring

i also thought that ji jin hee will have a relationship with moon so ri's character

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