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Jo In Sung | Zo In Sung 조인성 | 2018 Movie: The Great Battle

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who's this guy with JIS?

isn't that gong yoo?

thanks for those pix xosandy! he seemed mischievous when he was little! what an adorable kid! couldn't tell that he was gonna grow up and be such a hunk as he is now...

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Jo Insung is insured for 300 Million Won for Mean Street

Translated by: Clar @ http://www.sweetinsung.net

Jo Insung will have his body "tattooed" with a dragon for his role in Mean Streets as a breakthru' of his image.

The dragon tattoo will use a special paint, and requires up to 10 hours of mecticulous painting by hand. Insung will have the dragon drawn on his hip, covered his back and all the way to his shoulder, estimate that the tattoo will be done by mid of this month.

Insung has tried several ways to change his image for this role other than having a tattoo, like cutting his hair. He also went thru 2 mths of intensive training in action school, and weight lifting for better body shape.

Mean Streets is abt the friendship of a gangster and a director friend. The film will be release next year.


Jo Insung - Dragan Tattoo

Source: naver

Translated by: Clar @ http://www.sweetinsung.net

2 months intensive training to rid of the "Pretty Boy" image.

Insung will be insured for his new role in Mean Streets which he will be gangster (Byun Doo) in the movie. This role will requires him to do alot of high difficulty stunts.

This will be Insung 1st attempt to do high diffculty stunts without the assistance of a stuntman. And if accidents happen, he will be paid 300m Won on insurance coverage.(est US$289,000)

Insung is always being view as " Pretty Boy", but in this movie, he will be doing the dangerous stunts himself. Thr will be several action-packed scene, with the typical use of big public bus and train.

The director, Yoo Ha's previous movie (The Cruel History of Maljuk Street) used minimal safety wire and stuntman to acheive the most realistic visual effect so as to shocked his audience. In a way, it adds on to Insung's burden.

Prior to the filming of the movie, Jo Insung has already cut off his hair and goes thru' intensive phyiscal training to change his image.

Even thou' Insung has been thru' 2 months of training in the action school, and even got himself injured on the shoulder, he still plunge into the filming of Mean Street with greatest passion.

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