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[movie 2006] Arang 아랑

Guest shiverbaby

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Guest shiverbaby

Song Yun Ah becomes a detective ... cooperate with Lee Dong Wook oppa ! ^ ^

some pix ...





Fan Art


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Guest shiverbaby

Who can help us translate this news ? Thanks so much !!!

송윤아의 '아랑', 공포현장 최초 공개

[스포테인먼트 | 탁진현기자] 송윤아 의 파격 변신으로 화제를 모으고 있는 공포영화

'아랑'(안상훈 감독·더 드림&픽쳐스 제작)이 촬영현장을 최초 공개했다.

경기도 파주에 위치한 아트서비스 세트에서 공개된 장면은 두 주인공인 소영 (송윤아)과

현기(이동욱 )가 연쇄살인사건의 가장 유력한 용의자인 동민(이종수)을 취조하는 신.

살인사건의 실체가 '원귀'와 관련이 있음이 밝혀지는 장면이다.

극 중 형사 역을 맡은 송윤아는 이날 기존의 여성스럽고 단아한 이미지 대신 확연히

달라진 모습으로 변신해 시선을 끌었다. 당시 송윤아는 촬영장에서 진한 갈색의 가죽

점퍼와 질끈 동여맨 머리 그리고 운동화에 청바지를 입었다.

송윤아는 촬영현장 공개에 이어 열린 기자 간담회 자리에서도 재치 있는 답변으로

눈길을 끌었다. 송윤아는 "항상 변하지 않는 모습을 유지하는 비결이 무엇인가"라는

질문에 "비결이라기 보다는 사실 전 15살에도 이 얼굴이었어요"라고 말해

웃음을 자아냈다.

한편 '아랑'으로 스크린에 처음 도전하는 이동욱도 기존의 잘생기고 매너 좋은

댄디보이의 이미지 대신 헝클어진 머리와 덥수룩 한 수염을 기른 모습으로 대변신을

꾀했다. 이동욱은 처음으로 영화에 출연하는 느낌에 대해 "시나리오 첫 장에

'꿈을 위한 첫걸음! 열심히 하자' 라고 써 놓았다"며 첫 도전에 대한 포부를


송윤아, 이동욱 주연의 '아랑'은 현재 70% 이상 촬영이 진행됐으며 올 여름 관객들을

찾아갈 예정이다.

- 세상에서 가장 행복한 클릭 스포테인먼트 (isportainment.com)

Copyrights ⓒ 스포테인먼트. 무단 전재 및 재배포 금지 -



SYA is a detective , she tries to find out the crime ... She 's really obsessed by this movie ... and LDW is her colleague ... He's in charge of taking photograph .

They look good together ... right ?




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Guest Fleur

I'm totally looking forward to this new movie... I'm sure LDW will learn alot from his experienced co-actress Song Yun Ah. :)

On a side note, I didn't know the LDW clan banner is still being used. I was pleasantly surprised when I see a few of you here using it. Thanks... :D

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Guest shiverbaby

I think it's a horror movie ...

Director : Ahn Sang-hoon

Casting : SYA aka So Young, Lee Dong Wook

Hi , Fleur ... I think LDW 's cute and your clan banner 's too ... ^ ^ ...

I can't wait Arang is released ...

The kbsnews made me so excited ... They're lovely ... Imo ... :)

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Guest inez

Wow..what a cool combo..love the way they dressed ..so casual and natural..

No fancy stuff and they looked just as gorgeous!.

Looks like a great movie too..lucky detective babe Song Yun Ah to have Lee Dong Wook as her hottie partner! ;)

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Guest roddy

Thanx for starting this thread shiverbaby, u beat me to it!

Some screen caps of their recent Arang kbs entnews presscon:

Seol Gong chan from My Girl is completely unrecognisable!



Naughty Dong Wook teasing noona Yoon Nah at the presscon :D




She smacks him, haha! :lol:




He calls her 'imoh' ('auntie'), the bad boy :P


Can't wait for this screen combo:




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Guest shiverbaby

@ roddy : I also wanna thank you about the translation of this news ...It's so cool ... I dont understand Korean , they make me laugh a lot and you help me to love them more ...

I 'm looking forward to this movie ...

SYA n LDW ... the best couple ... except LDH n Wookie

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Guest roddy

Actually, i jus commented, but here's a translation of the clip from Jo/ripgal posted at LDW thread *hope u don't mind me transferring it here, Jo!*:

some brief translations of the ARANG interview clip

brief translations - translated by a leedongwook.net member by her 1st POV.. not the exact translations.. but better then none!

Wookie is indeed a playful and humorous person. He can get along with any person. I thought there wouldn't be any close interactions between LDW and SYA.. but after LDW called her "Nuna", everything changed. they indeed have a good friendship. i thought SYA would be quiet thru out the interview, but to my surprise she's also very friendly and playful.

(influenced by uri Wookie huh? )

The ARANG press interview started with both LDW, SYA and the Director joking and playing with each other. LDW's humor even surpassed the other 2. LDW mentioned that he was kind of nervous as it's his first time playing a leading role in a movie and even more nervous at the beginning bcos both he had juz recoverd from his leg injury. but now he feels ok.

[LDW and SYA interview/photo session]

(LDW or the host?) discovered that SYA was standing too far behind. so sshe was pushed to the front. but then SYA turned and reacted, " Hei, then my head would be too big!" and added in the end, " No Way!" SYA pushed LDW to the front. (hahaha.. SYA's really cute here. )

The host asked whether LDW and SYA always joked around together. LDW answered, " No, actually im afraid Nuna would feel bored and tired when filming, so i juz wanted to say sumthing interesting." (awww.. Oppa's so considerate! ) The the host asked what they usually joked about. LDW answered saying, " Nah.. juz stuff about AGE difference and stuff." Later came SYA with a punch towards LDW. and LDW said, " U see u see!!"

roddy comment - This part is a flashback to the first pressconference when SYA & LDW met each other for the first time: the host asked LDW and SYA of their feelings towards each other. SYA replied saying that at the moment she's not sure and added that LDW's really quiet and doesn't talk much. (roddy: i bet she regretted saying that now :lol: ) As for LDW, he said SYA is his one of his favourite seniors and praised SYA for her beauty. (again.. LDW really knows how to play with words huh?)

Then the clip proceeded to reporting about their gradually improving interaction.. and then LDW as heard calling, " Imo! Imo!!(Auntie)" The host asked him why he called SYA Imo. HE replied," It's closer calling Imo compared to Ajumma!" (puhahahahhahahah. this made me laugh non-stop!! LDW's daym funny huh?!) SYA reacted, " What Imo? What Imo?" LDW replied saying that he juz wanted to be closer and he wanted to make the filming process more interesting. LDW added, "It's more interesting this say and im sure Nuna loves it!" SYA quickly responded," Hei, i feel nothing ok?" LDW (laughing): " Shhh.. we're recording now! " (gosh.. i feel LDW's humor all the way!!! he's soo humorous!!)

Later LDW even mentioned that SYA and his relationship is not that one of which u call "Nuna!!..." instead it should be ==> " Imo.. time to eat! "

hahhahaa... (ok.. this is daym funny.. why is Wookie so playful?? )

the last scenes.. as translated by roddy...roddy: she said playfully: Arang! Arang! Arang! He pretended to frown becoz she wouldn't be serious. The he said seriously: thank u & please wait for the movie. She kept teasing him by refusing to be serious & pumping her fist & said: fighting! He continued to be serious & waved goodbye politely to the camera. She wanted to wave too but by then he's already laughing becoz they can't keep up with each other! :lol:



i hope u guys took the time to read.. altho my translations were slacky..

i thought the whole interview thingy was really cute and funny!!


Thanx Jo! That wuz great.

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Guest roddy

lisa: u sexy thang! LUV UUUU!!!......wat i mean to say is thank u - it's that last pic of DW which made me lose my mind for a minute :P *downloading now*

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