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[Drama 2000] Autumn Tale 가을동화


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Oh yes, I watched it several times and then went hunting for the set with Korean audio till I found it ! Could not find a set in Singapore but managed to buy overseas. :rolleyes:

Yup, pretty soon most of those K-artistes reaching 25 years of age onwards will be enlisted. :(:(:(

i watched it serveral times as well!

i bort the cantonese audio 1st then i went and bort the korean audio with english subs not long after on yesasia!

meanin Bi will in 2 years time???

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would anyone have any megaupload or ysi links :( they used to have links in the old soompi drama section, but then it all got erased~

anyone help?

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Guest ginachan





Credits to pinoyexchange.com

haha I posted the same exact pix before... :)

A walking heartache! :lol:



This heart of mine.


They have the best chemistry on screen. They so need to do another drama together.



Credits to WONderland

these pix are making me cry again...eissh :(

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does anybody have this drama on their computer ?? or does anyone know where to download this?? i want to see this again !! >.< this too was my first drama which made me fell in love with kdrama afterwards haha thanks if anyone gives us a link for the download :]

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Guest soutsada7

I actually have a dubbed version, but I'm buying the subtitled one because this drama is soooooo good...I kinda hesitated at first because I heard that it had a sad ending, but I couldn't resist the lure of the beautiful cast, especially gorgeous SHG, so I gave it a try and discovered what I had missing from my K-drama collection...it drama is a true classic :D

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