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[Drama 2000] Autumn Tale 가을동화


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Guest wonbinlover

This is when i fell in love with Won Bin. I love this drama but watching it is very exhausting because i can't stop crying. It was my first k drama and i was very hooked but felt so tired afterwards. LOL :)

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Guest MeiLin83

This was the first drama I watched while crying pretty much all the way. Haha.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Hehe ^_^

I just fell in love with Won Bin's look in here. Well, with Won Bin period. Hehe ^^

I liked Song Seung Hun way before watching this. Basically, I loved both of the boys!!

Hehe ^_^ Song Hye Kyo: My favorite actress ever. :)

Although many people thought and wanted SHK character to be w/ WB character, I've always

cheered for SHK and SSH. Maybe that's just me, but their relationship was just so beautiful.

I recommend this drama for whoever has not watched it.

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Guest longmao32

It's one also one of my fave n 1st k-drama i have watched....SHG n MGY are really cute n pretty in these show... JWH N SHH are charmin in these show...Hope some1 wld upload these show coz I really want to watch it again....thx... :lol::D

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this was the first kdrama i ever watched. well the whole thing at least. >.<

i loved the story and the plot and everything. i fell in love with Song Seung Hoon and Wonbin. and Song Hye Gyo was soo freakin pretty. i always wanted her to end up with both of them. if that was even possible. XD

i cried soo much in this movie that when my mom and brother saw me.. they thought i was crazy.. cause its just a movie. >.>

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omg i love this drama!!

this was teh first korean drama i saw toO!!

omg so good, made me CRY CRY CRY


i dotn realli care who song hye kyo ended up with

cuz both song seung hun and won bin are so hot LOL

but yeah.. so sad =(

soo good! need i say more?

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this is my first drama too!!

i remember rooting for shg and ssh...

so won bin can be mine!! lol...

seriously, it's one of the saddest dramas ever...

and simply beautiful...

moon geun young's really cute here too...

and now, she's grown up!! :lol:

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Omigosh I went absolutely ballistic over this drama. And this is where I fell hopelessly and irrevocably inlove with Won Bin! haha In short, I went WB crazy! I probably saw it 20 times and I'll see it 20 more times. I never get tired of watching it coz of WB. hehehe Seriously, I hated SHK's character here. It was just so unfair that she couldn't even return the love that WB was offering to her. I was like, "Are you made of stone woman?!" :lol: And I never paid any attention to SSH's character (but I do love him now, thanks to Summer Scent hehe)

Although I didn't like SHK's character here I must admit that she and WB made me so giddy. I loved all their scenes together. I kept the faith, hoping, wishing and praying that they'd end up together but they didn't. *sigh*

WB made me cry like a baby with all his drama scenes. For me, he's still the best drama actor around. He wasn't the lead in this series and he did not get the girl but he sure captured the hearts of many female fans in all of Asia. And I'm so grateful for this drama coz this is where WB showed and proved to everyone that he's not just another pretty face. He can indeed act. He's simply a natural and a total charmer. This guy is a force to be reckoned with.

SHK also did a great job in portraying her role but she really made me want to pull her hair hard for not loving WB back. :lol: No offense to her fans. :D I loved this girl in Full House.

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Guest carlavb

this is a real tear jerker!!!

i almost finished a whole box of kleenex with this one!!!

i think all the main characters deserve an award..

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Guest ㄴㅏ 는 ㅎㅖ진

i LOVE THiS DRAMA ahh it was like my first drama i watch .. i want to watch it again.. i cried so much ::tears::

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