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[talk Show 2008] Deep Talk With Park Junghoon Show 박중훈쇼 대한

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January 7, 2009

Choi Jin-sil's Brother Speaks Out


Choi Jin-young (right) with his sister

Choi Jin-sil (file photo)

Actor and singer Choi Jin-young, younger brother of late actress Choi Jin-sil, appeared on the KBS "Park Jung Hoon Show" on Dec. 21, and spoke of his sister. "There were times when I resented her for passing on this huge burden to me," said a tearful Choi.

"I decided to come to the show because I wanted to show my sister in heaven that many people are still remembering her," he added.

Choi said after the divorce his sister suffered from malicious comments posted online -- and once decided to immigrate to the U.S. for the sake of her children. Choi also told how the late actress returned to the spotlight via KBS drama "My Rosy Life" after undergoing personal difficulties.

"I hope she visits my dreams and tell me that she is doing all right," said Choi.

Choi Jin-sil committed suicide last October after suffering from extreme stress over a rumor that she may have lent money to actor Ahn Jae-hwan, who also committed suicide due to business failure and consequent financial difficulties.

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com

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January 14, 2009

[TV REVIEW] Dire talk show destroys a pledge to 'be nice'


Park Jung-hoon, the host of “Sunday Night with Park Jung-hoon.” [KBS-TV]

Be nice. That’s my New Year’s resolution.

But the Korean TV scene has already ruined my strong (at least for a few days) will and made me evil again.

The blame falls on “Sunday Night with Park Jung-hoon,” an ambitious yet obviously flailing talk show on KBS 2TV, airing 11 p.m. Sundays.

When the talk show debuted late last year, it seemed highly unlikely that I would spurn the show. It featured a group of pretty-faced actors who were making long-awaited TV appearances, such as Jang Dong-keon and Jung Woo-sung. Plus, the host, Park, is a seasoned actor himself, well noted for his glib tongue.

To be honest, it’s a crime for the show to have an audience rating under 50 percent. I mean, how can you not attract viewers with eye candy such as Jung reading our love poems?

I have to confess that I replayed that segment a dozen - O.K., several dozens - of times. Yet, the show boasts an audience rating of a paltry 10 percent. And then came last Sunday’s episode, which featured three politicians flapping around in an effort to soothe the waves of criticism against the show’s immature and, most of all, flat content.

I doubt, however, that the politicians appeared to try to rescue the show. On the contrary, they were more likely to sink it. The invited politicians were the three floor leaders of the political parties that recently turned the National Assembly into a battlefield where hammers, fire extinguishers and rope prevailed as weapons.

The mere sight of the politicians smiling - how could they smile after wasting my and your tax money at the Assembly - was sickening enough. And when they started to talk about the color of their underwear, the degree of my disappointment grew even bigger and eventually reached a state of utter incomprehension and awe.

The scene at issue came when the M.C., Park, asked Hong Joon-pyo, the Grand National Party’s floor leader, “So you are a fan of the color red. Is your underwear red, too?”

Well. This would be a good candidate for an entry into the Top 10 Most Hideous Questions of the Year award.

At this point, in memory of Freddie Mercury singing “Too Much Love Will Kill You,” please stand and sing, “Too Much Hong Will Kill You.”

Why on earth should I care what color underwear a politician wears?

My ire accelerated when the floor leaders spent a good 20 minutes rationalizing the battle at the Assembly, blaming each other for the ridiculous scenes of battling lawmakers, footage of which was broadcast all over the world, to the embarrassment of our nation.

So, at this point, I felt the chances of me being nice this year about television programs quickly draining away.

When they started linking arms and singing, I had to breathe deep and pray to God for patience. My blood was curdling. If I could, I would have wired them cash to pay for a night in a karaoke joint, a more harmonious alternative to whacking each other on the head with hammers.

Then, incredibly, one of the floor leaders said, “Don’t get into that, because our dear people don’t want to hear that,” when asked how the fights at the Assembly got started.

Hello? Aren’t you the one who started the fight? And how do you presume to know what we want or don’t want to hear? After enduring an hour of this rubbish, one thing become clear at least. I’m not likely to tune into this show unless it features pretty-faced actors. But I might hit the mute button and just enjoy the visuals. They might say something stupid and set me off again.

By the way, what kind of clothes and underwear will Barack Obama wear for his grand inauguration day?

Let’s hope he doesn’t tell us.

By Chun Su jin Staff Reporter[sujiney@joongang.co.kr]


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Hope the Korean press got the dates wrong, cos this Sun is 18 not 25.

Yeah.. hopefully it's only a date mix-up and will be cleared soon. If not, some might missed watching the actual show.. and hope it won't indicate that LBH might cancel his appearance at the last-minute. :sweatingbullets:

Btw, Huang.. since the weekend of the 25th will be the Lunar New Year celebrations in Korea as well.. won't the talkshow be postponed or something.. like, to air festive related shows instead?

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Hope the Korean press got the dates wrong, cos this Sun is 18 not 25.

sorry if I made you guys confused over the airing schedule...I just checked on the official site and it lists Ahn Sung-ki as the guest for the Jan. 18 episode, I think Jung Joon-ho will also guest in the show but I'm not sure of the airing date, I tried translating the article and the dates got mixed up, I apologize :sweatingbullets:

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January 17, 2009

Kim Tae-hee Responds to Rumors on TV


Kim Tae-hee

Actress Kim Tae-hee first spoke about the rumor surrounding her relationship with the son of a giant conglomerate. She appeared on Sunday's Park Jung Hoon Show aired by KBS and candidly addressed the rumor.

She said, "In the beginning, I thought the rumor would soon disappear, since it was not true. However, it spread uncontrollably and became established as fact. I didn't take any active measures because I didn't know it would become this serious. And I waited because if I made a fuss, I thought the rumor might snowball."

She also added, "My agency selectively sued netizens who spread the malicious rumor, but dropped it later because the police investigation confirmed it to be untrue. Also they were not the ones who started the rumor in the first place."

She also spoke about the controversy surrounding her acting skills. She has been spotlighted as a model in commercials but has so far failed to prove her appeal in other fields. When asked about this, she said, "That's because I haven't yet been able to show interesting sides of myself in other works. I was confident and comfortable shooting commercials because they are relatively easy, but dramas and movies require more skills and the burden has prevented me from doing better."

However, she also showed her passion as an actress saying, "I am still developing and becoming more confident. I will never stop pursuing acting as long as the viewers allow me to. As I live the lives of others and try to find things inside me to express genuine emotions, I become increasingly thirsty to act."

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com

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Oh, I love this talk show. I've always liked PJH. It's a pity the first show with JDG was not English-subtitled. I watched the last episode with Kim Hye-soo and I was surprised at how good she looks. Carry on with the good job, Mr. Park!

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