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[talk Show 2008] Deep Talk With Park Junghoon Show 박중훈쇼 대한

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[KBS2] Republic of Korea Sunday Night
Debut 14 Dec 2008 Sunday 10:25 pm Seoul time.

Debuts on KBS World on the immediate Tue following the Korean Sunday broadcast, show time is around Asia 11:25 am and Europe 04:25.

A new current affairs talk show which will be hosted by a renowned actor, Park Joong Hoon.

Talk Show Hosts : Park Joong Hoon (co-host, Lee Hyun Joo, dropped out after 4th episode)

Debut episode 1st guest : Jang Dong Gun

Official site : http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/sisa/sunnight/index.html

KBS World site : http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/programs/program...tro.html?no=316

Daum site : http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=52556

VODs (KBS ID required) : http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/sisa/sunnight/vod/review/index.html

UCC VODs : http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/sisa/sunnight/vod/zzim/index.html

Episodic preview : http://www.kbs.co.kr/2tv/sisa/sunnight/vod...view/index.html





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Guest huangsy

GUESTS LIST : (episode / date / name of guest)

1 20081214 Jang Dong Gun

2 20081221 late Choi Jin Shil

3 20081228 Jung Woo Sung

4 20090104 Kim Tae Hee

5 20090111 politicians

6 20090118 Ahn Sung Ki

7 20090201

8 20090208 Cha Tae Hyun & Joo Jin Mo

9 20090215

10 20090222 Kim Hye Soo

20090301 (held over, Special TV Novel was aired instead)

11 20090308 SNSD (Girls Generation)


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Guest baqinardo

i was planned to start this topic but lack of info.

Thanks starting thread for this show huangsy

i was waiting for this show, coz Jang Dong Gun in there.

But i'm kinda dissappointed, coz this show not so interesting.

somehow it's boring... :ph34r:

i hope it'll get better soon..

1st episode rating:

Credit to TNS Media:

Nationwide: 15. 박중훈쇼대한민국일요일밤 KBS2 11.3 %

Seoul: 10. 박중훈쇼대한민국일요일밤 KBS2 12.1 %

AGB Nilesen: Below top 20

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Guest huangsy

Ep 1 20081214 Jang Dong Gun

Watch at http://hallyudrama.blogspot.com/search/lab...ng%20Dong%20Gun

For some translation of what JDG said, go to his thread.

11.3% rating

15일 시청률 조사기관 TNS미디어코리아에 따르면 지난 14일 방송된 '박중훈쇼, 대한민국 일요일밤'(이하 '박중훈쇼')이 11.3%의 전국시청률을 기록했다.

News clip about JDG being the debut guest and also JDG's 1st talk show in 7-8 years.
















Credit TY_KSW :











Reposted from Just-Jangdonggun.com - Credit Dreamer

Source: http://blog.naver.com/jeb1130

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Guest baqinardo

You are welcomed Baginardo.

Bec the program is a talk show and the talk is all in Korean, which most of us dont understand, understandably you may find it boring.

That said, I like the 1st episode bec it was the only rare occasion I got to hear Jang Dong Gun talking non-stop for almost a full hour !


i can understand korea.

coz i'm taking korean course.

i mean compare to other talk show like Global Talk SHow, Sang Sang Plus even YSMM this show abit boring.

but of course that just IMO. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest huangsy

You are welcomed Baginardo.

Bec the program is a talk show and the talk is all in Korean, which most of us dont understand, understandably you may find it boring.

That said, I like the 1st episode bec it was the only rare occasion I got to hear Jang Dong Gun talking non-stop for almost a full hour !

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Guest huangsy

I'm ok with Park Joong Hoon so long as I dont have to hear him talk too much bec I prefer to hear the natural voice of the guests.

To give him credit, he managed to get Jang Dong Gun to reveal loads of new stuff about himself.

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Guest huangsy

Ep 2 20081221 late Choi Jin Shil

10.3% rating

Choi Jin Young, the brother of late Choi Jin Shil, was invited as guest to talk about his sister.




Source : Yahoo Korea

최진영 “누나가 원망스럽기도 했었다”

[스포츠월드] 2008년 12월 22일(월) 오후 08:22 가 가| 이메일| 프린트

얼마 전 세상을 떠난 고 최진실의 남동생 최진영이 토크쇼에 출연해 그간의 힘들었던 심경과 누나에 대한 비하인드 스토리를 털어놨다.

최진영은 21일 방송된 KBS 토크쇼 ‘박중훈쇼, 대한민국 일요일밤’에서 “내게 모든 짐을 떠맡기고 간 누나를 원망하기도 했었다. 하지만 꿈에서라도 누나가 잘 있다고 말해주길 바란다”고 고백했다.

그는 지금도 많은 이들이 최진실을 잊지 않고 있음을 하늘에 있는 누나에게 보여주고 싶어 토크쇼 출연을 결심했다고 밝혔다. 또 최진영은 최진실이 이혼의 아픔을 겪으며 각종 악플에 시달리다가 결국 아이들을 위해 미국 이민까지 결심했었던 사실과 드라마 ‘장미빛 인생’으로 다시 재기에 성공하기까지의 뒷 이야기도 전했다.

특히 이날 방송에서는 최진영이 12월 24일 최진실의 마흔번째 생일을 축하하며 눈물을 터뜨려 분위기를 숙연하게 만들었다.

Late Choi Jinshil’s brother Choi Jinyoung appeared on a talk show recently and talked about his feelings and the behind stories of his sister.

On the KBS talk show ‘Park Joonghoon Show, Korea’s Sunday Night’ aired on the 21st, Choi Jinyoung said, "There were times when I blamed my sister for leaving everything behind for me to deal with. But I wish she would tell me at least in my dreams that she is doing fine."

He said that he decided to be in the talk show to show his sister that there are so many people in this world that still think about her. He also said that after going through a divorce, Choi Jinshil was having a hard time dealing with malicious replies on the internet, and she even thought about immigrating to the United States for her children, and the behind story of how she was able to start her second life as an actress through the drama ‘Rosy Life.’

This day, Choi Jinyoung congratulated his sister’s 40th birthday which will be on the 24th of December, and shed tears.

*blame : 원망하다

*deal with : ∼를 처리하다, 감당하다

*malicious : 악성


The 3 ladies are Na Kyung Won 나경원(한나라당), Park Young Sun 박영선(민주당) and Park Sun Young 박선영(자유선진당).


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Guest silverwingz

Jang Dong-gun back on TV

December 14th, 2008 // by javabeans


Jang Dong-gun (Taegukgi, Friend) made a television appearance on the inaugural December 14 episode of the new talk show Park Joong-hoon Show on KBS. The reason this is noteworthy is that Jang has eschewed broadcast appearances and hasn’t been seen on a talk show in eight years.

His last drama appearance was in 2000’s All About Eve (co-starring Chae Rim), and he’s been keeping a low profile in recent years. He hasn’t been very active in the Korean entertainment sphere for the past three years, mostly because he’s been working on the Hollywood production Laundry Warrior (co-starring Geoffrey Rush and Kate Bosworth).

In the show, Jang was uncharacteristically open and frank about his life, including his early days, his career, his romantic experiences (and failures), and yes, how it’s awfully lonely up there at the top.


So here’s the rundown:

  • Known to be a good student in his youth, he’d failed his college entrance exam because he’d suffered from pneumothorax (collapsed lung) in high school. He underwent surgery for the condition.
  • After failing to gain college acceptance, he’d thought himself quite unlucky. When he was discovered for his first ad job, he decided to pursue the actor’s life in earnest.
  • He got that first gig when he’d been working various part-time jobs around his neighborhood, and was discovered in a “street casting” for a print ad.
  • Host Park Joong-hoon asked about the rumors of Jang’s plastic surgery. Jang maintains he’s 100% natural, and that the reason his cheekbones seemed much more prominent in his Typhoon days was attributed to drastic weight loss — more than 10 kg.
  • He currently weighs 72-73 kg, a “comfortable” weight. Right before Typhoon, he’d done Taegukgi, where he was his heaviest at 80 kg. That made his drop down to 67 kg for Typhoon that much more noticeable.
  • Often asked about his height, he gave the exact measurement, 181.4 cm.
  • Is he tired of hearing comments like “You’re so handsome”? Answer: “I’m not tired of it. To be honest, I feel good whenever I hear it.”


  • Is his absence from television was because he’d wanted to retain his mystique? Jang answered that it’s partly due to his personality (he doesn’t feel comfortable appearing in front of people) — and partly due to his belief that he would rather show himself through his acting instead.
  • What does he do in his spare time? Jang doesn’t have particular hobbies, but he likes to travel. Because he so often talks to reporters while promoting his projects, discussing his achievements and work, he begins to think, “I don’t know who I really am.” When those feelings build, he goes away on a trip, to rediscover himself.
  • However, he’s been feeling lonelier lately, as he grows older (he’s 37, or 36 by Western counting): “When I was younger, I enjoyed solitude. These days, I’m really lonely. A lot of nights, I can’t sleep well.”
  • Sometimes he comes home from drinking with friends in the early morning (2-3am) and is hit with feelings of despondence. When he mentioned this to fellow actor Kim Min-jong (Woman of Beauty Park Jung-geum) recently, who sympathized, Kim gave him a sudden hug and handed him his own rosary.
  • Jang’s loneliness is such that there have been times when he’s lain awake in the middle of the night (2-3am), drunk a few cans of beer, and thought to himself, “If I get a call from a woman within 20 minutes, I’ll marry her.” (And… following this interview, Jang will suddenly be inundated with midnight phone calls…) He explains, “I have a lot of good friends, but it’s a void that people can’t fill.”
  • About dating: He’s only ever dated a couple women “seriously.”
  • He’s gone on a couple blind marriage dates, but “obviously those couldn’t work out” — “the other person knows too much about me, and holds prejudices about me” while he would know nothing about them.
  • He attributes his failed dating experiences with the inability to do normal things — other people get to know each other as they go out to eat together or watch movies, but he can’t do those things.
  • The hardest thing about being a star: “missing the ordinary.”
  • In the past (earlier in his career), Jang wanted to live a normal, ordinary life, but he’s realized he can’t have that. “I’m okay with that now, but the process of coming to that realization was difficult.”
  • He thinks that perhaps later, “when I think back to my 37-year-old self, I’ll regret living too seriously.”

Source: OSEN, Hankyung

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Guest huangsy

Ep 4 20090104 Kim Tae Hee

news VOD clip at http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...mp;newssetid=89

and http://news.kbs.co.kr/asx/news_player2008....zAway84MC5hc2Y=












Source : yahoo korea

미모와 지성 김태희 “루머와 논란… 입장 밝히겠다”

[스포츠월드] 2008년 12월 31일(수) 오후 07:44 가 가| 이메일| 프린트

‘아름다운 그녀’ 배우 김태희가 KBS 2TV ‘박중훈쇼 대한민국 일요일밤’를 찾는다.

자타공인, 미모와 지성을 겸비한 국내 대표 미녀배우인 김태희가 내년 1월 4일 밤 11시15분에 방송될 ‘박중훈쇼 대한민국 일요일밤’에 출연해 자신을 둘러싼 여러 논란들에 대해 솔직한 심경을 털어놓는다.

김 태희는 이번 방송을 통해 “자신에 대한 갖가지 논란 때문에 대중 앞에 나서기 자꾸만 꺼려진다”며 “사람들이 저를 보며 기분이 좋아지고 웃을 수 있으면 좋겠다. 저도 그 사람들을 통해서 더욱 성숙해지고 싶다”고 근황과 함께 소박한 소망을 밝힐 예정이다.

특히 연기력 논란이나 서울대 출신이라는 꼬리표, 여기에 재벌과의 비밀 결혼설까지 김태희는 방송을 통해 자신과 관련된 각종 루머와 논란에 대한 진솔한 입장을 표명할 예정이다.

Beautiful actress Kim Taehee will appear on the KBS 2TV talk show ’Park Joonghoon Show Korea’s Sunday Night.’

Kim Taehee, who is a woman of beauty and intelligence, will appear on ‘Park Joonghoon Show Korea’s Sunday Night’ and talk frankly about all the rumors surrounding her.

In the program she says, “Because of all the rumors, I tend to avoid appearing in front of public. I wish people could smile and feel happy when they see me. And I wish I could become more mature through these people.”

She will talk about what she thinks about the rumors regarding her acting skills, her tag of a Seoul National University graduate, and the rumors that she got secretly married to a rich family.

*intelligence : 지성

*frankly : 솔직하게

*surrounding : 둘러싸고 있는

*avoid : 피하다

*public : 대중

*mature : 성숙한

*regarding : ∼에 관한

*tag : 꼬리표

*graduate : 졸업생

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December 31, 2008

Star power fails to light the stage on ‘The Park Jung-hun Show’


Big stars don’t always guarantee good ratings, it seems.

When the actor Park Jung-hun started hosting his own weekly talk show, “The Park Jung-hun Show,” on KBS2 TV from Dec. 14, big stars who rarely appear on television made an appearance.


So far, the actors Jang Dong-keon, and Jung Woo-sung and the singer Choi Jin-young have taken to the stage and the actress Kim Tae-hee will be on this Sunday.

But does anyone really care that much? Last Sunday, only 6.6 percent of viewers watched the Jung Woo-sung show, according to TNS Media.

By Lee Eun-joo, related image from empas.com


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