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Bosco Wong [official thread]

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Name : Bosco Wong Chung Chak

NickName: Ah Co

BDAY: December 13, 1980

Birth place : Hong Kong

Height : 180cm ( 5'11" )

Weight: 160 pounds

Blood: AB

Speaks : Cantonese, English and Mandarin

Family : Mom and Dad

Size for clothing : M-L

Size for shoes : 42 or 9

Hobbies: Singing , Swimming , Basketball


Sports:Swimming and Basketball

Junk Food : Gum

Drinks : WooLung Tea and Green Tea

Music : R & B , Trance Rap , Hip Hop

Singer : Jacky Cheung ,Tanya

Stars : Maggie Cheung Man Yuk ,Maggie Q

Movies : City of Angel and Saving Private


Country : France

Clothing : Casual Wear

Car : Sports Car

Season : Summer , Spring

Animals : Dog and cat

Cartoon : Ding Dong


Aqua Heroes

Find the Light

Triump In the Skies

To Love With No Regret

The Last Breakthrough

My Master is Wong Fei Hung

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion

War of the In-laws

Under the Canopy of Love

Cameo Roles

Slim Chances

Awaking Story

Matter of Custom

Legendary Four Aces

Lost in Love

At the Threshold of an Era 2












Credit to asianfanatics.net, boscoworld.cjb.net, and asianhunk.net

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Here are some more pics of Bosco

these are pics of him in Under the Canopy of Love

I love this series, I think him and niki make a cute couple...kawaii...




se18090214_big.jpg <---This is the part when Bosco was drinking beer to get rid of any problems relating to Niki and was beaten up and bleeding on the head...Poor guy



Credit to asianfanatics.com and bosco.siteled.com

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hahah... i tink he was sooo adorable with myolie in war-of-the-inlaws...

i love him in old fashion dramas... not so much in modern times.. i dunno why... lol

i tink him and myolie make a super cute couple.. hehehhehe... *wishful thinking*

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..Woah. I've never even heard of this guy.

He's cute. O_O

He resembles somebody I know... <_<


He has a cute first name too. o_o,

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wow thanks for the pix and info...i love his characters in all of the dramas he was in.....even though he's not that great looking, but he has a great personality. thanks for sharing

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^ shut up maggie...Bosco is awesomely cute!

I love this actor! He and Raymond are both talented and cute. Just wished they were promoted by tvb more than some other actors....

Amanda, I didn't know you like Bosco...

Btw, your Junjin b-set is offensive. Those two guys do not equal Junjin. I can't believe you would compare those two to Junjin...what kind of fan are you?!


guess who this is btw. haha

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for putting his profile info up! Haha I totally forgot his chinese name, and it was bugging me yesterday when I was watching one of his series on TV (Wong Fei Hung). :P

Anyways, Bosco has definitely come a long way, and improved a lot on his acting. He defintely deserves the promotions TVB has been giving him! He's one of the VERY few semi-newbie actors I enjoy watching.

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