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Is my HD dead?

Guest Dj_Bouncy

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Guest babietinhyeu

i have almost the same problem, so i'll just add my question here. My computer refuses to turn on as well but this usually only happen during thunderstorm when there is a power outage. Since this happen to me quite a few time, this time I shut down my computer before the outage. But this morning after another night of thunder and power outage, my computer refuses to turn on. I think it has to do with my power supply, i have no idea what to do except keep trying to turn it on and hoping it will come out again.

I don't get it I thought turning off the computer before a possible power outage is good, then why is it suffering the same thing as when i just leave my computer on during one.

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that's cuz regardless of whether your computer is on or off, the electricity can still travel throughout your system when there's a big power surge. To really protect your system, you need a good surge protector with at least 1000+ joules of surge suppression hooked up to all your computer equipment. Those $2-3 power strips don't offer any real protection against power surges. It is also important to know that your wall plug is properly grounded. The $20+ surge protectors generally have a light to tell you if the wall outlet you're plugging into is properly grounded or not. If the wiring inside your wall isn't properly grounded, then it defeats the whole purpose of trying to protect your system in the first place. Surge protectors need a proper ground to be able to get rid of excess power coming in... no ground means the only place that excess electricity is gonna go is straight into your computer...

In your case, if your computer won't turn on then it's probably your power supply that's been damaged.

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