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PTB BTS kissing scene...
Ahhh, how come we didn't see the leap-up-to-his-arms-carry-to-the-bedroom-while-kissing scene during broadcast?

http://youtu.be/ciSVXH_EyA8 Longer BTS and English subbed
 Cr:original uploader
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Guest suncine445

Not sure whether the news conference for Protect the boss has been shared here, Would like to share it here again  eng subs..


credit: uploader

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class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; "[FAN ACCOUNT] 130414 Lucky fans stayed next door to Jaejoong at the hotel in TaipeiApril 14, 2013 · pvtse

photo taipeifanacctweetbypixelminor.jpg

The night we stayed next to Kim Jae Joong. It was really a stroke of luck that such an unimaginable thing happened.

It was a last minute decision to go to Taipei for his mini concert and we had wanted to try getting a room in the hotel JJ was gonna stay in. It would be nice just knowing he was staying in the same building as you!

We booked our hotel on the day just before the FM, when we could confirm where he was staying. It was a crazy fight for rooms at the Regent Hotel cos the hotel website itself had no more rooms just for that Saturday. And very limited rooms on other booking sites. Just minutes after the news spread on his hotel, the rooms were all snapped up. Woah fan power!

Even the room that my friend had managed to book and pay for earlier was cancelled on us cos the booking site seemed to have overbooked and they sent us an email. Panicked, I searched again for the chance that there was a room available somewhere, we were willing to pay for any room haha. Luckily, I managed to book a standard superior room (it’s kindda the cheapest room in Regent, but it was still horrendously expensive).

We arrived to Taipei on the day of the FM and saw that my room number was on the 18th floor. It was puzzling cos I knew that the top two residential floors of 18 and 19 housed the exclusive Tai Pan rooms and suites, the most expensive in the hotel. And I had booked a normal room.
Anyway, we went out and had a smashing time at the FM first since the hotel said the room wasn’t ready.

After the FM, we took a cab and went back to collect our room keys. The room was really on the 18th floor.

We went up and was surprised that we had really been given a room on the Tai Pan floor. But where was our room? We walked all the way to the end of the corridor before we found it. As we stood outside, it dawned on me that it was not even a Tai Pan room we had been upgraded to, it was gonna be a Tai Pan suite.

We faced two sets of huge doors – there were only two suites at the end of the corridor.
As a Korean gentleman had walked past us earlier on the corridor, we thought there was a teeny chance either the crew or even JJ himself stayed around this floor.

We opened the door…and instead of seeing a bedroom, we were greeted by a wooden and marble vestibule. And on peering in, it was confirmed we had been given a huge suite, complete with living room, dining room, two bathrooms and a bedroom with full glass windows running down the whole corner.
While we were still lounging in wonder at the living room sofa, we heard voices from the only other suite next door. People were moving in and out of the suite, which told us that there was some business going on there. Hopeful, we literally plastered against the wall to hear better lol.

There were many people next door, some spoke in Korean and some in Mandarin. And lotsa movement. That kindda confirmed our suspicions that it was indeed JJ’s FM crew next door.

And in the midst of the voices, we suddenly heard it – the famous HaHaHaHa. The very distinctive KJJ laugh. Our hearts were beating furiously. JJ laughed some more and spoke on occasion. It was music to our ears. He sounded happy and relaxed that night. That made us very happy too.

So it would seem that he had left the concert venue right after it ended and back to the hotel at 10 odd pm. Our original plans to go out for supper were ditched and we ordered room service just so we can hear what’s going on next door.

From our vantage point, we could see fans waiting with stalker taxis by the side of the hotel, confirming that JJ was back in the hotel already.

Moments later, he tweeted his nosebleed half-naked photo in the bathroom, it was the very same bathroom we had.

As time went by, we continued to hear voices on and off, and staff left the suite one by one. It seemed that they had just come to discuss matters and made sure he was ok. After midnight, there was only the sounds of the TV left. And yes, the suite has three TVs.

We started having strange thoughts. Maybe we can ring his doorbell and pretend we got the wrong room. Or maybe we should blast JYJ songs and see if he’d come over to investigate. Or maybe we could just order dessert and send to his room. As the night got later, our ideas got wilder lol. Ok you have to forgive three crazed girls with one hot dude just next door. After all, he must feel lonely all by himself in that big suite. *Cue All Alone playing in background*

By 2am, he seemed to have slept and the TV was off. He must be tired and didn’t even go out. The lights in his living area was left dimly lit and the curtains at the bedroom area were all pulled shut. Although we found out that his bodyguard had been celebrating his birthday till the wee hours in another room somewhere in the hotel but that’s another story to tell hehe.

Most fans waiting outside had decided to leave by 2am.

We slumbered, smiling in the knowledge that he was just a wall away. Actually I was too excited to sleep!

The next morning at 8am, I heard his voice again. Wow he was already up. The TV was on and staff were moving in and out of his room. To hear him speaking first thing in the morning was like a beautiful wake-up call or something. His voice was incredibly sexy, calm and soothing, even though I could not hear exactly what he said. We were so tempted to open our door and say hi.

Later that morning, he checked out to return to South Korea. It was sad knowing he had left but we were left with beautiful and unexpected fan memories. While we had always joked that we will get a room next to him, cos we often went to JYJ or solo events around, we had never once believed it would ever happen. But I guess, luck can just strike once in a while. And to all readers, thanks for all your suggestions to break down his door in the middle of the night or drill a hole in the wall, we unfortunately didn’t bring our tools with us. Maybe next time haha!

Credit: @pixelminorShared by: JYJ3

Lucky lucky fans...
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@XIAkiss: Jaejoong went up and help the grandma/grandpa! I'm sure Jae is sad about this!!  http://t.co/P3p6bog7CS
JJ tweeted his disappointment that saessang fans caused older people to fall down by their quest to take pics of him and that these 'photographers' didn't even stop to help...Kind hearted JJ...

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Guest suncine445

class="entry-title"130413 Arirang TV: report on Kim Jaejoong’s Shanghai concert on Showbiz Korea


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Guest suncine445

TVBS and QIJI reports on  JYJ Jaejoong Mini Concert in taipei ( no subs)

credit: uploader


Kim Jaejoong’s mini concert attracted about 3000 fans. He even arranged a session where he could interact with Jaeharems.
He picked a question from the whiteboard. He was asked when he will be marrying “me” (referring to the enquirer). He paused for a while before he responded (however no Chinese translation done). According to the text shown on the screen — Kim Jaejoong feels that the right time to get marry will be nine years later.
Jaeharems were crazy when host asked the following questions:
Do you want to marry Kim Jaejoong ? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Do you want to bring him home? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Jaejoong hopes he will be able to come back to Taiwan with the other 2 members before the end of this year. The last JYJ concert in Taiwan was in 2011.

Credit: TVBS + iQiYi via josie miao
Translation by: flossie of soompi
Shared by: JYJ3

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Guest MGYlove

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Scolds Sasaeng Fans Waiting for Him at the Airport

Struggling once more with completely obsessed fans, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong called out his sasaeng fans, who have been causing disturbances at the airport.

On April 14, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “I came back to Korea in a good mood, and it’s fine if you’re trying really hard to take pictures like you’re a photo journalist, but if a grandmother or a grandfather has fallen while passing by, don’t you think you should help them up or apologize? Instead of after getting in the car, checking to see if your photos came out nicely, couldn′t you go check and see if it wasn′t your grandmother?"

Kim Jae Joong returned to Korea after holding his Your, My, and Mine concert in Taiwan on April 13. According to his tweet, there were some disturbances caused by sasaeng fans, which left the singer quite upset. 

Photo Credit: Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter
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class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; "[NEWS] 130415 Kim Jae-Joong, finishes Asia tour successfully in TaiwanApril 14, 2013 · rilanna

Kim Jae-Joong finished his Asia tour successfully in Taiwan. Kim Jae-Joong visited Taiwan for his first solo Asia tour ‘Your, My and Mine in Taiwan’.

At the press conference of the concert, about 50 local media crowded, and the concert was successful as well. C-jes Entertainment said, “Kim Jae-Joong’s Asia concert finished successfully and he had a happy time with 4000 fans in Taiwan. The concert was various with fan meeting and mini concert combined. It was largely loved by Asian fans. Especially, Taiwanese media was very active in reporting the concert, showing attention to every move of Kim Jae-Joong.” After the concert, Taiwanese broadcast company TVBS covered Kim Jae-Joong’s Taiwan concert. Also other media like GTV showed big attention to Kim Jae-Joong’s change as a rocker and whether he is preparing other works as an actor. Kim Jae-Joong said, “I get big energy whenever I visit Taiwan. I hope I get to eat dim sum. I love tofu food in Taiwan.

This day, Taiwan’s professional entertainment reporter Ann wrote, “I was very impressed of Kim Jae-Joong’s singing ability and there were a lot to watch as he changed a lot with different attraction in every stage. He is popular in Taiwan as a singer but he is getting attention as an actor as well. I look forward to his further work.”

Source: InnolifeShared by: JYJ3http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/174943/official-the-kim-jaejoong-%EA%B9%80%EC%9E%AC%EC%A4%91-thread#latestMore JJ news on his soompi singer thread...please check it out!  >:D<
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