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*** On June 7th, in Channel A’s show “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class” Kim Jae Joong had a meeting with Narsha and Go Eun Ah while going on a countryside outing. They visited Kim Jae Joong’s countryside house. Go Eun Ah revealed their extraordinary close friendship, saying she has been friends with him for 19 years. He made watermelon rind kimchi for them. Then, he placed the pot lid on the fire and started grilling pork belly. Go Eun Ah said, “I brought some side dishes,” surprising everyone. He admired the yeolmu kimchi made by her. Narsha shouted, “You two should get married!” and burst into laughter. But Narsha didn’t give up and said, “You two should date. Give it a try.” However, Kim Jae Joong said, “Eun Ah, you’re really great.” Go Eun Ah asked, “Am I pretty?” and Kim Jae Joong replied, “Yes, you’re beautiful.”  Go Eun Ah asked, “Oppa, did you like me?” and Kim Jae Joong mechanically answered, “I loved you,” making everyone burst into laughter.   :heart2beat:











source : https://news.nate.com/view/20230607n38868?mid=n1008


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*** Jaejoong recently celebrated the opening of his label, and fans quickly noticed a congratulatory flower wreath from his first company, SM Entertainment, set up outside of his company building. As fans pointed out the wreath to him, he himself seemed surprised but kept a smile on his face and even posed with the wreath. Considering their rocky past, fans were shocked that his former company provided a celebratory flower wreath.  I guess the flowers were a peace offering and that I hope Jaejoong can be able to return to broadcast for future promotions. I’d love to see him on music shows. It has been so long.   :heart2beat:








source : Koreaboo


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*** On June 15th, the opening ceremony of iNKODE Entertainment, which is co-founded by Jae Joong, was held. Fans who came to the ceremony spotted various congratulatory flower wreaths sent from artists such as G-Dragon and Super Junior Heechul, as well as from other agencies like HYBE Labels, JYP Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, and so on aside from SM Entertainment. Regarding the latter, iNKODE explained, “An iNKODE representative, Noh Hyun Tae, is a former manager at SM Entertainment, so they sent a congratulatory wreath to our opening ceremony”.  






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*** On July 13th, Kim Jae Joong’s newly-established agency, iNKODE, announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with child actress Oh Ji Yul from “The Glory”. She made her debut in the film “Space Sweepers” with Song Joong Ki. In “The Glory”, Oh Ji Yul played the role of Ha Ye Sol, the daughter of villain Park Yeon Jin (played by actress Lim Ji Yeon).   :coolshades:








source : https://www.wikitree.co.kr/articles/869554

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*** Jaejoong is heading to the Philippines at the end of the month for a concert. He would hold a concert at the Mall of Asia Arena on July 28. According to Neuwave, the following are the ticket prices:

  • Superwave - P9,000
  • VIP Wave - P4,500
  • Patron - P3,000
  • Lower Box - P2,500
  • Upper Box - P1,500

The Superwave package includes access to Jaejoong's soundcheck, a group photo and send-off event. A pre-sale for tickets will take place at Neuwave's office in Quezon City on July 18, the promoter said, while general selling starts July


19 via SM Tickets.   :hypehype:







credit : https://news.abs-cbn.com/entertainment/07/16/23/k-pop-singer-kim-jaejoong-to-hold-manila-concert-on-july-28


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*** iNKODE will host global auditions to find new talent. Jae-joong founded the agency in May. The Agency released a poster on Wednesday, announcing auditions will kick off in Manila, Philippines. Hopefuls can apply to the “iNKODE 2023 On-line Audition” by first trying out via the vocal analysis app Tunegem. The first round is open until Saturday through Tunegem, and those who pass will be invited to audition in Manila on July 27. Walk-ins will also be accepted at the Manila audition. Jaejoong will attend the second round and meet talents to discover new K-pop talent.   :ohboy2:




Singer Kim Jae-joong [C-JES ENTERTAINMENT]

Singer Kim Jae-joong [C-JES ENTERTAINMENT]


Poster for “iNKODE 2023 On-line Audition” [INKODE]

Poster for “iNKODE 2023 On-line Audition” [INKODE]



credit : JoongAngDaily

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*** Jaejoong faced a media conference on July 27, a day before his highly-anticipated Manila concert at the SM Mall Of Asia Arena. He expressed his heartfelt happiness at finally being able to be with and see his Filipino fans again . He revealed that visiting the Philippines has been a long-time dream of his, and he is thrilled to finally make it a reality once again. He admitted feeling a bit nervous about his upcoming concert. However, the joy of being able to perform on stage once again alongside his beloved fans overshadowed any pre-show jitters. During the conference, Jaejoong hinted at the numerous projects and solo activities he has been working on. Although he could not disclose the details yet, he urged fans to keep their eyes for exciting announcements in the near future. Jaejoong shared his aspirations to open auditions for talented Filipino artists for his own record label, iNKODE. The concert is TODAY, July 28, at the MOA Arena. Jaejoong expressed his desire to extend his stay in the Philippines for a well-deserved vacation. He eagerly looks forward to exploring various tourist spots and immersing himself in the beauty and culture of the country. He also took a moment to extend his heartfelt concern to those affected by the recent Typhoon, Egay.   :kisslevel:








source : https://annyeongoppa.com/2023/07/27/kim-jaejoongs-press-conference-before-the-much-awaited-concert-in-manila/


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Kim Jae-joong worried about Pinoys affected by Typhoon Egay




After waiting for half a decade, South Korean singer Kim Jae-joong is elated to finally reunite with his Filipino fans. 


“I really wanted to come to the Philippines a long time ago but had problems in the company. Thank you very much for waiting for me, I was sad I wasn’t able to come sooner as I wanted,” Kim told ABS-CBN News in an exclusive interview. 


“Filipinos have been communicating with me, sending me letters. It makes me happy,” he added.


The multi-talented artist flew to the country for his solo concert on July 28, at the Mall of Asia Arena, in Pasay City. 


The former member of phenomenal boy band TVXQ arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Thursday and was greeted heavy downpour. 


“It has been a while coming back to the Philippines and it is actually famous for raining a lot. So it feels like it is welcoming us here,” Kim recalled.


Kim's excitement, however, was replaced with worry when he heard about the onslaught of Typhoon Egay. He expressed concern for the affected Filipinos. 


“I wish the typhoon people affected would recover as well as soon as possible,” Kim said. 


The highly anticipated concert is part of the idol’s Asian Tour. 


“It has been a while since I had a concert. I am kind of nervous right now. But this nervousness will result in more happiness. I can feel fluttering for fans,” he admitted.


He went on: “I hope fans will enjoy. I am sorry I am late.” 


Apart from making a grand comeback, Kim also headed to the country to bring home new talents. 


The artist recently launched his own music label iNKCODE. 


“I know there are a lot of Filipinos with potential. I am looking forward I will find people who will achieve their dreams as well,” he said. “The new company’s motto is to look for new people’s dreams and helping them reach out."


The South Korean singer hopes to bring his 2 decades worth of experience in the spotlight not only to make groundbreaking music but to create a better experience for artists as well. 


“I wanted to change myself and grow more from that. It would is a new start for me. I will share my 20 years of experience so I can support artists. There are not a lot of artist who make their own company. I hope that experience can make better idol,” the K-pop star said.


He went on: “I hope to create a good environment as well and implement new image for them.” 


Kim said he has adjusted well to the challenges. 


“Challenges cannot be avoided but I am lucky to have good staff,” he noted.

The singer also teased that despite his busy schedule, fans can expect a new album from him before the year ends. 


He also plans to take up acting projects. 


Kim said his new venture had been keeping his schedules tight, thus his trip is shorter than he hoped. 


“I really wanted to come for a longer time. Maybe next time he could stay longer so I could meet more fans as well,” he said “Maybe next time too I hope to not only visit Manila but other places too.”




credit : https://news.abs-cbn.com/entertainment/07/29/23/kim-jae-joong-worried-about-pinoys-affected-by-typhoon-egay

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*** Jae Joong stunned his fans in the recent pictorial for THE STAR, themed “The Temperature of Kim Jae Joong’s Summer.” When asked about the secret behind his never-dying popularity, he candidly responded, “I wonder about that myself. To better understand the hearts of my fans who consistently love me, I strive to meet them in person as often as possible. The driving force that has enabled me to work hard over such a long period is the support and love from my fans. Life has its highs and lows. My fans, family, and friends give me the strength to overcome challenging times. This makes life all the more precious.” His happiest moment recently was when the fan club’s name “Babys” was chosen. He exclaimed, “I felt so thrilled when they picked that name.” He shared that the most memorable word he heard from his fans is “thank you.” He opened up, saying, “When fans thank me, I always wonder if I’ve really done something that great. The relationship of mutual gratitude between us always moves me.” When asked about his summer plans, he said, “I believe I’ll be working the whole time. I haven’t had a vacation yet, so I’d like to take a short trip somewhere close to Seoul.” To him, “Being ‘human’ is the top priority in life. The most precious thing is people, and the happiness derived from people is incomparably overwhelming.” Finally, looking ahead, Jae Joong expressed his plans, “My first goal for the second half of the year is to effectively manage all the plans we have laid out. I look forward to the upcoming fan meeting to celebrate my 20th anniversary. Additionally, expect new albums in both Korea and Japan!”   :coolshades:





source : https://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/389997

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*** Kim JaeJoong has a new talk show called "JaeFriends" on YouTube! & it is stealing hearts left and right. This newly premiered show will feature him as the host and numerous stars as guests who want to be friends with him. With the goal of making 100 friends through the show, where he will cook for his guests, get to know them, and hopefully forge new friendships, JaeJoong is showing us new sides of his multifaceted personality once again. So far, three episodes of the show have been released on the uhmg YouTube channel, featuring guests - Epik High's Tablo, INFINITE's SeongJong, Teen Top's Niel, and MAMAMOO's MoonByul. The premise of the show involves JaeJoong having to guess the name of his guest(s) through a short introduction written by them. With the help of hints such as nicknames, debut age, and more, JaeJoong must deduce who his guest is and welcome them in. A key highlight of the show is that JaeJoong, who is known for being an amazing chef, cooks the dishes his guests want to eat while interviewing them.   :kaching3:











source : https://www.kpopmap.com/3-solid-reasons-to-watch-kim-jaejoong-brand-new-youtube-talk-show-jaefriends/

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*** On August 10, the new episode of "Jaejoong and Friends" was finally released, which featured Moonbyul of MAMAMOO as the special guest. The two then conversed through casual talk, pinning on what the dish would be, as well as debut-related topics. Moonbyul blurt out that SS501 was TVXQ's supposed rival. Jaejoong replied,: "To be honest, there weren't many male groups during that time. SS501 was great. It was a great group but, they weren't (even) our rivals!" Jaejoong then proceeded to delve in how close he was to all SS501 members. TVXQ debuted on 2003 while SS501 on 2005. In their generation, both groups were at their peak, and are considered as legendary K-pop icons until this day.   :emmm:





photo source : Kpopstarz





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*** New agency iNKODE, founded by Jaejoong, is starting to produce idols. The agency has revealed its first male trainee. Audition applications are conducted through the official website. Anyone can apply regardless of gender or nationality. I'm very curious to see how this turns out.   :kisslevel:





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*** Jaejoong shocked fans on August 15, 2023, when he uploaded a selfie on Instagram. He made sure that a ring was visible in the selfie, while thanking his “girlfriend” in the caption. - Hahaha - The ring is from Chanel’s fine jewelry line, Crush de Coco. He showed off the inside of the band, which was engraved with the words “JJ [heart] Babies.” Babies is his fandom name! He also tagged “dc Kim Jaejoong gallery” in the photo, which is one of his fan unions. The union had gifted him the exquisite ring to celebrate the opening of his very own entertainment company, inKODE! What a thoughtful gift!  :kaching3:













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Find Out What Items Legendary K-Pop Idol Kim JaeJoong Keeps In His Bag

Check out what items legendary K-Pop idol Kim JaeJoong keeps in her bag!




Kim JaeJoong is an absolute legend within the K-Pop music industry. He has solidified himself as one of the best vocalists of his generation, being able to swoon netizens with his voice alone. While some might focus on his crooning vocals, his performance capabilities reach another level and often captivates viewers live, as well as through the computer screen.


He has become busy, opening up his very own company iNKODE and establishing a brand new venture on YouTube called "JaeFriends". He also participated in a schedule with "THE STAR MAGAZINE", shooting a beautiful pictorial as well as some YouTube content. In the video for "THE STAR MAGAZINE", JaeJoong talks about some of the items he carries in his bag.


Check out the items the legendary idol shared down below!


1. Business Card Wallet


"THE STAR MAGAZINE" YouTube Screenshot

One of the first items he shared were two business card wallets. Opening up his very own agency means JaeJoong has become a certified businessman. For anyone running a business, it's important that they have their business cards on hand to network and introduce themselves. Having two wallets, it seems JaeJoong is ready for any business related meeting.


2. Used Passport


"THE STAR MAGAZINE" YouTube Screenshot

JaeJoong shares that he carries around his used passport. This is mainly due to the idol losing his identification cards. While he's waiting for replacements, the idol makes good use of his passport as a legitmate form of identification.


3. Perfume




"THE STAR MAGAZINE" YouTube Screenshot


It might not come as a surprise that the idol veteran carries around a small bottle of perfume. Other than being a gift from a fan, another perk about the perfume is that it's refillable. This makes it a handy item to have to smell good for all time.


4. Massage

JaeJoong brings out yet another gift: a red massager. He demonstrates its usefulness and why he keeps it in his bag. He proceeds to massage not only his face, but his neck and arms, too. The practicality of the gift is charming and makes you want to purchase one for yourself.


5. Apple AirPods

For many idols, this is a must have item in any occasion: Apple AirPods. Whether they're traveling abroad or simply heading to a schedule within Korea, AirPods are a must to listen to music, watch videos, and take hands free phone calls. It seems only natural that JaeJoong has these in his bag.


6. Propolis Spray

As a singer and outstanding vocalist, it's absolutely necessary for JaeJoong to take care of his precious voice. He shares that he carries a bottle of Propolis Spray. With it, he's able to maintain his throat's health and make sure he's always able to sing to his best ability.


7. Vitamins


"THE STAR MAGAZINE" YouTube Screenshot


Along with throat health, it's a necessity that JaeJoong keeps up with his health as a whole. With the help of these vitamins, he's able to ensure that he remains in tip-top position, able to be in his best condition at every schedule he attends.


8. Japan House Key


"THE STAR MAGAZINE" YouTube Screenshot


One of the last items he shares with "THE STAR MAGAZINE" is his Japan house key. JaeJoong shares that due to a recent visit to Japan, the idol has kept his Japan house key in his possession. He provides a brief, yet entertaining demonstration of how it works and the way his door opens after using it.


9. Japanese Yen


"THE STAR MAGAZINE" YouTube Screenshot


The last item that JaeJoong brings out of his bag is Japanese Yen. With his previous explanation of visitng Japan, it only makes sense that he has their currency in possession too. It seems JaeJooing is always ready to visit Japan at any time.


What do you think of the items that Kim JaeJoong keeps in his bag?




source : https://www.kpopmap.com/find-out-what-items-legendary-k-pop-idol-kim-jaejoong-keeps-in-his-bag/


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***JaeJoong had previously surprised his fans by showing iNKODE's luxurious office through social media. I'm looking forward to see what kind of group will be formed through iNKODE's first global audition.   :kaching1:












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*** On August 17th, Jaejoong shared a lot of fun stories with his friend and singer Jungyup on his new Youtube content. He revealed his unbelievable level of alcohol tolerance. During one of the talks, Jungyup asked him, "Have you ever checked your drinking tolerance? How much can you drink?" He then went on to tell an anecdote that happened at the Busan International Film Festival. He revealed, "(Me and my friends) drank seven and a half bottles of soju, and then we went to Haeundae for the second round. In the second round, we drank a total of 3 boxes (of soju) with each box containing 30 bottles of soju. We drank all 90 bottles and then went into our hotel. When I/we arrived and opened the refrigerator, there was a bottle of wine and whiskey. I/we drank it all and went to sleep. But I remember everything. I don't know how could I drink so much. If my parents watch this, I'll be in trouble."   :kaching3:





photo source : Gstarlive

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K-Pop Fans Name Their 11 Favorite Male Vocalists Of All Time

The talent on this list is unreal!
All K-Pop fans have their favorite vocalists, whether they’re the main vocalist of their group or just have a particularly unique and captivating voice. There are some idols, though, that are objectively the best vocalists in the K-Pop industry, and for them, it’s impossible not to recognize their talent and skill. Recently on Reddit, K-Pop fans were asked to share their favorite male vocalists of all time, and these are 11 of their top answers, all of whom are known for being extremely talented singers.

9. Jaejoong (JYJ)










source :


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*** On August 28th, MBC announced that Jaejoong is set to host MBC FM4U's radio show 'Yoon Do Hyun at 4 O'clock' as a special DJ. Jaejoong as a special DJ would be taking over regular DJ Yoon Do Hyun from August 29th to September 3rd. This marks Jaejoong's first appearance on the broadcast stations in 14 years. Jaejoong commented, "I'm both nervous and excited about being a radio DJ for the first time in a long time. I may be subpar compared to Yoon Do Hyun's eloquent speech but I will do my best as a host."   :happyshakes:

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