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JYJ Kim Jae Joong is ‘Spider Tak’

With the blistering heat melting away everything in sight, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong managed to find some shade to hide from the sun and decided to have a little fun with it.

On July 31, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “Spider Tak.”

The picture attached showed Kim Jae Joong, dressed up in his character costume, crouching below a building with his arm sprawled like Spiderman’s signature move.


Kim Jae Joong is currently acting as Kim Kyung Tak in MBC’s Time Slip Dr. Jin.

While the picture was funny, a fan comment proved to be funnier, saying, “You’re not wearing tights, and therefore, this picture is invalid.” 

Photo Credit: Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter / enewsworld

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class="blog_h2 entry-title"JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong beats the heat by performing hard


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, who appears on a TV series, recently talked about how he beats the heat.

On July 31, MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin recorded a fighting scene in the 36 degree Celsius weather. Kim, who plays the role of an officer, had to wear a battle uniform made out of cotton, and had to shoot the scene for a long time.

A spokesperson for the series says, “Since Kim is an officer, he has to do rehearsals with the other action actors for about one or two hours so he can make the scene look real. It’s hard to stand still in this hot weather but he didn’t rest while he checked his movements and performed the scene perfectly.”

Kim’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, says, “He is fighting against the heat in a historical series uniform. He has an ice box, ice pack, big fan, and small portable electric fan, but they are not that helpful.”

As a result, staff members al have various ideas for beating the heat. They made a small tent to make shade and wore two layers of sleeveless shirts to absorb sweat fast and put a cool sheet on their skin to get rid of sweat and feel cool.

Kim says, “I sweat a lot even I just swing my sword a few times. But I think it helps me to portray the desperation in the battle scenes. Since I’m so into this series and shooting the battle scene so hard, I forgot about the hot weather.”

The series only has two episodes left, set for this weekend.

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class="content-title" JYJ Kim Jaejoong on Set of “Dr. Jin” apple-snapple-YUM August 1, 2012


On July 28, JYJ member Kim Jaejoong posted a photo on his Twitter while on set of MBC‘s drama, “Dr. Jin.” He commented the photo saying, “Father Hansoo,” implying a word play for “hansoo,” which means “moves,” or “to be cut above.”

The meaning of the title is explained in this goofy photo. The photo shows Kim Jaejoong wielding a sword over his on-screen father, actor Kim Eung Soo, who retaliates by grabbing the sword with one hand. While Kim Eung Soo is holding the sword high above his head with one hand, Kim Jaejoong is charismatically gripping the sword on the other end. However, this seemingly serious photo is comical due to Kim Jaejoong’s surprised look and their poses.

Upon seeing this photo, netizens responded by saying, “The impression of wielding a sword,” “Father Hansoo has moves,” and “Both of them are very adorable.”


credit : soompi news


class="content-title" July’s Hottest K-Pop Celebrity Twitter/Me2Day Photos thunderstix August 1, 2012

July was a busy but steamy month for K-Pop!

Some of your favorite stars like Jang Geun Suk, Jaejoong, G-Dragon, Minzy, and Zelo took their personal moments to Twitter and Me2Day, sharing funny and never-before-seen photos with their fans!

Click through to see our favorite Twitter/Me2Day photos from the past month – also, please make sure you follow Soompi on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news in K-Pop!


“Working hard filming today too…! Fire! Be more lively when you’re tired and sleepy from an all-nighter! (millions of difference faces)” – JYJ’s Jaejoong shares a series of selcas from while filming!

credit : soompi news

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JaeJoong's receives more love than the drama main lead?


Once again, Kim Jaejoong is receiving tremendous love from the viewers for his drama couple.
In MBC’s weekend drama Dr Jin, Kim Jaejoong is paired up with an actor, instead of an actress. The drama shows the close friendship between Hong YoungHwi (Jin Yi Han) and Kim KyungTak (Kim Jaejoong).
In the 19th episode, Kim KyungTak was obliged to deceive his best friend, YoungHwi for the sake of his father, Kim ByungHee (Kim EungSoo). KyungTak found out from YoungHwi that his own father would benefit from Lee Ha Eung (Lee BumSoo)’s document. He went to look for it and was successful. However, the situation caused YoungHwi to become suspicious of KyungTak and he sensed that KyungTak was a double agent.
YoungHwi wanted KyungTak to say that he was not an agent, but KyungTak said while concealing his sadness, “Now, I realized the worlds that each of us want to protect are different.” However, YoungHwi wanted to believe that KyungTak till the end and he painfully said thank you to KyungTak when KyungTak said that it was a lie.
The viewers are more interested in KyungTak and YoungHwi than any other male-female couple. They are supporting KyungTak and YoungHwi’s friendship by saying that the “TakHwi couple” is like a compound. The netizens felt more affection towards the “TakHwi couple” than Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hyun) and YoungRae (Park Min Young).
Actually, Kim Jaejoong’s couple pairing in Dr Jin is not the first time that a drama couple involving him became a sensation. In last year’s SBS drama Protect the Boss, he played the role of director, Cha Muwon who was interested in Choi Kanghee, but failed in gaining her love. However, he became a couple with Seo Nayoon (Wang JiHye) with the viewers’ enthusiastic support.
Cha Muwon and Seo Nayoon were named the “Namu couple”. Although they only became a couple in the latter half of the drama, they received more love than the Jisung-Choi Kanghee couple.
To this, a representative of the drama said, “The co-actors/actresses who were paired with Kim Jaejoong became increasingly popular as the drama progressed. I think it has to do with Kim Jaejoong’s charisma that attracts viewers. They like charismatic, three-dimensional characters more than characters that are simply good or evil.”

Source: Nate / dailykpopnews
Translated By: Shermin of JYJ3


class="blog_h2 entry-title"JYJ’s Jae Joong dozes off on the set


JYJ’s Jae Joong recently dozed off on the set.

On August 2, Jae Joong uploaded some pictures on his Twitter account with the comment, “I couldn’t sleep for two days. I wasn’t acting at that time.” In the first picture, Jae Joong is dozing off on the set. It seems like he fell asleep in his costume while he was waiting for the next scene to be shot. In the second picture, it seems like he’s unable to keep his balance as he has fallen in to a deep sleep. People responded: “I feel so bad to hear that he couldn’t sleep for two days.” “It looks like he fell asleep without even realizing it.” “Cheer up!” Jae Joong is currently playing the role of Kyung Tak in MBC TV’s drama series Doctor Jin.

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Kim Jaejoong rejects medical treatment from Song Seung Hun in ‘Time Slip Dr.Jin’


On the most recent episode of MBC‘s Time Slip Dr. Jin, Kim Kyung Tak, played by JYJ‘s Jaejoong is severely injured while fighting to protect his ‘father’.

Although he was taken to Doctor Jin, played by Song Seung Hun, he roared out, “I don’t want to be treated by you. It I die, I die, but I don’t want to have my life handed to me by you!” and refused any kind of medical aid.

Dr. Jin unable to convince the stubborn patient, requests for Young Rae (Park Min Young) who happens to be Kyung Tak’s ex-fiancee, to treat him instead. Young Rae, who was the one to call off the marriage, seeks out Kyung Tak and pleads him to receive medical care saying, “Although I cannot heal the wounds I left in your heart, I would like to heal the wound on your body.” He finally complies and receives her treatment.

In related news, with the drama coming near its end and with Dr.Jin and Young Rae’s love still unresolved, fans are waiting to see how the drama will play out.

Source + Image: Osen via Naver, Dr.Jin Ep.21/ allkpop

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class="blog_h2 entry-title"JYJ’s Jae Joong shows off his nice abs on Doctor Jin


JYJ’s Jae Joong recently attracted a lot of attention from viewers by showing off his perfect abs.

In the episode of MBC TV’s drama series Doctor Jin that aired on August 5 at 9:30 p.m., Kyung Tak gets hurt while he was trying to protect Byung Hee (played by Kim Eung Soo).

In the episode, Byung Hee tries to kill Heung Sun (played by Lee Bum Soo) but fails because of his oldest son Dae Kyun (played by Kim Myung Soo)’s betrayal.

As Byung Hee suffers a counterattack from Heung Sun, Kyung Tak tries to protect him, but he gets shot by an arrow. His best friend Young Hwi takes him to Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Hun), but Kyung Tak says, “I don’t want to receive treatment from you even if I have to die. I don’t want to make my life depend on you.”

However, Kyung Tak decides to get treatment when Young Rae (played by Park Min Young), a woman he loves, appears and says, “I cannot cure the wound in your heart, but I want to cure the would on your body. That’s the only way I can apologize to you.”

Kyung Tak eventually decides to get treatment from Young Rae but says, “I don’t want to be under anaesthesia. I don’t want to be unconscious in front of you.” When Kyung Tak shows his wounded part, he shows his perfect abs, attracting many viewers’ attention.

In the preview of the last episode of the series, Kyung Tak tries to save Young Rae, who is in danger in the battlefield.

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class="articletitle""Time Slip Dr.Jin" Kim Jaejoong Films For 40 Straight Hours In The Heat... Almost Passes Out

Kim Jaejoong filmed for 40 hours straight under the heat.

Kim Jaejoong, currently receiving much love for his role as Kim Kyung Tak in MBC drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin," finished filming after 40 hours straight.

Kim Jaejoong's agency CJ Entertainment said, "He had deep acting scene with his father in the drama Kim Byung Hee with 2 episodes until the end of the drama for 2 straight days."

They continued, "There was a war scene in episodes 21 and 22 so there was a lot of outdoor filming. All the actors and staff members thus had to endure the heat wave to film. Kim Jaejoong is giving his all as well."

A staff at the filming set stated, "It was a very important scene for Kim Kyung Tak, so Kim Jaejoong stayed focused and gave his best while filming. Even after filming was over, he was so emotionally stirred that he could not stop crying. I was even worried that he was going to pass out."

Kim Jaejoong stated, "It was really said. Even after the scene was over, tears did not stop coming out so I realized that I was really deeply into the character of Kim Kyung Tak. The actors and staff members are trying their best so please keep watching until the end."

Photo Credit: MBC / kpopstarz

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JaeJoong acts like a baby at the filming set?


The tragic police officer, Kim KyungTak (Kim Jaejoong) showed the cute youngest son look on set of MBC’s weekend special drama, Dr Jin.
Kim KyungTak was seen showing aegyo (charm) to his father Kim ByungHee (Kim Eungsoo) in the pictures that were released on Aug. 3. The atmosphere showed the strong relationship between a father and son.
Kim Jaejoong made the father and son relationship stand out by showing his arm to his father, Kim Eungsoo while acting like a baby. Kim Eungsoo revealed a worried and sad expression in the picture, showing their perfect harmony in acting. During the interval, Kim Jaejoong was seen attempting to be mischievous by looking at the senior actor, Kim Eungsoo with a cute expression. Kim Jaejoong was showing a look of the youngest son that received a lot of love from his father.
Kim Jaejoong is acting as Kim KyungTak in the drama, who gradually meets his cruel fate after being hurt by his lover. Although his role as Kim KyungTak made many viewers sad, Kim Jaejoong gains unparalleled popularity from his actor colleagues and staff in reality.
A staff from Dr Jin said: “Kim Jaejoong is well-known for his manners and sincere attitude towards his actor colleagues and staff. In particular, his relationship with Kim Eungsoo is like a real father and son. There will be a dramatic scene that leads to high tension until the end of the drama. We hope that you will love and support the father and son, Kim Eungsoo-Kim Jaejoong.”
Meanwhile, there are only two more episodes left to the end of Dr Jin. They will focus on the impending war that is caused by the large-scale persecution of the Catholics and a last crisis.


Source: Nate / dailykpopnews
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3

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Guest YunRa1430270238

Jaejoong wore fake abs for the scene in Dr. Jin. No wonder the abs look so unnatural. Glad filming is over so he could move onto other projects!

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How are you doing? Thanks for taking care of this topic and always updating news about Kim Jaejoong! I am back in full swing to keep this thread active with your company. :x

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JaeJoong, "Appa, save me"


Singer and actor Kim Jaejoong thru his twitter last Aug 6 released a photo and a tweet which says, “Appa save me”
The published photo can be seen in the Aug 5 episode of MBC’s weekend drama Dr Jin. It was a scene at the time that Kim Kyungtak (Kim Jaejoong) was sobbing when he witnessed the suicide of his father Kim Byunghee (Kim Eunsoo). Viewers cried a lot of tears together with Kim Jaejoong. It was an incredibly sad situation but was changed to a comedic one with Kim Jaejoong’s tweet.
Netizens commented, “somehow the scene is different”, “Kim Jaejoong thank you Penzal Q”, “Kim Jaejoong and Kim Eunsoo’s rich acting were really good”.

Source: Nate / dailykpopnews
Translated By: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3

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Credits: As Tagged + JYJ3


I have not forgotten about him! How could I? The forum upgrade has restricted some of my post editing ability so that has discouraged me from posting for quite awhile but I'm slowly gaining the enthusiasm to post again. :x

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class="entry-title" align="center"[TRANS] Tweets Compilation of Info & Comments from Jaejoong’s Interviews

Some Q & A:

Q: Did you feel burdened acting with Kim Eunsoo?

JJ: No because I really thought of him as a father so acting comes naturally.

Q: A lot of saliva on the crying scene

JJ: Haha. not only saliva but sweat, tears, runny nose, everything was mixed together haha.

Q: gave KES a whiskey as a gift?

JJ: When I first met him, he said, wish I can drink whiskey in this heat. so I gave him one.

Q: Best couple with Jin Yihan?

JJ: I always seem to be paired up with both actors and actresses.best couple, sure, I’m very grateful.

Q: Robert Pattinson resemblace?

JJ: Oh I heard about that. Do we look alike? Some say I look like a westerner. I do not know.

Q: Who is better at acting, you or Park Yoochun?

JJ: Yoochun and I are different and we each have our own strengths and characteristics

Q: handsome face?

JJ: No I’m not handsome, maybe unique.

Q: What is your appeal?

JJ: I think the way how I look attracts fans and the way I behave/act is what makes them stay beside me.

Q: Kim Jaejoong’s belief?

JJ: Similar to KT, I will certainly protect people/things I believe in. This means always keep the faith. YC also has a similar tattoo. Reminds us to keep on doing what we want to do even if there is a chance of losing.

Q: Which director you want to work with and why?

JJ: Lee Jee Han who directed A moment to remember. After watching that movie, I came up with “No gain”, which was sung by Junsu.

Q: Other plans?

JJ: New work before the end of the year and I also want to meet a good woman. would like to date even blind date

Q: Blind date?

JJ: I tried it twice.

Q: Secret to being healthy?

JJ: I take omega-3 vitamins and massaged my head to improve blood circulation. I find it hard to breathe when I don’t exercise. At home, I relax by watching movies, cooking, or drinking. I also drive around sometimes.

Q: Have you watched the Olympic games?

JJ: I saw fencing, archery, badminton, shooting, football, table tennis among others.

Q: JYJ’s military enlistment plans?

JJ: Have not discussed again with members but will go when need to go. Jihoon hyung (Rain) contacted me and said, come here right now. (laughs)

Q: Cooking skills?

JJ: I think I can cook everything. Some dishes I can cook better than in a restaurant.

Q: Members reactions?

JJ: They like my cooking. But Junsu cries cause he can’t eat during the evenings since he’s on a diet. (laughs)

Q: Current kakaotalk phrase/msg?

JJ: 힘차게 열심히 ( one of his lines from Dr Jin). Photo shows a V pose.

Jaejoong’s Comments on JYJ & Music

  • “I think Junsu is the most handsome among JYJ members. He has everything that I do not have.”
  • “Park Yoochun is very chic and I think that it is his charm.”
  • “JYJ members have different personalities but we blend so well.”
  • “JYJ is getting ready to work on their next album.”
  • “I want to go on public broadcast. Seems like the juniors before are now considered seniors in the industry. I feel old. (laughs)”
  • “I want everyone to listen to my new songs.” (on his plans as a singer)
  • Secret to JYJ unity? “We talk a lot, both good and bad things.”
  • Yoochun made Jabtang late in the night and it was good. Junsu cried. He absolutely couldn’t eat at night but really wanted to, so he cried. [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “Not long ago, I saw Eric hyung (of Shinhwa) upload a group photo of his members in kakaotalk and I said “so good to see hyungs, so cool” To which Eric hyung said, we’re just pretending. (laughs) You can see how close they are. Our JYJ members are also like that.”
  • “Our confidence is stronger with the 3 of us together. It will be hard if I’m doing everything alone.”
  • “I think there will be no strong conflict among idol groups and their members if no one is treating 1 member better than the others.”
  • “Idol groups with no conflicts don’t exist” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “During Dr Jin, I came up with very very sad songs. So sad that I deleted/erased them.”
  • If JS/YC have public relationship, JJ: “They seem cool but they wont reveal it. If YC has a partner for marriage, I’ll spread the news first!” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “A while back I was having a hard time so I wanted to hear the members’ voices, but YC & JS didn’t pick up my calls. I got to talk to JS but YC didn’t even reply to the text I sent him. I was frustrated so I called Yoohwan & asked ‘Is your hyung doing well?’ but it turns out YC isnt very close with his phone. Even with missed calls, he doesn’t call back & only responds if a text comes while he’s holding his phone. When we all meet up, I must tell him this. Yoochun-ah, pick up your phone!” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “JYJ’s most difficult time is during the sasaeng assualt controversy. I’ve been hard on myself and have not slept well.”
  • He busied himself by doing both Dr Jin and Jackal at the same time. His advice? “Please don’t be like me”
  • About JYJ: “Though we don’t meet frequently, we support each member’s solo activities.”
  • All JYJ members are busy nowadays but I’m so happy that I get to meet them a few days ago because of a CF shoot.
  • “We will be going to the US soon to work on JYJ’s album.”
  • On other artists: “My manager likes SISTAR so I’ve been listening to SISTAR songs. I listen with him & I like it. For guys, I recently like BEAST’s new song. I also watched their performance on Inkigayo”
  • When JYJ comes out with a new song, hoobaes also download and listen to them. JJ revealed hoobae idols think JYJ is ‘strange’ and JYJ has become a ‘rare’ sunbae to them. (translater note: JJ’s wording was vague, but I think the ‘rare’ means that even though JYJ can’t come out on TV, they still do so well.) [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • JJ also said that it’s hard to see hoobaes since JYJ can’t go to broadcasts but when hoobaes meet them, they’re ‘amazed’ [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • JYJ has yet to discuss about enlistment. Jaejoong says when it’s time to go, they’ll naturally need to go.[cr. Onedaymicky]
  • “We have some individual fans. It’s because each of us have distinct individual characteristics.” [cr. _alovelikewar]

Jaejoong the Social Butterfly:

  • He is friends with Olympian Park Taehwan. He watched all his competitions and was concerned when Park was initially disqualified.
  • “I wanted to protest by sending a letter to the Olympic board. The disqualification doesn’t make any sense. He’s been training really hard…since the end of the Beijing olympics 4 years ago.” Park has a good friend in Kim Jaejoong
  • “When I saw that Tae Hwan got disqualified, I got mad and sent a text message to him ‘I want to go to England to protest to the umpire!” [cr. _alovelikewar]
  • “He met Park Taehwan thru some acquaintances and from there built on the friendship. I saw how hard he trained, getting up really early.”
  • “I always say to him, eat properly, must work hard for the Olympics.”
  • Kim Jaejoong, despite having a busy schedule, did not miss any broadcast on Park Taehwan’s swimming competitions.
  • “I also sent encouraging messages to Son Yeonjae who I worked with last year during the all-stars rhythmic gymnastics gala”
  • JJ sent a support message to Son Yeonjae: “On the mat, you’re the best!” to cheer her on [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “I heard the new song from Beast and my manager seems to like it a lot. I saw their performance on Inkigayo.”
  • “I gave Kim Eunsoo a whiskey and a new phone. His 2g phone does not work on the filming location so I purchased him a new one.”
  • He now talks to Kim Eunsoo via kakaotalk after teaching him how to do it.
  • “I gave him a galaxy s3 because not having a cellphone is bad. I taught him how to access internet and to use the camera.”
  • “Kim Eunsoo has started calling me his son around the set. I’m so proud and happy.”
  • Kim Jaejoong’s brotherly love did not stop there. He also developed deep friendship with SSH and Jin Yihan.
  • “KT and YH.. we have a love line. Those eyebrows and eyes, haha. Real love, not necessarily romantic. That’s deeper than any friendship.”
  • “I made plans with SSH hyung to go mountain climbing.”

Jaejoong’s Commentary about Himself:

  • “I won’t have a public relationship in my 20s. I’ll re-think it when I’m in my 30s” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “I’m worried that fans will be hurt. Fans are half and half. In my DC Inside Gallery, I saw a post called ‘It would me nice if Jaejoong met this kind of women’ and I thought the fan who posted it is cool. On the other hand, there must be fans who will be hurt.” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “I have a tattoo which says always keep the faith. Whenever I feel weakened, I look at it to give me strength to hold on to my beliefs.”
  • “I don’t think I’m handsome”
  • “I’m not handsome but rather unique looking”
  • “I would also like to have a girlfirned. Jin Yihan-hyung will help me look. (laughs)”
  • “If I can time slip, I want to go to the future and see what I’ve become and if I achieved my goals.”
  • “I think what draws people to me is my seemingly cold personality but in fact I’m a fairly decent young man.” (everyone in the room laughed)
  • “The food I make is tasty but it’s not pretty (presentation wise) so I must work harder on it..” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “I recently made a really yummy chicken bokkeumtang” & “I’m happy seeing people eat my food deliciously” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “I don’t have time to date now but the love I’ve been receiving from fans around the world is enough.”[cr. _alovelikewar]
  • On his tattoo: “I designed it and got it two years ago with Yoochun. What I have now will disappear anytime, but always have to keep the faith till the end.” Apart from the chest, at the back he also has member’s English names. Jaejoong said: “Others told me I might regret it but I don’t think so. With those name tattoos, the members seem like they are with me together. When I am busy, it helps me realize how important our members are.” Moreover, he expressed he won’t get any tattoo of female’s name even his wife’s. But maybe be his son? [cr. starsInLoveJYJ]
  • “Instead of eating rice, I just take food supplements when I’m busy. I’d rather sleep than eat. When the brain is tired and can’t memorize my lines, I take omega-3 (laughs)”
  • Jaejoong’s ideal girl: “Someone who looks at only me like YOUNG-HWI is able to will be very nice.” [cr. Starfieldsho]
  • “I have to see after knowing them longer. I don’t just want to date, I want to find someone who will become my person, my woman” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • JJ went on a blind date with an idol killer who was pretty, had a nice personality, and lots of money, but he heard about how she dates idols then leaves them, so he ended it right there & didn’t meet her again. [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “I don’t like girls like Young Rae. A girl who would look at me would be good. Someone like Younghwi who only thinks of me. How good it would be if he wasn’t a friend and instead was a girl…” [cr. _alovelikewar]

Jaejoong’s Comments on Dr. Jin, His Character, and Acting:

  • The other characters in Jin dreamed of something big while KT remained simple and focused on those important to him. “In other words, these people looked at the world while KT looked after these people”
  • “My father (Kim Eunsoo) died at the scene and I poured everthing to him including tears, runny nose, and saliva. He said great job. (laughs)”
  • “The senior actors have helped me all throughout filming. I’m very thankful.”
  • “I enjoyed the stress because I learned a lot from it.”
  • “I like to try new roles, I don’t care if the role is big or small because I learn something new in every role. I want to take things slow”
  • “Frankly, I feel that I did not do so well in the drama in terms of acting but I tried my best to improve in each episode.”
  • “I want people to see Kim Kyungtak, and not Kim Jaejoong the performer/idol so I put a lot of effort in my acting”
  • “I focused more on my role and didn’t care how I look. I had tears, sweat, saliva, runny nose but I received compliments from staff (laughs)”
  • “I had Dr Jin and will appear in a movie after. I’m now working on new songs”
  • “I’m very thankful to have senior actors in every drama teach me acting skills esp. Kim Eungsoo. He even taught me how to breathe properly”
  • “Being in a historical drama is challenging”
  • “During the last shooting, it was really hot. I only slept 4 hours in 4 days and I haven’t eaten properly. There was an ambulance waiting but I did not faint! (laughs)”
  • “I’ve only been in my house a dozen times in 3 months. I just sleep in the car so I could arrive early and not burden anyone.”
  • “I want to try being a pyschopath. I don’t have to be the main lead so I could show more variety in my roles.”
  • “I can’t score myself on Protect the boss because I am just a new actor developing skills.”
  • “Being an idol turned actor has a lot of disadvantages but I try my best to show a better representation of the character I’m playing.”
  • “KT’s character is originally a cold strong one but as the drama progresses, we see how he become more human, shedding tears towards the end.”
  • “I lost 5-6 kgs while shooting Dr Jin”
  • “My role as KT is really challenging because he is not a part of the original manga.”
  • “My biggest enemy is the heat! I was forced to endure wearing armor in the middle of summer. I feel bad for the others too.”
  • “My topknot is too tight, my eyes seems stretched too. I also had rubber abs during the injury scene! (laughs)”
  • “Kim Eunsoo looks a lot like my father and it helped me when I was filming the crying scene.”
  • “I was having trouble on how to do Kyungtak’s voice so I asked a lot of senior actors.”
  • “There isn’t another chance to get a Newcomer award so of course ambition/greed will arise” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • “When others win the Newcomer award, they’ll give speeches cooly. For me, I will stick both my hands w/ V-shaped fingers in the camera and scream ‘THANK YOU!!’ loudly. Euhaha~” [cr. ohmyjunsu]
  • Jaejoong’s promise is to make the peace sign with both hands & say thank you at the ceremony if he wins the rookie/newcomer actor award [cr. Starfieldsho]
  • “I do not regret doing Dr Jin even though the ratings are not high. I think gentleman’s dignity appeal to the younger viewers.”

Reporter’s Comments:

  • Seems like JJ went to the interviews dressed casually. He went wearing simple clothes and said to reporters while smiling “It’s hot”.
  • KJJ walked in the room and introduced himself and said he was glad to meet all of us.
  • His skin is exceptionally smooth.
  • Kim Jaejoong may have started as a singer but throughout the interview, I could feel how passionate he is towards acting.
  • Unlike other idols, Kim Jaejoong’s answers during the interview are sincere and well-thought.
  • Despite his hectic schedule, he is always the first one to arrived on set.
  • JYJ members have been active in acting, musicals, concerts but the public can not see the talented singers that they are.
  • JYJ members always said in interviews that they want to go on stage. I hope they can do that soon
  • Kim Jaejoong has received a lot of love from actors/staff for both Protect the Boss and Dr Jin.

  • He is the youngest among the actors and is considered the mood maker of the group.
  • I was impressed at how passionate Kim Jaejoong is towards acting.
  • I had prejudice towards JYJ songs by thinking it will sound the same as the rest of idols. Then I saw their con. My view changed.
  • I was able to witness their amazing singing and dancing performances. They can create their own songs and they balanced each other out.
  • I was disappointed that not a lot of people was able to see what I witnessed.
  • Jaejoong showed up in the interview with no trace of tiredness.
  • Kim Jaejoong carves his own path as an actor. What’s most important to him is to become a better actor rather than getting lead roles.
  • We are looking forward to seeing Kim Jaejoong’s growth in the future.

Translation Credits: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3 + @starfieldsho + @ohmyjunsu + @_alovelikewar + @starsInLoveJYJ + @OnedayMicky
Credit: hellothrice Tumblr
Shared By: JYJ3

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class="entry-title"JYJ’s Jaejoong discusses his relationship with his juniors


JYJ‘s Jaejoong held an interview after the last shooting of his drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ and discussed his relationship with his juniors.

The interviewer asked Jaejoong, “It has been a while since you have been on a music program. How do you feel when you see other singers on music programs?

After a momentary pause Jaejoong gave a short reply, “So, they are on TV?” The interviewer then asked, “Have you ever felt that you want to appear on music programs again?

Jaejoong answered, “I want to appear on music programs.” He continued, “When I talk to my juniors, it feels like JYJ have become [strangers]. I feel like we have become rare seniors to our juniors. The juniors look at us in wonder when we run into them, since it’s hard to see us on TV. Our juniors told us that when a new song or album by JYJ comes out, they seek it out on purpose and download it to listen to us.

It has also been revealed that even though he cannot stand on stage, he has been enjoying listening to and seeing the performances of his juniors. Jaejoong shared, “My manager likes SISTAR, so I listen to a lot of their songs. I listen to what my manager listens to, and I like their songs. SISTAR sings well. For male singers, I like B2ST‘s new song. I saw their ‘Inkigayo‘ performance too.

Jaejoong has not put off composing as he’s been composing songs while filming his drama. When asked about what kinds of inspiration he received while playing Kim Kyung Tak in ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’, he replied, “They were harsh songs, so I deleted all of them because they were sad. The songs created were all too sad.

He brought good news by revealing JYJ is currently preparing for their new album saying, “We are preparing for a new album that will be released in the first half of next year.”

Source & Image: My Daily / allkpop


***He is speaking wisely! :)]

class="entry-title"Jaejoong discusses JYJ’s teamwork


After the last shooting for MBC‘s ’Time Slip Dr.Jin‘, JYJ‘s Jaejoong held an interview at a cafe in Gangnam where the veteran idol shared his two-cents on the recent controversies regarding teamwork within idol groups. He commented, “Honestly there aren’t any idol groups that do not have problems.

Jaejoong added, “Idol groups are not family either. Plus when there are many members, there are bound to be members who are closer and connect better with each other than others. Having problems within a team is inevitable.

He also revealed how JYJ sustains such a strong bond with one another. He stated, “We definitely talk about the good things, but we also talk about the bad things,” and added, “Eric hyung recently posted a picture of Shinhwa on Kakaotalk, and when I commented, ‘It’s good to see you guys together, it’s really cool,’ he answered, ‘We are pretending like we are close.’ I think the reason he can say something like that so freely is because they are really close. Our members are kind of like that too.”

The idol star expressed his affection towards his members, adding, “When all three of us are together, it feels complete. I’m full of confidence (when I’m with them). It’s better together than alone, so when I’m going to try harder than I did when I was alone.

Source & Photo: No Cut News via Nate / allkpop

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JYJ's Jaejoong shares his thoughts on potentially winning a newcomer award for "Dr. Jin"


Although JYJ’s Jaejoong has already been a singer in the entertainment industry for nine years, he is still relatively new to the world of acting. In fact, his most recent drama, “Dr. Jin,” is only his second drama project and first historical drama. However, despite having not had much experience with acting, Jaejoong still impressed viewers with his outstanding portrayal of his complex character in “Dr. Jin.”

As a result, because of his impressive acting, Jaejoong has become a favorite in winning the newcomer award at the MBC drama awards ceremony later this year. When asked to share his thoughts on possibly winning the award, he said, “Well, if I win the award, I will feel really honored, but if I don’t win the award, I will still continue to work hard at acting. But I still want to receive the award if possible because an actor only has one shot at winning a newcomer award in his entire career.”

Jaejoong was also asked what he would do if he wins the award, to which he answered, “If I win, I will donate money to help renovate the subway stations near my fans’ homes! Actually, I’m just joking. But seriously, if I receive the award, I will stand up on stage, raise my hands, do the victory sign, and shout ‘Thank you!’”

With viewers already recognizing his acting skills in “Dr. Jin,” Jaejoong may have a good chance of receiving the newcomer award, and if he does, fans may look forward to a cute victory pose from the oustanding singer and actor.

Source: Korea Star Daily / koreaboo

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JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Agonizes over Cup Noodles as JYJ Waits at the Airport

It’s always a struggle to fight against your cravings, especially when you’re on a strict diet and JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong was no different.


On August 9, Kim Jae Joong tweeted, “Should I eat it or not?”
The picture attached showed Kim Jae Joong, crouching down in front of two cup noodles, as he put his hands on his face in serious debate.


Moments later, Kim Jae Joong gave into his cravings and tweeted, “Which one should I eat?” This time, the pictures showed him pointing to two different brands of cup noodles.


Earlier that day, Kim Jae Joong also tweeted, “We’re waiting for the airplane,” showing a picture of the JYJ members′s backsides, sitting in front of the terminal window.

As they appeared peaceful, it’s seems that the great cup noodle debate occurred at a different time.

Fans commented, “Have a safe trip,” “Take care of each other,” and “Eat both of them!” 

Photo Credit: Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter / enewsworld


JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Praises ‘R2B’

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong showed how he felt about R2B: Return to Base after catching its VIP preview on August 8.

The singer tweeted on August 9, ‘R2B is great! The special effects are great and the actors were the best. [Jung] Ji Hoon (Rain) hyung (big brother) was the best, Miss [shin] Se Kyung was so attractive, Jung Seok Won was cool and Oh Dal Su sunbae (senior)… I was touched.’


Netizens who saw how Kim Jae Joong saw the film replied, ‘I love speedy films, so I’m looking forward to it’ and ‘I wanted to see it anyone but now I want to see it more.’

R2B: Return to Base is a film about a fighter wing that tries to bring down a mysterious jet that appears in the skies of Seoul. It premieres on August 15.

Photo credit: R2B: Return to Base, Kim Jae Joong’s Twitter, C-JeS Entertainment / enewsworld

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[iNTERVIEW] Kim Jae Joong Says Young Hwi is More Like His Ideal Type

Kim Jae Joong dished on his ideal type, and it’s not Young Rae of Dr. Jin.

The singer-turned-actor, who finished filming for the MBC drama Dr. Jin and is enjoying his time off, recently met with enews and said, “I want to date someone. I don’t want to just date, I want to date someone that can be mine, my girl.”

In Dr. Jin, Kim Jae Joong has been making his viewers fall in love with him as a man who loves only one woman, namely, Young Rae (Park Min Young).

His role is also close friends with Young Rae’s big brother, Young Hwi (Jin Yi Han), but some viewers, to everyone’s amusement, have actually been saying that he goes well with Young Hwi more than Young Rae.

Kim Jae Joong knew of the reactions, and said, “I always have weird chemistry. I go better with actors than actresses….”

When asked about his real ideal type, he became serious and emphasized, “I don’t like Young Rae. I want someone who has eyes for me. Someone who thinks only of me like Young Hwi…. If he was a woman, not a same-sex friend, I mean. I used to care a lot for looks when I was little, but I don’t think looks are that important. What’s inside is more important.”

The final episode of Dr. Jin, which will show the last of Kim Jae Joong’s character Kim Kyung Tak, will air on August 11.

Kim Jae Joong in the meantime plans to meet with officials in L.A. with his fellow JYJ members, and spend his vacation there.

Korean News: Enews24 via Nate
Shared by: JYJ3
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