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[Taiwanese Drama] Defeated Queen (敗犬女王) (bai Quan Nu Wang)

Guest shobe_show

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Guest chewychild

i just finished watching episode one. i don't think its bad. i deffinetely think it can and will be better.

i get the feeling this drama will be very much like dal ja's spring. the korean drama

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ya there's alot of famailiar faces from fated to love you and other dramas, like the mother, the co workers, the friend and her husband, the girl with glasses reminds me of XY lol, love triangle anyone

oooh and ethan's friend is the lead singer from da mouth XD

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I just saw the first episode... I must say that I like it. It got better when I got a clearer picture of who the main character was and it wasn't as slapsticky (as the beginning sequences). From the preview, I think I'm going to enjoy this drama :D Much love to Intangible FS.

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FTYL dragged for me even though it was enjoyable at first. DQ gave a very different feel.

It's a mature trendy idol drama. I can't even classify it as an idol drama since it's not really the usual idol drama.

I love the soundtrack, the cinemagraphy. The main girl isn't pretty but she's perfect for her role, a mature working woman.

At first when i saw her wearing the high school uniform, i cringed but then when it's her usual self, it was okay.

She's a good actress, she acts very well. Ethan is an eye candy and his character is something refreshing and i like it.

The only thing i have to rant is about his crying skills.... in episode 3 where he cried over his dead lover, i kinda cringed.

Maybe he shouldn't yell too much. But overall, this drama had high ratings and definitely have the potential to be bigger.

I like this drama a lot, probably my favorite Taiwanese drama for recent years. Fish Leong's songs are awesome!!!

I feel bad that epi4 didn't air as like it supposed to since there was chinese new year celebrations, sigh...


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