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[Taiwanese Drama] Defeated Queen (敗犬女王) (bai Quan Nu Wang)

Guest shobe_show

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Guest shobe_show

Ethan Ruan, Cheryl Yang, Yang Ya Zhu, Wen Sheng Haoimage

TITILE: 敗犬女王 (Bai Quan Nu Wang)

FORMERLY KNOWN AS: 我愛白骨精 (Wo Ai Bai Gu Qing)

BROADCAST PERIOD: After 無敵珊寶妹 (Wu Di Shan Bao Mei/Woody Sambo)


CAST: Ethan Ruan Jing Tian (阮經天) as Lucas (盧卡斯)

Cheryl Yang Jin Hua(楊謹華) as Shan Wu Shuang/ Veronica (單無雙)

Wen Sheng Hao (溫昇豪) as Song Yun Hao (宋允浩)

Yang Ya Zhu (楊雅筑) as Han Jia Jia (韓佳佳)

EXTENDED CAST: Chen Wei Min (陳為民)
Jessica Song Xin Ni (宋新妮)
Da Bing /Tony Fish/ Yu Bing Yin (大炳/余炳賢)
Patrick Li Pei Xu (李沛旭)
Christina Lai Ding Jun/Chocolate(賴亭君/巧克力)
Amanda Chu (朱芯儀)
Harry Zhang Huai Qiu (張懷秋) of "Da Mouth" (大嘴巴)


Official Blog

Official Flickr

A SETTV Staff's Blog

Cheryl Yang's Blog

Wen Sheng Hao's Blog

Jessica Song Xin Ni's Blog

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This is Ethan's next project?!?! The drama name is kinda interesting .

I've become one of his fan after Fated to love you.

Arghh, can't wait for this one! :)

Hm...I can't remember where I've seen the leading actress...wait I remember now... She was in The hospital~

Synopsis (from dramawiki)

This drama is about a younger man/older woman relationship. It follows a woman (Cheryl Yang) who is at her marriageable age but still hasn’t gotten married yet, and has a one night stand with a younger man (Ethan Ruan).

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Guest lucky_moon

I loved him in Fated to Love You.. the story seems interesting; but what with Ethan to have every time one night stand with the lead actress :P

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ethan ethan ethan! i may catch this drama just cause he's in it. LOL LOL. which reminds me, i never completed watching wayward kenting -.-

but the rest of the co-stars dont seem too ... uh appealing? lol ok just my opinion.

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  • 2 weeks later...

coool....love ethan he is super cute and handsome...wait never heard of the lead actress before...any clear picture of her anyone.

so its a one night stand storyline again huh??? me too, i want to discover that moment one night stand with Ethan for sure.

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Guest luthien

A new project from Xiao Tian!!! OMG OMG! Definitely gonna be looking forward to this. This is exciting, I fell for this actor in Fated to Love You. His chemistry to Qiao En was amazing. He's so adorable and lovable. I was hoping he would reunite with her someday just like how Ming Dao and Qiao En did after WZBQW.

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Guest mrhoze_13

Woohoo!!! I miss seeing him since Fated to love you, which for me, is still the best drama EVER MADE.

Looks like a comedy drama to me. Can't wait for another sleepless nights with ETHAN.. :rolleyes:

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Guest apricot

It's call consistency. :lol:

As long as they don't attempt to follow the storyline of Fated To Love You too much it should be interesting. I wonder how they are going to tackle the one night stand if they don't follow it up with a pregnancy.

You are so right..Lol. I hope this will good..The pic reminds me a bit of Coffee Prince??? Gosh..they are going to copy again?? Haiz..=_=

Hopefully not. I hope not.

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Guest EnDlEsS88

*hi five* to everyone who is a fan of ethan... i too became a fan after fated to love u

he is just tooo cute...sexy... and has the funniest facial expression...

i like d idea of d drama cuz i like older women- younger men relationships... my only hope is to have a great story line...can't wait 4 d subs

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