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Guest Autumn1430263885
Randomly stumbled upon this manga and i thought it was really good :0. It's completed and you can read it on mangafox ;p from the same author as Ichigo 100%. rated 5/5 @ mangafox haha.

Summary/Plot:The manga features a series of short stories about eight girls in middle school and high school, plus their classmates and relatives.[1] Each chapter focuses on a different main characters. These stories are entertwined and eventually lead to a main story involving most of the cast.

Okay...the summary doesn't sound that interesting, even i say but it's a good manga! It's a little like school rumble (?) ish since theres so many characters, except it ending REALLY well. The ending really gave a lot of closure and had that 'WOW' effect and the art is just beauutiful!

My favourite couples were AiharaxSaki and the kapa guy and the blondie ;p

I felt sad when it ended but it's currently being made into an ANIME!! yay!! will look forward to that ^^

wow..coudln't find any colored pictures of the guy characters o_o

And the relationship chart,,,,,....>>here<<
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