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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Thread

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massive : Rpattz with glasses is so much LOL :D but mmh i once saw the horrible one, that was Rpattz' pic with heart framed glasses,.....he looked weirdo,..hahaha LMAO

I like the pics when they're off screen,.. Rob is so much gorgeous with his blooming smile :D


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i'm not a fan but i thought you fans should see this.


i say it pretty much confirms their relationship. i don't see many good friends traveling to another country to spend holidays with the other person's family unless there's something more.

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At Ventnor, Isle of Wight (2 hours away from London ;) )

whoa~ it's a good news.. rob and kristen reunites again..

and kristen celebrated her new year in rob's place

she prefers to celebrate with rob than her family.. OMG.. :o :o

it means that she is happy with rob.. oh no~

damn it.. pls.. admit now!!

thanks to her... ahahahh



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MY FRIEND gave me this pic ,....

when arriving in LAX, Rpattz spotted having a 'tattoo' on his hand ,.....

'Somebody' near him should've done that while in the plane....

The suspect would be,.....ehem...ehem....

[] 1zghf6.jpg[/][] vlcsnap-2009-11-22-02h34m23s221.png

or Rpattz did that himself ? :o

tis old news, but these pictures of their hands having drawings in them, is so true, cause when kirsten got interviewed for the tonight show with Conan, you could totally see it...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMzg7U5Igc0 @ 1:50-1:55

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ROBERT Pattinson’s mom wants him to have a baby with his Twilight costar and girlfriend Kristen Stewart!

Insiders say Clare Pattinson is keen for her superstar son — who is fast becoming Hollywood’s hottest star — to start a family with Kristen because she thinks it’ll help keep Rob’s feet firmly on the ground.

“Rob’s mom Clare believes the responsibilities of raising a child would help keep him grounded as his success in showbiz continues to explode,” a source said.

“She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with them having a baby at a young age. She simply adores Kristen and is already treating her like a daughter-in-law.”

Kristen, insiders say, even suggested she and Rob, 23, move to England to be closer to his family.

“Kristen has been spending more time with Rob’s parents, and they love her and she loves them,” the insider told the National Enquirer.

“Clare just knew Kristen was The One. Rob knows his mom’s not been wrong about anything yet. He’s taking her advice about Kristen VERY seriously.”

link to the sources


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i always like when robsten are kind of kidding around ,...

(event : oprah winfrey backstage session)


from : robsessed.com

another one i really like :



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<img src="http://1.media.collegehumor.com/collegehumor/ch6/4/4/collegehumor.c4e58d949a40d2888e545a8499885965.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />

i don't know... i didn't really like kristen's acting in the first and second movie.... is it just me?

but new moon overall was good.

HAHAHAHAHA GOOD ONE... i really had a good laugh ... thanks mate :)

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