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[drama Japan 2009] メイちゃんの執事/mei Chan No Shi*

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest luluchan

omg i saw the CM for the show on TV the other day and saw Mizushima Hiro ~ i'm like I gotta check this out!!!


he's tall , cute, can speak English  AND he's got BRAINS!!! (he graduated from KEIO University,top private university in Japan) that makes him from Pretty boy to HOTT!!! what's better, he's not in JE , and he dates Ayaka (she's awesome!)  hahahahah 

anyways, the show is cute!!! can't wait till they fall in love!!

poor younger Brother though!!

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i had came across this show by chance and i've got to say that it's GREAT (well, even though the plot can be rather exaggerating) but i still enjoy it to bits :P

how's the rating for the show so far....fairly well?

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the hardsub for the first ep just came out today. I've been waiting for the hardsubs instead of downloading the raws xD finally i can start this drama! can't wait, it looks so goood xD

where can i find the hardsubs for this drama?

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Guest xsilentangel

Those girls at the school tick me off sooooooo much.

Lucia-sama is very creepy too...

Especially with those scissors at the end of the episode 2!

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Guest susamirain

I like Hiro! I didn't know about this drama so I'll be on the lookout. It sounds like it'll be interesting. I really liked him in Zettai Kareshi, so hopefully this will be just as good.

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Guest july-eighth

I just started watching this drama after hearing Omasa Aya (the girl who plays Rika) was in it. :D

I didn't think she would get such a big role!

However, I recognized a lot of people in it, and I was surprised to see so many actors and actresses in it that I like! (No seriously, there's like 12 of them I liked from before... XD; )

This drama is ridiculous (in a good way) and enjoyable to watch...

I'm definitely looking forward to the 3rd episode!

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Magazine Scans to share





4 Heroes sit discussing how they become butlers.


and random caps from previous epi of the drama




Kyo Nobuo, the intimate butler.


Nago-san to perform this heaviest task



Yuki Jutta is so cute as Kiba.


Too bad, there's still no lines for Minami Keisuke


I like this pair.



credits: scans from palimari LJ

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Welcome to Butler Paradise

Mukai Osamu


Yuki Jutta & Mayama Akihiro


Suzuki Ryohei & Abe Shinnosuke


Kyo Nobuo & Maruyama Tomomi


Minami Keisuke, Kato Keisuke, Takagi Shinpei, Takagi Manpei,

Kimisawa Yuki, Shikanai Daishi & Yamaguchi Kenki



and of course, my fave butler.. :blush: :D


credits: palimariLJ

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Guest LazyAzian

I nosebled looking through the butlers (@_@)~

I <33 this drama!

Some of the girls can be so mean! Good thing Mei-chan at least made acquaintance with a few of them . ..

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Guest lulugege

I just watched episode 3 and it just gets better week by week. You're so lucky to have watched episode 4 already! This is the one drama that I get excited about every week!

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Guest an_nhien

the drama is likable


just dont tell me the girl will end up with the little brother. They are cute together, but as friends only.... don't make my hiro become the second guy again .... after zettai kareshi....

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No matter how illogical this drama is. It didn't annoy me at all. I think i've learn the trick on how to watch a drama without thinking anything HAHA.

I'm only up to two episodes. First episode is amusing but i really enjoy episode 2. I admit that i watch it because of Hiro.But somehow... just somehow, i focus on Mei's expression more than Hiro.. She is really cute.Her voice too :wub::wub:

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