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[TW] Silence (深情密码)

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[9/9]Park Eun Hye Chases Zaizai when Da S is not around

Park Eun Hye Chases Zaizai when Da S is not around

3 months after Da Zai Lian have started, Da S has already met a rival going between her relationship with Zaizai. Our magazine sees with its own eyes of Park Eun Hye taking initiative with Zaizai when filming in Qingdao. She is sticking onto Zaizai, making Da S nervous, wanting to fly to Qingdao at one point of time to watch him.

Da Zai Lian, reciped by Da S and Zaizai is still currently hot on news in China, Hk and Taiwan. Although the outside world is very concern about this relationship, Zaizai, who is in Qingdao filming Silence, has no time to go on dates with Da S. He can only cover the fire in his heart and keep his mind at work.

However, according to the filming crew, just as Da S cannot accompany Zaizai, Park Eun Hye, korean lead actress in Da Chang Jing, is trying to electrify Zaizai. She'll talk to him often and would attack Zaizai's heart when the right official, Da S isn't around.

On the 29th August, at 1.30 in the afternoon, our magazine sees Zaizai and Park Eun Hye filming an outdoor scene in Qingdao. At that time, they were filming a scene where Zaizai and Park Eun Hye were pushing a cart together. The moment the Director shouted KA ! Zaizai dissapeared into a corner to memorise his lines and fans started calling Zaizai's name. Park Eun Hye, who is neglected, could only walk beside the crew and chat.

On the same night at 8pm, the filming crew moved the scene to somewhere near Zaizai's hotel in the show. Afterwhich, Zaizai appeared in a suit. In this scene, Zaizai had to back face Park Eun Hye, both of them being very intimate. At first, both of their expressions showed embarassement. Suddenly, both of them laughed together. This made the whole scene to be delayed for an hour before it finally completes. Zaizai and Park Eun Hye then returned to the hotel to rest.

From Zaizai's smiles, we can see he's in a good mood, it seems like he have already walked out of depression from his past relationship with Xu Wei Lun. However, the magazine managed to find out that, Zaizai's happiness didn't only came from his hot relationship with Da S, but also from Park Eun Hye who was showing a sign that she admires him. This is the real reason that is making the boy who have just passed a low period of out of love to smile.

A crew expressed, " Although Park Eun Hye's chinese is not good enough, but she looks for Zaizai to chat whenver she has time. One thing is to practice her chinese, another is to build up the relationship with Zaizai." At the scene, you can always see both of them playing, good atmosphere and you cannot see that they are having a language barrier.

The crew also said, Park Eun Hye would often produce her country's food, kimchi, to share with Zaizai. As long as she finds Zaizai staring into space at the filming scene, she would brush up her sweet smile and go foward to greet him. Park Eun Hye, taking initiative to stick to Zaizai, of course Zaizai is happy, all these are seen under the filming crew's eyes. Park Eun Hye was Zaizai's fan in Korea and is also a faithful fan of Meteor Garden and have long liked him.

In fact, not long after Park Eun Hye arrived in Taiwan, she have already been electrified by Zaizai. The magazine have seen Park Eun Hye at Tapei Fu Xing Nan Road after they finished practising their scenes in July. When they finished practising, Park Eun Hye's cab have already arrived right before her eyes but she didn't want to get up the cab. She kept pressing to talk to Zaizai and only left Zaizai relunctantly after some time.

Other than that, Park Eun Hye had ever smiled and told the magazine's reporter, "I'm so excited when i first spoke to Zaizai, but he's really nice although a little shy." She revealed her nice impression of Zaizai in her sentance.

However, news of Park Eun Hye, taking intiative to electrify Zaizai have gone to Da S and she's really unhappy. Da S, who is a person who is bend on owning her own, has made Park Eun Hye her love rival. Adding that Zaizai had a huge cold last week, Da S had wanted to fly to Qingdao to give him a surprise but the news got out.

Just during that few days when Da S took leave and did not go for recording at Yu Le Bai Fen Bai, the outside world was spreading that she had gone to Qingdao to visit Zaizai. After that, she decided to do a one day trip during September. However, as the typhoon came along, she had no choice but to break that idea and went back to the studio for recording. According to the magazine's eye lookers, they did not see Da S at the filming scene.

Although the typhoon had stopped Da S and Zaizai from meeting one another, from what the magazine knows, they have still been keep their relationship with phonecalls and sms. 26th Aug, when Da S was interviewed in HK, she was asked if she had given Zaizai any bracelet. She said in a tone and laughter that she knew Zaizai very well, "He doesn't have the habit of wearing bracelets. If he wants to wear any, i can recommend him."

When the media asked again about the relationship progress, Da S said with a face full of sweetness, "We're good friends, and we talk about everything. If anything happens to both of us, we'll be worried for one another. " She also praised Zaizai for being very adorable, kind and has good looks. Her tone had all of deep feelings. However, she refuse to comment on Park Eun Hye.

5th of September, Zaizai took leave from the filming crew to flim a commercial in Shanghai. In regards to whether Da S went to Qingdao to tan ban, Zaizai said, "If i say no, no one would believe me. So many papparrazzi and fans are staying in the same hotel , if "someone" comes and visits me, will not not be able to shoot it ?" He continued and said, "Of course i hope more friends would come and visit me."

Ever since Da Zai Lian was exposed in July, both of them are busy with their own stuffs, seldom gather and far away. 30th July, although Zaizai wasn't there in person to congratulate Xiao S for her engagement, Da S wore the lover's necklace that Zaizai have given her to the ceremony, showing their relationship. Facing whatever the outside world is asking, Zaizai says whatever Da S says would mean it, showing their humour. However, Da Zai Lian have only started for 3 months and there is a Park Eun Hye biting in. Can Park Eun Hye win Zaizai's heart, there's still to be seen.

In regards to Park Eun Hye sticking to Zaizai at Qingdao during filming, Silence's producer said, "She's a energetic girl. Other than playing and chatting with Zaizai, she's on good terms with other crew as well. When she came to Taiwan for the interview the last time, she did say F4 is very popular in Korea, and the one which she admires and likes most is Zaizai. " She also mentioned that Park Eun Hye learns super fast. Right now, not only she can understand a little of chinese, she can also do some chinese conversation, shocking everyone.

The photos that came with the article...




Since filming in Qingdao, not only are there many scenes between Park Eun-Hye and ZaiZai,

there were also plenty of off screen interaction between them. Park Eun-Hye seized the

opportunity and sticks close to ZaiZai and doesn’t let go.


Park Eun-Hye communicates with ZaiZai using limited Mandarin and

English, and would often make ZaiZai laugh.


When Park Eun-Hye and ZaiZai waited for their scenes, she also

stays very near him. It is evident that the two have developed a

good friendship.


When “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma” began filming, although the other lead actor

Xu Zhi An (right) was also present, Park Eun-Hye (center) obviously took a shine

to ZaiZai (left), she would often look at ZaiZai with a smile, and ZaiZai would also

tease Park Eun-Hye.


During rehearsals in Taiwan in mid-July, Park Eun-Hye (right) didn’t pay attention to the

waiting car, pressing ZaiZai to stay on and chat a while longer.


Filming a scene where ZaiZai carries Park Eun-Hye over his back, because there was

bodily contact, the two of them NG-ed over and over again, finishing the scene only

after filming for an hour.

Thanks to Grendel for translation of picture captions

Thanks to Taiwan Yi Weekly.

8th Sept 2005

[9/6] Happy but worried about fans’ Qingdao visits

After reading Purplemoon's post, I happen to hear a sound clip of a radio program and the contents are the same as what Purplemoon posted in the fan club. Purplemoon not only transcribed the radio program but also wrote down her own thoughts. link to Purplemoon's thread in the fan club Only what's actually said in the radio program is translated.

Here is the translation based on Purple moon's transcription and the sound clip.


Shanghai Oriental Radio Station FM 101.7

Sep. 6m 2005 17:00

Program name: Yu Le Zai Xian

Hostess: Zaizai appeared yesterday afternoon as the spokesperson of WoWo candy. He was here to promote the event: 'I have a date with Zaizai.' which starts today He wore a casual black suit and smiled from ear to ear, looking really great. What was it that made him so happy?

Zaizai: When you say happiness, do you mean the condition of filming? With the production crew, you know I particularly enjoy working, so I'm happy when I'm working and I get along very well with the production crew."

Q: How about others? except for work...

Zaizai: I'm getting along with my family. What else?

Q: Besides your family

Zaizai: Besides my family, I'm also on good terms with my friends.

Q: And then

Zaizai: What else do you want to ask (Laugh)?

Q: ... (it was very loud, but I couldn't understand what the reporter was saying.)

Zaizai: Laugh. Everything is fine. Really, everything is fine.

Hostess: Obviously the reporters weren't satisfied with Zaizai's answers. So some reporter asked him bluntly about his personal love life.

Zaizai: About my personal love life... I'm always happy. It has always been very good from before until now. Don't worry.

Hostess: Right now Zaizai is filming Silence in Qingdao. There are media reporting that DaS has visited him in Qingdao.

Zaizai: I've heard that she came to visit and some people saw her. I thought it would have been nice if she had come. Too bad, it seems that she didn't come. Everyday there were so many reporters and fans following us. If she had come, someone would surely have taken some photos. Since there is no photo, I believe It is just some hearsay.

Hostess: Whenever Zaizai appears, there is never lack of loyal fans following him and wanting to see him. Zaizai is happy that fans support him but he's also worried.

Zaizai: I'm really happy about it. But actually, sometimes I'm happy about it, sometime I'm really worried. For example, I'm working in Qingdao and many fans have come to see me. On the set, they encourage me when I'm tired and I'm happy about it. But I'm also very worried. Our working hours is not like regular office hours. I'm an actor and can stand it. Our production crew can also bear with it. But fans have always got up earlier than I and gone to bed later than I. Honestly, how can they survive it? So I really hope that fans can just write letters to me or leave messages on the Internet if they want to support me. Actually, letters and messages can also reach me. I personally don't recommend fans coming to the filming location. When I see fans tired, it makes me even more anguished.

translated by laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net


Shin Min Daily News, 9/9/05


Thanks to Yvonne of onlyf4

[05/09/14] A wave of skipping class in China, all because of ZaiZai

Reporter Nian Chang Yu/ Taipei-Qingdao

ZaiZai went to China to film idol drama “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma”, and for the past half month have created a wave of skipping class. Female students from all over China would wait for him at the filming location in Qingdao day and night, and there are often people in every nook and cranny near the filming. ZaiZai could only take cover and avoid the siege for the time being, with the highest record having to “pull back” four times before finishing the filming successfully.

Idol drama “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma”, a collaboration between China and Taiwan, has been test filming in Qingdao lately. The past half month has attracted tens of thousands of fans surrounded around the filming location. Some fans has even obtained the chart of his filming schedule. The fans arrange themselves in groups according to the chart, forming the impressive situation of four groups taking turns. Fans are already present even before the day breaks, preparing breakfast for him, unfurling banners to support him. When filming wraps up at night, ZaiZai fans would see him off reverently, and of course when he arrives at the hotel there’d be another group of fans who are stationed there waiting for him, saying “Welcome, welcome back.”

A mainland China fan revealed, they have been following ZaiZai all the way since summer vacation. School has already started now, but ZaiZai still hasn’t left Qingdao, so they also won’t leave, “we’re not leaving until everybody leaves.”. To advice them or not both didn’t seem appropriate, ZaiZai could only accompany everyone setting out early and returning late. In private, he disclosed, “Too ardent. It’s very touching, but skipping class is not good. In my case I had to take a leave.”

In Park Eun-Hye’s eyes, ZaiZai’s appeal is too terrifying. Filming at the Qingdao airport earlier, filming was affected because of the relay-match-like “stargazing” by the fans. ZaiZai withdrew from the scene 4 times in a row. Finally, both sides successfully negotiated. The fans drafted a set of rules, only under the strict control of the “leader” over every member was filming smoothly carried out.


ZaiZai (left) and Park Eun-Hye filming at the Qingdao

airport. Because fans crowded the location to the seams,

both of them would often reveal a stunned expression.

【2005/09/14 ~ Lian He Bao】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

scan of the Lian-He-Bao article

posted by chling in Vicpower Chinese Section


Another version of that article

Extra Note : To people who are taking the below translation, Do make sure you CREDIT Xiujuan @ http://onlyf4.proboards48.com for the translation & the original source of the article. No extra credits should be given and no changes must be made to the translation. Thanks for your cooperation.

New topic in School Reopen ?

China's Skipping School trend, rushed against Zaizai

Zaizai filming in Silence in China have started a trend of skipping school for the last half of the month. Girls from all over China have been waiting for him day and night at the filming place in Qingdao. It was always crowded with people at the filming scenes. Zaizai could only hide for the time being. His highest record of leaving the scene was 4 times, only then can filming go on smoothly.

According to a China fan, they have been chasing Zaizai since their summer holidays. Now that school have started, but Zaizai have not left Qingdao yet, so they're not leaving as well. "If we wanna leave, all shall leave together." Zaizai couldn't do anything, all he could do was to leave early in the morning and come back late in the night like everyone else. He revealed privately, "It's too heartwarming, very touched, but, it isn't good to be skipping classes, i had no choice but to request leave."

Zaizai's charm, was called scary after it was seen by Park Eun Hye. The day before, when they were filming in Qingdao's airport, filming was affected when fans were all busy taking turns took "look at stars". Zaizai left the set for 4 times in a row. Afterwhich, both sides managed to negotiate and fans gave their side of rules. Under the fans's "guidance" and under the look after of each crew in the fanclub, then they managed to fininshed filming smoothly.

Thanks to Lian He Bao.

14th Sept 2005

Supposedly taken on the last day of filming in Qingdao. (Sep. 14, 2005)

Source: Sep. 17, 2005 Qindao Guang Bo Dian Shi Bao (Qingdao Raind and TV newspaper)

Thanks to Laiou2002 of Vicpower


[Mag Translation] Asian Cinema & TV Life Vol. 4



F4 News from Taiwan

The new drama Silence starring Vic Zhou has gone off to a good start

The first press conference was held in July in Taiwan. The photo on the left was Vic answering questions from the press. The photo on the right was him with a co-star, Korea's popular actress Park Eunhye.

"I want to produce a TV series using Asian staff."'

Producer Chai has realized her long-cherished dream of gathering Asia's best

Vic Zhou's long-awaited latest dram has started. The new drama he stars since Mars is off to a good start. Angie Chai, who has produced several F4 TV series, says "I wanted to produce good Asian works with staff from different countries." She has realized her long-cherished dream. The cast is from Hong and Taiwan, the popular Korean actress Park Eunhye, and popular Hong Kong actor Andy Hui. The staff included a Hong Kong production firm. In August, it would start shooting the China part. What kind of TV series will it be? Like the Taiwan TV series 'Giant white tower' starring Jerry Yan, fans are looking forward to its broadcast in Japan. So here are some words from producer Angie Chai on Silence.

Translated by laiou2002 of http://www.vicpower.net

Cont'd... [Mag Translation] Asian Cinema & TV Life Vol. 4





She is not only the originator of F4 dramas but is also a leader in Taiwan TV series.

Chai Zhi Ping, Comics Taiwan producer

Angie Chai


We interviewed producer Angie Chai in Taipei. She was busy everyday, preparing for Vic Zhou's latest drama 'Silence.' She talked about her latest drama and her passion for dramas.

Q: TV series 'Meteor Garden' has been a big hit in Asia. Even now it is still receiving great responses. What do you think of its having such lasting influence?

"That's so, isn't it? At the beginning I had never thought that it would have such a great impact. However, 'meteor Garden' turned out to be a big hit and was particularly favored by young people. So Taiwan's TV production industry increases the production of idol dramas and now it has been established as a separate genre. Young people are quickly trained and engaged in the business of TV series. Young actors and staffers have been provided with good opportunities, but they are still not experienced enough. It's still rather difficult to produce dramas at professional level."

Q: Do you have some ideas about it?

"Yes. For example, for scripts, besides those of Taiwan's writers, we have also used scripts written by Korean writers and adapted from Japanese comics. I want to make a go of it together with experienced people from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Languages and nationalities don't matter; I want to work together with them to create good Asian dramas."

Q: Have you by any chance already started preparing for it?

"Yes. The latest 'Silence' is produced with international cast and staff. It also includes a Hong Kong production firm and Korean staff."

Q: Is it true that you place great emphasis on dramas you produce carrying messages?

"Yes. Indeed. In the dramas I've produced, each has its own embedded message. For example, for 'Meteor Garden,' the message is that no matter how rich a person is, one can still have true love as long one is sincere. In today's rapidly-changing society, some young people collapse under pressures and some can't get along with their families. For 'Mars', the theme message is how one living in such a difficult society shares precious love with someone else."

Q: What is the theme message of the current 'Silence'?

"For 'Silence,' we each in our lives have our own personal password, a password to open doors. But we don't know what our own personal password is. Modern people live in economically affluent societies. Many of us don't know what we are looking for in life. Some don't know if they will be happy once they reach their goals. Some successfully exert themselves in their professions, but feel very lonely. In our lifetimes, we are influenced by various environmental factors and may feel lost in various situations. But if we just look inside ourselves, we will find our own personal password. As for me, I feel contended and happy as long as I get to enjoy delicious food everyday."

Q: How do you decide on a theme?

"This time, I decide it while discussing with the staff. The character Vic plays is a young master who has everything. Everyone around him envies him. But, one day, he was told that he had only 3 months left to live. Looking back at his life until then, he realizes that nothing he owns is what he really wants. He wants to live a life without regrets. It's a story about him searching for what he really wants in life in the last remaining 3 months."

Q: Has he found what he wants?

"That is a secret (Laugh). When I produce a drama, of course I always want it to be watched by many people. But it's not my utmost consideration. What I consider most important is the message I want to pass. I consider it good if I have the fortune to have one out of ten thousand people feeling something and moved by the drama. It's not possible to produce Meteor Garden-like big hit across Asia in the simple way it was done. But, I absolutely want to once again produce a big hit across Asia, exceeding 'Meteor Garden' and watched by both young and old. It's the goal of our whole firm."

Lastly, to Japanese people who watch "Love Storm", aired on BS TV starting from Sep, the message Chai-san wants to pass is you must be brave when looking for true love.

--End of Angie Chai interview--

Source: cocochan (www.vicpower.net)

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

20050924 BSfan (BJ festival report translated)

BSfan Sep. 28 to Oct. 3, published on Sep. 24, 2005

Continous report on Silence starring F4's Vic.



Report on the Beijing TV Festival held at the Beijing Exhibition Center

BSfan, Sep. 28 - Oct. 31, 2005

Starting from Aug. 24, Beijing TV Festival was held for 3 days to show the current trend in the Chinese TV programming. Taiwan's Comics Ritz which produces F4 TV series such as 'Meteor Garden' also attended the exhibition. The publisher of official web site f4.tv, Bohemian, does a field report on the exhibition.

Every time I come to Beijing, a city with chronic traffic congestion, a new wave of buildings has been constructed. The venue was at the Beijing Exhibition Center near Beijing Zoo. Do you know that there are over 2000 television stations in China? With that many TV stations, now they are consolidated into 8 media groups. At the venue were big TV stations such as China Central TV station (CCTV) to show dramas, variety shows, and music programs which are currently gaining popularity in China.

The current trend of Chinese TV programming is a music audition show, similar to the star discovery show of Japan's popular 'ASAYAN.' It has been receiving high ratings and has become the place where new stars, selected from 1.3 billion people, are born. Big booths were set up to promote shows. In addition, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan's NHK and Dentsu also took part in the exhibition.

The most promoted on the booth of Comics Ritz was Silence starring Taiwan F4's Zaizai, Korea's Park Eunhye of 'A Jewel in the Palace,' which has become a hit in several Asian countries, and Hong Kong's Andy Hui. Megan Lai who acted the part of Qingmei in Mars also stars. They are currently filming in China's Qingdao which is famous for its beer, so they couldn't come to Beijing. Instead producer Angie Chai arrived to promote the drama.

Now Silence is being filmed in the Qingdao location by two separate teams, on streets with beautiful Germany-look and in alleys where you get a glimpse of daily lives of Chinese people. According to the news from the shooting location, it is packed with fans from China and Korea. There are as many as 100 fans staying in the hotel. Though Zaizai was sick for not being used to the place, he is now in good health and starts filming from early morning. He says to the Japanese fan, "Watch it!"

In the coming spring, before unveiling the series to the public, there will be promotions in various Asian countries. Starting from China and Taiwan, the series will be aired in various Asian countries. Like Jerry Yan's 'Giant White Tower Hospital', Silence is one of the highly anticipated Chinese TV series in 2006. It's expected to be aired in Japan.

End of Report on the Beijing TV Festival

Source: cocochan (www.vicpower.net)

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)




For 5 readers: 2005-2006 table-top calendars specifically made for the Beijing TV Festival.

The calendar includes photos of Silence and some Chinese actresses.


Probably gifts for the BSfan readers

Thanks to laiou2002 of Vicpower

posted by mitukokoko in the Japanese section link to the Japanese thread

original source Korean Sports Today:


The picture shows Park Eunhye and Andy Hui selling Korean barbecue in a market. The picture was taken on Sep. 24, 2005


Thanks to laiou2002 of vicpower.net

Original Korean "Money Today" web page (09/26 06:45)


"Money Today" said it happened on Sep. 25 while "Sports Today" said it was on Sep. 24.

Photos in the Money-Today article:



In the Money Today article, PEH commented that the reason they wore traditional Korean clothes was because it was the first day they started the business

Thanks to laiou2002 of vicpower.net

ysltrip of www.vicpower.net posted a brief translation of the article laiou was mentioning:

I've just read the article.

Park and Xu start their own business which is to sell Bugogi(烤牛肉)with rice。

Park suggested wearing Hanbok (tranditional Korean clothes) because the first day of business is very special.

So the director agreed her idea, and they delayed the filming until the Hanboks arrived from Korea to Taiwan.

At last, they can start filming on 25th Sep.

Everyone saw Park wearing Hanbok said "beautiful!!".

During filming, all staffs including the director took photos of her using their Mobile Phone or digital camera.

Park said it was very pleased to introduce the Korean traditional colthes as a Korean actress.

Source: Japanese BSfan magazine

Thanks to Laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net


From YlStrip of Vicpower

Sports Today's article is similar to the Money-Today.

Park, En-Hye spread the beauty of Korea in Taipei, Taiwan.

She showed up with Xu, Zhi'an in Hanbok for filiming "Silence" on 24th Sept.

That day, They filmed the scene of Park selling Bulgogi with rice on the market.

A month before they filming this scene, Park suggested to the staffs that it would be great to wear Hanbok with Mr. Xu becuase Bulgogi is one of the Korean cuisine and she is a Korean.

Then they accepted her idea. So Park sent the measurements of her and Mr. Xu to a Hanbokmaker's shop in Korea at the end of August. And received the Hanbok a couple of days ago.

Her manager, Mr. Park, Gyeon-il said "All staffs were busy taking photos of her in Hanbok, it caused filming to delay ."

Then didn't mentioned the schedule of filming in this article. Let's wait and see!

[9/29]Park Eun-Hye denies pursuing ZaiZai

Park Eun-Hye denies pursuing ZaiZai

Pursuing ZaiZai, and causing Da S’s jealousy? Korean actress Park Eun-Hye said: "How is that possible?" But she still praised ZaiZai without evasion for taking very good care of her, that he is a very nice person.

Park Eun-Hye had a taste of fame because of “Lian Sheng” in the Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum". This year, because she was chosen by the Godmother of Taiwan idol dramas, Chai Zhi Ping, she co-stars with ZaiZai in the idol drama "Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma". At first the two had a language barrier and could chat using gestures with their hands and feet. Afterwards they depended on Chinese, English, Korean, and other languages to communicate. While shooting outdoor scenes in Qingdao, China, crew members on the set revealed that the two of them would often clown around. When ZaiZai is around, Park Eun-Hye’s smile is particularly happy.

And therefore, there were reports afterwards that Park Eun-Hye is pursuing ZaiZai, causing ZaiZai’s bona fide girlfriend Da S to take a little objection to it. After all, even a small grain of sand is not tolerated in a lover’s eyes. Park Eun-Hye said that she is not chasing ZaiZai. She simply feels that ZaiZai is a good person, working together with him feels very nice. Taking very good care of her who came to Taiwan for the first time to film, and the rapport between them is also increasingly better.

Park Eun-Hye looks very delicate, like a rich girl who doesn’t do chores. In fact, she likes cooking very much, also likes sewing clothes. While still studying, she would get high grades in household management.


This image of Park Eun-Hye cooking reminds people of “Lian Sheng” from “Dae Jang Geum”

[2005/09/29 ~ Min Sheng Bao]

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

Park Eun-Hye stews soup, ZaiZai is uninterested?

Lian Sheng’s household skills are first-rate, praises ZaiZai that he's very nice

Reporter Nian Chang Yu/ Taipei

South Korean actress Park Eun-Hye came to Taiwan to film “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma”. Exhibiting the excellent cooking skills of “Lian Sheng” in “Dae Jang Geum”, when there’s nothing to do she would cook Korean-style for everyone to taste, and can also make “Nu Hong” (?). Onscreen she sews and mends a lot. Off-screen she is also very caring towards the staff and crew and will mend buttons and what nots, full of virtues and qualities. Only "ZaiZai" Zhou Yu Min doesn’t eat the delicious Korean dishes because he is dieting and doesn’t appear very obliging.

Park Eun-Hye's cooking skills in “Dae jang Geum” is very good. A lot of people thought that it was just acting, but after tasting her signature dishes they changed their views praising her: “Even more complete in colour and taste than those in the series.” She privately revealed that, her household skills are actually first-rate, often getting high scores in household management class during high school. Whether it’s sewing clothes, making shirts or skirts, nothing could faze her. While filming a scene in “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma” where they were rushing to finish a shipment, as soon as she saw the sewing machine, Park Eun-Hye became very excited, stroking it on the spot. She said: “I would make dresses for my own dolls when I was little. When I grew up I made skirts.” Friends would envy her because she always had beautiful skirts to wear.

Has she thought about making “Nu Hong” and her cooking as a side business? Park Eun-Hye said laughingly, “I’m not that good.” Her impression towards working together with ZaiZai for the first time is very nice, praising him openly as a very good person, takes very good care of her who came to film in Taiwan for the first time. The rapport between the two of them while filming is quite good. But when she was asked about the “Da Zai” lian she demonstrated her characteristic as a mute in the series, indicating “I don’t know.”

[2005-09-29 ~ Lian He Bao]

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

posted by huilo in the fan club link to fan club

Original source Korean Money Today (10/02 15:50 ):


from Park Eunhye,

Silence had to cancel its outdoor filming on the afternoon of Oct. 1 because of Typhoon.

The major cast members started shooting indoor scenes on the afternoon of Oct. 2, 2005.

Thanks to laiou2002 of vicpower.net

Extra Note : To people who are taking the below translation, Do make sure you CREDIT Xiujuan @ http://onlyf4.proboards48.com for the translation & the original source of the article. No extra credits should be given and no changes must be made to the translation. Thanks for your cooperation.

Xu Zhi An : Zaizai makes people hate him

Da S and Zaizai who is in love, appeared at the Silence set holding hands in the middle of the night. And this, provoked the other male lead in the show, Andy Hui. He said half fakely and half truly, "Whenever i see Zaizai, i'm not shuang. In the show, we're love rivals, maybe it's because i'm too engrossed in the show, after the acting ended, i still hate him from within."

In order for Andy Hui and Park Eun Hye to be able to speak in front of the media, the filming crew specially created a "zaizai' topic. When Andy Hui saw the big stone in his heart lifted, he immediately said, "Zaizai makes people hate him, he stole my girlfriend in the show. But i don't know why, whenever i see him privately, i would feel unhappy. There was once when he treated me to coffee, i didn't even want to drink a sip."

Ask if Andy Hui saw Da S coming to the set to tan ban ? He looked left and right and said, "Who? Who saw it ?" And refuse to reply directly, later he added, "Of course i know Da S." Both Park Eun Hye and Andy Hui didn't excatly say Da S came to the set. However, the working crew all say," Yes, Da S did come for tan ban, both of them were holding hands that night.ahyo, can't say anymore, Zaizai would get angry."

Thanks to Lian He Bao.

5th Oct 2005



Source: TVBS

Thanks to Amy of Vicpower

On this article, additional from Grendel of Vicpower

Eh. Regarding that article, Andy Hui was just joking.

In another article, the reporters asked Park Eun-Hye about the rumours of her flirting with ZaiZai. Andy Hui tried to help her by jumping in and say that he's the one trying to flirt...with ZaiZai!

PEH said she was very affected when those rumours came out. She said that although she admires ZaiZai a lot, he is actually not her type. She's also not into jie-di romance. Now, as much as possible, she says she tries not to spend too much time or being too friendly with ZaiZai to avoid people saying that she is chasing ZaiZai.

Poor Park Eun-Hye. She seems like a nice girl.

Comment: grrr why does media have to put malice to everything... make such assumptions on zai and park's friendship

Finally.. thats the latest updates on SILENCE.. done for the night!!!

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

When ZZ isn't filming, he acts like an idiot

Posted: October 6, 2005


ZZ goes to Keelung to film. He, who loves to fool around, would often do different expressions and motions, looking like he's trying to act like an idiot.

Today is Da S' birthday and it's also her first birthday after Da Zai Lian was made public. For the entire day yesterday he was at Keelung Naval Hospital filming. He was in a really good mood and "played idiot" while filming. He took advantage of free time and did "ah gan"'s expression to the drama crew.

Cracking silly jokes

Rumors say that Da S was jealous when ZZ and Korean actress Park Eun-hye cooperated in "Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma" and there were reports saying the female lead was interested in the male lead. Afterwards Da S immediately became more alert and in order to prevent his girlfriend from worrying, yesterday ZZ avoided playing around with Park Eun-hye at the filming site as much as possible and simply just played with himself!

Yesterday reporters were at the filming location and found that ZZ's mood was especially good. When he arrived at the scene in the morning, he was helped with his appearance to fit the his role. ZZ wore a dark colored suit and was quite handsome. Furthermore, the scene being filmed at Keelung Naval Hospital was rather solemn, only seeing ZZ being all serious for a while and then at other times he take the chance to crack some jokes. Later ZZ tried hard to do a "ah gan" expression for the cameraman. Getting more hyper as he played around, he simply dancing with joy, hitting the "peak of silliness." He almost drove the drama crew crazy. Everyone wanted to laugh but found it embarrassing to do so. Never thought that ZZ also had the talent for comedy.

Park Eun-hye ate from lunch box, ZZ ate at in cafeteria

Although female lead Park Eun-hye was also at the scene filming yesterday but because she didn't really have any scenes with ZZ, the two didn't interact much, also not knowing that outside rumors are spreading that "Park Eun-hye is trying electrifying ZZ."

During lunch break Park Eun-hye ate her lunch box outside like everyone else. Only ZZ and his assistant went to the hospital's cafeteria to eat. When there was free time ZZ would play around with the staff members, otherwise he would disappear into the car and catch up on some sleep.

Today is Da S' birthday, the two are very sweet

Perhaps it's because Da Zai Lian was exposed after a car accident, everyone knows that ZZ's heart belongs to someone. Plus, today is Da S' birthday, the two are very sweet. It's not that easy for a "3rd party" to get between them.

Source: Liberty Times

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever

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Guest yuans7love

Zai Zai better not have anything going on with her because he belongs to Da S!!!


and btw... STOP MAKING SUCH LONG POSTS!!! it's making me dizzy >.< lol~

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

Zai Zai better not have anything going on with her because he belongs to Da S!!!


and btw... STOP MAKING SUCH LONG POSTS!!! it's making me dizzy >.< lol~

it's not like i have a choice or something .. i post it by article... but everytime i do so, it will intergrate with my previous posts :|

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Guest yingying



"when zaizai isnt acting he acts like an idiot."

well sed... he's sucha dork hahah!!


wana watch dis filmmm >.<

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Guest Childlike Faith

Waaah, May! <3 ZaiZai looks really, really nice in a tux. : D

This is exciting. Hah, can't wait for the release.

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Guest someday4_2


thank u sOO much for the news... i'm loving the plot n screen caps =D

haha I'm so glad vic is going back to that hair style... the ones he had during his trips to japan were horrrible =D n i noticed he lost some fat on his face =D

i want to see thisss

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