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[TW] Silence (深情密码)

Guest jew-lee

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Oh yeah, did you notice that in the pics where zai zai is wearing a black suit... he's NOT wearing socks... lol

LOL..There's a photoshopped version of the picture where someone colored his foot BLACK as a sock. :lol:

Thanks for all the pictures. Five more months to go~!! :D

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

Lol here's the editted version..

actually mcbeal just used paint on this one.. hahah


thanks to mcbeal of zaiwan-tsinoy/vicpower

there.. much pleasing to the eyes .. LOL

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^ Thanks for the pix~! I can't believe the photographer did not ask Zai Zai to wear socks. :rolleyes: I mean he's dressed up in a business attire but he's not wearing socks. I would like to see the whole package~! :lol:

Business Attire - Socks = NOT PROFESSIONAL :lol:

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

yep yep yep... anime mode these days thats why... LOL...

so many new pics ill prolly just post them in vic zhou fotos thread since it's not silence related... it's on Pepsi event in GuangZhou, China.


20051130 Taiwan TV Drama Vol 2

Japanese magazine "Motto Shiritai Taiwan TV Drama" Vol. 2, published on Nov. 30, 2005

Source: tysdumt (www.vicpower.net)




Degree of attracting attention: 100%

New drama 'Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma,' starring Vic Zhou

Producer Angie Chai talks about the drama's charming highlights!

Vic Zhou's new drama 'Silence' finished its filming in October. Now it's in the process of editing to get ready for broadcasting. Ms. Angie Chai talks of many charming highlights of the drama which fans eagerly await. The popular producer, starting with F4 dramas such as 'Meteor Garden' and 'Mars,' has produced many hit dramas. What kind of ideas has she included in the new drama?

PS: The magazine is wrong about Silence finishing its filming in October. (should be november)


International casting

Q1: This time, the cast includes Taiwan's Zaizai, Hong Kong's Andy Hui, and Korea's Park Eun Hye. What are the reasons for featuring an international cast?

"It's because I think current dramas should not regionally targeted. I want to produce a drama not specific targeting at a certain area. So, in order to produce a drama reaching the wide level of Asia, I went beyond the framework of Taiwan and gathered stars from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. Moreover, the drama is not adapted from a comic series or a novel it's based on an original script."

A love story of searching for happiness

Q2: What are your intentions for the drama?

"The title 'Shen Qing Mi Ma (Deep Love Code)' means that we each have a secret code (a code number or password) inside our hearts which makes our life meaningful. We discover the value of our existence when we decode the code. For example, a drama producer conveys his or her own ideas and makes people happy. This is one kind of secret codes. By the same token, a pastry chef creates a delicious cake which gives people happiness and warmth. This can also be called a secrete code. Modern people live in a complex world. Many have lost themselves. Through the love story, I would like people to have a grasp of where their happiness lies.

I'll be very glad if the audience can search and find their own secret codes after watching the drama. We're confronted with many frustrations in our lives. Sometimes we lose contacts with loved ones or even lose our loved ones. The characters in the drama encounter various experiencing various for the first time and start searching for their own secret codes."

A beautiful and sad code of deep love between a man and a woman

Q3: Please tell us the drama's story.

"The main character (Vic) is inflicted with a terminal disease and will not live long. He realizes that he has failed to keep a promise he made nine year ago and decides to pursue the memory of his youth. A beautiful and sad love story develops around the love and complications between a man and a woman born with different family backgrounds."


** More about the story. The son of a rich distinguished family finds out that he will not live long. One day, he meets a woman who can't speak. He has already met the woman when he was a kid but neither is aware of it. The woman was adopted when she was a kid and has a brother who is not blood related and has been taking care of her. The story is about the relations among the three people. In addition, Megan Lai plays Vic's fiancé.

pic: http://tinypic.com/i2sy6v.jpg


Romantic images and music

Q4: Can you tell us what the catch phrase for this drama is?

"In terms of the value of our lives, it's not important that how long we live. Sometimes one dies young, but one can still obtain something eternal even in such a short time period."

Q5: What things should we pay special attention to when it comes to filming techniques?

"What you should pay special attention to is the romantic images and music. It's been on our minds to give audience something different than what they normally perceive."

Q6: With respect to the script, was there anything you need to take into special consideration?

"Park Eun Hye who played the heroin can't speak Chinese. I feel that dubbing would make the drama look unnatural and the audience wouldn't be moved by it. So she played a mute in the drama. Park Eun Hye acted wonderfully in the drama.

Q7: What is the scene to watch out for?

"In Qingdao, the main character who Zaizai played prepares a Christmas-themed snowy room for the heroine played by Park Eun Hye. It's a very romantic scene. Then, he remembers vividly that they had spent a snowy Christmas together when they were little. After he grew up, the memory of it has finally returned. It is the scene where he's startled when he shows the snowy room to the heroine."

Perfect actors and actresses

Q8: In terms of acting, what did you demand of Vic, Andy Hui, Park Eun Hye and Megan Lai who played Vic's fiancé?

"They are professionals. They each have stretched themselves for their respective roles. Zaizai's role is very difficult. There are many scenes in which He had to act out the complicated emotions of the man character. The role has become a new acting challenge for him. Park Eun Hye doesn't understand Chinese, but she quickly memorized the script and acted perfectly in each scene. Andy Hui has a role expressing his emotions directly and always watching over the heroin. Megan Lai's role is Zaizai's fiancé at first. Later she has to accept the reality that Zaizai has fallen in love with another woman. She played a woman experiencing strong emotional ups and downs. Each of them has grasped their own respective roles very well."

Park Eun Hye was terrified of typhoons

Q9: What happened on the set?

"First, I want to say is that everyone has worked very hard. Zaizai had to be filmed in a lake in Qingdao. He had to stay inside the water for several days. The temperature difference between day and night in Qingdao was big, many people had caught cold. Zaizai also got sick, but he persisted and finished his work. He worked really hard.

Then, Typhoons hit several times during filming. Every time Park Eun Hye was scared of it (Laugh). She feels that Taiwan has many typhoons. While the crew filmed in Qingdao, many spectators gathered around and watched the filming. Many times the crew had to stop filming. They had to wait until the spectators diminished and then restarted the filming. I'm relieved that no big accidents have occurred."

Waiting for the drama to be completed!

End of the translation

Source: tysdumt (www.vicpower.net)

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

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Guest iSayOink

so how do they communicate on stage? they're going to have that dubbing stuff which is going to really annoy me... -_-"

Nah, angie says she hates dubbing since it dunt show much emotion (i like dat woman! we think alike.. yupyup. lol, jk) so we ARE gonna hear park eun hye speak a lil chinese i guess.

say, so is this a sad ending or waht? does anyone know by any chance? lol, just wondering

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

i think zz's goign to die here.. duno.. lol

NO DUBBING .. the girl will be mute here...

so there...

and please do read the synopsis first yknow ..sigh..

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Guest iSayOink

zai zai's gonna die??!! O0O nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >,<


Well, it cancer... i know i say i don't watch anything with sad endings but in this case, i'll hafta stick up with one. lol~ cuz i'll be waiting 6 months (is it still 6 months?!!? +o+) for it.

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

20051022 Junon Faryu Star Now


Latest drama

'Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma’

Vic, son of a tycoon with a terminal illness

Also challenge sign language

Enthusiastic fans thronged the Qingdao location in China

In 2004, Vic had grown tremendously and skillfully acted out those internal emotions in Mars. As an actor, his next stage is 'Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma.'

Up until now, the dramas Vic has starred were mostly shot in Taiwan, with a few of them shot on locations in Japan. And Most of them are based on Japanese comics. However, 'Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma’ has broadened its filming locations beyond Taipei to include China's Qingdao and Singapore. The casting has also been expanded beyond the Chinese circle to invite Korea's Park Eun Hye of ‘A Jewel in Palace' to play the heroine. Another costar is Hong Kong's top singer Andy Hui. The collaborations are on a larger scale.

Well, what does the drama's title mean? 'Mi Ma' means password in Chinese. Here it's said to mean the password regarding to one's life. Like the previously mentioned 'The Hospital' starring Jerry, Silence's filming has been proceeding secretly and not many details have been revealed to the public. According to what Ms Angie Chai said in an on-lint chatting on the Sohu entertainment website, this time Vic plays the son of a tycoon and has fortune and successful business that people envy. But then he is inflicted with a terminal illness with his days numbered.

As such, he comes across with a woman who can't talk, played by Park Eun Hye. (Consequently she talks to Vic in sign language.) Actually they have already met when they were kids and their meeting is the only happy memory that Vic has. However, neither of them realizes they have met before. Park Eun Hye was adopted when she was a kid. Andy Hui plays the not-blood-related and protecting brother. The drama is mainly about the relations among the three people. Megan Lai of Mars is involved in the drama playing Vic's Fiancé.

With a limited time frame and looking back on his life path, Vic considers how to best use the remaining time he has. Vic is required to act the internal emotions with skills different than those of 'Mars.' From what happened in Qingdao, the reality is that he's still more widely known as an idol than as an actor. Even though the drama was filmed secretly, many fans came uninvited to the set just to have a look at Vic. Some of them were student fans who used their summer break s to run after Vic. When their summer breaks were over, the filming still hadn't finished. Did some of them give Vic's stay in Qingdao higher priority over their schoolwork and postpone returning to school?

As an actor, while retaining the traits of an idol, he has moved steadily and firmly forward one more step.

Source: cocochan (www.vicpower.net)

English translation: laiou (www.vicpower.net)

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