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[TW] Silence (深情密码)

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Guest jew-lee
starring: Vic Zhou, Park Eun Hye, Andy Hui
silenceposterpv1.jpg English Title: Silence Chinese Title: Shen Qing Mi Ma ( 深情密码) Episodes: 30 Official Website: http://www.ctv.com.tw/event/2006/silence/ Airing Date: May 21st (CTV) Trailer: Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiHhwnFhbTE Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-goGcAYGN7A Character description: Qi Wei Yi (portrayed by Vic Chou) 25 years old, intelligent, talented, excels in all areas. The confident Wei Yi has always believe that there's no "misfortunes" in the world, there's only "not try hard enough." Because of this, he's so strict on others that he's almost merciless. This is until his doctor tells him that he has liver cancer with only 1 year to live and when he meets Zhao Shen Shen again. Wei Yi slowly changes because of Shen Shen and lives the last 365 days of his life nicely. Gradually he understands the meaning of pursuing life and love. Zhao Shen Shen (portrayed by Park Eun-hye) 23 years old, Chinese-Korean, in an accident she loses her ability to speak. But this didn't bring complete misery, but instead it helped her to better understand how to use her heart to listen to and understand others. She didn't give up because of her mishaps and you can't see the inferiorities of disabled people in her. She substituted it with honesty and optimism. Though she can't speak, but the "love" in her heart is more intense than anyone else. Zuo Jun (portrayed by Andy Hui) 27 years old. When he was young he was rebellious and playful, harming Shen Shen to become mute in an accident. Although on the surface it seems that Zuo Jun refuses to admit he's wrong, inside he holds himself responsible. To make up for his wrongdoing, he decides to protect Shen Shen from any kind of harm and unconsciously falls in love with Shen Shen. He's convinced that he's the only one who can give her happiness. In the name of love, he blocks Shen Shen and Wei Yi from development and doesn't hesitate to do sinful things. This is all because he wants to keep the girl at his side. Mi Xiao Guang (portrayed by Megan Lai) 26 years old, Wei Yi's fiancee, serious, competent, independent, wants to use her abilities to have a breakthrough achievement in her career and prove her strength. Although there aren't many feelings between her and Wei Yi but they have a steady tacit understanding of each other. When Wei Yi suffers from cancer and dismisses their engagement, she couldn't help but reconsider what "love" is. Sypnosis: The story starts when Wei Yi is 15 years old. Because of an accident Wei Yi was sent to the only hospital in the village.Getting bored while recuperating, Wei Yi accidentally discovers an old air-raid shelter hospital room. Through a secret in the room heunexpectedly meets a Korean girl, Shen Shen, 2 years younger than himwho became mute from an accident. Furthermore, a simple and pure lovearoused. However, they end up losing contact with each other. Nineyears later, Wei Yi is occupied with many business affairs. He bearshis parents' expectations of him succeeding them. He doesn't have alife full of perils, making him confident as well as dazzling. One dayWei Yi mercilessly fired a worker. To his surprise, the next day a mutegirl and a hoodlum guy came to ask for justice. Wei Yi never thoughtthat the mute girl was the Zhao Shen Shen from 9 years ago. Becauseof Shen Shen's righteousness, this mute girl left Wei Yi a deep andfavorable impression. Because of fate, the two keep on bumping intoeach other. Even though they get mad over little things everytime, butseeing the way Shen Shen does sign language Wei Yi felt like he wasbrimming with magnificent vitality. Argue for the sake of arguing with Wei Yi has become apart of Shen Shen's silent life. At this time, a"misfortune" suddenly befalled him. His doctor verified that he hadliver cancer and only had 1 more year to live. All of a sudden Wei Yirecalled a promise. The time capsule he and Shen Shen buried 9 yearsago that said childhood memories would unlock 10 years later... WeiYi dismisses his engagement with his fiancee and goes to the place the2 agreed to meet at. As death drew near, fate arranges for Wei Yi andZhao Shen Shen to meet again! Zhao Shen Shen was actually that mutegirl. With his life about to end, Wei Yi decides to hide hisidentity and slowly changes because of Shen Shen, living the last 365days of his life nicely. But Wei Yi's father Zhen Yang is furious thathis son has changed because of an out-of-the-blue mute girl and decidesto resolve this impediment personally. To protect Shen Shen, Wei Yi agrees to return to Taiwan to get treated. The day Wei Yi leaves DalianShen Shen accidentally finds out that Wei Yi was her love many yearsago. She also find out that Wei Yi only had 1 more year to live! Thelove deeply supressed within her heart was completely dispersed at thismoment. Shen Shen chases after Wei Yi's car, crying all the way andtrying to call out to Wei Yi...Shen Shen's voice is finally back after 9 years!.... Source: bonbon of http://www.vicpower.net Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Clips: Part of episode 7 English subbed on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZZPgAjjZMc Episodes direct links: Credits: episodes 1-14 are uploaded by Ally Episodes 15-16 are uploaded by sunshine4ever Episode 1 Arisa Episode 2 Arisa Episode 3 Arisa Episode 4 Arisa Episode 5 Arisa Episode 6 Arisa Episode 7 Arisa Episode 8 Arisa Episode 9 Arisa Episode 10 Arisa EPISODE 11 Arisa Episode 12 Arisa Episode 13 Arisa Episode 14 Arisa Episode 15 ICEFISH Episode 16 ICEFISH Silence OST uploaded by sasa-chan OST megaupload OST rapidshare watch online http://hoomie.com/asian/movieb5e0267f5.htm Shows & MVs: uploaded by sunshine4ever Peach Protein 05.24.2006 - Zaizai (Vic), Megan, and Park Eun Hye are in the show. Silence themesong official MV Vic Zhou - Familiar Gentle Softness (Silence MV) (thanks rainy for translating the title) Vic's messages to Silence fans: Go here - Translation by rainy75 Silence English subtitles: Soft subs by RP Hardsubbed by SUBlimes Everything above was composed by sunshine4ever, please pm me if there are any dead links. Thanks.
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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

hey all. it's gone.. ill post every news about this series here.. from the beginning.. planning stage down to the latest.. :)


Silence : Shen Qing Mi Ma


Character description

Qi Wei Yi (portrayed by Vic Chou)

25 years old, intelligent, talented, excels in all areas. The confident Wei Yi has always believe that there's no "misfortunes" in the world, there's only "not try hard enough." Because of this, he's so strict on others that he's almost merciless. This is until his doctor tells him that he has liver cancer with only 1 year to live and when he meets Zhao Shen Shen again. Wei Yi slowly changes because of Shen Shen and lives the last 365 days of his life nicely. Gradually he understands the meaning of pursuing life and love.

Zhao Shen Shen (portrayed by Park Eun-hye)

23 years old, Chinese-Korean, in an accident she loses her ability to speak. But this didn't bring complete misery, but instead it helped her to better understand how to use her heart to listen to and understand others. She didn't give up because of her mishaps and you can't see the inferiorities of disabled people in her. She substituted it with honesty and optimism. Though she can't speak, but the "love" in her heart is more intense than anyone else.

Zuo Jun (portrayed by Andy Hui)

27 years old. When he was young he was rebellious and playful, harming Shen Shen to become mute in an accident. Although on the surface it seems that Zuo Jun refuses to admit he's wrong, inside he holds himself responsible. To make up for his wrongdoing, he decides to protect Shen Shen from any kind of harm and unconsciously falls in love with Shen Shen. He's convinced that he's the only one who can give her happiness. In the name of love, he blocks Shen Shen and Wei Yi from development and doesn't hesitate to do sinful things. This is all because he wants to keep the girl at his side.

Mi Xiao Guang (portrayed by Megan Lai)

26 years old, Wei Yi's fiancee, serious, competent, independent, wants to use her abilities to have a breakthrough achievement in her career and prove her strength. Although there aren't many feelings between her and Wei Yi but they have a steady tacit understanding of each other. When Wei Yi suffers from cancer and dismisses their engagement, she couldn't help but reconsider what "love" is.



His life will perish into loneliness one year later.

She, who is mute, unexpectedly falls in love with his other world.

A play of fate pulls onto them.

But what ties them together...are their beautiful childhood memories.


The story starts when Wei Yi is 15 years old.

Because of an accident Wei Yi was sent to the only hospital in the village.Getting bored while recuperating, Wei Yi accidentally discovers an old air-raid shelter hospital room. Through a secret in the room heunexpectedly meets a Korean girl, Shen Shen, 2 years younger than himwho became mute from an accident. Furthermore, a simple and pure lovearoused. However, they end up losing contact with each other.

Nineyears later, Wei Yi is occupied with many business affairs. He bearshis parents' expectations of him succeeding them. He doesn't have alife full of perils, making him confident as well as dazzling. One dayWei Yi mercilessly fired a worker. To his surprise, the next day a mutegirl and a hoodlum guy came to ask for justice. Wei Yi never thoughtthat the mute girl was the Zhao Shen Shen from 9 years ago.

Becauseof Shen Shen's righteousness, this mute girl left Wei Yi a deep andfavorable impression. Because of fate, the two keep on bumping intoeach other. Even though they get mad over little things everytime, butseeing the way Shen Shen does sign language Wei Yi felt like he wasbrimming with magnificent vitality. Argue for the sake of arguing with Wei Yi has become apart of Shen Shen's silent life.

At this time, a"misfortune" suddenly befalled him. His doctor verified that he hadliver cancer and only had 1 more year to live. All of a sudden Wei Yirecalled a promise. The time capsule he and Shen Shen buried 9 yearsago that said childhood memories would unlock 10 years later...

WeiYi dismisses his engagement with his fiancee and goes to the place the2 agreed to meet at. As death drew near, fate arranges for Wei Yi andZhao Shen Shen to meet again! Zhao Shen Shen was actually that mutegirl.

With his life about to end, Wei Yi decides to hide hisidentity and slowly changes because of Shen Shen, living the last 365days of his life nicely. But Wei Yi's father Zhen Yang is furious thathis son has changed because of an out-of-the-blue mute girl and decidesto resolve this impediment personally. To protect Shen Shen, Wei Yi agrees to return to Taiwan to get treated. The day Wei Yi leaves DalianShen Shen accidentally finds out that Wei Yi was her love many yearsago. She also find out that Wei Yi only had 1 more year to live! Thelove deeply supressed within her heart was completely dispersed at thismoment. Shen Shen chases after Wei Yi's car, crying all the way andtrying to call out to Wei Yi...Shen Shen's voice is finally back after 9 years!....

Source: bonbon of http://www.vicpower.net

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu

Here are collection of News regarding SILENCE (Shen Qing Mi Ma) drama to be filmed starting this late July 2005.

Confirmed CAST:

ZAIZAI VIC ZHOU YU MIN (Taiwanese Actor- MARS, Meteor Garden, Love Storm, Poor Prince)

PARK EUN HYE (Korean Actress - Jewel in the Palace)

ANDY HUI (Hong Kong Actor)

MEGAN LAI YA YAN (Taiwan Actress)


Park Eun Hye is to co-star with Vic Zhou in a HK-Taiwan TV series

June 3, 2005, Sun of Hong Kong

Park Eun Hye who acted as Lian Sheng in "Jewel In the Palace" will be paid record-breaking HK$5 million to star in Silence, a joint production worthy of HK$25 million and co-funded by Hong Kong and Taiwan production firms. Park Eun Hye will be in Hong Kong on June 13 and 14 to promote cosmetics. She will officially sign up for the TV series on June 15 and then will go to Taiwan to shoot for locations. The series is called "Xiang Ju Yi Ke" in Taiwan. The lead actor is set to be Taiwan F4 member Zhou Yu Min.

Because the TV series is invested by F4 member Zhou Yu Min's manager Chai Zhi Ping and Hong Kong's Xia Ding Yi. Although there are rumors saying that the lead actor is Zheng Yi Jian or Gu Ju Ji. But Chai Zhi Ping confirms that these are all rumors and says, "The first choice for Silence's lead actor is still Zaizai. He is reading the story project. Sighing up will be determined after he finishes reading the script."

English translation by laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)


6/16 upd(P3) Silence isn't Xiang Ju Yi Ke

Posted: June5, 2005

Because of the popularity of "Jewel in The Palace." The actress Park Eun Hye who portrayed Lian Sheng rose with the tide. Because Park Eun Hye saw F4's "Meteor Garden" in Korea, when Angie Cai went to Korea to talk with Park Eun Hye in April, Park Eun Hye mentioned that she hoped to work with ZZ in her first overseas drama. So Angie is trying to get them to work together.

In addition "Silence" has been mistaken from the outside world as another drama adapted from a Japanese manga entitled "Xiang Ju Yi Ke" (Maison Ikkoku) that Angie wanted to buy. Yesterday Angie cleared the misunderstanding and said that these are 2 different dramas. As for "Xiang Ju Yi Ke" Angie hasn't been able to buy the copyright yet.

Source: Da Cheng Bao

only ZZ related parts translated

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere.


Here is the complete translation

Park Eun Hye will act silently in Silence

To avoid dubbing affecting her performance, Chai Zhi Ping tailor-makes a mute-woman role for Lian Sheng

Reported by Chen Hui Zhen

June 5, 2005, Da Cheng Bao of Taiwan

Modern romance drama "Silence" starring Korean actress Park Eun Hye (Lian Sheng in "Jewel in the Palace") is still being busily prepared. Park Eun Hye is learning Chinese diligently for the TV series. But producer Chai Zhi Ping and Hong Kong producer Xia Ding Yi are very considerate. Considering her language barrier, they tailor-make a mute-woman role for her. The whole series will be shot in Taiwan and Da Lian and is slated to start shooting in early July.

Owing to the tremendous popularity of "Jewel in the Palace", Park Eun Hye who acted as Lian Sheng in it has also become hot. Park Eun Hye has watched "Meteor Garden". When Chai Zhi Ping was in South Korean in April to negotiate with her, she said she hoped to co-star her first overseas TV series with Zaizai. So Chai Zhi Ping has worked hard to have them collaborate together for the first time. It's not the first time a Korean actress is invited to star in a Taiwan TV series. However, producer Chai Zhi Ping rules out dubbing Po En Hui's voice by a voice artist. Chai Zhi Ping says, "Park Eun Hye 's eyes are expressive and charming. Her performance won't be affected."

The cast of "Jewel in the Palace" has visited Hong Kong to meet with fans. Po En Hui will be in Hong Kong on June 13 to promote skin-care products. People has been mistaken "Silence" with Japanese comic "Maison Ikkoku" which Chai Zhi Ping wanted to purchase. Yesterday Chai Zhi Ping clarifies that these two are different. She hasn't been able to purchase the rights of "Maison Ikkoku".

The other male lead is Andy Hui. A few days ago, some press reported that he was less popular now and had accepted the role at reduced price. Producer Chai Zhi Ping said, "Andy Hui has been very concerned about the plots and other cast members. He has turned down three dramatic offers for this series and has lost over NT$ 10 million. He stars in this drama at normal price, there's no such thing as he is being paid at reduced price!"

English translation by laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

Xiao Ding Yi and Angie Cai are investing $25,000,000 on the drama "Shen Qing Mi Ma" (Silence). It's been long decided that the female leadis Park Eun Hye. As for the male lead, though Taiwan's Zai Zai Vic Chou was chosen, but a HK man is wanted for the male lead. Recently it hasfinally been finalized that Andy Hui will be acting with Park Eun Hye and Vic Chou in this Korea-HK-TW love triangle.

only zz parts translated

Source: HK Dong Fang Ri Bao


Since both Zaizai and Park Eun Hye (Lian Sheng in "Jewel in the Palace") were doing promotions on June 15, 2005 in Hong Kong, some news articles mentioned their responses to their upcoming collaboration.

1. Sun of Hong Kong, June 16, 2005

She said through an interpreter, "Zaizai is very cute. Andy has personality. I’m really looking forward to working with them soon."

2. Pepsi press conference

2005-06-16 06:22 Tungstar


Reportedly you will costar with Korean actress Eun Hye(Lian Sheng) in a drama.

Zaizai said, "There is such a thing, but it's still at the stage of thinking, not yet finalized."

What do you think of her?

Zaizai said, "She acted very well in 'Jewel in the Palace'."

Thanks to Laiou2002 of Vicpower

[6/21] Lian Sheng, ZaiZai invades the European and North American markets

[2005/6/21] Lian Sheng, ZaiZai invades the European and North American markets

Korean star “Lian Sheng” (Park Eun-hye) and Zhou Yu Min (ZaiZai) have earlier accepted the offer to star in the Xiao Ding Yi-produced drama “Silence”. According to sources, Media 8, a publicly listed company who has always invested in Hollywood movies, favours the box office draw of the two highly and based their decision on that to invest their resources to let this drama break out of the Asian market and into the European and North American markets. The market value of the two has reportedly also escalated because of that. Xiao Ding Yi says, “They still don’t know about this piece of good news. Now their talent fees have gone up so much, much more than when I signed the contract with them.” ZaiZai’s value at present is reportedly 150,000 an episode, Lian Sheng meanwhile is at US$20,000 (approximately HK$150,000) an episode.

【2005/06/21 ~ The Sun HK】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

From Laiou2002 of Vicpower

Source of the Korean news: http://www.newsen.co.kr/news_view.html?news_uid=18329

The brief translation from Korean to Japanese is done by azuki. (azuki says it is covered at the end of the article)

Here is the translation from Japanese to English

Park Eun Hye will opposite Zaizai of Taiwan's most popular group F4 in a drama.

It's a love story about a woman who by destiny falls in love with the son (Zaizai) of people who caused death in her family.

Because the lead actress is in bitter love, she is dieting now to get ready for the role.

She will go to Taiwan and spend four months shooting on locations.

PS: The news comes from South Korea. South Korea media definitely is more interested in Zaizai than in Andy Hui. Their news articles usually just mention Zaizai.

I think Andy Hui is sure to be in Silence. Angie Chai has confirmed it.

It’s Zaizai who was still talking about under negotiation when he was in Hong Kong on 6/15. But today is 6/28 and the actress is supposed to go to Taiwan on 6/30. I think all major issues must have been resolved.


There is a piece of news published by Korea's chosun daily in the newspaper's Korean, Japanese, and Chinese editions. I saw the news in a Japanese forum. The news seems to come out pretty late in the day, i.e., not early in the morning.

link to vicpower Chinese news

source: http://chinese.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2005/06/30/20050630000020.html

Here is the translation of the part related to Silence.

Po En Hui gets the highest pay to star in a Hong Kong TV series

2005.06.30 17:51 chosun daily (South Korea)


Park Eun Hye will be leaving for Taiwan this month to shoot a TV series. (I guess it means July.) The TV series is Silence, produced by Hong Kong production company, Wellmade, targeting at the audiences of Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. She is the lead actress of the drama and will be staying in Taiwan for three months in the course of shooting the drama.

Because of the popularity of "Jewel in the Palace", she has been paid the highest talent fee and gets to work with a top-notched director and production crew. F4's Zhou Yu Min who is very popular in Taiwan will opposite her in the drama.

Thanks to Laiou2002 of Vicpower

7/1 ZaiZai Vic Zhou earns more than Jerry Yan, king of F4


Posted: July 1, 2005

ZZ accepts Angie Cai's new drama "Silence" for a sky-high price, defeating comrade Jerry Yan and becoming the king of Taiwan dramas.

A few days ago a magazine reported that Jerry accepted "White Tower"

for $250,000 per episode. They also indicated that Angie purposely made

difficulties for Cai Yue Xun, the producer of "White Tower," offering $400,000-500,000 per episode. But the fact is Yao Yi Jun manages Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu. She is the one that decides on dramas and pay. Angie said yesterday (June 30), "I'm about to start the filming of my new drama 'Silence' and I want ZZ to be the lead. I still have to discuss with Yao Jun. I have to give ZZ such a high pay, how can you say I'm making it difficult for Director Cai."

According to reports, for "Silence" ZZ is receiving $250,000 per 60min

episode, higher than the media's report about Jerry receiving $250,000 per 90min episode for "White Tower."

Regarding Jerry's earnings, the person in charge of "White Tower" Ao Jun Yi expressed, "I can't tell the exact amount that Jerry is receiving but the media's report is lower by a lot. Even what Dai Li Ren is earning is higher than that. What they are really receiving is a lot higher than what has been reported. But they are already doing us a big favor, they are very considerate. Their earning are based on what we prefer."

Source: Da Cheng Bao

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere.


[7/3] ZaiZai earns NT$20,000,000 in half a year, reigns number one in F4


thanks to zany of popcornfor2.com

ZaiZai earns NT$20,000,000 in half a year, reigns number one in F4

There’s no stopping F4 from earning money! Especially Zhou Yu Min (ZaiZai) and Yan Cheng Xu, who are separately going to act in the new dramas ‘Silence’ and ‘White Tower’, receiving a fee of NT$400,000 and NT$250,000 respectively per episode. Just the other day the four of them had a photoshoot for Baleno clothing with a total fee of NT$4,000,000, making the earnings this year of the four of them in the millions each, with ZaiZai who has already earned NT$20,000,000 in the past half year alone reigning among them, and Yan Cheng Xu’s (Jerry Yan) more than NT$16,000,000 close behind.

Earlier, Yan Cheng Xu and ZaiZai et al went to the studio in NanGang to shoot photos for the ad. The clothing company spent hundreds of thousands to hire a photographer from Japan. After the photoshoot, the owner invited Yan Cheng Xu to “Ben Shi” in SiWei Road for a western meal for an initial talk of the decision to hold a Baleno concert in Taiwan. Aside from F4, they will also invite Faye Wong and Andy Lau.

Yan Cheng Xu is professional and arrives early

Yan Cheng Xu has a strict work attitude. On the 23rd of last month on the day of the photoshoot itself, he arrived a half hour early. He had to change into 12 different outfits the whole day, a test of endurance and agility. To maintain a good morale at work, the advertisers expressed that they would like to invite him for a meal after work, he however answered, “We’ll see!” No wonder, he is famous for being “difficult”. If the mood and the person he takes a meal with are wrong, he won’t care who the person is. Fortunately the photoshoot was successful and he finally went to it agreeably.

ZaiZai gets NT$400,000 an episode

At noon on the 26th, ZaiZai continues the relay and went to the studio to shoot the ad. He likes the Baleno winter collection very much, but he couldn’take the clothes because they were only samples, he therefore urged Baleno to hurry and quickly mass produce the styles that he liked.

This clothing advertisement brought Yan Cheng Xu earnings in the millions. His current 25-episode TV series “White Tower” (NT$250,000 an episode) also earns him almost NT$6,250,000. As for ZaiZai, he likewise has earnings in the millions from adverstisement, add to that the NT$400,000 per episode for the 30-episode TV series “Silence”, earning NT$12,000,000 – accumulating to already more than NT$22,000,000 to date.

【7/3/2005 ~ Taiwan Apple Daily】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

Note: Change from 250,000 an ep to 400,000 for ZAIZAI


7/3 News on Silence from Taiwan(mentions Zaizai's role and pay)


Park Eun Hye get paid NT$400,000 an episode to act deaf and mute

Request a kitchen for cooking for coming to Taiwan to shoot the drama

July 3, 2005 Taiwan Apple Daily

Reported by Zhang Zhe Ming, Taipei

Angie Chai's new idol drama "Silence" is soon to start shooting. Park Eun Hye who played Lian Sheng in the Korea drama "Jewel in the Palace" will be the lead actress. She will arrive in Taiwan on July 10. With an episode of NT$400,000, she sets the record as the highest paying Korean actress shooting Taiwan dramas. Paid as a super star, her only request is to live in an apartment of three bedrooms and two living rooms. The apartment must be equipped with a kitchen, so her accompanied assistant can cook Korean dishes.

She acted a kind, timid, silly palace maid working in the royal kitchen in "Jewel in the Palace." She will challenge the role of a deaf and mute mixed blood of Chinese and Korean parents in "Silence". Angie Cai likes her large bright and intelligent eyes, and will let her eyes speak for herself. To facilitate her working in Taiwan, she has started taking Chinese lessons. There will be a sign language teacher to instruct her after she arrives in Taiwan.

Her entourage includes an assistant, a hair and make up artist, a stylist, and an interpreter. All will live together. She is not extravagant, neither does she make too many special requests. Her only fear is that she is not used to the food, so the place she lives must be equipped with a Kitchen to allow her assistant to prepare food for her. To be closer to the Taiwan living style, the interpreter she hires is a Korean studyed in Taiwan.

Andy Hui gets paid half price

She will leave her home town for three months. She will first stay in Taiwan for three weeks, then shoot the drama in the Da Lian city of China for a month, and then return to Taiwan. In the drama, she and her mother live in Taiwan after her parents divorced. Her character is kind and optimistic. She will have a complicated love story with the lead actor, the second generation of an entrepreneur, played by Zhou Yu Min (Zaizai).

Both she and Zaizai will be paid as high as NT$400,000 per episode, breaking the record of Cai Lin's US$10,000 per episode which was about NT$340,000 one and half years ago. The drama is co-produced with a Hong Kong production firm. Another lead actor, Andy Hui, is paid at a discount, NT$200,000 an episode. Because the talent fees for the three stars have already come up to $NT1 million, the production cost per episode will reach NT$3 millions.

English translation by laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

7/11upd Park Eun-hye and Vic Chou work together, love sparks

Po En Hui is coming to Taiwan today to act opposite Zaizai in drama

July 10, 2005 Xing Bao, Taiwan

Reported by Yang Qi Feng

One of the lead actresses in Korea drama "Jewel in the Palace", Po En Hui, who played the role of Lian Sheng, is coming to Taiwan this afternoon by plane. Although she is not as famous as stars like Song Qiao Hui and Li Bing Xian, she still put on quite a display. Not just her manager, totally there will be as many as eight people coming with her, including her assistants and make-up artist.

Korean stars are coming to Taiwan one after another. Po En Hui is jumping on the bandwagon. Producer Angie Chai has paid her a huge sum of money to recruit her. She will costar with Zaizai in a new idol drama "Silence." For the purpose of shooting the drama in Taiwan, She has been studying Chinese for over a month in South Korea. For her working in Taiwan, the production crew has arranged a Chinese tutor to help her get inside the mood of the role.

Because of the precedence where Song Qiao Hui's manager refused to let reporters take pictures at the Taipei airport, the production crew has informed her beforehand that she'd better come wearing make up for there will be photographer reporters waiting at the airport to take pictures. Po En Hui's agency is very cooperative. Because Po En Hui plans to stay in Taipei for two to three weeks, Angie Chai has rented an apartment of three bedrooms and two living rooms for her.

English translation by laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)


Lian Sheng Park Eun Hye is coming to Taiwan to act as a pitiful deaf girl


July 10, 2005 Min Sheng Bao, Taiwan

Reported by Zhao Da Zhi

Park Eun Hye , who played Lian Sheng in "Jewel in the Palace", is coming to Taiwan today. She is here for Angie Chai's new drama "Silence" and plans to stay for three to four weeks. She will join in script discussions and learn sign language. Park Eun Hye only knows Taipei as was depicted in Meteor Garden. She hasn't met the lead actor Zaizai whom she will costar. She is full of anticipations.

There will be 8 people coming with her. She regards her first Taiwan trip very important. Just for her wardrobe, she has brought with her close to 100 outfits. She will dress smartly every day during her month-long stay.

Zaizai, Park Eun Hye , and Andy Hui are set to star in Angie Chai's "Silence". Any Hui will arrive in Taiwan on July 14. Like Park Eun Hye , he will not stay in a hotel. Instead he will live in a house Angie Chai rents for him. Park Eun Hye is treated specially with an apartment of three bedrooms and two living rooms. It is because she wishes to eat Korean food just as if she were in South Korea.

Because of the language barrier, Park Eun Hye will act a deaf and mute girl. However, she will not stay deaf and mute throughout the whole drama. She has already started taking Chinese lesson in South Korean. After she arrives in Taipei, she will start learning sign language. She will conquer the audience with her bright and intelligence eyes.

This is her first time to Taiwan. She has seen Taipei in Meteor Garden. As for F4, she has met Jerry Yan. She is anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with another F4 member Zaizai.

Park Eun Hye is scheduled to arrive in Taiwan this afternoon.

English translation by laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)


Park Eun-hye and Vic Chou work together, love sparksPosted: July 11, 2005


"LianSheng" Park Eun-hye and "Zai Zai" Vic Chou's new drama "Silence" will be called "Shen Qing Mi Ma" (directly translated as LoveCode/Password). Yesterday Park Eun-hye arrived in Taiwan bringing withher more than 100 sets of clothing, hoping to create some new "sparks"with ZZ.

For the new drama "Shen Qing Mi Ma" Park Eun-hyearrived in Taiwan yesterday afternoon. About 30 fans were at theairport. Because she'll be staying in Taiwan for a while Park Eun-hye brought 15 suitcases. Besides over 100 sets of clothing, the majority is Korean food in case she can't get use to Taiwan's food. The drama crew helped her rent a apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms.The only request Park Eun-hye has is that there must be a kitchen sothat she can cook.

Tomorrow she'll be attending a "'Silence'Afternoon Tea Meet" to meet Taiwan's media. In the drama she'll be involved in an intense triangle relationship with ZZ and Andy Hui. For this drama Park Eun-hye has started learning Chinese while in Korea.After arriving in taiwan, the manufacturing unit arranged a Chineseteacher for her. It's Park Eun-hye's first time coming to Taiwan. Shelaughingly said that she only saw Taipei's scenery through "MeteorGarden." Among F4, she has only met Jerry Yan. As for ZZ, who she'll beworking with, Park Eun-hye is looking forward to meeting him. As forZZ, he's only seen Park Eun-hye through "Jewel in the Palace" and hepraised her acting skills.

Song Hye-gyo just left Taiwan and wascriticized as being "da pai" and "hard to handle." Also coming fromKorea, Park Eun-hye didn't put on any airs. She only brought 4 staffmembers with her. They are: her manager, bao mu, make-up artist, andstylist. She was nice to the media. When she saw the media at theairport she stood still for them to take pictures.

Source: Sing Tao

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere.


Park Eun-hye to Spend Three Months in Taiwan


Actress Park Eun-hye left for Taiwan on July 10 to film the drama “Silence,” which will air in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Park, who arrived in Taiwan at 5 p.m. via Asiana Airlines flight OZ711, will spend two days resting before meeting with the drama’s director and cast on July 12.

The actress will spend three months in Taiwan and China filming the drama and learning Chinese from her own private instructor who has already been teaching her in Korea.

Shortly before departing Korea, Park said she would do her best in Taiwan as a South Korean representative.

The actress’s agency said it had received a call from Taiwan saying that local reporters and paparazzi were already waiting for Park at the airport.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1356820_11692.html

Thanks to Amy of Faithful4ever


From Laiou2002 of Vicpower

Japanese forum http://www4.rocketbbs.com/14/bbs.cgi?id=kakurega

There is a more detailed Korean news article published at 18:34 on July 10, 2005.

http://news.stoo.com/news/html/000/374/160.html (sport.today)

Here is the English translation of Azuki's Japanese translation of the Korean news:

- The cast will attend a production press conference scheduled to be held in Taiwan around July 15.

- Shooting will start at the end of the month

- Shooting locations are Taiwan, Qingdao, and Hong Kong.

- The name of Park Eun-hye's character is 趙深深 (pronounced as Zhao Shen Shen), innocent and pitiful.

- She will return to South Korea in the first 1/3 of Nov. and then will start acting in Japanese in a TV drama called Rondo, a Japanese-Korean joint production.


Japanese forum (http://www4.rocketbbs.com/14/bbs.cgi?id=kakurega) again.

More news from South Korea.

Sport Korea pulished at 07:52 on 2005-07-11


Again, the English translation is based on Azuki's Japanese translation of the Korean news:

- It's a melodrama of love and betrayal set in the background of business competition.

- Park Eun-hye acts as an elite employee of a Hong Kong company. Park meets and falls in love with the heir of a rival company Vic Zhou. Meanwhile they have to compete with each other for the survival of their respective companies. The role requires of expressing delicate emotions of love and conflicts.


Posted: July 13, 2005

In the drama Park Eun-hye is a mixed, half Chinese and half Korean,girl names "Zhao Shen Shen." Because her Chinese still isn't that goodit is written that she suffers from aphemia. She is stuck between ZZand Andy Hui and depends on her watery eyes to express her emotions.She has never met ZZ before but she's seen "Meteor Garden." When askedwho in F4 is the type she likes best, she immediately replied, "It'sbest if all 4 are mixed together."

Angie Cai revealed that Park Eun-hye took the initiative and askedabout ZZ's acting habits, for example if he's easy to get along with.When she knew that ZZ "doesn't talk unfamilar people," she got reallyworried. So Angi immediately said, "Even if you guys are familar witheach other he won't be able to understand what your saying."

Source: Ming Sheng Bao


Because there are no plans for dubbing, Park Eun-hye is written to be agirl who suffers from aphemia. For the majority of the drama she'll bedoing sign language. Park Eun-hye is currently learning sign languageand Mandarin.

Yesterday she said 5 sentences in Chinese: "I'm good," "I'm Po En Hui,""Tastes very good," "See you tomorrow," and "Today is July 12th."

Source: Liberty Times

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu


7/14 Park Eun hye: "I hope ZZ is ok." + ZZ to settle on clothing for "Silence" at another time

Yesterday ZZ got into a car accident on the highway. His car was destroyed but he wasn't hurt. When Korean actress Park Eun-hye she said through her management company, "I hope he's ok." She has come to Taiwan for 3 days and her impression on Taiwan's transportation is "there are many motorcycles, afraid to drive on the road."

"Shen Qing Mi Ma" won't start filming until August. Currently, Park Eun-hye has to report to Comic to learn sign language everyday. Yesterday she laughingly said that because of all the gestures she had to do, her hands ache. Last night she experienced a Taiwan styled massage.

Source: Xing Bao

only translated zz/silence related parts

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu


ZZ to settle on clothing for "Silence" at another time

Posted: July 14, 2005


ZZ was originally scheduled to settle on apparel with Korean actress Park Eun-hye for the new drama "Silence Shen Qing Mi Ma" but because he got into an accident it was cancelled.

Producer Angie Cai said that ZZ told her, "He said that the accident isn't anything big, he can work like normaly today and tomorrow." The manufacturing unit is afraid thathe's still in shock so they decided to pick another date to pick outclothing. Park Eun-hye, who picked out clothes herself, expressed thatshe's worried about his safety.

Angie: "In this movie the leadsconstantly brush past each other. I never thought that a dramaticdevelopment wouldn't happend before the drama started filming." AndyHui was suppose to arrive in Taiwan today but because his passport hasexpired, it delayed his flight. Facing with all kinds of situations,the drama crew is holding meetings and changing times, a bit caught offguard.

Source: Apple Daily

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu



[7/16] ZaiZai shows up for "ding zhuang" (settling on the costumes)

Appearing for the “Ding Zhuang”, ZaiZai keeps his silence only smiles


ZaiZai yesterday went to the office to work out

the costumes for his new series, doesn’t seem

to be anything unusual in his mood.

Reporter Yang Qi Feng

The day after the accident, ZaiZai finally shows up in the office if Comic Ritz for the “ding zhuang” (settling on the costumes) of his new drama “Silence – Shen Qing Mi Ma”. The outside world says that he had a change of heart, that he was unfaithful, and also has severe depression. All these didn’t affect his mood, he still happily tried on the costumes, and would also often joke with the staff. His manager Chai Zhi Ping (Angie Chai) yesterday also exonerated her beloved protégé: “These times who doesn’t have depression - even I have it!”

Chai Zhi Ping avoids the rumours for her protégé

The rumours have been incessant after ZaiZai’s car accident. First it was rumoured that he lost concentration because he has broken up with Xu Wei Lun and was not in a good mood. After that it’s rumoured that Da S and Xu Ru yun is his new partner. Someone even revealed that ZaiZai already had depression early on and has secretly been going to see a psychiatrist for over a year. Yesterday when manager Chai Zhi Ping heard it she laughed out loud. “I also have depression! These days there are too much pressure at work. I think anyone in our company have depression! It’s no big deal.” But she also emphasized that she really has never heard ZaiZai say that he has a problem with depression.

Yesterday afternoon at 2 pm, ZaiZai, accompanied by his assistants, went to the office situated at East MinSheng Road to settle on clothing for his new series, a marked difference from the way he looked two days ago in the police precinct apologizing because of the car accident. He had a smile on his face from start to end, no trace of anything unusual. To try for the best results, the director and producer asked ZaiZai again and again to change into different clothes, which he took in stride, changing clothes and fitting for measurement, walking out of the office only at 4:30 pm.

Zhou Yu Min’s mood very excited

Asked how is ZaiZai’s mood? He only smiled and waved his hand. The staff said, “You can hear in the way he talk if he is not in a good mood. But we spoke with him, and his mood is constantly very good, there’s no unhappy mood.”

As for the inseparable and confused relationship intertwining ZaiZai and Da S, Xu Ru Yun, Chai Zhi Ping said, “I’m not clear on his private life.”

【2005-07-16 / Singpao / page 2 / Entertainment】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net


ZZ, Da S (Barbie Hsu), Xu Wei Lun appear and refuse to talk about their love life

One goes for costume fitting, one promotes cosmetics, one films drama at a night market

Posted: July 16, 2005

ZZand Da S have already started getting into their work, Xu Wei Lun wentto Shi Lin night market to film "E Nan Zhai Ji Dian" last night. On the14th and 15th ZZ met with Korean actress Park Eun-hye for Angie Cai's new idol drama "Shen Qing Mi Ma." He also discussed the script and hisrole with the director. Yesterday Da S left for Shanghai to a Avonfashion party. The two's moods aren't bad.

ZZ will be cooperating with Park Eun-hye and Andy Hui in "Shen Qing Mi Ma." The night before yesterday he went to Comic to meet with Park Eun-hye, the director and other staff members. On the outside he doesn't seem to beinjured at all and he isn't as downcast as the outside world says. Anyway, he was really into his work. Because he'll be acting as a businessman he calmly expressed his thoughts to the director, "Should I act solemn or a bit sarcastic?" He's worried that he won't be able toact out the power of a businessman.

At yesterdays costume fitting ZZ received unanimous praises, "So incredibly handsome!" He'salso concerned about Park Eun-hye learning sign language and encouragesher to keep up the good work.

Producer Angie Cai observed fromthe side as for whether or not a love spark can suddenly happen between ZZ and Da S, "To be honest, it's not likely. They are like brother andsister, they became friends after 'Meteor Garden.'" As for Valen Hsu also privately asked staff members and possibilities are not big.

.... this is more on Da S and Xu Wei Lun...

Source: Min Sheng Bao

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu


[siz3=3]7/17 Zaizai apologies and will return to work with injuries

July 17, 2005 Singtao Daily of Hong Kong

After Zaizai had an accident in Taiwan, fans from around the world have been enquiring Zaizai's situations via faxes, telephones, and e-mails. His agency company has been receiving ten of thousands of them and made an announcement on the web site of F4's international fan club. Also, Zaizai will return to work full time tomorrow!

Zaizai had a car accident hitting other cars when passing another car in the wee hours of the morning on the 13th. His million-Hong-Kong-dollar worth car was ruined. The car was wrecked but fortunately he was fine. Fans everywhere found it out through news. Some female fans cried when they saw the twisted shape of Zaizai's car. Having been receiving sympathetic phone calls, faxes, and e-mails from fans continuously for day, his company explained the details of the accident on the web site of the newly established F4 international fan club and apologized to the other two drivers. Zaizai indicated, "I'm responsible for all of this and am sorry to have made everyone worried and concerned."

Zaizai suffered from a shock after the accident and had insomnia. His hands, feet, and neck are all sore, probably muscles have been pulled and injured in the car collisions. Zaizai didn't want to delay the shooting and insisted doing the costume fitting for the new drama "Silence". After seeing a doctor, Zaizai has been resting at home for the past two days.

Tomorrow Zaizai will return to work full time. He will attend the Silence press conference with the other two costars, Park Eun-hye and Andy Hue, to meet the media from South East Asia. In a few days he will start shooting the drama. In consideration of Zaizai's current physical conditions, the production crew will first shoot simple and less strenuous scenes.

Zaizai's company will be handling the car accident indemnification matters on his behalf. After the accident, Zaizai has received sympathetic phone calls from quite a lot of good friends. Among them, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, and Ken Zhu call almost every day. Jerry worrying about injuries from the accident constantly asks him to do a checkup at a hospital. Both Vanness and Ken have ordered him to stop driving. Vanness said with a smile that he didn't mind to be Zaizai's chauffeur, dropping him off and picking him up at places.

For days Zaizai's love life has been the media's focus. His former rumored girl friend, Xu Wei Lun, has been constantly making announcements through her manager and claims that she is a victim. Zaizai and his company don't want to respond to it for fear that it would just make things worse. As for the rumor that Zaizai and DaS have extended their on-screen relationship into real life, Zaizai will tell it all in tomorrow's press conference.

English translation by laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

Listen to ZZ tell inside information? Typhoon Haitang said no way!

Posted: July 18, 2005

Typhoon Haitang suddenly appeared and saved ZZ's life. "Shen Qing Mi Ma"'s costume fitting press conference that was originally going to be held today was cancelled when it was announced that schools and business were to be closed yesterday. In the complicated 4-sided relationship between ZZ, Da S, Xu Wei Lun and Valen Hsu's, exactly who loves who, who dumped who, who cheated on who? If you want to hear ZZ explain everything, you have to wait at least 1 day.

To the entertainment circle, the power of ZZ and Xu Wei Lun's love storm doesn't lose to the strong winds of typhoon Haitang. For the past 5 days people in the cirlce have been guessing and the media has been chasing.

Da S and Xu Wei Lun said the same thing to the outside world, "As long as he's (ZZ) well." Yesterday the 2 stayed at home. Valen Hsu has repeatedly said that she and ZZ are only friends. ZZ, the only male in this, was originally going to appear in public today and is looked upon as a "difficult drama," but because of the typhoon it's been cancelled. Because of a typhoon, staff members said that the press conference might be held today or tomorrow, depending on the conditions of the typhoon.

"Shen Qing Mi Ma"'s producer Angie Cai is in Singapore giving a speech. Because of the typhoon, it's not known whether or not she can come back today. "Shen Qing Mi Ma"'s drama crew said that they haven't sha pan tui yan, the media won't be blocked. But "according to ZZ's personality, he'll probably laught and not answer." Other cast Park Eun-hye and Andy Hui paid a lot to act in this drama, would they be worried that the media will focus on ZZ? Staff members said, "Didn't hear, probably not though."

Andy Hui arrived in Taiwan yesterday afternoon in the storm. He seemed excited and asked people to help him take pictures with his phone, to capture that moment. The drama crew said that ZZ and Park Eun-hye images will be a prince charming and a beauty. At the costume fitting press conference they'll try on clothes once more time and choose the best to show the audience.

Source: Min Sheng Bao

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere

7/19 Park Eun-hye stocks up on food and studies script

IPB Image

The press conference for the TV series "Silence Shen Qing Mi Ma" was

cancelled yesterday. Korean star Park Eun-hye earned a day off because

of the typhoon. Although typhoons exist in Korea, but the strong

winds and rain of Haitang made her really nervous. She especially went

to the supermarket to stock up on food. She and her manager stayed

inside her apartment to study the script.

Acts as a mute girl

Two days before yesterday Park Eun-hye and Vic Chou (Zai Zai) met for

the first time when they attended classes together. The two discussed

their roles through a translator and used gestures to try to act out

the drama. ZZ is the son of a family that owns their own business.

She's a mute girl. The 2 grew up together but lost contact with each

other after they grew up. They don't recognize each other when they

meet again. She also has a complicated triangle relationship with Andy.

Source: Apple Daily

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu


Andy Hui takes photos for souvenir, Lian Sheng scared

Forced to stay inside because of typhoon

Posted: July 19, 2005

Becauseof typhoon Haitang's, not only are Taiwan artists effected but overseasartists are too. Vic Chou (Zai Zai), Andy Hui plus "Lian Sheng" ParkEun-hye were suppose to hold a press conference for the new drama "ShenQing Mi Ma" yesterday at 3pm in Taipei. Although it was cancelledbecause of the typhoon, Andy Hui and Park Eun-hye can only stay andrest in their hotel rooms.

When Andy arrived in Taiwan the daybefore yesterday, the typhoon was already very strong. He didn't letthis opportunity slip and immediate took photo for souvenir. Andy saidthat there are typhoons in HK too but they aren't as powerful asHaitang. That's why he took pictures. Yesterday's activity wascancelled and he couldn't go outside so he stayed in his hotel theentire day and tried different images for the drama. The remaining timehe'd eat and drink.

As for Park Eun-hye, she was originallysuppose to attend classes together with ZZ and Andy and talk abouttheir roles. But seeing the strength of the typhoon, she was scared. Toavoid scaring her, the drama crew cancelled all arrangements. Shelaughingly said that staying at the hotel and resting can help herbecome energetic.

Source: Sing Pao

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu

[7/19] Haitang “saves” ZaiZai from four-sided love affair rumour

Haitang “saves” ZaiZai from four-sided love affair rumour

ZaiZai Zhou Yu Min is really lucky. He was unhurt in a car accident earlier, and even the presscon for his TV series with Korean actress Park Eun-Hye “Shen Qing Mi Ma” originally slated for yesterday where he will explain about the rumours of the past few days, but then he is “saved” by typhoon Haitang. The presscon is temporarily rescheduled for today, letting him think things out more clearly before explaining to the outside world.

Manager allegedly “ordered” him to just smile as answer

Because the typhoon Haitang is really very powerful and almost paralyzed several transportation in Taiwan, the presscon for “Shen Qing Mi Ma” has also been cancelled. Due to recent rumours that after he and old love Xu Wei Lun broke up and dated Da S in during that time, even rumoured to be on close terms with Xu Ru Yun, everyone’s attention will be how ZaiZai will explain this present four-sided relationship to the media. Who is it really that ZaiZai loves the most? Everyone has to wait patiently for one more day to hear his explanation. But there are some who expects that ZaiZai will obey his manager’s wishes to just smile as an answer. Because this involves other artists, after all, therefore they are not at a liberty to say too much.

Xu Zhi An (Andy Hui) takes photograph as a memento in wet shirt

Because ZaiZai’s four-sided love affair is more shocking compared to anything else, co-stars Park Eun-Hye and Xu Zhi An will probably be neglected and ignored, but they will still attend the presscon as scheduled. Xu Zhi An has already arrived in Taiwan the day before. He got very excited in the midst of the violent winds and downpour, and requested the staff to take a picture of him as a memento. Although his clothes got wet, but he didn’t mind.

【2005-07-19 04:35:00 Mingbao Hong Kong】


7/20 Zai Zai's manager is great at covering up

only posting ZZ related part...

The typhoon has already left but ZZ still hasn't come out yet.

Yesterday, the already delayed "Shen Qing Mi Ma" costume fitting press conference was delayed once again. Even Da S, who dares to speak hermind, didn't talk about her running to the scene of the accident as

expected on "Yu Le Bai Fen Bai" last night.

.... More on zaizai's love life .... (deleted)

ZZ will be acting in Angie Cai's new drama "Shen Qing Mi Ma" with

Korean star Park Eun-hye, Hong Kong star Andy Hui and Taiwan's Megan

Lai. The press conference that was originally scheduled for the 18th

has been delayed because of typhoon Haitang. Now that the typhoon has

passed, "Shen Qing Mi Ma" won't only not be held today or tomorrow but

informed the media in the evening that "the costume fitting won't be

publicized anytime soon."

Source: Min Sheng Bao

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere.

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

Some paparazzi magazine has an article on Park Eun-hye.

The article includes some small pictures of Zaizai and Park Eun-hye at night on July 16, 2005 after they finished some Silence related meeting or discussion.



Thanks to Laiou2002 of Vicpower

[7/21] ZaiZai attends "ding zhuang", wasn't wearing the "sweetheart" necklace

ZaiZai hugs his chest and attends "ding zhuang", wasn't wearing the "sweetheart" necklace

[ Reporter Yi Hui Tzu reporting from Taipei ]


ZaiZai appears for the "Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma"

costume-fitting, both arms hugging his chest, wasn't

wearing the rumoured sweetheart necklace with Da S!

Yesterday afternoon, ZaiZai appeared at the Comic Ritz Company in a hurry for the "ding zhuang" (costume fitting) of "Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma". He wasn't wearing the rumoured sweetheart necklace with Da S. The "ding zhuang" lasted about an hour from start to finish.

At 5pm yesterday afternoon, ZaiZai followed the schedule originally planned for the final costume fitting. According to the staff present, ZaiZai was in a very good mood when he arrived and said hello to not a few staff. Xu Zhi An (Andy Hui) was also at the same place that time fitting for his costume.

ZaiZai's "ding zhuang" this time was very short, lasted only about an hour. He refused to say a word when he came out the door after the "ding zhuang" , but he wasn't wearing the rumoured sweetheart necklace with Da S.

The production team indicated that, because the measurement of the clothes from the previous "ding zhuang" was too big, the production team decided on tailor-made business suits for him, who is playing a second generation entrepreneur in the series. As for casual clothes, the size has to be adjusted a bit smaller.

The staff said that, the actors is costumed-fitted for about an hour each. After ZaiZai hitched a ride and arrived, he would stay in the sidelines quietly studying the script while waiting for his turn.

Because the production has a hairstylist named Anthony who stands 180cm tall and whose hairstyle and back resembles ZaiZai, he was once mistaken by the media to be ZaiZai. The production team has already asked this hairstylist to quickly shave his head, don't be ZaiZai's "stunt double" anymore.

[2005/07/21 Liberty Times]

Translated by grendel ofwww.vicpower.net

Manager denies that Vic Chou cut himself

Posted: July 21, 2005

Therehas been a lot of news on Zai Zai Vic Chou lately. His car accident ledto a complicated 4-sided relationship rumor between him, Xu Wei Lun, DaS and Valen Hsu. Some say that he was speeding and got into an accidentbecause his relationship with Xu Wei Lun has become dull. Others sayevery time he fights with Xu Wei Lun he'd abuse himself afterwards, heeven once attempted suicide by cutting his wrist and scared Xu Wei Lunto death. In addition, the rumors about ZZ and Da S' relationship are flourishing and there are some who even say that ZZ and Park Eun-hye,who'll be working together in "Shen Qing Mi Ma," have developed interest for each other.

Regarding the rumor on ZZ abusing and cutting himself, his manager Zhi Xiang Li thinks that it's funny andnonsense. He said, "I don't even know what I have to respond to anymore! ZZ's mood is normal, his work hasn't been affected at all.Saying that he's suffering from depression is really overexaggerating." As for ZZ and Xu Wei Lun, Zhi Xiang Li said, "I've said a long time ago that his current realtionship state is empty. The 2 are friends and never admitted to the relationship."

Denies Park Eun-hye rumor

ZhiXiang Li said that ZZ's reaction after knowing about the rumors spreading about him and Da S was simply a laugh. They can only say "time will prove everything." And Zhou Kan's reports say that ZZ andPark Eun-hye have developed interest for each other. Zhi Xiang Li said,"This is baseless gossip. 'Shen Qing Mi Ma''s leads are already famous,they don't need to promote with rumors."

Was in an excellent mood at "Shen Qing Mi Ma" costume fitting

Yesterdayafternoon ZZ rushed to Comic Ritz for "Shen Qing Mi Ma"'s costumefitting. He didn't wear the rumored lovers necklace that he and Da Shas. According to staff members ZZ was in a really good mood, greetingmany people.

....... more on zaizai and wei lun...


Source: Ming Bao

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu

[7/23] Manager relates ZaiZai's response: Da S's reply is only normal

.... more on zz's personal life...

Moreover, as to what Da S implied about her relationship with ZaiZai not being as simple as it seems, Chai Zhi Ping (Angie Chai), who once said that ZaiZai's love life is now at a blank period, said after hearing it, "Can't there be just simple friendship between friends? What's wrong with mutually showing concern for each other?" She said that ZaiZai will attend the presscon for "Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma" this Sunday. Whether ZaiZai will answer questions about his love life or not, or how he will respond to it, they'll just see what happens, she wouldn't interfere.

Attending the presscon of Chai Zhi Ping's new drama "Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma", aside from ZaiZai, the lead actors include Xu Zhi An (Andy Hui) and Park Eun-Hye. Chai Zhi Ping was fuming as she said, "I ask everyone to please cooperate. Don't ask only about ZaiZai's change of heart, don't ask only about these awkward matters. Please don't ignore ui and Park Eun-Hye - they're also cast members."

The change in ZaiZai and Xu Wei Lun's relationship has been a big headache for the production team. They're afraid that it would obscure the focus on the drama, and so they delayed when to hold the "ding zhuang" time and time again. And now that ZaiZai will finally appear in public on Sunday, the focus now is on what Da S said. As the producer, it makes Chai Zhi Ping both angry and worried.

[7/23/2005 ~ China Times]

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net


The time, date and venue of the presscon for 《Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma 》is now confirmed.

Date: July 24, 2005

Time: 11:00 ~ 11:30 am, reporters will enter the venue (not all at once)

Venue: Comic Ritz office

Please credit www.vicpower.net if posting this elsewhere. Thank you!

Thanks to grendel


Posted by NongNong in VICPOWER fan club section--->

From the sms message by Taipei Xiao Wen

ZaiZai has already entered the venue.

10:45 ZaiZai is sooo shuai!!! He's wearing a business suit! And he looks very happy!

I arrived just as they came outside to pray (with the incense stick). After ZaiZai prayed with the incense stick he came out again to burn the paper money. ZaiZai's wearing so many clothes on such a hot day!!!

11:17 He's wearing a black suit over a white shirt. Also, ZaiZai saw the basket of fruit from Vicpower; he even touched the peaches!

11:50 We couldn'tget in. So we'll just have to wait for him to come out. So many reporters...even their has also arrived. Haha, they're going to hold the presscon while eating! We'll go have our lunch now as well.

Thanks to Grendel of Vicpower for translation




ETTV News 1

ETTV News 2

Thanks to windyjg and grendel of vicpower.net

Taibei Wan Wan Jian Vol. 208 - features info about Silence

050721mag015be.th.jpg 050721mag026sr.th.jpg 050721mag035ft.th.jpg 050721mag047bg.th.jpg

Thanks to Stephanie @ a-zai-union



ZaiZai 1

ZaiZai 2

Thanks to lic and wenwen of vicpower.net





Thanks to Michi @ OnlyF4






U1343P28T3D790028F358DT20050725083629.jpgCREDIT: ENT.SINA.COM








Thanks to joeyclaire of onlyf4

Fan experience at Silence filming location on Sat. 7/23

Saturday, July 23, 2005 - At the filming location

On Saturday I was going to Yang Ming Shan Zhu Zi Hu with my family and I happened to see ZZ filming. I immediately told my husband to stop the car, not caring about my mother-in-law and all the other elders. After I got out of the car I stook at a place that was about 7 or 8 meters away from ZZ, I could see him clearly. (I think I used up all my luck for this lifefime.)

ZZ and Miss Park was filming inside a car. It was about them quarreling for some unknown reason. Miss Park was made and was about to unbuckle her seatbelt. ZZ said something into her ear, Miss Park blushed. ZZ had a full of interest and complacent expression, so handsome...

I had my camera and wanted to take some photo. I was so nervous my hands were trembling, afraid that this was all a dream and in a minute ZZ will disappear...maybe I was too excited and the staff members heard that I wanted to take pictures. They told me that taking photos were prohibitted so I stopped.

When they were resting, ZZ and the staff members and Miss Park talked and laughed. He had so many expressions, and every single one of them was so handsome! ZZ, you really shine, looking at him it's like he'll light up. Even my mother-in-law who doesn't easily admire others, said ZZ is really "yuan tou," no wonder he's so popular...i stood infront of ZZ. I waved to him hoping he'd see me and he did and gave me a smile, the one that caused me to be unable to sleep for 2 nights! Do you guys know that my heart was about to jump out? ZZ"s smile is really glittering and tender...

Later the seniors in the car said it's time to go so I had to move...I probably stood there for about 10min. I don't know how much longer they stayed there to film before they left. ZZ's smile has been lingering in my mind. I know you guys will admire me to the point that you want to kill me. I wanted to share with you guys my luck when I got hom, but my computer didn't work so I had to wait until today when I went to work to share with you guys.

I'm still so excited and very happy...

Thanks to Xiao Ju Zi of CTS Mars Forum

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu


Vic Chou, Park Eun-hye and Andy Hui at "Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma" press conference

Posted: July 25, 2005




After a week's delay "Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma," starring ZZ Vic Chou; Park Eun-hye, who gained fame because of "Jewel in the Palace; and Andy Hui, held an official costume fitting press conference yesterday. ZZ: "Hello everyone, I'm ZZ Zhou Yu Min. In 'Silence Shen Qing Mi Ma' I play the son of a rich family."

For Andy Hui and Korean star Park Eun-hye, it's their first time accepting a Taiwan idol drama. Going back and forth between the 2 male leads, people couldn't help but ask Park Eun-hye how she felt.

Andy Hui: "Talk carefully." Park Eun-hye: "Andy Hui has more aptitude than me, he's like a senior to me. I can learn a lot filming with him. And he's also like a bigger brother. At first I didn't know ZZ. I was actually a bit worried. After meeting him I think he's very interesting. He's a very cheerful guy." ZZ: "Don't translate anymore. I'm afraid I'll be hurt when I go home and watch."

Because Andy Hui looks a lot like ZZ's manager, when they met they immediately became friends. When the media asked Andy Hui about his good friend Sammi Cheng returning to work, ZZ immediately came out and blocked them.

ZZ: "What are you doing, what are you doing?" Andy Hui: "Very helpful!" ZZ: "Immediately become friends!" Reporter: "Have you contacted Sammi?" Andy Hui: "Yes, yes. Those reports are nonsense."

Source: TVBSG

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere.

Originally Posted by AMY

just downloaded the TVBSG clips from vicpower and translated the missing parts from my previous post:

After a week's delay "Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma," starring ZZ Vic Chou;Park Eun-hye, who gained fame because of "Jewel in the Palace; and AndyHui, held an official costume fitting press conference yesterday.

ZZ:"Hello everyone, I'm ZZ Zhou Yu Min. In 'Silence Shen Qing Mi Ma' Iplay the son of a rich family named Qi Yi Wei. (he said the name wrong and someone corrected him) Qi Wei Yi. (everyone laughs) Qi Wei Yi. Ithasn't started filming yet and it's early so I got mixed up."

ForAndy Hui and Korean star Park Eun-hye, it's their first time acceptinga Taiwan idol drama. Going back and forth between the 2 male leads,people couldn't help but ask Park Eun-hye how she felt.

Andy Hui: "Talk carefully."

Park Eun-hye laughs, looks at the 2 guys beside her and laughs some more.

Andy Hui: "It's awkward isn't it?"

ParkEun-hye: "Andy Hui has more aptitude than me, he's like a senior to me.I can learn a lot filming with him. And he's also like a biggerbrother. At first I didn't know ZZ. I was actually a bit worried. Aftermeeting him I think he's very interesting. He's a very cheerful guy."

Andy Hui: "We both have our good points."

ZZ: "Yeah. Don't translate anymore. I'm afraid I'll be hurt when I go home and watch."

BecauseAndy Hui looks a lot like ZZ's manager, when they met they immediatelybecame friends. When the media asked Andy Hui about his good friendSammi Cheng returning to work, ZZ immediately came out and blocked them.

ZZ: "What are you doing, what are you doing?" (shook hands with Andy)

Andy Hui: "Very helpful!"

ZZ: "Immediately become friends!"

Reporter: "Have you contacted Sammi?"

Andy Hui: "Yes, yes. Those reports are nonsense."

ZZ: "Nonsense."


Reporter talks about ZZ getting into an accident and the rumors...fans cheered for him by sending him flower baskets.

ZZ:"Yeah, I'm really sorry for wrecking the highway. Right now I'msettling the compensations, health is good, everyone doesn't have toworry."

Reporter: "ZZ can I ask you if the accident had anything to do with depression?"

ZZ: "No, I've very healthly."

Reporterstalks about Da S, as well as ZZ admitting to going to the scene of theaccident. Seeing the media attacking him with questions, Andy tries tohelp him.

Andy Hui: "I was there."

ZZ: "Yes, yes, yes."

Andy Hui: "I was there at the accident."

ZZ: "You saw the accident from above on the plane."

Andy Hui: "And I immediately called Xiao Zhi."

ZZ: "Xiao Zhi."

Andy Hui: "Yes. He said, ok, i look a lot like you, and I went over there."

ZZ: "Yes, yes, yes."

Andy Hui: "And then...it was Xiao S who went."

ZZ: "Xiao...(laughs) No, you said too much."

Andy Hui: "Oh, said too much."

ZZ:"No, I don't know why there were these reports but I think because ofan accident...oh yeah, I need to say that Valen Hsu is a good friend,that's it. Please don't write about her anymore, because I don't thinkit's good for my friend."

Da S: "My relationship with ZZ is deep."

ZZ: "What she said is correct. This is how we've been all along."

Reporter: "How would you describe your relationship with her right now?"

ZZ: "However she described me is how I describe her. That's about it."

Reporter: "So is jie-di lian possible?"

ZZ: "Don't think she's a jie jie. Actually, I'm not against it because before, I don't think I've ever dated someone younger."

Source: TVBSG

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere.

Photos taken by 台北小 文:





As per July 29 post:

Mr. Chih said that due to the fact that Zaizai's filming schedule for "Silence" is full and there's no way he can ask for leave from the production unit, Zaizai will NOT attend the Xin Cheng's Award show in HongKong on Aug 5, 2005.

Thanks to LuckyCharm of Vicpower

Mr. Zhi also said that because negotiations between the production unit and the Dalian side (Dalian is in China) did not achieve the expected results, it is a certainty that they will not go to Dalian for on location filming. The production team will arrange for on location filming in other countries, but everything is still under negotiations.

July 29, Taiwan

Thanks to Grendel of Vicpower

source: F4's Fulong Manager's Website



Source: Apple Daily

Thanks to Laiou2002 for posting this in Vicpower Chinese section



ZZ and Park Eun Hye inside the car


ZZ , Park and some crew




[7/30]ZaiZai distracted while filming with Park Eun-Hye

He stays in the air-conditioned car cooling himself; while she is very professional.

After “ZaiZai” Zhou Yu Min’s romance with Da S was exposed, he not only wasn’t very high-spirited as is usually the case when something happy occurs. On the contrary, it was witnessed that he was distracted during work, filming a romantic scene even resulted in a car collision. His co-star Korean actress Partk Eun-Hye, meanwhile, didn’t fear the extreme heat of the sun, her work attitude very serious; the condition of the male and female lead while filming is disparate!

On the afternoon of the 26th, ZaiZai and Park Eun-Hye appeared in Tian Mu to catch up with filming for “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma”. In a romantic scene filmed inside a Mercedes Benz, although leading man ZaiZai is currently immersed in the midst of the “Da-Zai romance”, when filming emotional scenes however, he didn’t exert even a bit of effort. Reporters witnessed him with Park Eun-Hye inside the car gesticulating with his hands. After that scene, Park Eun-Hye immediately alighted from the car to watch the scene they shot, while he persisted to stay inside the airconditioned Benz cooling himself.

Caused someone to fall while backing up the car

The screenplay intentionally arranged for them to meet an accident, the roof of the Benz covered with spaghetti. Because the weather was hot that day, the spaghetti started to emit a sour flavour. ZaiZai’s expression showed a little bit discomfort, but Park Eun-Hye didn’t even mind. Obviously there’s a vast difference in the work attitudes between the lead actor and actress.

Worse thing is, ZaiZai just recently had an accident in mid-July. Although he was fortunate to emerge unhurt, his $5,000,000 AudiRS6 is almost totally wrecked. And that day while filming, a scene was set for him to back up his Benz. But because he seemed to be distracted at the time, he didn’t notice the passersby and caused an oji-san riding a motorcycle to fall from his bike. The oji-san was so angry he shouted invectives at him, and the whole atmosphere became very awkward.

【7/30/2005 ~ Taiwan Apple Daily】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

Comment from grendel

Crap. All crap.

What else do you expect from Apple Daily. ZaiZai can do no right in their eyes. They have nothing scandalous to write about the filming so they put nasty meaning into everything and make up stories. After all, sensationalism sells. No one buys Apple Daily for its straight up news reports. They're just living up to their reputation as a gossip-mongering trashy "news"paper.

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

[8/1]('Silence' news) Megan Lai depends on Angie Chai for clothes

Megan Lai depends on Angie Chai for clothes

Reporter Wu Pei Hua


Megan Lai plays a rich girl, but her

clothes were all borrowed.

Megan Lai is too stingy, Angie Chai can’t stand it any longer? Megan Lai accepted Angie Chai’s new drama “Silence”, playing the role of a rich girl. Megan Lai said with a laugh, “My whole outfit is borrowed from Chai jie, their price are not cheap at all. Every time I wear them it makes me very worried that I would get them dirty."

Megan Lai doesn’t like to wear designer clothes in her private life. Acting in "Silence" she even needed producer Angie Chai’s help. She laughs, “A lot of them are little gems found at the bottom of the her storage box, never before worn - not even once, so she lent it to me. Every time I changed into them I dare not move carelessly.” Megan Lai meticulously counted the value of the clothes she wore during filming, they would always be worth easily up to a six-digit total, making her “very terrified”.

She plays a rich girl onscreen, but off-screen she suffered a lot. Brassy in nature, Megan Lai practices full time every day to be able to act out the role properly – applying proper sitting posture with her chin up and chest out, and talking with her friends in a soft, light voice as much as possible. She said, a bit embarrassed, "I told my friends I’m going to take the path to being more ladylike, but my friends all laughed at me and told me not to joke around anymore."

【2005/08/01 ~ Singpao】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

Screencaps from the SBS TV - Silence Clip

Clip can be downloaded from here:




Silence - SBS TV 1

Silence - SBS TV 2

Silence - SBS TV 3

Silence - SBS TV 4

Silence - SBS TV 5

Silence - SBS TV 6

Silence - SBS TV 7

Silence - SBS TV 8

Thanks to luckycharm of vicpower.net for the screencaps and curucuru2 of f4holic.com for the clip

ZaiZai Saying "I Love You" in Korean:


screencap 5

screencap 6

Scenes from Silence:


screencap 7

screencap 8

screencap 9

screencap 10

Thanks to luckycharm of vicpower.net

originally posted by Zashikibuta in zaiwan. thanks zashi!

to those having a hard time downloading the Korea SBS TV clip, i re-uploaded them here:

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=407JN811 (14.4 mb)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=42KKXHYI (7.27 mb)

Laiou2002 of Vicpower saw a Silence pic on tom.com



Suddenly Weekly vol.523 (filming of 'Silence')

Suddenly Weekly vol.523 (Hu Ran Yi Zhou vol.523) --- on the filming of Silence

scans by angelli87

posted by lianxi ---> fan club section link

Please credit angelli87 and lianxi if posting these elsewhere. Thank you very much.

200585183843797va.th.jpg 2005851838523510mo.th.jpg

The following scans were enlarged by lianxi

200585184215860rl.th.jpg 2005851842222062pc.th.jpg 2005851841475944zo.th.jpg 2005851842121156cg.th.jpg 2005851842337120bf.th.jpg

Thanks to grendel of vicpower.net

Story outline of Silence from Japan:

Japan f4.tv mail magazine Vol.062 - Wed Aug 3, 2005


Translation of Silence-related info

Japan f4.tv mail magazine issue - Wed Aug 3, 2005


Silence starring Vic Zhou, Park Eun-hye, and Andy Hui is a new TV series of Hong Kong and China collaboration. It is an exciting new work in which big stars from Korea and Hong Kong costar with Taiwan's Zaizai and Megan Lai.

Korea: Park Eun-hye

- Starred in Korea drama "A jewel in Palace."

- In the process of costarring with Korean actress Cho JiWoo in a TBS TV series.

Hong Kong: Audi Hui

- Starred in "Chao Ji Xue Xiao Ba Wang" and "Xiang Jian NI."

The story is about young people of today seeking true love. Vic acts as an heir with only one year left to live. Park Eun-hye plays a woman who loses her voice and can not talk. Andy Hui appears first time in a Taiwan TV series and plays a character who lives recklessly for love.

The shooting is not confined to Taiwan, and will include overseas location(s). It will be televised in several countries including Japan.

Source: cocochan (www.vicpower.net)

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

One Weekly - HK #802

scans from jerrybbs.com

posted by zhenzhen ---> fan club section link






Thanks to grendel of vicpower.net

as posted by laiou2002 @ vicpower.net

I skip the gossips and the car accident part.

Hong Kong One Weekly #802:

Zaizai found time to meet Park Eun-hye Last Friday night (July 15, 2005).

It was the first time they met each other. They rehearsed for Silence, attended a meeting and then had dinner together to get familiar with each other.

Park Eun-hye said, "I was very nervous over meeting him for the first time. When we met, Zaizai was very sincere, he greeted me in Korean. He was a little shy but very kind."

They met after Zaizai's car accident, Park Eun-hye said she expressed her sympathy but did not know the cause of his car accident.

Park Eun-hye had four sign-language teachers taking turns teaching her for two hours after she arrived in Taiwan.


They came out of the restaurant. Park Eun-hye's car arrived first. She waved goodbye to Zaizai. Zaizai raised his hand to say goodbye with a smile.

as posted by laiou2002 of vicpower.net

Again, I skip the gossips.

Hong Kong "Suddenly Weekly" Vol.523

Silence starring Zaizai Zhou Yu Min, Liansheng Park Eun-hye, and Andy Hui shot last Wednesday 5 PM in a western restaurant in the Neihu area of the Taipei city. The scene is about

Zaizai invited Park Eun-hye to a candle light dinner to win her from Andy Hui and He gave her a rose bouquet as a present. When they left the restaurant, it was raining heavily and they got wet.

The production crew spent 6 hours shooting inside the restaurant. At 11:00 PM, they moved outside the restaurant to shoot the raining scene. When the crew was getting ready, Liansheng and Zaizai chatted. Even though they had language barriers, the two talked in English and Chinese. Liansheng even used sign language to communicate with Zaizai. Occasionally Zaizai also used gestures in response. So there were no communication problems between them.

The scene outside the restaurant was Zaizai took off his jacket to shield the rain from Liansheng.



They shot until 1 AM of the next day. They went home on separate vans.

I guess these pictures are about them talking to each other while waiting. The first picture shows Zaizai making a face.




Picture sources: angellia87 and lianxi

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

[8/7] Park Eun-Hye sticks close to ZaiZai and charms him

[2005/08/07] Park Eun-Hye sticks close to ZaiZai and charms him

Lian Sheng gets drenched in a scene amidst the man-made rain, meekly pliant and willing as a little bird

So how popular is "ZaiZai" Zhou Yu Min really with the female sex? We get an inkling of it from peeping into his successive romances with Xu Wei Lun and Da S. But his appeal is limited not just to the Taiwanese, even Koreans are struck by his charm as well! The other day, while filming a scene in the rain with “Lian Sheng” Park Eun-Hye, he who is not very articulate used body movement to tease Park Eun-Hye into laughing so much in spite of trying not to that she had to cover her mouth. While filming the rain scene, he also very deliberately bent his body to shield her better so she wouldn’t be drenched by the rain that much, showing extreme care towards the girl.

On the night of the 3rd, “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma” created a rain scene in Nei-Hu using a watertruck to spray water. More interestingly, Park Eun-Hye plays a mute in the drama and could only use sign language to express herself in it. But ZaiZai would also imitate it offscreen. Although there is a Korean/Chinese language barrier between them, he would still use a mix of sign language, Mandarin and English to cheer Park Eun-Hye up, making her cover her mouth with her hand and laugh.

Filmed for 6 hours

The director of this drama arranged for ZaiZai to use his suit jacket to cover Park Eun-Hye while they dashed into the rain. He knew he is 180cm tall, and so would carefully bend his body when they were running to avoid her being drenched by the rain too much, very considerate and caring towards the girl. Park Eun-Hye, meanwhile, also appreciated his good intentions and would smile at him often.

Although this rain scene soaked everyone to the skin, and the way the two of them used the suit jacket to keep off the rain is also much like a dragon dance, adding an unexpectedly comical element to it, but the atmosphere while filming is actually exceptionally warm.

And because of ZaiZai’s friendly attendance and the courteous treatment from the crew, Park Eun-Hye was all smile even though filming the rain scene took six hours and it was already 1:00 am when they finished filming. She even made a 90º bow to all the crew present thanking them and saying goodbye.

Already liked him even before

It is reported that although Park Eun-Hye and ZaiZai didn’t know each other before, but back in Korea, she has already watched “Meteor Garden”, the idol drama that launched F4 into fame. Because ZaiZai’s character Hua Ze Lei in the said series is very considerate and caring, Park Eun-Hye already has a very good first impression of him. Add to that the good interaction between them on the set, if ZaiZai wasn’t already “taken”, and is already into a grand “Da-Zai” romance with Da S, the chances of him and Park Eun-Hye developing feelings for each other because of the drama shouldn’t be small!

【8/7/2005 ~ Taiwan Apple Daily】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net


[8/7/2005] Romance with Da S out in the open, is in a good mood

ZaiZai protects Lian Sheng attentively while dashing into the rain

"Lian Sheng" Park Eun-Hye and Zhou Yu Min (ZaiZai) filmed a romantic rain scene from “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma” in Taiwan the other day. Although ZaiZai and Park Eun-Hye have a language barrier, he would often communicate with Park Eun-Hye using sign language. Looks like ZaiZai, who is openly having a romance with Da S Hsu Xi Yuan, is in a very good mood!

Park Eun-Hye became widely known for her role as “Lian Sheng” in 《Dae Jang Geum》(Jewel in the Palace). Recently, she is filming the TV series “Silence ~ Shen Qing Mi Ma” in Taiwan with Zhou Yu Min. While the two were in Nei-Hu filming a scene where they took shelter from the rain, ZaiZai took off his suit jacket and shielded Park Eun-Hye from the rain with it, the scene warm and romantic.

Would constantly make approach

To create a rain scene. The crew specially rented a watertruck to spray water and create rain. Reporters saw ZaiZai and Park Eun-Hye running back and forth many times on the sidewalk, very painstaking and tiring. Because they were worried that the water will spatter and stain their clothes, both of them took much care and caution. When the director yells “Cut!”, the staff will immediately hand them towels to avoid the two leads catching cold.

Before filming the scene, there were reports earlier that said that Park Eun-Hye would constantly flirt with ZaiZai, but what we saw that day is in fact ZaiZai doing everything to please Park Eun-Hye. During breaks from filming, ZaiZai would often approach Park Eun-Hye, amusing her until she couldn’t help but be happy.

Using sign language to help communicate

Even though ZaiZai and Da S’s romance was made public just recently and his car was also unfortunately wrecked, ZaiZai’s mood was not affected. Before filming of this scene began, ZaiZai and Park Eun-Hye rehearsed it first. Although the two have a language barrier, ZaiZai would constantly use hand signals to help communicate. Seeing him so lively and animated, it could be said that he is like another person from his usual self. Is it possible that ZaiZai is regarding Park Eun-Hye as if she is Da S?

Here's caption of the paparazzi pics...



Park Eun-Hye (center) took the initiative and leaned on ZaiZai’s shoulder (left)

just before preparing to film the rain scene, looking very happy and content.

《Suddenly Weekly》



ZaiZai filmed a scene where they took shelter from the rain yesterday, and even

took off his suit jacket to shield Park Eun-Hye from the rain, the scene very warm

and cozy.



Although there is a language barrier, but ZaiZai used body language to communicate

with ZaiZai, making Park Eun-Hye cover her mouth and laugh happily.

【8/7/2005 ~ Hong Kong Apple Daily】

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

Translation of the article


Thanks to Korean jm Xiana for the Chinese translation!


The work atmosphere in Taiwan is very similar to Korea’s.

But in Korea, the screenplay and the schedule for the day were all being decided on that day itself in order to catch up with when the time of broadcast.

(Situations where the script is altered at the last moment is not uncommon)

But, soap operas in Taiwan all completed filming before broadcasting, so the filming process is much more relaxed than in Korea.

I often chat with the crew on the set.

It is so complicated once everybody starts to communicate, different languages flying around.

There’s English, Chinese, Korean, and some even use Nihonggo.

There are unwelcome guests on the set of filming in Taiwan. They are the paparazzi.

When filming just started, the crew told me, “In Taiwan, you have to be very careful of the paparazzi.”

I didn’t understand the seriousness of the matter then.

But after filming started, I discovered how scary they were.

Taiwan paparazzi act and come over like passersby who watch the filming, use digital cameras or cellphone cameras to take photos of the filming scene surreptitiously, and then send those stolen shots to the newspapers.

Thanks to Grendel for posting this in VICPOWER English section

8/17 Zaizai has arrived in Qingdao, China for Silence

Zaizai arrived around 7:00 PM last night (Tuesday Aug. 16, 2005) in Qingdao to shoot Silence.

After all, the previous Korean news before Park Eun-Hye came to Taiwan is correct.

Qingdao is the silence's overseas filming location.

Thanks to Laiou2002 of VICPOWER

Qingdao local news posted by sj5210 in Vicpower



The uploaded pictures are too small to read.

Translation of what sj5210 writes:

The crew will start filming Silence from tomorrow for about a month. Chai Zhi Ping is very pleased with Qingdao. Zaizai stays in a far-star hotel with tight security. The hotel rooms are reserved under his name.

Right now, the international beer festival is being held in Qingdao.

Thanks to Laiou2002 of Vicpower

something about Silence...







Source: qingdaonews.com

Thanks to Amy of Faithful4ever

[8/18] ZaiZai, Andy Hui makes their appearance in Qingdao

This article has a lot of inaccuracies and contradictions... -Grendel

[8/18/2005] ZaiZai, Andy Hui makes their appearance in Qingdao

New drama “Shen Qing Mi Ma” brings its romance to the island city

Qingdao web news 2005-08-18 12:40:21 Qingdao Evening News

F4 member ZaiZai Zhou Yu Min, “Lian Sheng” from the hot Korean drama "Jewel in the Palace" Park Eun-Hye, popular Hong Kong singer Xu Zhi An (Andy Hui) and Chai Zhi Ping, he acclaimed producer who created "Meteor Garden" and formed F4 single-handedly - these celebrities who are often pursued and followed by fans gathered together yesterday in the island city, carrying out a love story on the beautiful seashore as “shen qing” (deeply emotional) as the sea.

This 30-episode Taiwan idol drama “Shen Qing Mi Ma” which has just started filming in Singapore at the end of July has plans of filming some parts on location in Korea and mainland China. Qingdao was chosen as one of the said drama’s locations in mainland China. Yesterday afternoon, “ZaiZai” Zhou Yu Min coolly appeared on the wooden plank road in Qingdao’s Tai Ping Jiao driving a Benz. Xu Zhi An and Wang Xiu Lin filmed their scene until dusk. Seeing these idols and celebrities up close acting their hearts out lets those tourists passing by and this paper’s reporter who went to visit the set look their fill.

ZaiZai speeds by in a car

Showing up on the seashore yesterday, ZaiZai wore a business suit looking casually elegant. Under the sunlight of Qingdao’s seashore, his handsome countenance shines even brighter. But the scene ZaiZai filmed yesterday was only a "passing by" scene – driving his Benz along the shoreline.

Even if they only saw ZaiZai’s handsome form when getting into his car for a moment, the tourists gathered around them watching still burst out time and again with exclaims of: “ZaiZai is so charming!” “No wonder girls all like him!”

Recently, ZaiZai encountered a series of problems like getting into an accident as well as his romance with Da S. At the press conference of "Shen Qing Mi Ma", ZaiZai admitted that in his heart, Xu Wei Lun is already “in the past”, and although Da S can not be said as “currently in progress”, he doesn’t exclude the possibility of a “future development”. Chai Zhi Ping’s "Meteor Garden" let ZaiZai and Da S have this chance. This time Chai Zhi Ping brings ZaiZai to Qingdao for "Shen Qing Mi Ma", she still didn’t forget to protect her favourite pupil. Chai Zhi Ping ordered the crew and staff present: no matter if it’s fans or reporters, no one can come near ZaiZai!

Yesterday, the black Benz seemed like a thick, heavy armour for this huge celebrity, shielding him throughout, and finally accomplishing its mission to protect him and not letting anyone come near him.

It is reported that in the series ZaiZai will play Qi Wei Yi, the scion of a rich family, who is the childhood sweetheart of ShenShen, the mute girl played by Park Eun-Hye. But in the scenes that will be filmed in Qingdao, the two will have a "break up" twist in the plot.

Xu Zhi An’s emotional dialogue

Xu Zhi An possesses the reputation of being one of the kings of the musical arena in Hong Kong. Yesterday he showed the audience who were present his acting skills. On the wooden-planked road in Tai Ping Jiao, wearing a white shirt and blue trousers, Xu Zhi An had a long dialogue with the second lead actress in the drama, Wang Xiu Lin.

Because Wang Xiu Lin is a newcomer, she was slightly nervous in front of the camera. Compared to Wang Xiu Lin, Xu Zhi An displays the manner of “an old hand”: stretching his arms out wide and half leaning on the wooden fence, walking about slowly waiting for Wang Xiu Lin to memorize her lines……

What’s interesting is that after completing a scene, Xu Zhi An would wink at the audience or at the director, displaying his humour.

Xu Zhi An plays “Zuo Jun” in the series, an office employee who is secretly in love with Park Eun-Hye. Because his status in life and family background is poles apart from ZaiZai’s Qi Wei Yi, he sustains a very deep inferiority complex. Wang Xiu Lin’s second female lead meanwhile is also secretly in love with ZaiZai. She hopes to get Xu Zhi An to help her break up ZaiZai and park Eun-Hye, two people walking together harbouring the same goal in mind.

Yesterday Xu Zhi An spoke his dialogue out loud: “In this world, there is only one woman who mean something to me!” Making the people gathered around to watch very touched. Xu Zhi An’s declaration of love makes people invariably think of his romance with Zheng Xiu Wen (Sammi Cheng).

The actress opposite Xu Zhi An is Wang Xiu Lin, a singer and model. It is said that a certain commercial of hers that was broadcasted in Hong Kong is known in every household, making her instantly popular. Her songs include “I.T. Lover”, the Leon Lai-penned “24 hours”, and the theme song from the 35th anniversary of Superman, “Some Kind of Love”. Reporter Wang Yan Fen

ZaiZai becomes the scion of a rich business family

Yesterday, after inquiries from several people, this reporter finally found out the storyline of this idol drama wholeheartedly created by Chai Zhi Ping. ZaiZai plays the scion of a business family in the series:

Qi Wei Yi (played by Zhou Yu Min) – naughty when he was little, mistakenly poisoned ShenShen (Park Eun-Hye) and made her a mute, thereby taking a vow from this moment on to take care of her all her life. After growing up, Qi Wei Yi became a successful businessman, but went to prison because of an accident. ShenShen meanwhile became stricken of a terminal illness.

After Qi Wei Yi got out of prison, these two childhood adversaries met again after many missed opportunities. To save ShenShen’s life, Qi Wei Yi strove hard and became a successful businessman, but also got entangled with Zuo Jun (Xu Zhi An) and Judy (Wang Xiu Lin) emotionally.

According to reports, after filming said drama in Singapore last month, ZaiZai went back to Taiwan and got involved in a car accident. His romance with Da S was also exposed because of this.


【8/18/2005 ~ Qingdao Evening News】



clarazhu has provided some on location report from her friend

3pm: report from the front line

The weather today in Qingdao is very comfortable…gorgeous ZaiZai plus the scenery ~ envy…

Wanted to ask if my friend has arrived in Qingdao already? The answer I got was that my friend is already at the filming location…

My friend says: He is currently shooting a scene, wearing a suit and tie, just like what he wore on the day of the Silence presscon. Holding damaged shoes in his hands and strolling on the street…what kind of image is this? Is it in the screenplay?

There was a scene, he talked and mumbled to himself the first time he went through it. Finally the director said that ZaiZai is adding and making up lines. Everybody laughed…

Today they filmed several scenes at the counter of Bally inside the Yang Guang department store. Looks like they’re buying shoes. Andy Hui is also present. After that they went to the seashore, sitting at the back seats of a champagne-coloured BMW…

He relates very well with the production unit. Everyone is very relaxed when talking, and the atmosphere is very good. When they were leaving the Bally shoe counter, Ah-guan told him “let’s go”. He gaped: Go? Even repeated it once more, laughing hard many times in between…

Will stop here for now and update once there’s more news…the leading lady hasn’t appeared yet…

THanks to Grendel for the Translation


Second update:

ZaiZai has changed into a suit and a fine-striped grey shirt. Filming the driving scene on a road shaded by the forest…after the accident, this should appease his fascination with cars.

Now it’s Andy Hui driving the car. ZaiZai films the part where he gets out of the car, then seem to ponder and walked into a small forest…Acting very cool and suave!

Funniest thing is: There are two groups of people beside them taking wedding photographs. The brides and the photographers all came running to watch what's happening.

================================================== =

Third update:

After passing through the woods to the man-made lake, the scene is him discussing with Andy Hui about their dreams. They NG-ed twice at first, the entire set laughed…

There are ten or more fans present, 3 pairs of newbies, standing in rows watching ZaiZai filming…At last I have the time to go all fan-girly: ZaiZai is really so handsome! That pointed chin and lean face…Chai jie is also present…

Thanks to Grendel of Vicpower


not sure if this was in QINGDAO... most prolly. :D



Click on Thumbnails to for bigger version


posted by laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net

While the Chinese newspapers used to say Dalian was Silence's overseas filming location, the Korean media have always said that Qingdao is the filming location, except for one article published on the "Sports Today" web site, dated Aug. 8, 2005, in which Singapore was mentioned the first time as the filming location.

Since Qingdao is so close to Korea, maybe the reporter got confused and thought the Silence crew indeed had gone to Singapore.

One interesting thing in the Aug. 8 "Sports Today" new

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

posted by laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net

While the Chinese newspapers used to say Dalian was Silence's overseas filming location, the Korean media have always said that Qingdao is the filming location, except for one article published on the "Sports Today" web site, dated Aug. 8, 2005, in which Singapore was mentioned the first time as the filming location.

Since Qingdao is so close to Korea, maybe the reporter got confused and thought the Silence crew indeed had gone to Singapore.

One interesting thing in the Aug. 8 "Sports Today" news is that it explained why Silence would not be filmed in Korea for a month.

Address of the Korean "Sports Today" news dated Aug. 8, 2005:


Here is the translation based on azuki 's Japanese translation: (link to the Japanese forum)

According to this, location is changed. It looks that Korea was once considered. But it is difficult to find extras who can speak Chinese. Also, because things are more expensive, it will cost more for the staff to stay in Korea for a month. It says that location is changed to Singapore.

Here is the picture in the news:


Fan report

(There are so many! I'll just translate the parts about ZaiZai-grendel )

posted by zhenzhen

from ELV in Vic Island

(ELV is a Vanness fan, I think?)

posted 2005-8-19 20:24:54

There’s no reason or thought in my mind right now. Let me first say that I’m not responsible if no one can understand what I wrote below. Right now my brain is full of ZaiZai waving and crooking his finger at me. (I say that my eyes see only you ~~~ there is no way to describe this kind of paradise)

At last…at last…ZaiZai finally arrived…(maybe around 2 pm? We didn’t even have time to look at our watch) Me and Xiao Bai, and two vanness fans very wisely guarded the back door. Some Vanness and ZaiZai fans already went to the Bally counter where ZaiZai will be filming. Hahaha~~~ZaiZai finally arrived just in front of us! There were not too many people following. But the staff wouldn’t let us take pictures. So I very obediently obeyed~~~

We then followed ZaiZai to the Bally counter. Walking behind him quietly, I feel as if I’m acting too sensibly. Arriving at the filming location, Zai started to go into character. First they filmed him entering the store. Waaaah…so thin! (how come he’s so thin, like he’s just sporting a large head on his shoulders.), deep, deep dimples (much more evident than on TV), really large, luminous eyes (please give half to our Vanness, they’re really very large), very elegant, refined features (drooling…), yellow-golden coloured hair (slightly wavy), wrinkled dark blue suit (like it’s just dug out of some box from a warehouse), face powdered thickly with make-up (but still much less than Andy Hui. I saw two small pimples at close range. There was less than 20 cm between our faces at the time. I even heard him say something to the staff. I don’t remember what he said, or maybe I just didn’t understand it at all. It doesn't matter. I would forever remember that beautiful voice), stopped a bit, and also his V-shaped foot stance. This guy stands like that. During breaks he would intentionally point it outwards even more [grendel: maybe means walking like Charlie Chaplin?] ~ really so cute.

A while later, they went in to film the scene of him buying shoes. During breaks he wouldn’t stop laughing, rolling his eyes, he was even chewing something inside his mouth. Just as I was trying to figure out what he was eating, he used a tissue to take out the bubblegum inside his mouth (Don’t know when he stuffed that piece of gum inside his mouth). He stealthily put it inside the pockets of his suit while people weren’t paying attention. Ha! I saw that! That action was just like a little kid’s, it’s really too wonderful!!! Soon the scenes inside the store were done. Zai’s group left quickly. We still followed behind. (This time there were a lot more people following, not just the five of us when we first came in) Some people called out his name. Some said they were from Vicpower. I followed very closely behind, quietly looking at him. As we arrived at the door, I wisely rushed out from the side doors, coming face to face with ZaiZai just as he was coming out of the front door, I called his name softly. He clasped his hands together and thanked us. But it felt like he said it to me, because I was just opposite him. Hahahaha…

Zai got into the car to go to the next location. We quickly followed in 4 cars we hired. We arrived at out destination by the sea, by this time the crew already recognized us. When I poked my head outside to check, someone came and said, here you are again. We got out the car and found a good place to sit. Next up is filming ZaiZai driving the car. They filmed him driving the BMW back and forth. We waited beside the production unit. A while later ZaiZai’s car came to a stop. We gathered together on the stairway watching him. Everyone kept waving at him, but didn’t see it. Luckily he saw a Vanness fan beside me waving and responded to us. Both of us were so happy we were hugging each other and jumping. And then everyone just watched and watched and watched…once again I tried to crook my index finger at him waving. He imitated my gesture and responded back to me! Dear heaven~~~this interaction is just between me and him! I almost died from happiness! At the time, I could feel the blood rushing to my head!

ZaiZai then got out of the BMW and went to rest inside the company car. I said we could try asking Zai for an autograph for Vicpower and Sunshine-Vanness, those ungrateful louts I call my friends pushed me forward to ask Ah-Guan. There’s no way out of it. I could only thicken my skin and explained my purpose to Ah-Guan. Ah Guan said very nicely and gently that it’s not allowed, and said a lot of things, all very sincerely. I understand. Finally I asked her to please tell Zai that Vicpower sends their regards, and Sunshine-Vanness JMs will also support him! Ah-Guan said, I will, I will! We were standing just outside Zai’s car while talking to Ah-Guan and someone inside the car rolled down a window. Don’t know if ZaiZai was watched or listened. I had many close-range contact with ZaiZai today. I’m going to faint from happiness! After that he drove the car once more. But this time Andy Hui is driving the car. They left after they finished filming. Probably to eat. We didn’t follow anymore. Later tonight at around 10 ZaiZai still has to return to the Sunshine department Store to continue filming. There won’t be anybody after the store is closed so we can’t go in anymore. That’s about it. My head is aching terribly today. I slept only 4 hours yesterday, and I was running about the whole day today. I still have to keep my strength so I could continue tomorrow!

translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

Another Zaizai picture on Aug. 19, 2005

Original source: yuyu小茉莉 at http://post.baidu.com/f?kz=33085244

posted by huahuahua


thank to laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net

posted by clarazhu


The weather in Qingdao today is still very comfortable…

Filming location for today is at a certain office on the 24th floor of a tall building. This is a big company…it occupies the whole floor. The production team leased half of it for filming.

Zai is wearing a white shirt with pale blue stripes but wasn’t wearing his suit coat. Today the leading lady appeared, very beautiful, wearing a white t-shirt and a pink(?) coloured short cotton jacket, hair down to her shoulders, looking very youthful and fresh, and also very lively. Doesn’t seem to be restrained by the language barrier. Andy Hui meanwhile is wearing a blue-grey t-shirt and casual clothes.

The gist of what they’re filming right now is: PEH storms into the room and flung the money towards ZaiZai…and then Andy Hui follows behind her and barged in as well, probably to intercede the fight…

================================================== ==================

ZaiZai has now left the location wearing a black suit and silver tie. He was very polite as he was going in the elevator and said goodbye to the staff.

My friend stayed to watch Andy Hui’s scene and to chat with the staff…

Thanks to grendel of Vicpower

Some tidbits from 艾格尼丝 of Vicpower on SILENCE:

1. During the scene of him buying shoes at the Sunshine Department Store, as soon as he took his cue he started biting his tongue. The director saw it and yelled, “ZaiZai, don’t bite your tongue lah!”

2. In Ba Da Guan (one of the filming location where the man-made lake is situated) while the hairdresser was arranging his hair, the cameraman said, “Okay, that’s handsome enough already!” Then ZaiZai said: “Then let’s be a little bit more handsome.” The cameraman then retorted, “A little bit more handsome and they (the fans) would faint!” (I say: even if ZaiZai is not handsome we still fainted lah)

3. At the seaside, ZaiZai sat inside the BMW waiting for his scene. He kept glancing out the window and smile at us.

4. After they finished filming the scenes in Ba Da Guan, ZaiZai suddenly started jumping up and down a few times, which looked a little bit like a dance step. All of us watching from the side almost went giddy with happiness.

*Wikipedia says:

Ba Da Guan is the older area of town with some surviving German architecture.

Thanks to Grendel of Vicpower


[2005/08/19] Breaking the barrier and communicating with looks, Zhou Yu Min and Park Eun-Hye goes to Qingdao in secret

http://ent.tom.com 2005/8/19 11:20 Source: Tom special report

Zhou Yu Min and “Lian Sheng” Park Eun-Hye arrives

in Qingdao in secret the other day

Communicating with looks and breaking the barrier

(byakuya: there's supposed to be pics there... but it doesnt load on mine so i cant save it and upload it somewhere... )

Zhou yu Min and “Lian Sheng” Park Eun-Hye arrived in secret in Qingdao the other day for on location filming for their new series “Shen Qing Mi Ma”. Said drama is hurrying to catch up for its premiere in the beginning of 2006 and has been filming nonstop in Taiwan day and night. It is Park Eun-Hye’s first time in Qingdao but she is gradually adapting to the local life and didn’t need to eat the instant noodles she brought from Korea anymore, usually eating packed lunches together with the crew and staff. When not filming, she would go to the night markets to try out local foods.

Losing 10 lbs due to rushing the filming, ZaiZai (Zhou Yu Min) has been criticized as being “too thin”. ZaiZai smiled, saying “I play a person who is ill in the drama. I resemble that more if I’m a little thin..” He has been working with Park Eun-Hye together for over a month now, and both of them has broken through the language barrier. They don’t need a interpreter to be present for they can communicate now with actions and looks.

Translated by grendel of Vicpower

[8/21] 'Silence' in Qingdao

Some excerpts translated from fan reports by Piao•Ling, wm and clarazhu

(Looks like they are filming the parts when he gets sick...em11.gif

• ZaiZai arrived at the set at 7:30am wearing casual clothes. He apologized to the director because he was a little late. JMs who stayed to watch the filming the night before said that ZaiZai filmed until 2, 3am, which means that he only had less than 4 hours sleep that day.

• Zai filmed from 7:30am to later than 7pm last night. Filming locations are at the lobby of a certain building by the seaside and outside the said building. They even put up a sign with the company name used in the series – "Yi Yang International Business Group, Qingdao Division".

• In one of the scenes, Manager Qi (for Qi Wei Yi) waits for his car at the door of his company’s building, accompanied by a group of his employees. A while later, Manager Qi got rid of his employees…perhaps to hail a cab or to walk? Don’t know…because after walking for a while, he suddenly clutched at his stomach, bent over, and revealed a very painful expression. b21.gif

• Among ZaiZai’s costumes today are 3 different coloured but same-styled business suits. (You didn’t think it would be anything other than business suits, did you? smile02.gif Dark blue or black, very light indigo-blue (another fan said cream-coloured a18.gif and dark grey. He wore black leather shoes for the dark-coloured suits, and khaki-coloured ones for the light-coloured suits which is more casual.

• Whenever Zai would walk from the car assigned for him to the set, or walk back from the set to the car to rest, he would pass by very near the fans. They spoke with him at least 4 times. Once was when he changed into a new suit and everybody exclaimed, “Waaaah, so shuai!” To everyone’s surprise (and laughter), this smart-aleck then actually smugly replied, “I know, I know.” hihi.gif

• Additional info acquired from the crew and staff says that there will be scenes filmed at the hospital, also in Qingdao.

translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

posted by clarazhu


There is nothing to report as of this moment…ZaiZai is presently at a resort villa filming indoor scenes…

Rich people really live in that villa. It’s very beautiful…with a separate garage for cars…and French windows facing the sea. The whole house costs approximately around RMB 7,000,000-10,000,000 (approx. US$863,600 to US$1,233,714).

Translations by Grendel of Vicpower

Posted by Qiu Ye Piao Piao in Vicpower Fan Club Section

She lives in Beijing and went to Qingdao to see Zaizai over the weekend.

She had met Ah-Guan after Ah-Guan asked fans not to see Zaizai.

She said Ah-Guan was very nice and gentle. Ah-Guan started talking to fans first.

Fans just need to follow two principles:

1. When the crew is shooting at public places, cooperate with the crew and don't block the camera's view. Don't visit the set when the crew films indoor scenes at private places.

2. Don't stay too late. Zaizai will be worried too.

Thanks to Laiou2002 of VICPOWER

Update on Silence:

The filming location yesterday (8/23) was at the hospital. ZaiZai still wore a black suit and white shirt. One of the scenes was of Zai talking with an actor playing the doctor, but their voices were too soft. The only line some of the fans heard was when ZaiZai roared furiously at the doctor, “Tell me! How long?!” and then the shot of ZaiZai becoming dejected and quietly preoccupied, staring off into space. I think he may have been asking the doctor how long he has to live.

Thanks to grendel of vicpower.net

Some more SILENCE pics during filming in BALLY last Aug 19

Thanks to 黑色幽默 of VICPOWER and her friend

Click on the PICS and THUMBNAILS for a LARGER VERSION (1024x768) of PICS









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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

Silence updates!

translated by grendel by www.vicpower.net

Source: clarazhu


Filming location this morning is at Beijing Road. But because of heavy rains, they changed plans and went to a Pub and restaurant to film. Zai wore a striped shirt, and later on changed clothing in front of those present in the restaurant. They went to another café at around 15:30, transforming the café temporarily into a pub there and then. The scene they shot is of Qi Wei Yi sitting alone staring at his mobile phone in the midst of the throng of young men and women dancing away. Of course, it’s a rare sight to see someone wear a suit to a disco.

After that they went to film by the seaside. But a pipe along the road to the sea burst and the road was closed. After waiting for a quite a while, they had their dinner.

After the meal they went to a certain mall. ZaiZai wore that black tank top again, didn’t even wear an outer coat! And it’s extremely cold today!

P.S. The production unit is divided into unit A and unit B. Unit A has transferred to Si Fang, while unit B is positioned at Beijing Road.

================================================== ===================


At the hospital

The filming schedule for the morning was changed because ZaiZai caught a cold. (Has to be all those tank tops!) Up until 16:00, all of the scenes they filmed were those between Megan Lai and Han Xin (I think it’s the actor playing QWY’s doctor). Basically the scenes they will film after this will be of those in the hospital ward.

whoa thats alotta info!!!! When does it air?

the news dates are way back from June - August.. is this already out?!

heheh... I'm not yet done posting all the updates... im doing it from oldest to latest update so that it's easier to keep track if it's posted or not..

The filming of this series is STILL ONGOING. It's expected to finish this mid-october (i doubt)- Mid-November 2005

and it will be broadcasted first in CHINA, followed by TAIWAN on MAY 2006 then the rest of the asian countries (i.e. Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, etc)

Silence Screencaps Part 2


20058252121359807hp.th.jpg 2005825225314113pu.th.jpg 20058252115196959wd.th.gif

20058252124164256uv.th.jpg 2005825225501433wc.th.jpg 200582522627163ex.th.jpg

Thanks to 風の夢 of vicpower.net

Silence Screencaps Part 3


2005825226148787kw.th.jpg 2005825226485789zn.th.jpg 200582522725952er.th.jpg 2005825227235933ok.th.jpg

Thanks to 風の夢 of vicpower.net


Source: clarazhu


A brief description of Qi Wei Yi's house: opposite the main entrance is a European-style display table and mirror. On the table is a lovely Shih Tzu dog, can't tell if it's male or female. To the left is a small room with tangerine-coloured gauze curtains. To the right is the garage. It's also where the director assumes his position and gives commands. Behind the small room is a washroom for public use. And behind that is the living room which is 3 stories up, with full panels of drapes hanging down to the ground, tremendously impressive. The living room itself is very simple: coffee-coloured sofa set, a plasma TV, and a black grand piano by the wall. Under the stairs leading to the second floor is a small indoor pond, some faux mountains and a few fishes, creating a very graceful and elegant atmosphere. The kitchen with the all-wooden furnishings is behind the garage, and the dining room and a double-door refrigerator is behind the kitchen.

I forgot how the 2nd floor looks like, I think it's a small room and a big room. The most important is the 3rd floor. An extremely large master bedroom is on the third floor. The furnitures and the covers are all coffee-coloured. Very very beautiful. Directly faces the wide bed is a hanging lamp with classical designs, like a crystal chandelier, sparkling and bright. Beside it is a sofa set. The ceiling opposite it is completely separate and constructed like a ladder(?), this way there is even more contrast with the bed. The balcony is also incredibly big, facing the sea. The study may be small, but the ceiling is also very unusual and even has a small skylight overhead.

One of the scenes they filmed was at the doorway, Zai was wearing a light cream-coloured t-shirt (like those one wore at home?) walking Han Xin to the door. They shot this many times because the space outside the door is very narrow. They were going to film Han Xin and Wei Yi saying goodbye and then walk out. But because the space outside is too narrow and Han Xin is too tall, the camera can still see him. So they shot that scene over and over again ­during which Han Xin tried crouching down or plastering himself along the wall. His actions were very funny, and made ZaiZai laugh uncontrollably.

Filming wrapped up a around 23:40. ZaiZai wore a black tank top and went to the door to wear his shoes, and then was on the phone making a call as he came out. He carried that brown bag of his, with the coat(?) hanging over it. Walking out the area before getting into the car to go back to the hotel.

================================================== ==================

8/23 Hospital

Filming location is at the hospital. They shot a scene of Zai and Han Xin sitting at a bench on the hospital lawn in deep conversation. And then they moved to the hallway of the X-ray department filming this scene - Han Xin yelling out the line "If you love her then don't give her up!" to motivate Wei Yi to accept treatment. After a few other scenes they move to the hospital ward to film. Zai is so funny. While lying on the bed he raised a hand to show the bandage(?) wrapped around it. But when he raised his hand it wouldn't stop shaking. The director didn't know what to do, finally he just held Zai's arm steady...hahaha! He was a dying patient just a moment before, but as soon as the director yells "Cut!" he's once again the funny and comical ZaiZai again. Filming ended at around 11, he went back directly to the hotel.

Translated by grendel of vicpower.net

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

8/26 Updates on the filming of Silence in Qingdao

More from clarazhu of http://www.vicpower.net

ZZ filmed at Si Xi Yuan on Beijing Road from 2:40 pm until 11 pm. Besides ZZ eating on the 2nd floor during dinner time, all were street scenes.

Right now ZZ is communicating to Miss Park in English along with hand gestures. It seems like can have no problems with communication.

Filming details will be added tomorrow...other ZZ fans who went are welcome to share...ZZ has too many little actions.

Amy @ Faithful 4ever

8/27 Zaizai can't hide deep emotions; scenes of filming set revealed

Aug. 27, 2005, Liberty Times of Taiwan

Reported by Yi HuiCi and Feng YiXian reporting in Taipei-Chengdu-Qingdao

Recently Silence production crew has moved quietly to film at Qingdao. However, fall has arrived in Qingdao, the temperature is falling. After many days, Zaizai got sick because of not being used to the environment. The crew had to stop filming temporarily.

Department store scene was photographed.

Silence starring Zaizai, Park EunHye and Andy Hui started filming in July. The production crew keeps silent and proclaims that it's still in the phase of test filming. In fact, the crew has already filmed Silence in Singapore and then in Taipei. Recently, it moved quietly to Qingdao. The scene at the seaside alone has made a big splash locally.

In the photos provided by our reader(s), Zaizai played a successful business executive and wore the same suit as he wore in the opening ceremony held last month. The scene was Zaizai shopping at a brand-name shop in a department store. Zaizai was looking at the shoes and couldn't decide if he should buy the shoes, store clerks standing by his side.

According to people at the scene, Zaizai was in good mood and chatted with the staff from time to time. He also waved and greeted fans. He was rather naughty and didn't follow rules. He even added lines himself and caused NGs. When he was holding a shoe and talking to himself, the director said loudly to him, "Don't add lines!"

Zaizai was sick from being at a new environment

As Qingdao enters its fall season, the temperature has dropped to the teens. Zaizai got sick. A few days ago he ran a fever. The crew had to stop filming temporarily. Filming resumed after he got sufficient rest.

Zaizai's manager Zhi XiangLi indicates that the local food is a little bit rich and Zaizai has got a weak digestion system; moreover, the weather is cool and Zaizai has lots of scenes shot at night. So Zaizai got sick. His voice sounds spiritless and feeble. Fans found out that Zaizai was sick and told each other over the Internet. Together they rooted for him.

Despite of keeping it completely secret in Taiwan, Silence preview has been shown in the Beijing TV and Movies festival. One of the scenes was Zaizai raising Park EunHye's face and looking at her with deep emotions flowing across his face.

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

New "Silence" pic! - as of 27 Aug

thanks to laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net



laiou's comment:

It's not exactly very big but you can still see it! I think it's a new promotional pic of some sort...

The promotion for "Silence" is going on very well I think. It is only still in filming stage and there is already a promotional video with a couple of "Silence" scenes, posters and even Angie Chai has been promoting it personally! Jiayou Zai and all the cast and crew involved in "Silence"!


Update from Grendel of www.vicpower.net

Some interesting information from the preliminary transcript of this afternoon’s SINA online interview with Angie Chai.

- Angie Chai said that ‘Silence’ hasn’t officially started filming yet. This is only test filming.

- Silence will be shot mainly in Taiwan and Qingdao.

- It is expected that they will officially start filming by the end of August. In theory, filming will finish by the end of November. After going through editing, post production, requesting for authorization, promotion, it is estimated that everything will be done by May next year.

- The title song will be sung by ZaiZai!!!!!

- As for the costumes, the early parts will largely center on business suits. Later on when he discovers that he is ill, he will probably wear more casual clothes.


Silence Updates!

URL of the Aug. 19 diary entry:


Translation of azuki's Japanese translation: link to the Japanese forum


One more entry from Park EunHye. Starting from this month, Sports Today will run a series on Park EunHye's Taiwan Diary. There's an update today. Some of the contents have already been reported by Chinese newspapers. She writes that she has given some Korean food to Zaizai. Only that part is translated.

===== translation of Zaizai part

I came to Taiwan a while ago; Mama had brought some Korean instant noodles. I gave some to Andy Hui and Zhou Yu Min as presents.

So the next day, in return for my gift, Zhou Yu Min gave me dozens bags of Taiwan instant noodles. Among them, Zha Jiang Noodle had caught my attention. It looked exactly like Korean's JaJa Noodle that I wanted to eat very much, so I was really very glad about it.

But the flavor was different than what we thought. The color was not dark and its flavor was rather strange.

Several days later, Zhou Yu Min asked, "Did you eat the instant noodles I gave you? How many are left?" I replied, "One left."

It seemed that he would buy more but I thanked him. I was a little scared when I thought of tasting the flavor.

==== end of translation

PS: The instant noodle Zaizai gave to PEH is written as 炒醤麺 in Japanese . I think in traditional Chinese it is 炸醤麺.

translated by laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net

More Silence Updates

URL of 2005.8.26 diary entry in Sports Today


Translation of azuki's Japanese translation: link to the Japanese forum

This looks to be written in Qingdao.

In the first half, she writes she is happy to see many Korean TV channels in the hotel where she stays. She feels as if she were in Korea.

=== beginning of translation of Zaizai part

The other day, Zhou YuMin was humming a song. He asked me, "Do you happen to know the song? I like the song." I listened carefully; it was Shin Sunfun's "I believe." Zhou YuMin said that his F4 buddy Jerry Yan often sang it in public performances. He said, "I also like the song a great deal."

During a filming break, he sang the song to me in Chinese lyrics and said, "I want to learn the Korean lyrics before we finish filming the drama."

=== end of translation of Zaizai part

Other items covered in this entry:

Andy Hui likes the Korean male duet "Brown eyes."

It seems that the cell-phone props used by PEH and Zaizai in Silence are made in Korean.

Lastly, they will return to Taiwan in mid Sep to finish the last part of Silence.

Qingdao is very cool and she doesn't feel like going back again to Taiwan where the temperature is 40 degrees and the sun shines blazingly

The picture shows the apartment in the Qingdao location - the building at the front.


translated by laiou2002 of www.vicpower.net

8/28 Zaizai Falls Sick fliming in Qingdao, Weather Turns Cold, Cannot Adapt To Climate

TV Drama, Silence, have been fliming in Qingdao recently. As Qingdao is going into the autumn season, the temperature have gone down. Even Zaizai has fallen sick because he couldn't adapt to the climate and it caused the crew to stop fliming.

The drama, Silence, acted by Zaizai, korean actress, Li En Hui and Andy Hui have been kept secret by the whole cast and crew ever since they started fliming in July. They said they were only trying out the scenes, however, they have already filmed from Singapore to Taiwan and now at Qingdao. Just fliming at the beach had already created chaos locally.

According to readers who provided some pictures, we could see Zaizai acting as a successful person, wearing a suit, similiar to when he started fliming in Taipei. This scene was Zaizai in a branded counter in a department while the salesperson is explaining to him as he ponders whether to buy or not. From people who see him acting at the scene, Zaizai is in a good mood, and would chat with the crew at times, and would even take some time to greet his fans by waving, acting michevious. Sometimes, he would even add on his own words in the script! And, this caused all the other actors and actresses to laugh and NG. When he started talking to himself when holding onto the shoe, the Director told him, "Don't add your own lines!"

However, as the weather in Qingdao is going into autumn, the temperature has dipped to around 10 or more degree celsius. Because of this, Zaizai had fallen sick and even had a high fever the last few days. The whole crew stopped fliming and only resumed when he had enough rest. Zaizai's manager, Zhi Xiang Li expressed, Zaizai has weak gastrics and the local food is rather oily, adding on to the weather turning cold and the night fliming that makes him tired, it had made him unadaptable to the climate. His voice sounded sick, as if he didn't had energy. When his fans knew he had fallen ill, they all went online to encourge him to JiaYou!

Although the show is still in secrecy in Taiwan. Several short commercials have been played in Beijing for promo. In it, we could see Zaizai and Li En Hui's face, showing the emotional show.

Source: Cheng Bao, 28th Aug 2005

Credit to Xiujuan of http://onlyf4.proboards48.com

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

8/27 Transcript of the Sohu chat with Angie Chai

Part 1

(will translate only ZaiZai-related parts)

Host = the host

AC = Angie Chai

Filming 'Silence'

Host: I know that Chai jie is here to promote for Comic Ritz's big project this year "Shen Qing Mi Ma", is that right?

AC: That's correct.

Host: This drama stars Zhou Yu Min, Park Eun-Hye, Lai Ya Yan and Xu Zhi An. This drama is also the one that SOHU users pay the most attention to. May we ask Chai jie to introduce this drama for us?

AC: Certainly. This is a collaboration drama our company is producing this year which brings together actors from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. In the process of creating this drama, we have constantly taken many complex technical questions into consideration.

The so-called technical consideration is that our company doesn't like to use dubbing, because if you use dubbing, the emotions coming from the actors themselves are disregarded. So under this technical predicament, we invited Korean actress Park Eun-Hye - who had a role in "Dae Jang Geum" which will soon be shown in mainland China, very popular in Hong Kong and in Taiwan as well - to play a mute girl in the drama.

The story tells about the male and female lead, who shared a period of very happy and unforgettable childhood memory together. Because of this beautiful memory, these two people, even if they are separated and grown up, they both bear the memory of a pure and profound love for the other.

Later on, Xu Zhi An's father adopted the girl, so the relationship between Xu Zhi An and her seem to become brother and sister. But Xu Zhi An developed feelings for her.

The male and female lead met again later on without recognizing each other. Finally they realize that the other is in fact the childhood companion of that most wonderful childhood memory. At this time he already has a fiancée, Lai Ya Yan.

That's more or less how the story goes. We feel that, in this drama, ZaiZai is taking on a character that has quite a high degree of difficulty. We feel that it is easier to portray a more blatant character. Like showing anger, etc....that's easier to show. The character this time is somewhat more difficult. He plays a golden boy who grew up in a very callous environment. Except for the memory of that love from his childhood, he grew up being groomed as the heir to the business. The purest, most wonderful childhood memory in his heart came from that time.

He grew up in these kind of conditions, in the world of business. After he grew up he became very coldhearted and unemotional, all business, a man who would not show a gentler side to others. Until he met the female lead, and found the wonderful emotions he felt long ago. During this time, he had money, he had love, he had almost everything. And then he developed cancer. And in an instant he lost everything he possessed. He discovered suddenly that the things he had are in fact very precious to others.

Actually, people are the same. It's like living in this world, some younger people tend to overindulge themselves willfully. They don't understand life, or understand what a wonderful thing it is to live in this world. That's why some people don't go and take pleasure in every wonderful detail in their lives.

And because he has only very little time left, that's how he came to realize all this.

Host: This drama is very much worth the anticipation. I understand that "Shen Qing Mi Ma" is helmed by two directors with two very different styles. How do you maintain the consistency in style with two directors?

AC: When making any choice or when communicating, these two directors are very calm, objective, and respectful of the other. Although the styles of the two directors are not the same, they have a relationship wherein they complement each other.

For example, director Zhang is very strong in visual composition and lighting. Director Zhou is very experienced in dealing with the emotions and feelings in the performances.When the two of them are together, they frequently discuss what strong points they could absorb from the other, and give each other many constructive understanding. We spent a lot of time communicating with the directors. In the script and the visualizations, the two directors would look at each others' photos, and then discuss how the other would handle this kind of mood. Their interaction, so far, is very team-like, no malicious competition going on.

Host: I think that having two directors will make the series better. In your opinion, what is the most important thing in an outstanding TV series? Is it the story, the acting, or the director?

AC: I have only four years experience in making dramas. I think that a drama needs to have all factors gathered together. First and foremost, the script is very important, because the script is what you call the foundation of a film. The script has already provided a very good structure, what remains include the director's interpretation of the play, how to tell the story to the audience, the actors could employ their skills very well, artistry, lighting and photography, I think that each of these links are indispensable. As a producer, a very important thing is how to find the appropriate person and team to carry this out, and steer everyone to a common direction. If everyone's opinions are not consistent, it is very easy to give rise to conflict, very easy to stall and not move forward. The producer has to coordinate them into a like mindset that will let everyone walk in the same direction and do what has to be done.

I think it was most taxing on the crew. Recently in Qingdao we've been discussing the cinematography, meeting with the directors, including meeting with the actors and trying out the costumes. Sometimes after I finish the meeting with the directors, I have to go meet with the screenwriting team. The next day the director will film scenery shots, make test shots and test lighting with the actors. In Qingdao, nearly everyone doesn't have the time to sleep. I feel that filming is really very strenuous. Working 20 hours a day, and sleeping only four.

Host: Some of our online members are asking if "Shen Qing Mi Ma" will be broadcasted in all of Asia. Because Mars wasn't shown in some areas before, so will "Shen Qing Mi Ma" be shown in other areas? What about Japan and Korea?

AC: Those made by our firm which were shot in Taiwan will be shown nationwide. If we broadcast it in mainland China, there's a procedure for requesting authorization, it doesn't conform to the contents of the procedure for authorization request. This time we made it in the form of a collaboration, with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as the main markets. I believe that China will be the first place that it'll be shown. This is the first time the investors invited our firm to oversee, create and film a big production like this in mainland China.

Host: Some of our online members are specially interested in ZaiZai, will ZaiZai participate in the title song or the closing song. Because some people say that ZaiZai is exhausted from filming? Becoming distracted and absent-minded?

AC: Sometimes he gets tired. But this time I see ZaiZai...we've filmed some preliminary shots, and in them and also in the preview as well, I think that ZaiZai is still extremely in character. That's the kind of actor ZaiZai is. He doesn't often accept projects, but once he does he completely immerses himself in the role.

Host: Compared to 3, 4 years ago, ZaiZai's improvement is specially remarkable?

AC: I think so too.

Host: Right now, do you feel that some areas in 'Mars' are insufficient?

AC: Every time you look back on the films you've made you will feel that there are some insufficiencies. The lighting in 'Mars', for instance. Some audience feel that it's a little too dark. It's because this series is about the darkness of our inner depths, so the lighting adheres to the storyline.

Also, our sound recording at the time wasn't very good. If you listen to it using a more high-tech system...it wouldn't be too obvious with most TV sets in general that the audience have at home...but if it's a DVD, if you have a better sound system, you will discover that there's a difference in the sound quality.

About ZaiZai

Host: Fans are wondering, ZaiZai has been treading the path of an idol ever since he made his debut four years ago, always making TV dramas. Some people are asking when will he make a movie?

AC: (Since four years ago) A lot of people have asked him to make movies. I think that ZaiZai is waiting for a good script and a good director. If he feels that the script and the director cannot let him show his skills fully, or if these films don't attract him, he will feel that he'd delay making a movie. Because he feels that he has already signed a two-movie contract with Du Qi Feng, Du Qi Feng is also looking at some materials to see if they can generate some spark together. Zeng Zhi Wei (a very popular HK actor) has also recently handed me a very good script which also suits ZaiZai. We might spend some time discussing, but because of problems with time and others, ZaiZai's take on the character...he himself doesn't really like it or can't immerse himself in it.

Host: I understand that ZaiZai's films are all your films. Have you ever thought about choosing some projects by other companies?

AC: I don't know. Because the people responsible in the production company and those in the management agency are separate. Today I am the manager. I am also the producer. I'll say, Zaizai this script is very good, will you do it. He really doesn't like it, but he is embarrassed to say it. As much as possible we will discuss things through the acting manager. This also signify our respect towards him.

Most of the time we also respect him very much. We give him some good projects to look at, see which script he likes, or see if he feels he could put his trust in this director. I think that the reason why he hasn't made any series with other people, perhaps that also counts as his support for me. Or perhaps it's just that other scripts didn't attract him.

We've never interfered whether he may or may not accept projects from other companies. For instance, a lot of offers are historical films from China, he has to attend class(?).

Host: Why did you choose Park Eun-Hye for this series?

AC: Firstly, she played a character in 'Dae Jang Geum'. I thought she is very pretty. Her eyes are always filled with of a kind of pitiful innocence. It just happens that in this series this kind of role suited her. In addition, I admired her performance very much in it. I thought she was very pretty. Some people say that she looks like a little Wang Zu Xian (an actress). I like female leads who look very fresh and pure. Like Da S, although in private she has a very strong way of thinking, a little bit wily, but her look is very fresh and pure like the girl next door.

Host: Could Chai jie tell us if 'Mars' will soon be nominated in the Golden Bell Awards? Are Da S and ZaiZai nominated?

AC: You have to be nominated first. Submit the entry and hope that it will be be able to participate in the film selection. Nominations will be announced around September, and the awards night will probably be in November. I'm not very sure about the dates. It will probably only be announced then.

Host: Da S and ZaiZai always create sparks whenever they work together. Will the two of them work together in another project?

AC: I look forward to that very much. I think the fans are also looking forward to that too.

Host: Could you tell us your evaluation of the two?

AC: Ever since 'Meteor Garden 1' they have a kind of interaction between them. That kind of interaction is the kind between friends, between brother and sister. ZaiZai himself said, when he worked with F4 and Da S before, only Da S understood his jokes. Perhaps I believe their way of thinking is quite similar.

No matter what status their relationship is today, some times when you make friends, like when you can't understand what I'm saying...with some people you could talk to them the whole day and they still wouldn't understand what you said. But the interaction between them even at that time was already done consciously (by choice?), and so for so many years, their friendship has never been broken. From 'Meteor Garden 1', 'Meteor Garden 2', to their collaboration in 'Mars', they've always had a close relationship and mutual trust.

Host: I get the feeling that their relationship is very good, because a lot of programs are talking about them.

AC: Maybe it's a matter of his personality. ZaiZai is very introverted. He's not one to take the initiative, finding it somewhat difficult to come into contact with strangers or chat with them. He is more accustomed to being with people familiar to him. I think we can go back to what you asked earlier, why didn't he make films with other companies. Perhaps familiarity to him is very important, unable to form a relationship with other people at once. His interaction with park Eun-Hye and Andy Hui is very good. A part of the filming is based in Taiwan after all, and he is acting as the host. With Park Eun-Hye, they use hand gestures because they couldn't understand each other. In actuality, both of them could not understand what the other is saying. But in the drama you can completely feel that they have already immersed themselves in the script. Although ZaiZai's dialogues are in Chinese, Park Eun-Hye only looks at his eyes and she seem to be able to understand what he's saying.

Host: How did you choose F4 to act in 'Meteor Garden 1'?

AC: At the time we required the staff that the height of those chosen should be around 180cm, young actors who resembles the characters in the manga. About 200 came. We eliminated the rest and was left with 50. Then I chose again from the 50.

Online question from a fan: Did the agency decline many opportunities for ZaiZai to work with big directors, like Du Qi Feng?

AC: No, sometimes the schedules clashed. Some scripts are not suited to ZaiZai, but the contract with Du Qi Feng is still valid.

Host: It's all just rumours. Haha!

Host: Chai jie once described F4 like this: Yan Cheng Xu is professional, Wu Jian Hao is thoughtful, Zhu Xiao Tian is hard-working, Zhou Yu Min is mysterious. Are these their image in your mind?

AC: You can't describe a person with just a sentence. But if you want to describe them with short phrases, then it'll do.

Host: Which one do you like more in real life?

AC: Each person is different. Ever since 'Meteor Garden', I feel that I'm like their mother. Four of your children, which one do you love, which one don't you love, it's a very difficult choice. It's just that for the past 2 years, ZaiZai's schedule and mine happen to work together better. We've talked with Wu Jian Hao many times. There's a script he likes, but he wants to release his album first. We've been waiting for the release of his album. There was one or two films which he liked, but it just so happens that he couldn't arrange for his album to work around it.

Host: Some fans are asking, you and director Cai (Cai Yue Xun) have tailor-made a project for F4?

AC: That was before 'Mars'. Because director Cai has his own company, we've signed director Cai for 68 hours of finished work. 'Mars' had only 20 hours, but he has to manage his own company. Later on, the contract reached maturity and wasn't continued.

-- END --

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

[8/28] 80-sec Silence trailer

You can download a longer version of Silence trailer (80 sec) from the VIP section and the video section.

Thanks to laiou2002 of vicpower.net

Zashikibuta also uploaded the clip here:

Megaupload Link or


Here's alternative LINK to 80 sec SILENCE TEASER

it's in MPEG version already


Silence 80-sec Trailer Gifs




More Silence Gifs



Thanks to Zaizai_F4_only of Faithful4ever

[9/2] 'Silence' news

Park Eun-Hye, a “mute girl” on and off screen

In between breaks from filming yesterday, this reporter “caught” the live appearance of three big superstars - ZaiZai, Park Eun-Hye and Andy Hui.

The first to appear is Korean actress Park Eun-Hye. Because Korean drama “Dae Jang Geum” has become the rage in all of souteast Asia, playing “Lian Sheng” has also propelled her to stardom. Attacking the China market co-starring with the most popular celebrity ZaiZai. A staff member revealed that there were difficulties in communicating because she doesn’t understand Chinese, therefore Park Eun-Hye can only use body language to express what she wants to say. In the series, ZaiZai is the scion of a business clan. Park Eun-Hye plays a mute girl. The two of them were childhood sweethearts but lost contact with the other when they grew up. And when they met again they didn’t recognize each other. The two of them discuss their characters on the set through an interpreter, even using hand signals to rehearse the scene over and over again.

ZaiZai’s appearance also started a big stir on the set. ZaiZai’s fans screamed his name and waved at him repeatedly to get his attention. This reporter made the careful observation that ZaiZai is much thinner than how he looks on screen. The crew members revealed that, because of the rusjh in filming, ZaiZai has lost a lot of weight recently, and was even criticized as being “too thin” by the production team. Perhaps this romantic drama much anticipated by the fans has put ZaiZai under too much pressure. In order not to disappoint the fans, while on the set ZaiZai’s script almost never leaves his hands. When not filming he would be in a corner alone studying his script and looking very absorbed and earnest.

【9/2/2005 ~ Ban Dao Du Shi Bao】


Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

[9/2] Park Eun-Hye causes 100-metre traffic

“Shen Qing Mi Ma” gathered together three superstars: Park Eun-Hye - who was propelled to stardom in China because of the Korean drama “Dae Jang Geum”, F4 member Zhou Yu Min (ZaiZai) and Andy Hui. Therefore ever since they started filming in Qingdao, they have been the focus of much attention. But the production team is extremely low-key, strictly guarding against the media and reporters. However, they made wquite a stir yesterday while filming a scene on Beijing Road. Because the fans wanted to see these three superstars with their own eyes, especially Park Eun-Hye, in addition to that they also used the road for filming, therefore causing traffic jam in the 100-metre long road. Finally through the coordination of the traffic police and city personnel, they were able to loosen up the road.

Yesterday our reporter received a call from a citizen, saying that a film production team is taking up the road filming, paralyzing the traffic. At around 16:00, our reporter discovered the production team filming in front of an old building on no.30 Beijing Road. Because the area for filming and the equipments occupied a greater part of the road, add to that the large crowd of people gathered around to watch, pedestrians and cars were unable to pass through this road. This 100-metre street was seriously paralyzed.

After our reporter observed things closely, he discovered that the production team filming is in fact from the very mysterious “Shen Qing Mi Ma”, and the three leads in the series – ZaiZai, Andy Hui, and Park Eun-Hye – were all at the scene.

Our reporter gathered that the production team was at the time filming a scene where Park Eun-Hye stood in the middle of the street stretching both her arms wide to stop a car speeding towards her without a though to her own safety. Because the director wasn’t satisfied with this scene, they repeatedly filmed it several times, and still haven’t finished even after the traffic police appeared to stop them. At 16:40, south city officials received reports from concerned citizens and went to the scene to control the situation. Our reporter gathered that the “Shen Qing Mi Ma” production team has taken up the road filming without permission from the city office. According to the law, that will cost them a fine of 1,000 to 2,000 yuan. Finally at 18:00, the south city department officials ordered the production team to leave the area and cleared up various items cluttering the street, thus restoring the traffic back to normal.

【9/2/2005 ~ Ban Dao Du Shi Bao】


Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

Scan of the article

thanks to sj5210 of Vicpower for the scan!


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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

no prob jew-lee, still gathering the latest updates from sept to today... so ill prolly post it later :)

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Guest kuchiki_byakuya

Is Da S the girl from Meteor garden and Mars?

yes that's her. more popularly known as Barbie Xu Xi Yuan. Han Qi Luo from Mars, San Cai from Meteor Garden :mellow:

9/4/05 ZaiZai becomes a “road hog” in Qingdao?

Posted: September 4, 2005

"ZaiZai" Zhou Yu Min is currently filming “Shen Qing Mi Ma – Silence” in Qingdao at the astronomical fee of $380,000 per episode. But it is rumoured that the production unit disregarded local traffic regulations, braving the dangers of the busy Beijing Road to film a car chase scene and causing the 100-metre long road to be paralyzed, much like a “road hog”.

Qingdao media pointed put, the filming of “Shen Qing Mi Ma - Silence” in Qingdao for the past few days has caused a big stir with fans following everywhere. The day before yesterday police were dispatched, city officials encircled around this phenomenon on Beijing Road, mainly because of the 3 leads of “Shen Qing Mi Ma - Silence” Zhou Yu Min, Park Eun-Hye and Andy Hui are filming on the street. One of the scenes was of Park Eun-Hye stopping an oncoming vehicle in the street. The director was not satisfied with her performance, doing it over and over again after every NG, causing the traffic to become congested for almost 2 hours. But the production unit hasn’t applied for permission to film. According to the law they could be fined RMB1000-20,000, or about NT$4100-82,000.

It is reported that a large contingent of crew from “Shen Qing Mi Ma - Silence” is working in Qingdao secretly, telling people that it is just test filming. But the media reports it again and again, the local people gathered around to watch what’s happening, creating quite a headache for the production unit. But with F4’s ZaiZai and “Dae Jang Geum’s” Park Eun-Hye, how can the fans let go of this wonderful opportunity? Not a few people revealed to the media that the matter of the “road hog” incident was actually reported by an eager informant.

When asked by the media yesterday, tThe producer of this drama Wang Chuan Ren clarified, “We were not hogging the road. It’s just that the surrounding crowd is too large and the queue got longer and longer. That’s why there were reports of the 100-metre road blockade. In actual truth, we were only filming in a small area. It wouldn’t have affected the traffic initially, but there are many people in China - a person tells 10, and these 10 tell hundreds. Finally a large number of police forces were dispatched to take control of the situation.” He also stressed that Park Eun-Hye didn’t NG over and over again. Filming the scene repeatedly was because the scene was too crowded it got out of control.

As a matter of fact, filming this collaboration between China and Taiwan “Shen Qing Mi Ma – Silence”, ZaiZai has recorded a new high in fee among F4. With the additional help from the popular Korean star, this drama is already in great demand. But trouble follows when a person is popular. ZaiZai not only was involved in a car accident in Taiwan, now in Qingdao he is also being misrepresented and exaggerated as a “road hog”. What a dilemma. But he will ask for a leave from the production unit today to got to Shanghai and attend the activity “WoWo candy, I have a date with ZaiZai”. His popularity still as immense as ever.

Source: Lian He Bao

Translated by grendel of http://www.vicpower.net

9/6 Zaizai sweated heavily while pushing a cart, fans got anguished


Zaizai sweated heavily while pushing a cart, fans got anguished

Sep. 6, 2005, Min Sheng Bao of Taiwan

Reported by Zhao Da Zhi, Taipei-Qingdao telephone interview

Zaizai's filming of Silence has caught a great of attention. In Qingdao, wherever he goes, the place will be full of people watching Zaizai. For example, he had to push a cart for the drama up and down a hill repeatedly. He sweated heavily. Fans were anguished; everyone would love to rush forward to wipe off his sweats for him.

In the series, Zaizai is a young and successful executive, but he falls in love with poor and mute Shen Shen Park EunHye. Park EunHye is a poor dressmaker. She sewed 500 garments and packed them in 4 big boxes to be delivered to a factory. Zaizai was very considerate. He took off his suit and pushed the cart to deliver the goods for his sweetheart.

Even without a suit, Zaizai still looks gorgeous. People crowd around him. He has got used to it. When he's tired, he takes a nap, sitting on a small stool. After all, he can't hide inside a car all the time.

Although the way Zaizai and Park EunHye communicate with each other is like chicken and duck talk, they have become very familiar. She teaches him sign language, he deliberately teaches her Chinese in the way it is spoken by Taiwanese. They communicate using broken English, Korean, and Chinese and cause people around them burst into hearty laughers. They look to be on good terms. But the strong relationship between Zaizai and DaS seems rather difficult to be replaced. After all DaS has made great efforts to visit him in Qingdao like an invisible woman. No one got to take a picture of her.

Zaizai asked yesterday off from the production team. He flew from Qingdao to Shanghai to attend an event sponsored by WoWo Milk Candy. As for DaS's visit, he said no one would believe it even if he said it didn't happen. However, there have been so man paparazzi and fans "peeping". If she did come, was it possible that no one got to take a photo of her?

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)


Park EnuHye (rightmost) has completely immersed into her role in Silence.

Provided by HaoHao

Thanks to laiou2002 of vicpower.net

9/6 Zhou Yumin invited people to eat candy but did not speak of love

September 6, 2005, Xin Wen Wu Bao


..... on wowo..... (deleted, not silence related)

The tacit understanding employed in communicating with Lian Sheng

Lately, Zaizai has been shooting Silence in Qingdao. At the interview, Zaizai praised profusely of Qingdao's beautiful scenery. The city's scenery spots and historical sites make people forget time and stay on. In the TV series, Zaizai partners with actress Park Eunhye who acts the role of Liansheng in 'A Jewel in Palace' which is currently being broadcast. When asked about how they normally communicate, Zaizai said, "We have a special unspoken understanding. Usually we use eye expressions, simple English, and gestures to communicate. Eunhye is very bright. We often spend over an hour on a topic. But if you write it down, you probably can write it in 3 sentences." He demoed to everybody how to say "I love you all." in Korean. He declared himself to be a stupid student and couldn't learn as quickly as Eunhye learned Chinese.

....on zz and da s.... (deleted, not silence related)

English translation: laiou2002 (www.vicpower.net)

[9/6] ZaiZai Zhou Yu Min endorses milk candy in Shanghai, smiles sweetly and evades topic of romance

Source: http://ent.QQ.com - 2005/09/06 ~ 09:49

--skipped, not silence related--

Learns sign language in his new drama and create another wave

ZaiZai disclosed that lately, he has been filming the idol drama "Shen Qing Mi Ma" with Park Eun-Hye, Andy Hui and Megan Lai in Qingdao. Speaking of his collaboration with pretty Korean actress Park Eun-Hye, ZaiZai indicated that they both have a good rapport between them: "She's very smart and very serious about her acting. In the drama her character needed to learn sign language. Not long after filming started, she already learned all her lines and the sign language. Right now we already have a very good rapport with each other, using languages and hand gestures of every country. We work together very happily.

This new drama was single-handedly created by Chai Zhi Ping, the one who made F4 popular. It tells of the love story between a scion of a rich family and a mute girl. After so many things happened through all these years, it is only Zhou Yu Min alone who still maintains a good working relationship with Chai Zhi Ping. The rest of the 3 members have all sought their own space in other areas.

--skipped, not silence related--

Translated by grendel of www.vicpower.net

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