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Ki Tae Young 기태영

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Creating Destiny, Star's Lover, Terroir, Mom's dead upsetPROFILE


Name: 기태영 Ki Tae Young
Real name: 김용우 / Kim Yong Woo
Birthdate: 1978-Dec-09
Height: 179cm or 182cm?
Weight: 64kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O
Family member: 2 males, 2 females
Marriage Status : married to Kim Eugene ( ex S.E.S personel-his co star in Creating Destiny),  got married on July 23rdlovely Eugene
Personality: Quiet, introvert and shy type
Favorite food : Fruits
Favorite cloths : T-shirt, jeans
Favorite coffee : Americano style
Education : Goo-jung Middle School 구정고등학교, Suh-kyung University 서경대학교 연극영화
Hobbies : watch movies 영화감상, attend drama/plays 연극감상, 노래 개사해서부르기, singing
Fave sports : swimming 수영, squash 스쿼시, snowboarding 스노우보드
Talent agency: Broadin Entertainment?? currently not in any management *will make sure*
Homepage : http://cafe.daum.net/KiTaeYoung
Twitter : kitaeyoung twitter

신세대보고 어른들은 몰라요 the new genration report : Adults don't know it (1997 debut drama)

카이스트 Kaist (SBS, 1999)

학교2 School 2 (KBS2, 2000)

그래도사랑해 Still Love (SBS, 2004)

HD문학관 - 외등 The Outdoor Lamp (KBS, 2005)

통정(通貞) (MBC 베스트극장 627화) (2006)

하얀거탑 White Tower (MBC, 2007)

엄마가 뿔났다 Mom Is Dead Upset / Mom Has Grown Horns (KBS2, 2008)

떼루아 Terroir (SBS, 2008)

기태영 최지우 Star's Lover (SBS, 2008)

인연만들기, Creating Destiny (MBC,2009)

제중원 Jejoongwon/Jejungwon the hospital(SBS, 2010,KTY appears as cameo only in couple episodes 23 ahead only)
Jejoongwon cast
KTY's part in Jejoongwon

사랑을 가르쳐 드립니다 /I'll teach to love 2010
I'll teach you to love 
Oh Wol's Melodrama KBShttp://www.ohkpop.com/83446/drama-special-ki-tae-young-cast-in-oh-wols-melodrama
To Beautiful You as the medical staff memberhttp://www.ohkpop.com/60829/new-still-cuts-of-sulli-meeting-ki-tae-young-in-drama-to-the-beautiful-you-has-been-released

22 Days 22일 (2009)
Cameo in Song Hye Gyo movie A Reason To Live ( as SHG fiance)http://www.hancinema.net/korean_boxoffice.php?weekend=2011.11.18+~+2011.11.20


Lee Jung Hyun 이정현 - 줄래 (2000)http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...k=h&index=n</a> (4m4s MV)
WAX 왁스 - 내가 당신을 사랑하는 이유 (2004)http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...k=h&index=n</a> (6m1s MV)
J-Hwan feat Ki Tae Young in Leave (떠나), KTY's part in the first narration-voice only)

Mini Albumcr http://earchannel.blogspot.com/2012/04/ki-tae-young-cherish1st-mini-album.html
credit as labelled
PART B ( Eugene appeared as surprised present )
PART C ( Together with Eugene )
PART D ( Fooling around with Eugene and fans)
PART E ( Fooling around with Eugene and fans )fav one
PART F - interview

Ki Tae Young _Kim Eugene Lovely and Sweet Couple


KTY-Eugene released news about their marriage


News about KTY_EUGENE: Eugene haven't picked out my wedding dress" "

Wedding Announcement on 23rd May 2011

News KTY_Eugene wedding

credit to SOOMPI NEWS

WA on 23rd May 2011

Interview for White Tower

Interview for SBS Entertainment 2009
Interview for Creating Destiny-Japanese
Interview for Creating Destiny
Interview on 17.12.2009
Interview for Children Festival " Magic Castle"

BTS Baristar advertisement shooting
Making Kissing Scene in Creating Destiny
Poster Shooting for Creating Destiny
Creating Destiny NG A( with Eugene)
Creating Destiny NG B
Creating Destiny Episode 13 bts
Creating Destiny NG C
Creating Destiny NG D
Creating Destiny last day shooting


Baristar Launch Event
KTY's Fly Me To The Moon at Baristar Launch Event
MC for M-net event
KTY greeted his fans during shooting Creating Destiny
Press Conference for Creating Destiny part 1
Press Conference for Creating Destiny 2
KTY at Eugene's Beauty Secret part 1
KTY at Eugene's Beauty Secret part 2
Children Festival Rehearsal "Magic Castle"
Children Festival " Magic Castle"
Children Festival "Magic Castle" fans video
At Byun Woo Min's Wedding ( Jin Ju's father in Creating Destiny) together with Eugene

코카콜라 Coca Cola
베스킨라빈스 Baskin Robins
Caffe Latte Baristar
Car Advertisement for Hyundai
Drink Advertisement "Yuil?"

Men's Health 2007
ELLE Girl Jan 2009
ELLEGirl Star Baristar Event Interview

Fashion Model
20 Mar 2008 Seoul Fashion Week F/W 08-09
27 Sep 2008 Andre Kim fashion show,

Nomination for New Actor Award for SBS drama on 31 December 2008 for Mom's Dead Upset
SBS award 2008

Ki Tae Young _Eugene fans
Ki Tae Young on Facebook (by fans)
Ki Tae Young 0n Asianfanatics
Ki Tae Young in Hancinema

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Guest ^w-nGz^

i just finished watching Terroir just now and Star's Lovers a while ago..

i must say his looks is very eye catching..

he resembles Andy (Shinhwa) and Brian (FTTS) so much...

wish to see more of him in the future..


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He's realllly hot. ^^ I'm completely heads over heels with his character in "Creating Destiny"~

He acted accordingly to how the character should be and it touched a lot. Not too goofy and not too mean...

Just Perfect!

I'll check out some of the other projects he's done, since I'm interested... ;)

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Guest animagelet

He's so adorable in creating destiny <3 i love it when he looks like hes about to cry because he looks soooo sincere and it makes my heart melt *_*

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Just finished watching Creating Destiny and found his chemistry with Eugene is very good. Love his acting n hope he has an opportunity to be a lead actor again. I was suprised when knew his age, 32 years old? he looks like in the middle of 20th ;)

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Guest cloud513

Just finished watching Creating Destiny and found his chemistry with Eugene is very good. Love his acting n hope he has an opportunity to be a lead actor again. I was suprised when knew his age, 32 years old? he looks like in the middle of 20th ;)

I've been searching for his new project but I can't understand Korean...... Hope someone posts any update on him or both him and eugene as they became so close and had some gossip surrounding their relationship. He is really adorable!

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just know that right now KTY isn't under any company management now. Got the news from baidu. Will update when i got time.

Actually KTY and Eugene relationship quite close off screen, based on their BTS pics.

There's a video about Eugene's beauty secret meeting where some of Creating Destiny casts were there too, included KTY

And Eugene said at her book released meeting that after spending time filming with KTY, their quite close to each other. Even her male friend teased Eugene by asking what her opinion about KTY and how about making him as boyfriend...LOL. KTY's expression was cute. He was suprised with the question and looked embarassed... XD

Gosh ....really crazy about KTY and Eugene ^^

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Just wanna say, "I like this actor." First time i knew him when i saw him in Terroir..And honestly, he's so charming there..The only reason i watch Terroir is because of him..I haven't watched 'Creating Destiny'..Hope i can watch it when i get the DVD :) Ki Tae Young FIGHTING!!!

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Looks so quiet here...anyway just want to share KTY pictures. So pity that there're not many english forums or news for KTY :huh::(

There's a lot of KTY Chinese fans at Baidu. Thanks for them too. Some pictures i get from there.

Credit as labelled.





love his hair in this pics too...


as Kim Yeo Joon


Will upload KTY sings "Fly Me To The Moon" soon....love his deep voice :wub::D

Hope will hear or find news about his next project ^^

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old news from BTS Creating Destiny

Anyway they really look compatible and cute ^^ especially for the NG kissing...too bad didn't understand Korean... :unsure:


유진♥기태영 키스신 촬영 NG연발 웃음바다

[2009-12-16 10:45:38]


[뉴스엔 김소희 기자]

MBC 주말드라마 '인연만들기'에서 커플로 출연중인 기태영과 유진의 키스신이 성사될 전망이다.

12월 16일 방송된 MBC '기분좋은 날'에서 '인연만들기'의 촬영 현장이 공개됐다. 기태영과 유진의 약혼식 현장과 두 사람이 벤치에 앉아 키스를 나누는 장면이 나왔다.

지난 13일 방송된 '인연만들기'에서는 약혼식 당일 극중 의사로 등장하는 기태영이 중요한 수술을 하게 되면서 두 사람의 약혼식 여부가 불투명했었다. 그런데 이날 공개된 촬영 현장에 기태영이 양복을 입고 모습을 나타내면서 약혼식이 무사히 치러질 것으로 기대됐다.

이어 두 사람의 키스신 촬영 현장이 공개됐다. 야외 벤치에서 촬영된 이날 키스신에서 두 사람은 어색한 듯 입술도 닿지못한 채 NG를 연발하다가 급기야는 웃음이 터지기도 했다. 어쨌든 두 사람은 무사히 촬영에 성공했다. 유진은 '무난하게 촬영된 것 같다'고 소감을 밝혔다.

한편, 오는 19일 방송될 '인연만들기'에서는 기태영의 옛애인이 등장해 두 사람 사이에 걸림돌로 등장할 예정이다. 두 사람이 이 위기를 어떻게 극복해낼 지 관심을 모은다.

김소희 evy@newsen.com

기사제보 및 보도자료 newsen@newsen.com

손에 잡히는 뉴스, 눈에 보이는 뉴스(www.newsen.com)

copyrightⓒ 뉴스엔. 무단전재 & 재배포 금지

Rough translation with google.... :sweatingbullets:

NG ♥ Eugene shooting barrage of laughter gitaeyoung kissing

MBC weekend, Drama' TiesCreate 'in the CouplesJin and the appearance of your gitaeyoung Kissseongsadoel God Viewis.

December 16 broadcast MBC ' MoodGood Day 'to' fate Making'of the shooting Spothave been released. Gitaeyoung and Eugene EspousalField, and both Manthe Benchsitting and sharing a kiss Sceneis out.

Aired the last 13 days 'karma' Create the engagement day drama Doctorthat gitaeyoung emerged as important Operationas the will was unclear whether the two people's engagement. But Dayshooting in public wearing a suit, and so forth gitaeyoung while the engagement was expected to Following the safe.

Following the shooting of two men kissing was unveiled. Outdoor bench kiss scene filmed in a day, two people without touching the lips seemed awkward amidst NG hadaga finally have the smile was struck. After all, succeeded in shooting two people in one piece. Eugene 'seems to be taken off the line,' he said testimony.

Meanwhile, the broadcast comes 19 days 'Create a bond' between the two men appeared gitaeyoung the yetaeinyi is expected to emerge as an obstacle. Two people do know how to overcome this crisis collect interest.

Hee evy@newsen.com

News Report and Press Release newsen@newsen.com

grab the news, the visible news (www.newsen.com)

Copyright ⓒ Newsen . Unauthorized copying or redistribution prohibited &

유진-기태영, 북한산서 '인연만들기'

고영봉 기자가 쓴 다른 게시물 보기



기사입력 2009.10.20 15:07 최종수정 2009.10.20 17:22



MBC 주말연속극 '인연만들기'의 남녀 주인공 유진과 기태영이 제작진들과 좀 더 깊은 인연을 만들기 위해 북한산 등반을 단행했다.

세트 녹화가 하루 비던 날을 이용해 제작진은 장기전을 대비한 체력 단련 겸 단합대회를 북한산 정상에서 연 것. 최근 불광역에서 만난 이들은 왕복 3시간30분 코스인 비봉 능선을 타고 정상인 사모바위까지 단숨에 올라갔다.

비봉능선에 있는 사모바위는 사랑하는 여인을 애틋하게 기다리다 바위가 된 남자라는 전설이 있는 곳으로 ‘정혼’이라는 키워드로 ‘인연’과 ‘사랑’을 다룬 드라마의 콘셉트가 연상되는 장소다.

이날 한 번도 산에 가 본 적이 없다던 유진은 전혀 힘든 기색을 보이지 않고 씩씩하게 사모바위까지 올라갔다.

정상에 다다른 유진은 "너무 좋다. 지금까지 드라마하면서 스태프들과 좋은 시간을 많이 가지긴 했지만 산행이라는 단합대회를 한 것은 처음이고, 이렇게 좋은 분위기 역시 처음이다"며 소녀마냥 즐거워했다.

또 유진은 "다음번엔 출연 배우들 모두가 함께 했으면 좋겠다"며 많은 동료 연기자들과 함께 하지 못한 아쉬움을 표하기도 했다.

이날 산행의 히어로는 기태영. 중학교 때 이후 산에 올라온 게 처음이라던 기태영은 선발대와 함께 선두주자로 나서 강인한 체력을 과시하기도 했다. 기태영은 스태프들에게서 '북한산 다람쥐'로 불리며 비봉능선을 완전 정복했다는 후문이다.

기태영은 "무척 좋은 추억이다. 모든 스트레스가 다 풀린다"며 환한 미소를 지었다.

제작진은 '인연만들기 파이팅'이라는 현수막을 내걸고 단체 사진을 촬영하기도 하고, 집에서 손수 준비해 온 김밥, 과일, 떡 등을 펼쳐놓고 정상에서의 만찬을 즐겼다.

한편 유진은 자신의 미니홈피에 '대중교통'과 '화이팅'이라는 제목으로 그 날의 산행과 산행 과정에서 오랜만에 타게 됐던 대중교통수단에 대한 단상을 올려 네티즌들의 폭발적인 관심을 끌고 있다.

문용성 기자 lococo@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ호남 대표 조간 '광남일보' (www.gwangnam.co.kr) 무단전재 배포금지>

Rough translation with google transalator :sweatingbullets:

Eugene - gitaeyoung, North Shanxi 'karma' Create

MBC weekend drama series 'fate' Create a female character of Eugene and gitaeyoung deeper ties with the producers to make the North Korean climbing was carried out.

record set a day for long war against the crew using the day bideon fitness for president and the pep rally North Korean summit will open on. They last met at the station is going to return repaired course in 3 hours 30 minutes on the ridge to normal soon enough equity climbed the rocks.

Bibong a private rocky ridges aeteuthage love for a woman waiting for a man of a rock legend, a place called 'betrothed' with the keyword 'karma' and 'love' is associated with the concept of dealing with IRA drama.

the day the mountain has never seen Eugene pants without showing any signs of being hard up and energetic desire to rock.

all at the top Other Eugene "too good. So far, a lot of drama going in a good time with the staff, but a hike to a pep rally is the first time, so a good atmosphere, too, is the first time," said the girl was like some fun.

And Eugene "The next time I hope all the cast together, "said fellow actor with a lot of the markings of regret was not.

gitaeyoung hero of the day hike. When you have uploaded the first time since junior high mountains yiradeon gitaeyoung after the away team as a leader with stamina was even showing off. Gitaeyoung staff from the 'North Korean squirrels referred to as the back door was repaired the ridge is completely conquered.

gitaeyoung that "is very good memories. all the stress all life" he smiled brightly.

The producers of 'creating ties Fighting banner of progessivism group may take the picture, and hand-prepared at home from seaweed, fruits, cakes, etc. Lay enjoyed dinner at the top.

The Myspace of Eugene in his 'public transport' and 'Fighting' in the title of the day in the process of climbing and hiking in a long time to ride public transportation which was put up for phase explosion has attracted the attention of netizens.

munyongseong lococo@asiae.co.kr reporter

"represents ⓒ Hunan morning 'gwangnamilbo' (www.gwangnam.co. kr) prevent unauthorized copying or distribution>

Looks like they quite close to each other.... It seems Eugene made a lot positive influences to KTY. like KTY said in his interview, he is an introvert in real life and because shooting drama together with Eugene made him more open now. He admit that his social skill was not very good LOL.....

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Here's the link to Creating Destiny http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=307339</a>

Dont have time to upload the video, but i found the link... KTY sang Fly Me to The Moon...love his voice. He is good at singing too. He sang in Caffee Latte Baristar Launch Event. But really glad can hear and see KTY singing....^^ Too bad is not easy to find more news or video about him... :huh:

Here you go


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Here some old pictures from KTY b'day party last year. Eugene was there making surprise party for him ^^..very sweet..

KTY did surprised he didn't expect Eugene would in his b'day party :D

Credit as labelled and to ktyee forum ( forum dedicated to Ki Tae Young and Eugene couple) and here's the link :







SURPRISE!!! How sweet of Eugene :wub:







another ones come along ^^

credit as labelled and to ktyee




How cute KTY wore that big bow on his head LOLS...and it actually made Eugene laughed a lot... He looked adorable :blush: :D







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pictures from BTS Creating Destiny :

Credit as labelled and to ktyee





I think it was who Eugene on the left. Nice to know that they hang out together with the fans. KTY must be the one on the right, near the bag.


Kim Yeo Joon ID. :)















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credit as labelled and to ktyee




How sweet ^^



I ever read somewhere in Baidu Eugene KTY.. there are some chinese fans had a chat with KTY in cafe daum, the fan was asking KTY which scenes in Creating Destiny he likes most. KTY said that the engagement scene and the beach scene where he escaped with Eugene( Sang Eun )( below) that he likes most... :)







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more pictures of KTY and Eugene..

credit as labelled



it's cute that they are unconsciously have same facial expression :D

Pictures from BTS and they went for hiking.




if i am not wrong these were taken from Eugene CY

Hiking with the crews..seems they really enjoyed their time...it looks like they're always together in the pictures ^^ nice to see that they are close...





Dont know exactly when it was taken. may be it was on the director's b'day


see what i meant...they seem always stay around each other :D :wub:

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Credit as labelled

Ki Tae Young at Eugene's Beauty Secret Press Conference...



Ki Tae Young and Eugene's wedding pictures in Creating Destiny ( as Kim Yeo Joon and Han Sang Eun )


Their faces are similar in this pictures.

Old pictures of Ki Tae Young




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