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S.H.E Collab! fantasimaker, wenwen, ~pixie~, teabunny, NAN


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Guest Justalilodreamer

ohhhhh at first i kept clicking on download now and it kept playing

Like Humans Do... and some dude was singing in english i was like wtf o_O hahahaha

wow u guys did a great job!!! GREAT VOICE!!

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Guest Coc0 Kimbo

wow ur mics are all sooo clear!!!!! haha wow u guys did REALLY good job vocally, being in sync, and wow!!! u guys are AWESOME!!!!!! haha that one year sure paid off in the end right??^^ keep it up!

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All of you guys are incredible.

And how each of your girls' voices are all different in a good way but yet can sound so good harmonized, AMAZING!

Even my buddy next to me who's harsh on the criticism yet really supportive on it...has no criticism at all for all of you. XDD


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i still remember last year i waited all year for it. ahahah its finally done! you guys did GREAT! it sounds exactly like the original song

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