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Pink Lady

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Guest justsopeachy813

beautiful art...PINK LADY (핑크레이디) By Yeon Woo (연우)

THis is such a beautiful manhwa...


Pink Lady (Hangul: 핑크레이디) is a manhwa by Yeon Woo (연우) and a web toon on Naver. It describes a love life of two artists who share a past memory of childhood love.
Volumes: 6 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=53027
Being a web toon, it is in color, in contrast to normal manhwa or manga. Its popularity caused it to be adapted to published comics by Joongang (중앙).

The author, Yeon Woo, is a college student affiliated to Hongik University, the most famous art university in South Korea, and in fact the one that the protagonists go to. The comic often gives information on real-life artists, their drawings, methods of drawings and other real information.

The manhwa often states the author's belief that the best drawing that can be produced by an artist is one that the artist drew with his/her heart; out of the desire of the heart and with the true love for the subject.

At various points, parodies of famous paintings are seen in the manhwa. For example, the scene in which Gyeo-Wul relishes the thought of earning money from Bo-Gyeong is a parody of Michaelangelo's God creates Adam.

It is unknown whether there are plans to animate the manhwa after its completion.


-Season 1 (02/05/2007~30/07/2007): Describes Gyeo-Wul's life till the graduation and reveals the past relationship of Gyeo-Wul and Hyeon-Seok.
-Season 2 (20/08/2007~10/12/2007): Describes Gyeo-Wul's efforts to get employed and Hyeon-Seok slowly warming up to her, and their relationship being closer and closer. The season culminates in Gyeo-Wul finally realizing that Hyeon-Seok deeply loves her, despite how he expresses his emotions.
-Season 3 (07/01/2008~07/04/2008): Describes Hyeon-Seok and Gyeo-Wul's new school life and focuses on the four intertwined lovers. Also throws light on the historical artist couples all ending up tragically, and hints that Gyeo-Wul and Hyeon-Seok might end up the same way.
-Season 4 (05/05/2008~04/08/2008): Describes the relationship between Gyeo-Wul and Hyeon-Seok becoming more ominous and uneasy, hinting possible tragedy.
-Seasom 5 (01/09/2008~present)

After the completion of each season, the author is (very infamously) known to rest for nearly a month, very much to the annoyance to the fans who enter the site, anticipating the next chapter, and find an epilogue instead.


Due to its exceptionally high quality compared to other web toons and even most of published comics and its colorful drawing, it immediately brought about an explosive wave of attention and praise. It was "accessed at least a million times by netizens", according to the newspaper and the cover of its comic counterpart. (That is, each episode was read by at least million netizens.) The toon became so popular that it was adapted into a published comic, featuring better artwork for the first few chapters (which have a noticeably poorer art than the later chapters) and short stories added by the author. It now has a trademark on various items such as notebooks, timetables and sketch books, reflecting the focus of the comic as art.

Music Video

-Two music videos of the comic were created and is free to be accessed in the links below. Each contains the story of one of the two seasons completed to date.
-The first one, dubbed "You, You At Least (그대는 그대만은)" by To Romance (투로맨스) describes the story of the first season and the story of the childhood age of Gyeo-Wul and Hyeon-Seok, and has a music of the same name as its background music.
-The second video, titled "Spring After Winter (겨울 지나 봄)" by Soo Jung (수정), was released on 10th of March, 2008, and also gained an immediate attention. It features the music of same title and show the story of the last part of Season 2. It showed a scene that the original toon did not: a scene in which Hyeon-Seok bends and kisses Gyeo-Wul.

from Wikipedia

Does anyone know where I can read this manhwa TRANSLATED?? It is so beautiful but I can't read Korean.




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Guest renKa002


7 chapters are translated. I haven't found another source that has translated everything though :[

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Guest monkeyshinobi

Oh! I remember reading this, I remember it being a pretty good read. Sadly it hasn't been updated since last year T___T

Wait...nevermind XD Naver has the english translations~ Yessss <3

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