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^^happy Birthday Top!

Guest jemnise

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Updated : VIDEO Contest & TOP PHOTO Collage!


NOVEMBER 04, 1987


all credits goes to AHLYN, yes dearie NerdO :) IHY:)

UPDATE!: there would be a contest in YGBB for TOP's birthday. for more info, check out this one:)



ok so i cannot embed the widget here.

you can go here anyways:

TOP's 21st Birthday Message

we had the same one for BB's 2nd anniversary, and now we're doing it again:)

but if you have your own poster, messages or something,

this is the thread to go to:)


okkeee. i was about to post this one up like A MONTH, or like 2 weeks before his birthday.

but i was surprised when Jess posted the widget in YGWorld already. hahaha

so i was like, OK let's post THIS early so many people can post up their message.

because i think, it was a bit late when she posted the widget for BB's 2nd anniv

that only like a couple of hundred of people were able to post up their messages:)

*let's make a thousand for my OUR beloved hahaha:)*

a little reminder who TOP is:)





care for some photos?:D




credit as labeled:D

more and more and more:)






credits to 귄스@BBVIPZ

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to the sweetest, dorkiest, goofiest, most gorgeous rapper around:

seung-il chuka hamnida~~~~~

11.04.87 a precious star was born!!! ^^

Please stay healthy and keep on eating those apples!! (LOL)

hope you get lots of yanggeng and ice cream today along with your gifts :]

keep on doing what you do best!

us VIPs will support you and Big Bang always!! ♥♥♥

May all your wishes come true~<3

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Guest Sungminnnie

I'll be back to edit this post once his birthday rolls around ^^.

<3 you TOP

To my dearest Choi Seunghyun.

Thank you very much for being the person that you are. Thank you for being a part of Big Bang. Thank your for being such a power rapper. Thank you for looking so perfect. I have yet to see you in reality, but that is one of the things I wish to do very soon. I hope to see the person I adore so much from a group I appreciate very much in a way no fan has before. I’d like to meet you, shake your hand and go speechless like every other girl would. I’d like to see those eyes that hold so many emotions. I’d like to see a sinister smile from you that happens whenever you’re fooling with your group mates. I’d like to hear constant raps from you- rather than have an mp3 on repeat. I’d like to meet you and write my one fan encounter instead of having to read it for myself. I’d like to brag to my friends how I met the guy whom is part of a group I’m so proud of. As you can see, I won’t be satisfied until I finally am able to see my Seunghyun. Whether you’re called Choi Seunghyun, TOP, Tempo, or anything else you can think of, I’ll stick to calling you TOP, the rapper from Big Bang. I am very proud to collect your CDs and watch you on Youtube. Thank you for being the person that you are. Thank you for being a part of YG. Thank you for being conservative at times. Thank you for featuring in so many songs. Although I’m not an official VIP, I am glad to be known as an IVIP. To TOP: have a great birthday and stay healthy and strong.

I would totally make a graphic for your birthday, however I have a photoshop deficiency disorder and so it'll turn out pretty horrendous. However, I will attempt at making one specifically for your birthday. I'm not guaranteeing anything as of this moment, but I'll post it here if I'm satisfied with the outcome (I doubt it). Next thing, I will tease you because I love you (: Remember when you sang "No Dignity"? Well, all I heard was "No diggity". BUT, all I can say that it was the cutest attempt at English, ever. EVER. In the future, I hope to see you excel with the English language and maybe even speak so in an interview. Boy, that would definitely make us girls swoon and love you even more- if that's even possible. I think I've done enough rambling. I hope you have a great 21st birthday and spend it with those whom you love and cherish.

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art by me!

Feliz Cumpleanos mi querido Seunghyun!!!!!!!

You are the hottest, smexist, gorgeous creature alive.

Not just that but your personality is divine.

You make me laugh showing me your dorky self.

You make me blush everytime you strike a sexy pose.

You give me goosebumps everytime you rap.

Thank you for being part of Big Bang!

Thank you for showing us your wonderful talent.

I hope to meet you some day...so come to NY already!!! ^o^

Be healthy, be dorky, be sexy, be stylish, be irresistible, be you.

Sleep well, eat well, work hard (not too hard), smile brightly always.

Continue doing the great work you always do.

May you strive even more in the future.

Cause I know you will!!!

May all your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday again!

Love ya!!!

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Yes, I'm here to save my spot.

I'll be back with a meaningful and loving message for TOPie :]

Happy early Birthday Love.

To Mr. Choi SeungHyun.

You are amazing.

I love you .

I could go on and on about the wonderful things you do.

Always put a smile on my face .

Being strong for all your younger members.

Being the Hyung in the group.

Always Caring.

We LOVE You.


Always have always will.

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Guest oh`retro



You were the first guy who got me interested in Korean music.

The first MV I saw was Last Farewell and you definitely caught my attention.

You are one of the best rappers ever.

Oh, and not to mention one of the hottest guys ever. =)

I think you are super talented.

And you've worked so hard to get to where you're today.

Continue to make great music.

I hope you have a great birthday.

And all your wishes will come true.

I'll support you forever.

Love always.


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