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[tvb] Shades Of Truth 水滸無間道 (2005)

Guest miss scarlett

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Guest miss scarlett

**RECOMMENDED series: starring Chilam, Wong He, Gigi Lai, etc.

I highly recommend this series. =) It's both entertaining and thrilling!


水滸無間道 Shades of Truth

"Brothers of Mount Liang,

Together through birth and death.

Reunited after generations,

In a bid to bring justice."

Title: 水滸無間道 Shades of Truth (Previously known as Water Margin Infernal Affairs)

(Cantonese: Sui Wu Mo Gaan Do; Mandarin: Shui Hu Wu Jian Dao)


Origin: Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese

Genre(s): Drama / Action / Crime thriller / Comedy / Fantasy

Producer(s): Siu Hin-Fai

Directed by: Liu Jun-Sek

Written by: Kwan Bing-Hung, etc.

No. of episodes: 25 (43 min. per episode)

Air date: December 27, 2004 to January 29, 2005

Opening song: "沒有半分空間" (No Half Space) by Wong He

900 years ago, Mo Chung and Lam Chung were best friends, just like their characters from Water Margin (水滸傳). They were as close as brothers and swore to uphold justice together even in their next lives. 900 years later, they meet again as the young patrol officer Dung Chung Cho (Julian Cheung) and top police official TC Lam (Wong He). Under the orders of police official KY Wong (Gordon Liu), Dung Chung Cho is sent to the triad controlled by Sung Po (Yuen Wah) as an undercover. In only several months time, Dung Chung Cho successfully gains Sung Po's trust and also wins the heart of Nichole (Gigi Lai), Sung Po's biological daughter.

After a slight injury on the head, Dung Chung Cho gains his past memeories as Mo Chung 900 years ago and tries to convince TC that he is his long lost brother Lam Chung. One of Sung Po's men, Kwan Lo (Derek Kwok) begins to suspect Dung Chung Cho as an undercover for the police and is also plotting to overthrow Sung Po's position in the gang. How come the police can never gather enough information to capture the triads for holding illegal businesses and charge them for attempting to murder so many people? It is then when Dung Chung Cho begins to realize that there is also an undercover in the police force working for the triads.


Julian Cheung (CHILAM) ... ... Ha Chung-Yam (Dung Chung Cho) // past life as Mo Chung (historically recorded as "Wu Song")

Wong He ... ... Lam Chi-Chung (TC) // past life as Lam Chung (historically recorded as "Lin Chong")

Gigi Lai ... ... Man Fung-Lin (Nichole) // past life as Poon Kam-Lin (historically recorded as "Pan Jinlian")

Tavia Yeung... ... Hong Chi-Sin (Siu Sin) // past life as Siu Sin (historically recorded as "Xiao Shan")

Yuen Wah ... ... Sung Po // past life as Sung Kong (historically recorded as "Song Jiang")


Gordon Liu ... ... Wong Kam-Yan (KY)

Law Koon Lan ... ... Man Lai-Bing

Derek Kwok ... ... Yik Kwan (Kwan Lo)

Helena Tam ... ... Lek Jeh (Janet)

Ken Lok ... ... Leung Shu-Gan (Sah Daam)

Hawick Lau ... ... Fai Man-Ban (Ben)

Lee Wing Han ... ... Cheung Tit-Nam

Irene Wong ... ... Lam Suet-Si (Little Simui)

Matt Yeung ... ... Leung Ka-Lok (Happy)

Sammy Lau ... ... Yik Jun (Matt)

Lee Sam Yan ... ... Ma Ji-Ming

Lo Meng ... ... Hong Fuk-Tai

Mary Hon ... ... Tang Yuk-Chu

Chiu Wing-Hung ... ... Milky


Quick Facts:

- This drama is a remade comedic spin-off of the 2002 HK film, Infernal Affairs (無間道). A majority of the plot and the roles created are inspired by the movie.

- This drama also adds in elements of fantasy, as a small part of the story deals with the tale of Wu Song from the Chinese classic novel, Water Margin (水滸傳).

- 水滸傳 (Water Margin) + 無間道 (Infernal Affairs) = the title of this drama, which is 水滸無間道 (Shades of Truth).

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Guest severus

LMAO. WHAT A COiNKLYDINK, because I just recently DLed the whole series (and I never DL unless I <3 it).

I remember watching it the first time when it aired, I was like "WTF What kinda name is that?"

Then I realized :D.

I love this series soooooo much. Chilam is AMAZING, the suspense in amazing WongHei is amazing,

I never liked Gigi Lai but their chemistry was amazing, the twists were amazing. OMG I COULD GO ON FOREVER.

I miss seeing Chilam in TVB series.

For those who liked this, The Return of The Cuckoo would be your next Chilam show to watch (if you haven't seen it already),

and for those who've already seen Return OT Cuckoo, and haven't seen this, YOU'LL LOVE THIS SHOW

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Guest miss scarlett

^ LOL coincidentally, I'm going to watch ROTC soon =D but I'm finishing Chilam's 2003 TVB series, Point of No Return first. It's amazing how Chilam can play such different characters! From a cute little boy in ROTC, to a spoiled kid in PONR, and then to an intelligent undercover police officer in SOT. Amazing actor =D

Everyone in SOT was amazing. Seriously. Even the bad guys were all likeable. =D Just everything about SOT is amazing, lol. Ratings for this show didn't do so well in HK. This show deserves a lot more =O

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