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Seven, Kangta & Vanness

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Guest dingdoinks

yeap i just watch the performance again

se7en won the first award of the night n his performance was super hott <3333

vaness n kangta did the closingggg .. their perf was good tooo .. very gooodddd =D cant wait for the duet album to be out!

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Guest luvjunjin/andy

oh gosh wat kind of hairstyle was tat on KANGTA's HEAD!!!!

eeek... no nice.... he has got to be neater... haha

both he n vaness so HOT! esp. in all white!

i goonna catch MTVAA2006 on the channel MAN!!

cant miss out their performance!!


luvjunjin/andy (irin)

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Guest thanhthanh

I watched the show yesterday and I think the duet is not becoming shocking or rocking the whole asia (sorry those awaiting this ). Well, I think of it as the seperate shows performing at the same time on the same stage ><.

About Seven. omg I love him more than ever ^^

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Guest jihye87

when will they show it on mtv asia again ? i missed it ! gosh .. and taufik batisah took the award away from stefanie sun for the singapore artiste .. wa ..

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Guest fairy_moony

Last night, I went to see Mtv Asia Award 2006.... Kangta, he's So Handsomeeeeeeeeeeeee and Cuteeeee in his performance with vanness is very very hotttttttttt I like it so muchhhhhhhhh............ :D:D:D

Kangta Oppa Saranghaeyoooooooooooooooooooooooooo :w00t::w00t::w00t:

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Guest sincerelydolly

I love the style of SE7EN's outfit, I always do, BUT that color is so WRONG. XD

I don't know why but I don't like Vanness. I'm looking forward to their music though.

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Guest SOUL'd to:GD

O_O WHOAA. Even in gold pants SE7EN LOOKS HAWT!!! *dies* Why is it that his hotness makes him look good in everything?

&& OMG. WHY COULDN'T IT BEEN HELD AT THE TIME I WAS IN THAILAND!!?? =___________=;; *kills self* life is cruel. (yup. i've been using that line for the past few weeks).

Anywaysss, I KNEW IT WAS WANG LEE HOM! haha, I saw the vdo clip at youtube, and yea, XD Se7en's english accent is supperrr effin sexy <3

thanks for the se7en pics love.

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