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Seven, Kangta & Vanness

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Guest xjunk!0_oprincessx

Se7en won yay so happy for him and the talented Wang Lee ho...m he so deserved it I love him.. se7en + Leehom rocks! =)

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Guest iSayOink

hahahahhaha wat's up with the outfits?!? XDD they look getto loll but nevertheless, awesome sophisticated stuff (the clothes, lol)

se7en = HAWTNESS!! XDD

kangta + vanness: whoa, a collab??? wowww... in wat language?! i can't wait to find out!! XDD HAHAHA

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Guest Lene

no comment on the new duet... i wanna hear them before i say anything. i wonder what language they're singing

For that song they sang in Korean and english. Erm, actually more like rapped in english and sang in korean. The song is pretty good and upbeat. :D

Anyway, all three of them are looking hot!

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